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'Black Churches & Gospel Music' Official Clip | Elvis Presley: The Searcher | HBO

  • Published on Apr 14, 2018
  • Back in the day, Elvis, liked to sneak in to the black churches and listen to gospel music.
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Comments • 20

  • Sean Fitzpatrick
    Sean Fitzpatrick 10 months ago +1

    Three biggest lies ever told about Elvis that he did not like black people he wasn't a good actor and he couldn't play the guitar they all lies

  • Confessions
    Confessions 10 months ago +1

    Good alternative facts. Elvis went to black churches to still their songs and rhythm, just like he did with black artists. He hated the so called blacks. #thekingofRACISM

    • Matthew Worledge
      Matthew Worledge 7 months ago

      You’re an idiot. It was already debunked that Elvis was ‘racist’. Many black muscians were friends with Elvis and spoke highly of him. Not to mention that he never stole anything. You are really stupid.

    • Sean Fitzpatrick
      Sean Fitzpatrick 9 months ago

      Confessions Elvis was not rasist but you people on this site it's people like you who keeps lies and racism going and then you want to blame somebody like Elvis for being racist when it's really you racist you got to work on yourself never mind rumors that you believe in the true you're the one who is racist is evil people like you who keep people separated by making people believe in the lies that I'm true I glad I'm not one of the weak ones that believe lies I make my own decision based on how I think nevermind outside influences the people separating people from other people with lies of the real evil in the world can't blame Elvis Presley for your evil ways and your racism that's not Elvis his fault that you got that sickness in your heart

    • Sean Fitzpatrick
      Sean Fitzpatrick 9 months ago

      Paula Buchanan anyone who talks shit to people first is a punk a dick head and a want to be tough guy what a loser you are prably a evil bully you are nothing to live for

    • Sean Fitzpatrick
      Sean Fitzpatrick 9 months ago

      Paula Buchanan what do you just go around talking shit to people you must get your ass kicked a lot talking crazy to someone you don't even know you must be a real loser probably in love most drunk who gets his ass kicked about 6 or 7 times a month I hate people go around talking talkins shit for nothing at that we don't usually do this but you started talking shit to me of the blue for no reason so my response to you and fuckyou

    • Sean Fitzpatrick
      Sean Fitzpatrick 9 months ago

      Paula Buchanan anyway what the fuck do you know about Elvis Presley

  • Kakha
    Kakha 10 months ago

    Last chance, to get UrSOUND

  • srg914
    srg914 10 months ago

    Great documentary!

  • 71Chog
    71Chog 10 months ago

    When will it be on UK TV?