Matt Damon Monologue - SNL

  • Published on Dec 16, 2018
  • Host Matt Damon opens up about what it means for him to host Saturday Night Live again after 16 years and accidentally gives Beck Bennett some surprising news.
    #MattDamon #MileyCyrus #MarkRonson #SNL #SNL44
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Comments • 695

  • Abdullah Aasim
    Abdullah Aasim 4 days ago

    "And tonight is beck's last episode" 🤣🤣

  • wanagers
    wanagers 11 days ago

    I've been watching SNL for a looong time....& this monologue is by far my favorite...still makes my eyes fill up with tears!!!

  • Jenn Hoff
    Jenn Hoff 24 days ago

    That was sweet. :)

  • Benjamín Luque
    Benjamín Luque 25 days ago

    Where did the Jingle Bells sketch with Cecily go????

  • Christina Gray
    Christina Gray Month ago

    Awesome monologue. One of the best!!

  • Metal MaMa
    Metal MaMa Month ago

    My dad was amazing too. He let us watch SNL, listen to all the greats(i.e Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Cheech&Chong, etc) as long as we didn't use the language or rat him out in front of other adults. He helped us understand true comedy and that comedy heals. Miss him so much. He raised 4kids on his own. Good man.

  • kambermusic
    kambermusic Month ago +2

    This was truly the sweetest, most genuine monologue I've ever seen on SNL

  • Ambrose Jones
    Ambrose Jones 2 months ago

    Loved this monologue!

  • Alexis Dolegowski
    Alexis Dolegowski 2 months ago

    When I first watched this, when it was live, I couldn't enjoy it because I was so scared that Beck MIGHT ACTUALLY LEAVE!!! It was a joke, but a very cruel one.

  • Miko Philo
    Miko Philo 3 months ago

    "i have 4 beautiful children"
    american crowd: " whooooooooo, your sauce works"

  • Andrew Rand
    Andrew Rand 3 months ago +1

    Matt Damon you’re such an amazing person

  • rumu dinc
    rumu dinc 3 months ago

    Wow it got real sentimental real quick. And it was the cutest opening ever.

  • Will Thompson
    Will Thompson 3 months ago

    Is that the guy from The Great Wall?

  • Molly Woodward
    Molly Woodward 3 months ago

    This is the sweetest thing to come out of 2018. 😭👏🏼❤️

  • Colin Miller
    Colin Miller 3 months ago

    Going to watch the sketches. He mentioned it might suck because it all seems off and unrehearsed.

  • Clint Ottinger
    Clint Ottinger 3 months ago

    Classiest monologue to date

  • Its Diamondskipper101
    Its Diamondskipper101 3 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel has left the chat

  • APisceanSlant
    APisceanSlant 3 months ago

    What a great sentiment!

  • Jessica Forrest-Baldini


  • Jane Kohn
    Jane Kohn 4 months ago

    He’s soooo fine

  • Traveling On a Shoestring

    Loved this monologue. Not funny but heart felt. Used to stay up way to late to watch this will all of of my siblings. Youngest of 5 kids. Now we are all grown up with our own kids and whenever we get together we still love to talk about the latest skits.
    Such a great show

  • lagurl1997
    lagurl1997 4 months ago +1

    "Me. Your dad. MATT DAMON"

  • Courtmillett94
    Courtmillett94 4 months ago

    awe that was so sweet, he makes Massachusetts​ so damn proud

  • Lena Bean
    Lena Bean 4 months ago

    That was so genuinely nice! Such a relief right now lol

  • richard brigth
    richard brigth 4 months ago matt damon turkish

  • Alexandro oliveira
    Alexandro oliveira 4 months ago

    Wow im from Somerville MA

  • Natalie Ellis
    Natalie Ellis 4 months ago

    That one made me rather emotional! So sad for Matt but wonderful monologue

  • Maggie Kintzel
    Maggie Kintzel 4 months ago

    Matt you're always awesome!!

  • G S
    G S 4 months ago

    TRUMP 2020!!

  • Archetype Archetype
    Archetype Archetype 4 months ago


  • Was-a-fan usa
    Was-a-fan usa 4 months ago +1

    That was beautiful

  • Matteo C
    Matteo C 4 months ago +1

    They need to have Matt Damon on SNL more often.

