• Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • Gordon Ramsay Finds cooked chicken on top of raw chicken, a lethal mistake.
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  • YourAverageJoe66
    YourAverageJoe66 Day ago +1

    6:06 *IT’S A HISGRACE*

  • CaptainJack
    CaptainJack 3 days ago

    "Partners in crime!"

    I remember that for ever

  • autistic dalek
    autistic dalek 4 days ago

    Molten lava cake.
    _no, molten rock cake. What do you do, play ice hockey with it?_

  • brianna bri
    brianna bri 5 days ago

    "This is not romantic, this is Valentine fucking massacre. I take this place down"
    everyone: *pichaku face meme*

  • Sam Farza
    Sam Farza 7 days ago +1

    Don't be a fucking meanie

  • Jeg Vet Hvor Du Bor
    Jeg Vet Hvor Du Bor 7 days ago +2

    Hey panini,

  • Jhun Camit
    Jhun Camit 8 days ago +1

    Ayy, Panini, don't you be a meanie

  • Musa Style
    Musa Style 11 days ago

    I’m actually scared to go to one of these places accidentally.

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez 11 days ago

    not available in my country?

  • Kay0s
    Kay0s 11 days ago +3

    lil Nas - Panini (ft. Gordon Ramsey)

  • Yarden Akin
    Yarden Akin 11 days ago

    "Chef Ramsay telling me that we do everything wrong just, you know, doesn't really work for me"

  • Ukulele Ukulele
    Ukulele Ukulele 11 days ago


    W0LFGANXS 12 days ago

    Damn, I'm really hungry right now, but watching this made me lose my appetite. By that way, I like how Gordon criticizes the restaurants he visited. I just subscribed.

  • eggy binks
    eggy binks 12 days ago

    "We get it prewashed"
    You get it prewashed???? That's a first

  • Mark Yaske
    Mark Yaske 12 days ago

    Gordon!!! ALWAYS wear a surgical mask and latex gloves when inspecting all fridges and freezers! Millions of mold spores, when inhaled, can be life threatening.

  • Mark Yaske
    Mark Yaske 12 days ago

    Gorden! We call this Wilt-sure salad.

  • Mark Yaske
    Mark Yaske 12 days ago

    Contact the NHL. That is one nice hockey puck.

  • Straight Dingus Boy
    Straight Dingus Boy 13 days ago

    I like how gordon digs for mistakes to yell at people

  • radioactive gamer
    radioactive gamer 13 days ago

    Why the fuck do ppl go to these restraunts anyways

  • Palodhi
    Palodhi 13 days ago

    5:41 is for what you came for

  • Illuminati Confirmed
    Illuminati Confirmed 13 days ago

    Poor person eating the display food.....
    Gordon: shit

  • Steve's phoney adventures

    Gordon: goes to restiraunt
    Gordon: may I have the pizza
    Waiter serves Pizza
    Gordon: is it fReSh or mIcrOwaVed
    Waiter:uhhhhh fresh......
    Waiter: is our pizza fReSh
    Chef: what? It's *fRozEn tHaN mElteD*
    Waiter: OH SHIT
    Gordon from a distance: THIS AIN'T FRESH! GET THAT STUPID ASS WAITER

  • Dornalee Salmon
    Dornalee Salmon 14 days ago

    does he ever use that pencil?

  • LO YO
    LO YO 14 days ago +1

    Who would come to a restaurant on Valentine's day when THEY ARE FU*KING SHOOTING A KITCHEN NIGHTMARES

    10/10 life decisions.

  • Kobe Bean
    Kobe Bean 14 days ago

    Where's the lamb sauce!?!?!

  • Boi Boi
    Boi Boi 15 days ago

    This dude is not bothered by anything, he’s not afraid to show what he does

  • William Cruz
    William Cruz 15 days ago

    What season and episode is this???

  • jnie swartz
    jnie swartz 15 days ago

    Valentine’s Day really isn’t that great

  • Red Blue40
    Red Blue40 16 days ago

    HELLO, IM NIIIINNNNNO.....on the Nino's video....join me and hear the sensation thexvid.com/video/ULl_zWfLbSM/video.html

  • senpieofpies
    senpieofpies 16 days ago +1

    Oi panini, don’t you be a meanie

  • walter kersting
    walter kersting 16 days ago

    I am dealing with a case of food poisoning as I watch.

  • J.D. Matthias
    J.D. Matthias 16 days ago

    I love when he shuts it down.

  • Tailgating Slugs
    Tailgating Slugs 16 days ago

    He should have shut the whole place down once they tried to serve the display food

  • BrattyBagel
    BrattyBagel 16 days ago

    no one:

    gordon ramsay: *Oi paNiNi HeAd*

  • Chi Kul
    Chi Kul 17 days ago

    Gordon ramsey : OI PANINI HEAD
    Lil nas : ayy panini

  • Waaayyyshel
    Waaayyyshel 17 days ago +1

    Ya know why I clicked this Video?
    𝙤𝙄 𝙋𝙖𝙉𝙞𝙣𝙄 𝙝𝙚𝘼𝙙

  • John Ward
    John Ward 17 days ago

    Chris looks like the head chef at another kitchen

    • John Ward
      John Ward 17 days ago

      The one with the dead lobster

  • BlueBull
    BlueBull 17 days ago +2

    Ayy Pannini don’t you be a meany

  • sammelons
    sammelons 17 days ago

    Why doesn’t Gordon use pre-washed food in his restaurants, it seems like a time saver 😂

  • NKProductions2014
    NKProductions2014 17 days ago

    The origin story of Oi panini head.

