The National - Terrible Love (HQ)

  • Published on Aug 10, 2010
  • The National perform "Terrible Love" for Spinner, the Interface in Los Angeles on May 25, 2010
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  • Marc Bird
    Marc Bird 11 days ago +1

    So good :]

  • Masoud Mirnoori
    Masoud Mirnoori 3 months ago +1

    Funny and sorrowful at the same time. Perfect

  • Chef Ang
    Chef Ang 5 months ago +1

    That drummer tho....

  • Gregory Ho
    Gregory Ho 9 months ago +5

    Many don’t realise how good a drummer Bryan Devendorf is

  • karol bella
    karol bella Year ago


  • holmes Sherlock
    holmes Sherlock Year ago

    Who is more than a minute here

  • Thaís Miranda
    Thaís Miranda Year ago +5

    I came here because of The Choice and Klaus in 20ep 4season of The Vampire Diaries

  • Amanda Alves Neves

    Só me faz lembrar de coisa boa!!!!!!!❤☺❤☺❤☺❤

  • 清原一博
    清原一博 Year ago

    Radiohead strokes wilco Arcadfire....i tired of listening that
    But now...The National
    This is my answer.

  • Sheylla Maciel
    Sheylla Maciel Year ago +2

    2018 ❤️

    • Naiara Gomes
      Naiara Gomes Year ago

      eu aqui ☝ ouvi quando a Cami fala sobre o pintor para o klaus ❤

    • Sheylla Maciel
      Sheylla Maciel Year ago

      Abiel Kaio A primeira vez que ouvi foi na série diários de um vampiro. Infelizmente fiquei viciada nessa série Rsrs. Mas lá só tem música boa.

    • Abiel Kaio
      Abiel Kaio Year ago +1

      Sheylla Maciel a primeira vez que ouvi essa música foi quando assisti o filme " A Escolha"

    • Sheylla Maciel
      Sheylla Maciel Year ago

      Abiel Kaio haha 😂. A música ficou ótima nessa versão. Não paro de ouvir 😍

    • Abiel Kaio
      Abiel Kaio Year ago +1

      Sheylla Maciel pensei que só eu de brasileiro estaria ouvindo essa música em 2018 kk

  • Amanda Alves Neves


  • lo min
    lo min Year ago

    one of my fav groups,they have special place in my soul, simple perfection. always gets me so emotional .thank you

  • Stephen Maher
    Stephen Maher 2 years ago

    Sleep Well Beast .

  • Ana Paula Soares
    Ana Paula Soares 2 years ago +10

    I love the Birdy's interpretation, but this is awesome!

  • thobantini.
    thobantini. 3 years ago +1

    This song will make yue think about everything that happened and everything that might happen so emotional

  • Ana Lídia
    Ana Lídia 3 years ago +12

    No cover will ever be near to beat the original.

    • Ana Lídia
      Ana Lídia 2 years ago +6

      Kaya Sawyer yes! That's why I said it, this version it's the best one ❤

    • Kaya Sawyer
      Kaya Sawyer 2 years ago

      this isn't the original?

  • Droid droid
    Droid droid 3 years ago +9

    The mix is good on this version. I love the build up and how it is so simple yet complicated. Then it dips quite then a nice crescendo to end it with powerful lyrics. "It takes an ocean not to break". Terrible is good in this song like one would say I miss you terribly.

  • Steve Melling
    Steve Melling 3 years ago +4

    One of my favourite The National songs (and there's a big choice). Great live version. Thank you for uploading it!

  • kace c
    kace c 4 years ago


  • rab day
    rab day 5 years ago +9

    i went to the national in belfast,, they were fucking brillant,, i will go to dublin . london are paris .. they are fucking brilant

  • cancellara1979
    cancellara1979 5 years ago +4

    "It's terrible when I'm waiting tables...."

  • mybrainidont
    mybrainidont 6 years ago +1

    For once, a performance by the national that is mixed well and where the fucking bass is actually audible. This is great.

  • Mizard84
    Mizard84 6 years ago +2

    Niklaus like it!!!

  • Andre Rocha
    Andre Rocha 6 years ago +4

    bela canção, eu tinha escultado na voz de Birdy que ficou também bacana

  • captaindaring
    captaindaring 6 years ago +1

    Time for some new top comments.

