THE END OF CS:GO (for now)

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • It's time to move on.
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  • RaccoonEggs
    RaccoonEggs  Month ago +56842

    Thank you for 2 million subscribers. As much as I would've liked this video to be as positive as the others, everything from 4:37 onwards needed to be said. I wanted to be honest rather than spend another month trying to squeeze out a whole 10 minutes of forced content that I didn't enjoy making. Most of my older videos took a couple weeks to a month to finish, but with the state of CS:GO surf and being recognized and followed everywhere I go, it ended up taking months just to scrape together 4 minutes of actual content. The work to reward ratio isn't worth it anymore, and if my only option is making generic matchmaking videos then I'd rather just leave CS:GO behind for now. You'll probably see me play other games like Rust and R6 a lot more, get back into streaming on Twitch, and maybe even do some more old-school commentary videos. I don't know what the future will hold, but hopefully you stick around for the next era of this fucked up channel. Thank you for being here, I appreciate you all more than you know.

    • Ya Boy Vuk
      Ya Boy Vuk 26 days ago

      Understandable, only commenting to get the reply count to 500

    • Vq_x
      Vq_x Month ago

      Please play r6

    • YeeYeeJuice
      YeeYeeJuice Month ago

      RaccoonEggs good luck with everything

    • ButtMuffin
      ButtMuffin Month ago

      It’s ok man, if you ever need to figure life out, just tell everyone on Twitter, we understand. You be you.

    • Lexinator !
      Lexinator ! Month ago

      RaccoonEggs as long as you are doing anything its all good

  • lalapeanutbutter
    lalapeanutbutter 4 hours ago

    :( You need a hug, sir.

  • Plastic Trees
    Plastic Trees 4 hours ago

    I'm behind u the whole way and I'm pretty sure everyone you've played with, met with, or even just talked to you is behind u the whole way everyday. Keep up the good work and we really do appreciate the videos u make for us to enjoy and brighten our day when we need it the most, even if they r short. Love ur videos keep it up man🤙

  • Eddie Silva
    Eddie Silva 11 hours ago

    Wow I never knew you felt that way

  • Angel Lopez 3rd
    Angel Lopez 3rd 12 hours ago

    Hey man u said what had to be said u don't need excuses or anything man just do u and as a person who acts like someone there not it sucks man.. So u do u we will still love u...(No homo lol.)

  • Iwatchuyeetnew
    Iwatchuyeetnew 13 hours ago

    Your funny as hell

  • electricity e
    electricity e Day ago

    Is this guy bumpkin

  • ImaDoinWat
    ImaDoinWat Day ago

    I’m sorry that you lost something that meant so much to you...

  • 2,000 subscribers With only 2 videos

    0:32 whats the song??

  • Billy Madison
    Billy Madison 2 days ago

    damn, thats deep

    USAGI 2 days ago

    the way they reacted to the last bit convinced me that Racc's displeasement was reasonable

  • Eibert Kloosterman
    Eibert Kloosterman 2 days ago


  • Huzayfa Syed
    Huzayfa Syed 2 days ago


  • Chett Sibley
    Chett Sibley 2 days ago

    1:00 his dad isnt broke anymore

  • Felix Diaz
    Felix Diaz 2 days ago

    I just wanted to let you know rac that you are my favorite TheXvidr and I hope you find your place. Most likely this will get lost in the comments but I if not cool, your a amazing guy always made me laugh here for the new ara

  • EthanTheNoblleOne
    EthanTheNoblleOne 2 days ago

    Damn racc we luv ya. You’re videos have thought me how to become a better person. Now I can assert my dominance and stand up for myself

  • Dylan
    Dylan 2 days ago

    he protecc
    he atacc
    but most importantly...
    *he nerve-racc*

  • I5KILO
    I5KILO 2 days ago +1

    I didn't come here to cry...

  • Cyberwinter
    Cyberwinter 3 days ago

    Racoon eggs is alive!!

