Pro Tips For Slackers

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019
  • Stories for slackers....
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  • gfass27
    gfass27 15 hours ago

    Blue hair

  • Layla Mulquiney
    Layla Mulquiney 22 hours ago

    I'm so lza

  • Gamerslikeme Ellie
    Gamerslikeme Ellie Day ago +1

    Omg so when he said JOJO I thought he was going to say JOJO Siwa lol 😂

  • Super cool kids
    Super cool kids 2 days ago

    Can I be in the slacker squad

  • Cheez It Monster
    Cheez It Monster 2 days ago

    Kono DIO daaa

  • Anton Lichtermann
    Anton Lichtermann 4 days ago +1


  • adil affan
    adil affan 5 days ago

    Watch stardust crusaders

  • Paige Kirby
    Paige Kirby 7 days ago +1

    I was going 2 type a speech about my slacking superpowers

    But I was 2 lazy

  • Rossa Mc Cormack
    Rossa Mc Cormack 7 days ago

    And dio bullying you

  • ElectricDodo
    ElectricDodo 8 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • Kaylee Mcclenahan
    Kaylee Mcclenahan 9 days ago

    I don't look at the description yeah that approval once again my name is Kaylee and this is how you spell it k a y l e e that's how you spell my name goodbye now whatever your name is a full picture of yourself and Anya videos and when is VidCon disability pass what is it going to happen again cuz I need to know then I could come and see you and also Chad wild clay have you ever heard of the buy ninjas what that was supposed to say is have you ever heard of the Spy ninjas I don't know this is cuz I'm only 7 in Boots grade and yeah do more videos about your sister can you play a movie yeah it's supposed to say is do more videos about your sister and family yeah yay his sister and her family come back to sister and your family and back back goodbye now whatever your name is I need to type all these messages on one video I want to like I forgot the videos only belly and those Paws something about we are via something the link in the description or something I don't know how to say it scription listen here man I'm losing a lot E18 my whole tiny little life goodbye now

  • Kaylee Mcclenahan
    Kaylee Mcclenahan 9 days ago

    You're a boy seriously I'm a girl numero 22 Listen to Teenage that you have to be for that what I meant to say is is there so in age that you need to be to watch that cuz if you got to be like 18 or above and I'm not allowed to watch that I'm only seven yeah dummy goodbye now

  • Kaylee Mcclenahan
    Kaylee Mcclenahan 9 days ago

    Hi my name is Kaylee how are you doing video about random stuff yeah that's a great idea do a do it do it now do it now do now 2 now I didn't do it now my phone's messed up I meant to say do it now not to now I set alarm yeah that thing that you didn't think that like anything that you got Higher and Higher and I can off court with James and Adam why don't you do a video about Dad I remember cuz this is what I meant to say because I remember Adam said that you were there you would never lie or would he is the Devil Hills

  • Elite NinjaDude
    Elite NinjaDude 9 days ago


  • Chelsey Berstein
    Chelsey Berstein 9 days ago +1

    I use discord daily and I made friends that I talk to everyday and it's the most fun I ever have

  • Denise and esmes Dolls

    Alex are you crazy why are you talking that are you crazy

  • Mr.bulborb Kim
    Mr.bulborb Kim 10 days ago

    Hey if your a slacker why don't you become a dog/cat

  • Char1220
    Char1220 11 days ago

    I’m not a slacker (;

  • Megan Muller
    Megan Muller 12 days ago

    Really light red

  • Cassie Life
    Cassie Life 14 days ago

    Hey I’m Ozzie

  • Lucario the aura Guardian

    Me:saving 5$ every week.....huh
    *Alex talks about jjba*
    Me:yare yare daze.....
    *Alex again talks about jjba*

  • dan manor
    dan manor 14 days ago

    No Don't fall asleep On us we need you for this video and please keep your dad in this he is so funny his eyes when he is I actually and this just kidding

