The Truth Is Worth It: Commitment | Extended

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • When disruptions and delays upended New York City’s subway system, a team of Times reporters began a year-long long effort to show how the system was falling apart - and why.

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  • R P
    R P 2 months ago

    You didn’t fix anything. Subway still sucks. Democrat politicians approved all that spending and corruption.

  • Rabid Leroy Channel Salad
    Rabid Leroy Channel Salad 5 months ago +2

    0:05 That was definitely a rat. Yikes.

  • Roblox Videos.
    Roblox Videos. 5 months ago +7

    NYT has good ads. Keep it up.

  • R. Ramos
    R. Ramos 5 months ago +1

    They did not tell us anything, just how long it took a group of reporter to do the Docu-ad (1:23) or at least, that's what it seems.
    If it is part of the Documentary that is coming out or is already Available, they should give more information about Where or when it will be available.
    That’s Commitment

    • Kevin Knutson
      Kevin Knutson 3 months ago

      All the information you want is in this piece already... at the end it's titled: "How Politics and Bad Decisions Starved New York's Subways" Nov 18, 2017. These ads are meant to showcase the lengths journalists go for a single article or series of stories, and also to increase subscriptions. It's not pushing a documentary, it's using an article as a case study (one of many in this series).

  • moparmon
    moparmon 6 months ago +1


  • vinorum
    vinorum 6 months ago +3

    Riddle me this, radicals! What has 1.9 million of something but only 948 of something else?

  • Ben Thorpe
    Ben Thorpe 6 months ago

    good video, keep it up

  • Sushi Loli
    Sushi Loli 6 months ago +1


  • maxgotsmart
    maxgotsmart 6 months ago +5

    Sorry NYT, I pressed dislike... but it wasn't my fault. TheXvid brainwashed me into believing in personal responsibility, limited government, freedom of speech, and... that the NYT is against all these values.

  • Yousavedbro Heaven Bound
    Yousavedbro Heaven Bound 6 months ago +2

    I'm a blessing brown man speaking. You all hate the truth. You are driven by a warped agenda that stems from your rebellion to the almighty God. That's why you're acting like every other people before you that chose a dictator and wound up shooting themselves in the foot because that's what twisted spiritual dimwits do.
    You ain't woke your spiritually broke.
    Long before technology I rejected your liberal way of thinking because I see nothing but a bunch of weak thin-skinned hypocrites.
    Elite rich scoundrels who use other people's money to bribe hurting people..
    That's not love that's pathetic! use your own money humble yourself turn from your wicked ways to Jesus Christ!

    • Seadaddy
      Seadaddy 6 months ago +1

      @Yousavedbro Heaven Bound Well they're saying that the people that run it are corrupt, and how there's been money stolen, as well as rampant lack of proper management.

    • Yousavedbro Heaven Bound
      Yousavedbro Heaven Bound 6 months ago

      @Seadaddy honestly I really didn't know what they were talking about I just wanted to speak on having hope in Jesus. What are they saying is wrong with the subway?

    • Seadaddy
      Seadaddy 6 months ago +1

      @Yousavedbro Heaven Bound I was just asking if what they were saying about the subway system is true.

    • Yousavedbro Heaven Bound
      Yousavedbro Heaven Bound 6 months ago +1

      @Seadaddy what's that mean?

    • Yousavedbro Heaven Bound
      Yousavedbro Heaven Bound 6 months ago

      @thinking emoji truth is 🔥! God bless you! God give you the strength to use your God give. Talent's to bring him glory and shine, in the free-market! Regardless of the struggle the SON always shines bruh

  • Angelina Matthews
    Angelina Matthews 6 months ago +3

    the garbage times

  • Signing up for google accounts Is a waste of time

    I find it interesting you would frame Phillip DeFranco as alt right while banning your own editorial cartoons amid anti-Semitism. Why trash some milktoast TheXvidr while you offend Jews during Passover?

  • lbarberiscanoni
    lbarberiscanoni 6 months ago +15

    I love these ads so much!

  • نطفة نطفة
    نطفة نطفة 6 months ago +1

    what is it ? a documentary ?

  • Julien Herr
    Julien Herr 6 months ago +1