  • trueboss926
    trueboss926 4 months ago +4

    Matt Damon needs to do more Bourne movies.

    • Darren Jackman
      Darren Jackman 3 months ago

      Whether Matt Damon to appeared in the Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead.

    • PurushaDesa
      PurushaDesa 4 months ago

      Yeah that last one had some fairly big problems. He needs to fix those pronto! (Nice monologue though.)

  • boostspike
    boostspike 4 months ago

    Go Sox

  • Heather Alfano
    Heather Alfano 4 months ago

    Love the Boston references!!

  • Ndidi1st ✨
    Ndidi1st ✨ 4 months ago

    Aww he almost didn’t make it through that! Really sweet sentiment..👏🏾❤️

  • Peppermint Catsass
    Peppermint Catsass 4 months ago

    Still a Downy looking boy.

  • Viliina J
    Viliina J 4 months ago +1

    Incredible monologue, thank Matt

  • Brianna Nelson
    Brianna Nelson 4 months ago

    GO SOx

  • Mehraan wAni
    Mehraan wAni 4 months ago

    Why not available in India?

  • Calvin Limuel
    Calvin Limuel 4 months ago

    Kids these days! hahaha

  • Adventure Darin
    Adventure Darin 4 months ago

    I remember when I was a kid I use to stay up late just so I could watch the Mr Bill sketches , I would die laughing

  • Anna DiMartino
    Anna DiMartino 4 months ago


  • StealthRider
    StealthRider 4 months ago +1

    Man I love Matt Damon so much. :)

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B 4 months ago

    Class act

  • R Feyman
    R Feyman 4 months ago

    Dammit if Bruce Willis can still make action films so can Matt Damon!

  • jac murry
    jac murry 4 months ago +3

    A heartfelt speech that really hit home 💕 I love him!!

  • Emily
    Emily 4 months ago +5

    Purest and wholesome monologue truly an iconic one

  • Wendla Bergman
    Wendla Bergman 4 months ago +16

    Probably the best monologue in a long while. Really sweet! ❤️

  • Bryan Sage
    Bryan Sage 4 months ago

    This was gay

  • Heather Roe
    Heather Roe 4 months ago

    He looks great! This reminds me of going to my dads on the weekends with my sister and eating Harris pizza watching SNL and staying up way too late. So sorry to hear of the passing of his father. It pulled on my heartstrings and I am lucky enough to still have my sister and father so I shared this with them. Love SNL it’s been there my whole life! Laughter truly is the best medicine ♥️ Happy Holidays everyone.

  • Mave Rick
    Mave Rick 4 months ago

    Damn these onion cutting invisible ninjas!

  • F JV
    F JV 4 months ago +7

    I was so pleasantly surprised with how heartfelt this was.

  • Jon Dunmore
    Jon Dunmore 4 months ago +2

    That was a cool, emotional opener. Good on you, Matt. Not going for cheap laughs, but stirring the heart.

    BRUCE LEE 4 months ago


  • April Pryor
    April Pryor 4 months ago


  • 7thTreasure
    7thTreasure 4 months ago +1

    That was one of the sweetest SNL monologues in years. Thank you, Matt Damon, for being awesome.

  • Jeri Lyn
    Jeri Lyn 4 months ago

    love you matt!!! awsom opening!!! hes a natural!! very comical, needs to join snl

  • Jay Jones
    Jay Jones 4 months ago +3

    He’s an excellent speaker damn

  • Asia Clarkson
    Asia Clarkson 4 months ago

    Wow this was the most precious thing

  • stvp68
    stvp68 4 months ago

    Wondering how many other men hosts have worn suits for the monologue this year?

  • Edith
    Edith 4 months ago

    Such genuine, classy, opening, Thank you.

  • Todd Chiles
    Todd Chiles 4 months ago

    Tears came to my eye's when Matt spoke about staying up late with his Dad, my daughter and I do the same. She is 12 and we started at 8. Ty Matt........and SnL for a grat show.

  • Angad Bhatia
    Angad Bhatia 4 months ago

    "My boy's wicked [wholesome]"

  • Tuxedo Cat
    Tuxedo Cat 4 months ago

    How come he hasn’t left the country yet?

