• Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • also easter eggs, yes
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    JOHN ROBLOX  20 days ago +220

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    02 id:
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  • budi lambot
    budi lambot 15 hours ago

    Yea good put zero two IN TRASH because HE LOVES ANYBODY IN THE EPISODES

  • Endoze Ałex
    Endoze Ałex 20 hours ago +1

    Bruh Momment

  • Adan The Sea Dragon
    Adan The Sea Dragon 22 hours ago +1

    You know i had to do it to em

  • Alejandro Ramon
    Alejandro Ramon Day ago

    Make a Army of ZERO TWO

  • RA's Channel
    RA's Channel 3 days ago

    I like ur vids❤️

  • joel akinta
    joel akinta 4 days ago

    they put zero two where she belongs, smh so much wasted potential

  • NeOn_Sttarr
    NeOn_Sttarr 4 days ago

    Zero is the greatest anime character of them all. A true top tier waifu.

  • Gato das Ruas
    Gato das Ruas 5 days ago

    you noticed what is inside the cloak but you didn't noticed what is outside lol

  • Meshaal Bukshaisha
    Meshaal Bukshaisha 5 days ago

    Some won use the pizza item and throw it at mighty in mighty manor

  • Coolgamer 74
    Coolgamer 74 5 days ago

    I forgot the pic of Adam Sandler in the first map

    • Coolgamer 74
      Coolgamer 74 5 days ago

      It’s behind the rock in the graveyard corner

  • Dr. Edward Richtofen

    Looks like they placed zero two right where she belongs

  • ColorCloud123
    ColorCloud123 6 days ago


    TCtully: *uh oh, stinky*

  • Jazmin Gulyas
    Jazmin Gulyas 6 days ago

    John can u plz friend me so I can get wins im kinda good Useer name huntere064

  • lukaka gaming
    lukaka gaming 7 days ago


  • Jathan Vu
    Jathan Vu 8 days ago


  • Kislota
    Kislota 9 days ago

    4:27 Know your fucking place, trash!

  • soul man
    soul man 9 days ago +1

    No one:
    I am: кто русский?

  • martin baumgardt
    martin baumgardt 9 days ago

    Uh oh stinky

  • Let’s play Roblox!
    Let’s play Roblox! 10 days ago

    You just got a new subscriber!

  • Nikki Rikki
    Nikki Rikki 10 days ago

    Chaseroony / trash did it

  • Mohit Kapoor
    Mohit Kapoor 10 days ago

    I used code John

  • TheCreepy66
    TheCreepy66 11 days ago

    I see all secret After you

  • Miscolored Hub
    Miscolored Hub 11 days ago

    The thing is do you ever wonder how people found the basement hidden room. Edit: what about the noob poster you can walk through in kitchen chaos and everything else in kitchen chaos

  • HowTo Die
    HowTo Die 11 days ago

    That moon looklike a but

  • Mai C Her
    Mai C Her 11 days ago

    I seen secrets all ready in the new halloween house

  • Jacky Lin
    Jacky Lin 11 days ago

    F E E T

  • Fervengers RBX
    Fervengers RBX 11 days ago

    How you do that in arsenal

  • Iluxa sokol
    Iluxa sokol 12 days ago


  • steams the madlad
    steams the madlad 12 days ago

    you know i had to do it to em

  • Ma. Sheila Simat
    Ma. Sheila Simat 12 days ago

    did you just mod this john?

  • Саша Климов
    Саша Климов 12 days ago


  • Jomari Tobias18TV
    Jomari Tobias18TV 12 days ago

    0:25 i remember that in flood escape 2

  • Nightmaress_YT
    Nightmaress_YT 12 days ago +1

    1:17 I remeber finding a guy there and I had a ump and I killed him and broke the glass and legit saw the do not feed him sign I went down and I showed this to all my friends prob an hour before this vid came out

  • Gage Gill
    Gage Gill 12 days ago

    John you missed a spot it’s in kitchen chaos and you have to go through the noob face

  • Matthew Vo
    Matthew Vo 12 days ago

    acually in the dizzy map when you said when you said this was a new secret its actually been there since the game has been released

  • xSki zMx
    xSki zMx 13 days ago

    The second one tho..

  • Midnight_Gachaxoxo
    Midnight_Gachaxoxo 13 days ago

    I luv arsenal!

  • Qwen
    Qwen 13 days ago


    Tctully: uh oh stinky

  • Selda Bostan
    Selda Bostan 13 days ago

    3:47 i thought that was Znac

  • The Legendary WASD Gamer

    that ace pilot crap is stupid.

  • Archer Olaso
    Archer Olaso 13 days ago

    i buy your t-shirt user:bosskyliepogi123

  • Poxia
    Poxia 13 days ago

    Who is this red anime lady

  • denis fan
    denis fan 14 days ago

    what age are you

  • striiks
    striiks 14 days ago

    6:34 i once got concussioned into that place

  • DragzX
    DragzX 14 days ago

    I met TCTully when he was a Roblox Intern back in 2018

  • darlingcrying
    darlingcrying 14 days ago


  • JD TGM
    JD TGM 14 days ago

    Im fighting enemy in secret room.

  • MBarry pro intro
    MBarry pro intro 14 days ago

    Icytea more like i.c.u.p. (sorry)

  • JulioPlayz YT
    JulioPlayz YT 14 days ago

    me saw that and my team didnt go down without me so i feed the monster

  • Mr. Hasbr
    Mr. Hasbr 14 days ago

    Arsenal Devs are normies then?

  • Sandy_UwUr
    Sandy_UwUr 14 days ago +1

    4:29 *me actually starting to cri cuz they threw 02 in the trash*

  • Nico harris
    Nico harris 14 days ago

    Have you seen the secret on height frights? It used to be on a purple carriage on the Ferris wheel. It showed the date done.

  • Ολγα Κωνσταντίνιδου

    002 is the best and not in trash

  • Black arrow
    Black arrow 15 days ago

    Arsenal has our beloved Tf2 community map creation and Tf2 map!

  • Seif Amr
    Seif Amr 15 days ago

    Me: place zero two magephone ;#

  • vernanda dwi ayu ningrum
    vernanda dwi ayu ningrum 15 days ago +2

    When you go down the Hole....

    MightyBaseplate:introducing bald delinquent

  • F1shst1cks
    F1shst1cks 15 days ago

    so this is the spot that you can hide form the clown infection
    im mighty manor im talking about this 1:10

  • ShotSteps
    ShotSteps 15 days ago

    Hey John do you you know that there's a kitchen chaos Easter egg you never mention.The Easter egg is when you are going to the pipe thingy that leads to the fridge and you will see a noob unhappy face.When you go into the noob unhappy face,it leads u into this tiny room you will find it out by yourself