  • dan manor
    dan manor 14 days ago

    Go watch the odd ones out hes the best besides you Alex………

  • dan manor
    dan manor 14 days ago

    You are the best Alex I love your videos

  • Jack Gaming
    Jack Gaming 17 days ago

    Slackers are the best

  • DirtyScorpion 26
    DirtyScorpion 26 19 days ago

    Cool he has a Discord! I’m probably going to join it nah too much work

  • Malachi Mejias
    Malachi Mejias 19 days ago

    You actually remind me of Graystillplays

  • Nerdy Gamers
    Nerdy Gamers 19 days ago


  • Ulices Flores
    Ulices Flores 20 days ago

    i hate you alex. how dare your staff on your server on discord ban me. priks

  • It’s Nightmare
    It’s Nightmare 20 days ago

    Cyan hair. XD

  • Kathryn Baldree
    Kathryn Baldree 20 days ago

    Alex clark;*mentions anime*
    Me;... говорить о мусоре!

  • cv 33
    cv 33 23 days ago

    He knows or ze worldo

    LILY YANG 23 days ago

    I thought it said friends zone zone

  • Vantage RX Games
    Vantage RX Games 25 days ago

    I’m too lazy to read comments

  • BurgerLover _1000
    BurgerLover _1000 25 days ago

    One time i ate pizza 4 breakfast cuz it was less than a meter away and the pancakes were like 2 meters

  • Sean Liston
    Sean Liston 27 days ago

    Yes I’m a slacker and he’s playing video games I’ve been playing for like three or four hours and I’m only seven I mean eight

    ËRRØR 27 days ago

    So in comedycentral do you work for South Park

  • Arcticz -
    Arcticz - 28 days ago

    when you said something about jojo i had the most weaboo scream ever

  • Milkyway FoxQueen
    Milkyway FoxQueen 28 days ago

    You know what’s better than a couch?

    Your bed uwu

  • Legobananaman95 Yt
    Legobananaman95 Yt 29 days ago

    The discord is so full of slackers the discord is slacking off and not loading

  • Nico Tancheff
    Nico Tancheff 29 days ago

    Slaking crazyyyyy😴

  • Soul Sparrow
    Soul Sparrow Month ago

    yes Yes YES *YES*

  • ACNL lover
    ACNL lover Month ago

    I can't join... Ugh age restrictions!!!

  • Iron Deku
    Iron Deku Month ago

    😭 t-THANK U

  • kiehl games
    kiehl games Month ago

    I'm also a slacker

    KADE And DA SHEEP!! Month ago +1

    Purple hair!!!

  • Noah Goodwin
    Noah Goodwin Month ago

    # slacker

  • Just in Chase
    Just in Chase Month ago

    I'm not seeing a Discord link to go to.

  • Mängusaar
    Mängusaar Month ago

    In Estonia we have chokolate pancakes

  • Vilasa Ramrattan
    Vilasa Ramrattan Month ago

    I would colour my hair neon blue

  • Rionb29
    Rionb29 Month ago

    I’m rich

  • Armaan Hoosen
    Armaan Hoosen Month ago

    Slacking huh
    I need to study and I'm watching TheXvid

  • Susana Escalante
    Susana Escalante Month ago

    How do you know I’m a slacker well I am

  • Belad Abdi
    Belad Abdi Month ago

    And sorry kakoyin dies lol

  • Belad Abdi
    Belad Abdi Month ago


    My sister: Cono dio daa

  • Noreen Bi
    Noreen Bi Month ago

    Bro I am rich I have a Segway air pods air max is and a iPhone 11 and a lamobrgin and I love your channel🤣🤣🤣🤣😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • UniHannah !
    UniHannah ! Month ago +2

    Me: watches this video
    Homework: you could finish me now!
    Homework: I see how it is

  • Jay Carr
    Jay Carr Month ago

    Chocolate pancakes....someone has never been to IHOP.

    ....that’s......prolly not an insult.

  • Atsuko Bashira
    Atsuko Bashira Month ago

    6:22 bee and puppycat!!!!!! i love that show but it literally got to episode 9 and thats it

  • Anh Tran
    Anh Tran Month ago