  • Coral
    Coral 4 months ago

    That was beautiful! This is up there with the 9/11 opening and Kate singing as Hillary. So sweet.

  • Jenn P.
    Jenn P. 4 months ago

    that was a beautiful monologue

  • Dariush Gorgin
    Dariush Gorgin 4 months ago

    SNL always sends its unfunny actors to interupt the guest star's monologue. they do it all the time. SNL writers must be some stupid boring geeks disconnected from reality & comedy.

  • Heath Thompson
    Heath Thompson 4 months ago +1

    I'm not crying... You're crying!
    What a classy, funny, and very human monologue. Thank you for sharing your moment with us.

  • Datan0de
    Datan0de 4 months ago

    Surprisingly sincere and touching monologue.

  • Ghey r
    Ghey r 4 months ago

    My eternal adoration to Matt Damon

  • Mary Pennucci
    Mary Pennucci 4 months ago

    I would bring my car to you as long as you Spring for Leone’s Pizza.

  • EB A
    EB A 4 months ago

    Made me remember my first time staying up late for SNL w/ my mom. We laughed until we cried over Tunsis the Driving Cat. And the Super Bass-o-Matic 76! This was a very sweet opener. Thanks for the memories, Matt!

  • jpguitar34
    jpguitar34 4 months ago

    all the dislikes are from accounts Jimmy Kimmel created just to dislike the video

  • SashaPJ79
    SashaPJ79 4 months ago

    That was pure

  • Teressa G
    Teressa G 4 months ago

    Wasn't expecting to cry, but then there they were.

  • melsy203
    melsy203 4 months ago

    That was just beautiful... ❤️❤️❤️

  • FlashakaViolet
    FlashakaViolet 4 months ago

    man, he got me teary-eyed

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net 4 months ago

    HEres to making bad choices! SALUD!

  • Rit_arted III
    Rit_arted III 4 months ago

    I was hoping Jimmy Kimmel would crash this monologue

  • Andrew Nash
    Andrew Nash 4 months ago

    Matt Damon still has a few Brett Kavanaugh bits to do before the #metoo crowd will forgive him for blocking for Harvey Weinstein.

  • Madi Paige
    Madi Paige 4 months ago

    That was precious!

  • I3enson
    I3enson 4 months ago

    GO SOX!

  • Nolan Daniels
    Nolan Daniels 4 months ago

    The only thing that could have made this monologue better is if it was Beck’s last episode.

  • kosav13
    kosav13 4 months ago

    "laugh with the people that you love"..That is the blessing i will wish to everyone i meet this Christmas and every Christmas hereafter till i...

  • orbits2
    orbits2 4 months ago

    A nut job
    threw up
    turned him off
    wiped my face off

  • Mary Hales
    Mary Hales 4 months ago

    What a great monologue. His pops would be proud!

  • Aldo Gutierrez
    Aldo Gutierrez 4 months ago

    Holly shit! firts time an opening monologue in SNL makes me cry. in a good way. Cheers!

  • YourMajesty
    YourMajesty 4 months ago

    The left has lost its comedy.

    SAMREEN 4 months ago +8

    YOUR dad.

  • linda brown
    linda brown 4 months ago

    He's very cute. "I didn't come all this way to suck."

  • fan stan
    fan stan 4 months ago


  • Gina Ava
    Gina Ava 4 months ago


  • Leigh Ellen Carson
    Leigh Ellen Carson 4 months ago

    Such a 💎.

  • secretbranch
    secretbranch 4 months ago

    Wholesome content

  • Valerie Freeman
    Valerie Freeman 4 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel should really apologize to him lol (I know they're just joking around)

  • 王SynDyer
    王SynDyer 4 months ago

    Is Beck really leaving?😱

  • amber
    amber 4 months ago this really Beck's last episode/season??? O.O

  • MakeUpBy Shay
    MakeUpBy Shay 4 months ago

    Wow, that part about his dad was beautiful!! Go little damon-girl!! Hope u stayed up for ur first full snl!!! #damon #mattdamon #mattdamonsdad

  • thesun collective147
    thesun collective147 4 months ago

    Such a nice guy!