  • Cheka
    Cheka 3 days ago

    #SaveRaccoonEggs from 'depression'

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 3 days ago +1

    I, Giorno Giovanna am gonna cry

  • ChewyLacey
    ChewyLacey 3 days ago

    the whole time he was telling the story I was waiting for a joke

  • Alex K
    Alex K 4 days ago

    ;-; I just wanna hug you and give you pasta

  • Jiimy
    Jiimy 4 days ago

    Omegle is the answer

  • Luxembourg Time
    Luxembourg Time 4 days ago

    Raccooneggs voice makes everyone’s else’s voice sound trash

  • Mr Spaghetti
    Mr Spaghetti 5 days ago

    Well, now he can start off his rap career.

  • dat wae
    dat wae 5 days ago

    This video is fucking art

  • professor radio
    professor radio 5 days ago

    imagine not being able to make an alt account

  • sL MrSheep
    sL MrSheep 5 days ago

    Yo u need a better upload schedule

  • Fablez
    Fablez 5 days ago

    i was in a surf server with you once and had no idea until last night when someone was impersonating you on a utopia server. gl in the rest of your endeavors racc.

    JOSE VAZQUEZ 5 days ago

    Took a very different turn 😂...😶😕

  • Fish_In_A_Chicken_Smokin_A_Cig

    The only way I'd watch fortnight is if raccoon eggs did it so I can listen to his dark humor

  • Neon
    Neon 6 days ago +1

    Anybody else notice the title was changed to (for now)? yeah ok

  • Rowles Reels
    Rowles Reels 6 days ago

    We love you racc, I’ve watched every single one of your videos and I love them so much. I’m so sorry that this is what it comes to, but just know I’ll always be a fan. See you soon racc❤️

  • commoDoggo 69
    commoDoggo 69 6 days ago

    Damn he just dropped the story of all our funny guy lives

  • Arica T
    Arica T 6 days ago

    racc every other word: right?

  • Dakota Richards
    Dakota Richards 6 days ago

    anyone else cry?

  • DiegoPE1 21
    DiegoPE1 21 6 days ago

    i’m not crying u are

  • zxRaii
    zxRaii 7 days ago

    People say be yourself and it's kinda wierd but Be yourself And try new things

  • maybe 0rdinary
    maybe 0rdinary 7 days ago +1

    I'll admit to being one of the ones who came to your channel at night just to get a good laugh, hoping you would upload more CS GO b.s. but
    You had a helluva good run brother, you got this dude to feel some joy when shit wasn't going well throughout school, and I thank you for that
    You're still a fucking funny guy, I'm not unsubbing just cause CS GO is put on hold, cause the shitty classical music that plays is like, all your other content, the real cherry on top of the whole channel
    Take time where it's due bro, may things go your way for a while

  • QxNuke
    QxNuke 7 days ago +1

    he changed the title

  • DJ Cringle
    DJ Cringle 7 days ago

    Even if this is a month old I really enjoy listening to Racc talking about how he actually feels because, everyone really does want to just talk about him and what he does, it’s like when he joins a game server they immediately want to breathe the air he’s exhaling, I forgot which CS:GO vid is was I think it was IMPROV in CS:GO where he gave some guy some good advice when he was broken down over some girl, and that legit shows that Racc unlike anyone else gives a shit about these random people, and no one ever listens until the “Famous” guy talks, Racc said those things to lift his spirits and help him, but can anyone else be 100% fuckin honest that they would say something to help that guy? And I’m legit being completely fuckin honest would you even say anything at all to help that guy? Because I’m gonna be completely honest I don’t think even I would say shit to help him....and I’m not afraid to admit that....Racc really cares....and no one else cares until Racc dose, because they want a chance to be in his video or to get noticed...

  • C James Ervin
    C James Ervin 7 days ago +1

    Probably the closest I've come to crying from watching a youtube video.

