100 Years Of School Lunches Taste Test

  • Published on Sep 4, 2018
  • Were schools serving up lettuce sandwiches in the 1940's or 1920's? Rhett and Link try to slide their way to victory while sampling 100 Years Of School Lunches GMM #1371
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Comments • 6 221

  • Allen Jones
    Allen Jones Year ago +8776

    Chase literally defied the laws of gravity when Link hits the trays at the end 😂

    • Clorox Blech
      Clorox Blech 3 months ago

      I feel bad for the original comment you just stole a comment and got liked by gmm sad 😭

    • StArVe NUGGET
      StArVe NUGGET 3 months ago

      Allen Jones good for you

    • Logan L
      Logan L 5 months ago


    • So bite your tongue and choke yourself to sleep
      So bite your tongue and choke yourself to sleep 5 months ago +1

      Good Mythical Morning it’s because of Link isn’t it?? That man is a walking disaster. *although so am I soooo hehe* 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Bryce
      Bryce 5 months ago

      He jumps like 5 inches on one foot 😂

  • maxpower10k
    maxpower10k 3 days ago

    None of these dishes were widespread. I just as in school in the 80s and definitely never ate anything like that.

  • Ryugo7 7
    Ryugo7 7 5 days ago

    I couldn’t stand the taste of the milk directly from the carton. It tasted like ass.

  • Dr. vine Groovshin
    Dr. vine Groovshin 6 days ago

    I wish i was born in the 80s

  • BRS Beard
    BRS Beard 6 days ago

    Just the tip lol 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Katherine Gloria
    Katherine Gloria 7 days ago

    I wonder why american schools have given lunches. I live in Singapore and our schools have a small variety of food stalls where you get to decide your own meal and pay for it 😅

  • Ethan Olarte
    Ethan Olarte 9 days ago

    the wood shirt looks like hair

  • Jaykob
    Jaykob 9 days ago

    School lunches nowadays are DISGUSTING. I'd perfer the 1900's lunches.

  • Gunner Gaming
    Gunner Gaming 11 days ago

    Bro why’d my daycare as a kid eat like the 60s

  • Poopy Butt
    Poopy Butt 13 days ago

    Who else went and tried the peanut butter and cottage cheese sandwich

  • A. M.
    A. M. 14 days ago

    Nothing beat fiestada pizza day.

  • Money 69
    Money 69 16 days ago

    Okay boomer

  • somethingnewplz8 bored

    PSA: veal isn't cool, guys. It's pretty messed up.

  • John/Jenna Sequa
    John/Jenna Sequa 21 day ago

    I came back for the SNEAKY SLIDE!!!

  • Quinn Piel
    Quinn Piel 22 days ago +1

    "The only poison I've had is ivy the only man I fear is god no snakes can make me run away cause I've been bit by them all"who am I

  • Megasupaultra
    Megasupaultra 26 days ago

    B O Y T H A T S G O O D S T U F F

  • aby august
    aby august 28 days ago

    Friendship goals

  • Carlos Abundiz
    Carlos Abundiz Month ago

    "Just the tip" "hehehe"

  • Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀

    I wish they wouldn't tell the answer so we can play too 🥺

  • stephen murphy
    stephen murphy Month ago

    You guys are nuts. Thank you

  • Eric Hampton
    Eric Hampton Month ago

    I attended public school in southern CA. ( Redondo Beach) back in the 70s. They had the best school lunches. My favorite dessert was a peanut butter bar. They also served tostadas which awesome too. School lunches were a big deal considering most families rarely ate fast food. At least my family rarely did.

  • J.P. Hardy
    J.P. Hardy Month ago +2

    "Is this all leading up to you forfeiting?"

  • Basicleigh !
    Basicleigh ! Month ago

    Im watching this video with my boyfriend he absolutely loves the button ups his birthday is the 20th. Is there anywhere i can find these???

  • Cameron Lester
    Cameron Lester Month ago

    You should try school lunches now 🤢🤢

  • Dan.wella
    Dan.wella Month ago

    The ones from back then are so much better than today’s. 🤦‍♀️

  • Mike Playz
    Mike Playz Month ago

    I remember my elementary days when they made homemade food they looked and tasted better than anything I seen on the show.

