• Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • Poor Emilia didn't have a good day at school! i think the pressure of her solo in the school show is getting to her! She will be on stage tomorrow singing a little solo in front of the whole school and he is very nervous about it!
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Comments • 459

  • Kelly
    Kelly 15 days ago

    Anna is a spirit animal of mine 😂💛🍻

  • Vivian Guan
    Vivian Guan Month ago

    Love you guys!

  • T L-VH
    T L-VH Month ago

    Emilia!!!! Ahhh when she ran to Anna and cried 😭😭😭😭 that made me tear up

  • T L-VH
    T L-VH Month ago

    Lol- you can wear boots in CA- I do all the time in fall, winter, and spring

  • FancyABrewLove
    FancyABrewLove Month ago

  • faith123
    faith123 Month ago

    Anna is gorgeous as you're talking i am just looking at how beautiful you are : )

  • faith123
    faith123 Month ago

    how come Anna and the kids have different accents ?

  • carrie mimi
    carrie mimi Month ago

    Seeing Emilia cry made me tear up! She's such a sweetheart, all the kids are.

  • Jasmine Conde
    Jasmine Conde Month ago

    Poor Emilia get better sweety.

  • Daniella Hunt
    Daniella Hunt Month ago

    Remind me of ruby from 8 passenger 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  • MissMAC Saffy
    MissMAC Saffy Month ago +1

    I just love how much Anna is vlogging now and how much she seems to enjoy it again. I love you guys x

  • Sher Dennis
    Sher Dennis Month ago

    I had forgotten how much I loved watching these vlogs, so glad to be back watching you all, the kiddos are getting so big!!

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith Month ago

    I love that Emilia still has blanky bear ❤️❤️

  • Isabel Knight2545
    Isabel Knight2545 Month ago +1

    i actually struggle to believe that Emilia is 8 next year, it’s crazy

  • Cathe Tenorio
    Cathe Tenorio Month ago

    You, Anna, are hilarious.

  • Erin Douville
    Erin Douville Month ago

    Mary - mother of Jesus
    Mary Magdalene - friend of Jesus
    Both were the first to see he had risen from the grave ❤️

  • Kelly Perez
    Kelly Perez Month ago

    OMG! Eduardo feeding Andrea 😖😂❤️ My hearts melting ❤️

  • Mary Ross
    Mary Ross Month ago

    Your happy and bubbly. .Maybe emelia just had a bit of the jitters but I've watched the solo she did and she was awsome and so was.edwardo xxx

  • TheMinaSara
    TheMinaSara Month ago

    Awh Emilia just wanted her mommy. So cute.

  • JenaeMarie
    JenaeMarie Month ago

    Wait!!! You rode your bike for over 30 miles?! So cool!

  • SherBear
    SherBear Month ago +1

    That part at the end about Mary cracked me up! I like when I'm not the only one that confuses myself 😊

  • Amy D
    Amy D Month ago +3

    Poor Emilia holding her tears in at school yet her father broadcasts it to the internet 🙄

  • Sheez
    Sheez Month ago

    So sweet how Emilia ran straight to Anna xx

  • TheShyLife
    TheShyLife Month ago

    Loving the fun, energetic and raw vlogs guys!!! Xx

  • Kristina D
    Kristina D Month ago

    I’d love to hear Jonathan recite the alphabet with his accent! Hearing R as “or” is so fascinating to this American gal!

  • Kiana Tarantola
    Kiana Tarantola Month ago

    aw poor emilia 🥺i hope she feels better soon

  • Heather D-S
    Heather D-S Month ago

    Raise your hand if you've been here since anna was learning to drive in her little black beetle 🙋‍♀️

  • dimplesgood3
    dimplesgood3 Month ago

    Ohhhhh Emilia is so strong...she waited until she got home to cry....she is such so cute!!!...Andrea is looking more like Jonathan...and the red hair is showing so strong...see you guys later on the next vlog.....

  • Jessica Wade
    Jessica Wade Month ago

    Amelia made me cry 😭 bless her xxx

  • Catnip Caz
    Catnip Caz Month ago

    Seeing the kids made me so excited for my little one to get here I found out yesterday I am having a baby boy eeeeeeek

  • Ann Morgan
    Ann Morgan Month ago +1

    I remember watching this channel & Edwardo was a baby ; how times have changed 😲

  • Iris Cohen
    Iris Cohen Month ago

    Lovely Emilia, she's grown so much

  • Niké Brouwer
    Niké Brouwer Month ago

    I miss seeing Emilia and Eduardo in the vlogs as much as before. But at the same time I understand that they're getting older and are probably happier just doing their own thing. I love watching them grow up 🌼

  • Meg Anne
    Meg Anne Month ago

    Anna if you see this, what lip product did you have on? The nude one , its so pretty!