  • Dot dot dots dots Dot
    Dot dot dots dots Dot 8 days ago +1

    I will drop Hiroshima on you
    - guy

  • Bulb
    Bulb 8 days ago +1

    Who else noticed he edited the title and put a “for now” in “THE END OF CS:GO”

    don’t do that. don’t give me hope.

  • Oliver Reinold
    Oliver Reinold 8 days ago +1

    7:26 *nerve-raccing*

  • Guacamole Chocolate Bar

    Racc, dude, you never really rambled in so long. Doing it now was a good idea, you managed to get it off your chest. And honestly, you're truly the only youtuber that always makes me laugh my ass off like a fucking deranged mop, but I can only say I understand the struggle of this whole point of the ramble. But anywho, keep being who you are buddy, you're fucking great

  • Sparrow
    Sparrow 8 days ago +1

    you could hang out with me if you want, I don't give a shit if you're famous or not. Barack Obama could walk into my house and I'd be like "sup dude you want some stale cheetos?" and he'd be like "well uh, thank you very much, my fellow American. for many years I wanted some stale cheetos but being the president I was legally only allowed to eat steak and caviar. what is that you're doing on your laptop friendo?" and I'd be all like "I'm downloading big titty follower mods for Skyrim special edition." and he'd be all like "cool beans daddyo."

  • Nuka Cola Quantum
    Nuka Cola Quantum 9 days ago +1

    I cried you get to deep xD STAWP EEEET

  • Jenkins Yakovitch
    Jenkins Yakovitch 9 days ago +2

    We love you Racc, do you man, we'll stick by you.

  • nozzle grandmother
    nozzle grandmother 9 days ago

    Damn it sucks bc you're at a place where if someone was naturally the way u want it be, u would think its forced after this video

  • Chris Gonzalez
    Chris Gonzalez 9 days ago +1

    You just earned a new subscriber bro ✊🏼

  • stickysamurai
    stickysamurai 9 days ago

    This got real deep real quick

    THE BUTTER FLUFF MAN 9 days ago +2

    Very few things bring me joy in life
    You and your videos are number 1 on that list

  • Jozebee
    Jozebee 10 days ago +1

    I know that this comment is going to be lost in the thousands of comments on here, but we love you as you. Your videos have changed a lot of people's lives and has given smiles to our faces, and has made us laugh so hard that that our sides hurt and makes us gasp for air. We would love to see anything you post, even if it's not the same as it used to be. :)

  • BriannaEdits
    BriannaEdits 10 days ago


  • flaming disc
    flaming disc 10 days ago


  • Saucem Possem
    Saucem Possem 10 days ago

    Laughing comes to crying, Racc, what did we say? Now go drink your bottle.

  • Kaz Ender
    Kaz Ender 11 days ago

    Uhm, Thanks for telling us man.
    It's not easy going through a burn out stage, But we'll stand by you no matter what dumb shit we go through.
    Thanks for the shits 'n' giggles

  • Lenar Gaming YT
    Lenar Gaming YT 11 days ago

    We all love you Raccooneggs please know that I'm not trying to sound like I praise you or anything but over the past few weeks watching your videos from the bottom to the top and all I can say is thank you so much for helping me find creative ways to make jokes and thank you so much for making me laugh it's been great and knowing this breaks my heart because you are just a human like everyone else and you deserve to be treated equally as everyone else the fact that this is the end of CS:GO is sad because I'll never get to meet you and let you know how my personality is but I'm sure you can tell from this comment that I love helping people especially if I can make them laugh or cheer them up. Thanks you for building memories for me I honestly appreciate it and I appreciate Carson, Nelson and the others that have came across your videos I appreciate all this. I honestly am hoping I could get advice from you too and about maybe not ever getting to meet you.. there's a slight possibility that I might come across a time where you join a voice channel with your fans me and my friend appreciate you so much. Thank you for the times. I'm sure you might read this. *might*