  • Brian
    Brian Month ago

    2:14 Fun begins.

  • simul8rduude
    simul8rduude Month ago

    Not gonna lie, I kinda like that wood shirt

  • Sir Breadstick
    Sir Breadstick Month ago

    My school serves dominos pizza

  • the puginator
    the puginator Month ago

    Wow first lunch seems so much better than mine

  • Flamingo Mints
    Flamingo Mints Month ago +1

    wish they served US Army MREs in schools

  • S F
    S F Month ago +17

    first time ive heard Vienna pronounced "VY-EN-UH" instead of "VEE-EN-UH"

  • Billy Walsh
    Billy Walsh Month ago

    They don't know about the GREAT DEPRESSION!!!!!!! Literally they even said this must've been desperate times. What's more "desperate times" than the great depression!!!??

  • Ricky Tan
    Ricky Tan Month ago

    Vegans were created in the 1920
    Bread with lettuce (°0_0)

  • James SAP
    James SAP Month ago

    Sooo...why is there a cream corn moat?

  • peekaboots01
    peekaboots01 Month ago


  • peekaboots01
    peekaboots01 Month ago

    Dear Lawd I wanted that PB cake so bad!

  • crystal_skillet
    crystal_skillet Month ago

    That queer eye parody tho

  • Emily Tyner
    Emily Tyner Month ago +4

    1960s had better lunch than 2019

  • Cameron Lamuriel
    Cameron Lamuriel Month ago

    My mom had peanut butter cake when she was in school

  • Kaleb Fisher
    Kaleb Fisher Month ago

    Chase needs a raise just for that outfit

  • _Rlamont_
    _Rlamont_ Month ago

    100 years prison food taste test

  • Saman Khan
    Saman Khan Month ago +3

    The highlight of this episode is chase’s Jump at the end😂

  • Saman Khan
    Saman Khan Month ago

    Chase was just a lunch man when he defied gravity

  • Bang _ Wizard
    Bang _ Wizard Month ago

    The 60s lunch looked so good

  • Xach Mustel
    Xach Mustel Month ago

    The 1980s school lunch looks pretty damn good.

  • Joshua Hale
    Joshua Hale Month ago +1

    As my gramma calls them, I grew thinking “Vienna” sausages were pronounced “Vienny” sausages

  • Nick Crossley
    Nick Crossley Month ago


  • Nick Crossley
    Nick Crossley Month ago

    sorry 0:4

  • Nick Crossley
    Nick Crossley Month ago

    did anyone else see rhett shaking his head at 0:07

  • Pugs Buddy
    Pugs Buddy Month ago

    Chase reminds me of that animatronic bear from A.I. with a 'Pooh bear attitude. "Oh, bother"

  • Captain Jaws
    Captain Jaws Month ago

    He has an aunt Vikki too? Well now I know exactly how old he is lol

  • ebony Bree
    ebony Bree Month ago

    I surprised myself with how Correct I was with my answer. On a more unrelated note Their friendship makes me so happy

  • Chadderbox
    Chadderbox Month ago

    WHAAAATTT?? Peanut butter cake? Yum yum yum. It has to be awesome.

  • Otto von Bismark
    Otto von Bismark Month ago

    Such disrespect! Tsk tsk tsk

  • whiteobsidian and vickyvenus

    These are better than my school lunches

  • tim mobile
    tim mobile Month ago

    Goulash originated in central Europe and as a central european that dose not look like the food I love
    We call it golaž in my country

  • Sinonymous
    Sinonymous Month ago +2

    This is the first ever Good Mythical Morning video I've watched. After I watched this video I've been GMM ever since. I love you guys and I love your content.

  • Patrick Glover
    Patrick Glover Month ago

    It was totally worth writing on a chalkboard.

  • MagicGuy Josh
    MagicGuy Josh Month ago

    the "cornbread with beanie weanies" that's Corndog Cassarole, its great stuff. my grandma makes it sometimes... OOOOH its gooooood food.