  • Abbie W
    Abbie W Month ago

    Okay weird tip idk if anyone else does this but for stopping heel from getting damaged like Anna's I put a little bit of cello tape around it ??Seems to work well but then my shoes aren't quite as expensive as Anna's .Am I the only one ?😆

  • Marion Benzo
    Marion Benzo Month ago +2

    I don’t get how very expensive shoes can be such of a crappy quality... Really that SHOULD not be accepted

  • L C
    L C Month ago

    Emilia 😭💔 we've all been there girl.

  • rosie s
    rosie s Month ago +8

    When Emilia went straight for Anna when she came home it made me miss my mommy

  • Rising Light Love333

    18:29 sounds like Andrea said “Dad!”, as if he’s having the time of his life 😩😍😆💕

  • Courteney Siggens
    Courteney Siggens Month ago

    Ohhh Emilia going over to Anna and hugging her and just letting her emotions go made my heart hurt. What a sweetie, hope she's feeling better now ❤️

  • Alysss Plattner
    Alysss Plattner Month ago

    I felt bad for Emilia 😥

  • BridgieOh
    BridgieOh Month ago

    Gravel, rocky driveways, cracks, broken sidewalks and roads are what ruin the heels of shoes and boots. I ruined many heels walking outside. So I now wear runners or snow boots outside, then change into good shoes and boots inside.

  • Jessica McDougall
    Jessica McDougall Month ago

    Natural anna😍😍

  • VictoriaWarren
    VictoriaWarren Month ago

    Wow I aspire to be as good at dancing as you when I'm your age

  • VictoriaWarren
    VictoriaWarren Month ago

    Eating the mince pies 😂😂

  • LaiLaNahAr
    LaiLaNahAr Month ago

    I have the same issue with my black fall/spring trench! I needed a medium, they only had a small @H&M. I could pull it off prior to babies...not so much these days. I can't even close it atm! I don't weigh anymore, but breastfeeding...mommy tum.

  • Patricia Blomeley-Maddigan

    Mary Magdalene and Mary the Mother of Jesus are two different people.

  • Danielle Conroy
    Danielle Conroy Month ago

    💓 x

  • Linda Pelle
    Linda Pelle Month ago

    Aweee..sometimes the only thing that helps is a hug from mom💙💚💛

  • Lainey Feather
    Lainey Feather Month ago

    Awwwwwwwww poor Emilia, bless her. She’s such a sweetheart and I hope she feels better very soon 🥰 xxx

  • Lainey Feather
    Lainey Feather Month ago

    Well done Jonathan for getting up and going out on your bike 👍 xx

  • Petra Kihlström
    Petra Kihlström Month ago

    Yay, "Be a spider"...🤣🤗

  • Darla O
    Darla O Month ago

    I got tears when Emilia went to mommy :( my daughter is the same age so I felt the emotion...also probably already answered this question when you have Andrea with you just him do you get lots of questions about his hair? My family is German and swedish I'm the only one with blonde hair every one else is red 😂

  • Georgia King
    Georgia King Month ago +2

    Poor Emilia! She always handles things so well though, she is very mature for her age ☺️

  • beyondsunrises Alice

    Emilia absolutely smashed it with her solo! So proud! ❤️🙌🏻

  • Chantelle Jackson-poole

    A lovely video I really enjoyed watching it :):) :):) Emilia, eduardomalessia and Andrea are so adorable Emilia was so adorable when she gave Anna a hug and when she was smiling and jumping with Eduardo Eduardo was so sweet when he was smiling and jumping with Emilia alessia was so cute when she was smiling and giggling and when she was running around and Andrea is so cute :):) :):)
    I liked the vlogmas video x

  • Allie DAmico
    Allie DAmico Month ago

    Aww, feel better Emilia! We all love you! 💙 💜 😘

  • Pamela McDonald
    Pamela McDonald Month ago

    What an amazing performance Emelia♥️

  • Yasmin O'Farrell
    Yasmin O'Farrell Month ago

    Comments xx

  • Vivacious Eva
    Vivacious Eva Month ago

    Hey Johnathan - I feel like we are very similar in personality and I have recently been told by my mental health doctor that I have ADHD. I was wondering if you had ADHD too? Or ever thought you might have? Xx

    • Cherryli88
      Cherryli88 Month ago +1

      Yes, he does have it. It has been mentioned before which explains why he comes across as hyper at times. He also has dyslexia.