  • Floating Sunfish
    Floating Sunfish 17 days ago

    With a title like that, I'd be a sucker *_not_* to click on it!

  • Lichking
    Lichking 17 days ago

    Leaving after 20 min ? Sometimes I gotta wait 45 min but that's normal isn't it? 🙆‍♂️

  • Willow Sparks
    Willow Sparks 18 days ago +1


  • Arcane Furor
    Arcane Furor 18 days ago +1

    These nightmares all seem to have one major thread in common.
    Well. other than complete disregard for health regulations or any kind of common sense.
    Is that they only *somewhat* take stock in the cooking part of food. Ignoring the supply, storage, and prep.

  • DarkRubberDucky
    DarkRubberDucky 18 days ago

    "We can't oversee everything." My eyes went huge. No, yeah, YOU CAN AND SHOULD BE!! I work at a chain pizza place and we have higher standards than this fucking place!

    Story Time: We have a cook who didn't notice the make table (where we keep the toppings to make the pizzas) was off. If you don't know, it is basically a huge refrigerator, to keep all the food at a SAFE tempature. So at 4pm, my manager notices its been off all day. He asks why the cook didn't say anything. This fucker said "It seems fine to me." My manager starts raging at him and tells him to start tossing it all. The guy says "It smells fine." THAT'S NOT THE POINT!! It was all at 50 degrees! The highest it should ever reach is 41! SO we spent the better part of an hour throwing out and replacing ALL of our toppings on the make line. And this guy still works there. He's usually not a complete idiot, but he breaks more safety rules than I feel comfortable with (leaving his open drink containers all around the store, a BIG NO NO). At least he washes his hands often.

    XXSAMISCOOLXX 18 days ago

    *P A N I N I*

  • W5 Chu
    W5 Chu 18 days ago +1

    I feel like Gordon Ramsay would be the type of person who gets pissed off for being served sushi cold

  • Yazan Arabiat
    Yazan Arabiat 18 days ago

    gordon: oh nooooo

  • Dark Purpp Yt
    Dark Purpp Yt 19 days ago +1

    Hey panini don’t you be a meanie

  • Izzie
    Izzie 19 days ago

    Why is Gordon raiding the freezer my dad raiding my room complaining about how messy it is while searching for a juul.

  • Izzie
    Izzie 19 days ago

    I don’t know why you’d even go there for Valentine’s Day. Make reservations at fucking Olive Garden or Long Horn😂

  • Duh lm Killer
    Duh lm Killer 19 days ago

    Does this show still run?

  • Dat Dot
    Dat Dot 19 days ago

    oi panini head, my name i NIIIIINOOOOO!

  • Grady Naylor
    Grady Naylor 19 days ago

    At 6:10, there's literally a twist ending to this Kitchen Nightmares video, and sad to hear that their restaurant "Hannah & Mason's" is closing down (even on Valentine's Day). 😞💔

  • Sonny Styles
    Sonny Styles 19 days ago

    I just threw up in my mouth.

  • My little happy Rose
    My little happy Rose 19 days ago

    I don't get it😐

    (Sorry i just don't really get it)

  • Natalie Kern
    Natalie Kern 19 days ago +1

    Restaurant: *serves rotten contaminated disgusting food that should be in a compost pile*
    restaurant: *suprised pikachu face*

  • The SAC
    The SAC 19 days ago

    Do you play hockey????

  • tomroberts101
    tomroberts101 20 days ago

    "How long has it been? 15 minutes?!"
    And? Spastics think they're in McDonalds.

  • Rena Taylor Venus
    Rena Taylor Venus 20 days ago

    Gardon ramsay i love your video the vid you making a food!

  • atomzero1
    atomzero1 20 days ago

    Brian is extremely punchable.

  • Adorkable Derp
    Adorkable Derp 20 days ago

    Gordon’s expression in the thumbnail is such a mood

  • Kieran Englefield
    Kieran Englefield 20 days ago

    The attitude of Brian is so shitless like
    A week old display food gets served possibly getting someone seriously ill or killed and he’s like “that’s not good”

  • Jim Gregory
    Jim Gregory 21 day ago

    Rufus and Dufus co owners

  • Andrew
    Andrew 21 day ago

    How can a 7 year old appear to be 6'3"" and weigh 300 pounds?

  • CM Punk
    CM Punk 21 day ago +2

    Lol Panini is Lil Nas X new song

  • The Turtle
    The Turtle 21 day ago

    6:14 that last reaction is straight out of a porno lmao

  • The Turtle
    The Turtle 21 day ago

    Everyone: *suprised pikachu face*

  • Vladamir Blyatkov
    Vladamir Blyatkov 21 day ago

    *Drinks water*

  • David Ivane
    David Ivane 21 day ago +2

    Hey panini, don't you be a meanie