  • Thais Góes
    Thais Góes 6 years ago +7

    All it took was listening to this song since I love terribly.
    Every melody is perfect. The singer's voice is beautiful and gives a great feeling of relaxation. I can not stop listening.

  • wattana thamyim
    wattana thamyim 6 years ago

    i know you when i watched the vampire diaries season 4

  • Doug Jayatilaka
    Doug Jayatilaka 6 years ago +2

    He actually sings "The rains of Castamere" for the credits of a GoT episode too. Good old Jorah.

  • code669hell
    code669hell 7 years ago

    love it , great song i hear in cold days, i awake 6 am and i start my day with nice music

  • thranduil9
    thranduil9 7 years ago +1

    Great band! Also, am i the only one who thinks Matt Berninger resembles Ser Jorah Mormont from The Game of Thrones?

  • Atikah Bohari
    Atikah Bohari 7 years ago

    birdy brought me here and The National is awesome.

  • Amanda E
    Amanda E 7 years ago +1

    i gotta say, i found the cover of this done by Birdy. sooooo glad that i found the original!! her's was beautiful and all but i mean, the emotion, the passion, the feels. this is just, wow. I've gotta see these guys in concert!

  • King Park
    King Park 7 years ago

    Geniuses song.

  • David Edmiston
    David Edmiston 7 years ago +2

    I saw them open up for R.E.M. at Red Rocks a few years ago. Matt was so happy to be there was meeting the fans in the crowd after they played. Amazing band!

  • carlos quechuleno
    carlos quechuleno 7 years ago

    At any moment. Speechless

  • Martin McGarrigle
    Martin McGarrigle 7 years ago

    this is what brilliant sounds and looks like.

  • Conrado Wapak
    Conrado Wapak 7 years ago

    great song, just found about this song today and I have to say I'm a new fan of The National :)

    • Hsiung Connie
      Hsiung Connie Year ago

      Conrado Wapak Me too 😍😍😍 new fan of The National...... isn't too late 😘😘😘

  • Sujin Woo
    Sujin Woo 8 years ago

    2 dislikes must not a human being. how can you dislike this song..? can't believe it ...its too beautiful song

  • Mike Cass
    Mike Cass 8 years ago

    WHAT chops on those drums ...MR Lennon

  • muckandfun
    muckandfun 8 years ago

    is that Adam on the base ? defo him or not its Adam ha ha enjoy one of the finest songs ever written !!!!!!!!!!!

  • muckandfun
    muckandfun 8 years ago

    Lets Dim the Dark and up the Light . Lets call a spade a spade . Lets tell some lies to make the truth . When one and one is one . When two and two is four . When the morning is ever so boring . Remember this . Remember this . Remember this . What a track and what a BAND make me wana live again . A heart felt THANKS LADS a real stunner and work of pure beauty . Music was invented for this .

  • Marcel Vargas
    Marcel Vargas 8 years ago

    Sami megavitaminizado, no iré en avión, el volcán atendiio mis suplicas. A la tercera tiene que ser la vencida.

  • danchy4life
    danchy4life 8 years ago

    I cry everytime I hear this song.

  • Roy Murray
    Roy Murray 8 years ago

    does anyone what chords they are using on the guitar, it's not a standard G or C chord(s) for that matter, maybe different tuning as well... please help!!

  • Patrick Murphy
    Patrick Murphy 8 years ago

    What a song i hope you guys play electric picnic 2011

  • Monica Solax
    Monica Solax 8 years ago

    Wonderfull....thanks for these videos!!!

  • Sudoku Sundays
    Sudoku Sundays 8 years ago

    Speak the truth, alcohol is a terrible love.
    04/19/11, Cain's Ballroom, OK

  • Bartleby1701
    Bartleby1701 8 years ago

    I love this song and I don't even like spiders!

  • Kela89
    Kela89 8 years ago +2

    drummer, just like Lennon! but seriously- just great, great pure and strong!

  • IndieRockerHippy
    IndieRockerHippy 8 years ago

    I can't describe how much i love the guitar sound in that song. It's just gorgeous, gives me chills everytime it starts. This is the best version of Terrible Love i've heard. Thanks so much for these videos, they're amazing- the sound and picture are perfect.
    Am i the only person who finds something so endearing and lovable about Aaron? I just want to hug him whenever i see him.

  • M Li
    M Li 9 years ago

    This so good....give me great comfort as I cant sleep...With love from Edinburgh