SCHOOL LUNCH MUKBANG with David and Jonah!

  • Published on Sep 7, 2019
  • Lunchables, School pizza, Gushers, Oh my! Get ready to trade what yo mama gave you because it's time for some school lunch and you're sitting at the cool table!
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Comments • 2 803

  • Sarah Loy
    Sarah Loy 12 hours ago

    I would love to see a movie with these characters, played by them, just living their lives in high school

  • Kyle Lambert
    Kyle Lambert 2 days ago

    Damn Jonah looks like a disgusting grease ball with his shirt off, hair all messy, covered in sweat

  • jamie anderson
    jamie anderson 3 days ago

    I want someone to look at me the way David looks at Jonah @ 11:29

  • CTBassin
    CTBassin 4 days ago

    Lmao Jonah dead ass knows the prices of those lunchables 😂

  • Billsfan 2002
    Billsfan 2002 6 days ago

    I’m surprised that you know that Bosnia is a country. My parents are from their but moved to America because of war

  • Jelena M
    Jelena M 9 days ago

    Omg he mentioned Bosnia lmaooo I’m not from there but Balkans unite!

  • Julia Pyrcak
    Julia Pyrcak 9 days ago +1

    My mom asked me if I was ok because I couldn’t stop laughing when Jonah said “It’s fine that was my lunch I don’t have to eat” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Vincent Van Bro
    Vincent Van Bro 15 days ago

    Jonah: *choking sounds* spits out food shoved in his small mouth
    David: You wasted it

  • Sydney Kong
    Sydney Kong 18 days ago


  • Sydney Kong
    Sydney Kong 18 days ago

    "the turkey came out whole" HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I'M FUCKING DED

  • Cindy Gisselle
    Cindy Gisselle Month ago

    i’m ACTUALLY CRYING lmaooo when david spilled the la croix and jonahs like “it’s ok tht was my lunch “💀💀💀😭

  • mimi1177
    mimi1177 Month ago

    Jonah had a little mental breakdown at the end wtf

  • Mina Chung
    Mina Chung Month ago

    I love how Jonah is in the background wiping himself down with paper towels lol

  • Nancy Aguilar
    Nancy Aguilar Month ago

    I hope Jonah isn't becoming diabetic. Trust me dude I am and it's hard.

  • it’s chayli
    it’s chayli Month ago

    every time i hear the intro, i expect liza’s face to pop up and go YEAH

  • Aneeka Herron
    Aneeka Herron Month ago

    7:25 😂

  • Squishy Potato2
    Squishy Potato2 Month ago

    Jonah only laughs about fat jokes

  • Anyssa Anderson
    Anyssa Anderson Month ago +1

    No one:
    Josh: "Come back as a character, I've had enough Jonah"

  • Phillip Molzahn
    Phillip Molzahn Month ago +4

    id literally die if josh peck liked my comment, help my dream come true

  • Abigail Deters
    Abigail Deters Month ago

    I love your lunch boxes they are so cool and I like that you guys are twining.

  • Mr & Mrs Lee
    Mr & Mrs Lee Month ago

    Jfc David shoving that into Nicks face. Fucking lost it.

  • Nx9ra
    Nx9ra Month ago

    Jonah reminds me of bert kreischer

  • Nameless Account
    Nameless Account Month ago

    Love the mukbangs hate the plastic water bottles

  • # TooMuchScotty
    # TooMuchScotty Month ago

    Damn I wanna be you’re friend 😂😂

  • Taylorspliff
    Taylorspliff Month ago

    Wrong Capri sun is lit

  • Amanda Rice
    Amanda Rice Month ago

    Loving the Illinois taxpayer jokes 😂😂😂 #relatable

  • JKCrafts :p
    JKCrafts :p Month ago

    Btw I live in Illinois and I don’t have no Pizza Hut in mah school ;-;
    Edit: But we do got them pizza lunchables :)

  • Jessica’s Tea
    Jessica’s Tea Month ago

    Im Australian so I’ve never had lunchables

  • Jordon Blais
    Jordon Blais Month ago +2

    Josh: I got fruit snacks too, !¡!RAISINS!¡!
    David: that’s depressing
    Me: has 2 pounds of raisins next to my bed and eats them as a snack

  • Bella bellita
    Bella bellita Month ago

    Josh your so so funny and your voice is so cute. On another note: If you ever need a Nanny for baby Max Count on me. I do have lots of experience taking care of babies.

  • Maddie Hoff
    Maddie Hoff Month ago

    #Classof2020 :(

  • Joseph Wall
    Joseph Wall Month ago +1

    This is on my birthday

  • CeciliaMae 1
    CeciliaMae 1 Month ago

    I have 4 class periods in a day because they’re so long and I live in Illinois and I’ve been packing my own lunch since I was in 4th grade at most because our lunches are so bad😂🤧

  • Zåid
    Zåid Month ago

    I want to go to the store and get a bunch of lunch food because my lunch was always just like Josh’s and it making me kinda depressed

  • Lynn Kinsella
    Lynn Kinsella Month ago

    Hey I’m not trying to be mean it’s just an opinion but I feel like Jonah ruined the video but I really likes David and josh


    anytime i would bring a lunch to school, my grandma would always pack a josh lunch. RIP

  • Bianca Hacker
    Bianca Hacker Month ago

    Jonah said "peckers" 😂😂

  • Parker Yandric
    Parker Yandric Month ago

    why does his podcast sound like Paul rabil at points

  • Mike Considine
    Mike Considine Month ago

    Lol Illinios is broke bruh

  • mabel
    mabel Month ago +1

    you have milano!? i have a

    *proteeen bar*

  • Tatum 16
    Tatum 16 Month ago +1

    why is Josh’s lunch literally my lunch when i was in elementary school 😫😂

  • Lia Guillen
    Lia Guillen Month ago

    *josh and David talking*
    *jona doing random stuff then talks with josh and David*

  • Brandi Nespor
    Brandi Nespor Month ago

    What the HECK David, Caprisuns are the best!!!!!!!

  • Renni HooperHD
    Renni HooperHD Month ago +4

    I love it how everyone in the background is walking around like it's normal that they're sitting (one without a shirt on) and eating lunchables

  • Bri Gutierrez
    Bri Gutierrez Month ago

    Can i get an @ for the guy in the back with the C R hat plss

  • Jair Tapia
    Jair Tapia Month ago

    I live in Washington and I have a subway at my school

  • Hana Mujagic
    Hana Mujagic 2 months ago

    “This is so hot in Bosnia”

  • Lydia Borstel
    Lydia Borstel 2 months ago +4

    there’s something about jonah that just irritates the crap out of me

  • Richard Hernandez
    Richard Hernandez 2 months ago

    bro WTFFF 😂 @8:40 when he slowly sneaks away to take a bath in the kitchen LOOL I can't with his hair, just imagine Nat walking out and bumping into him like that LMAAO im ded

  • Kayla Proctor
    Kayla Proctor 2 months ago

    everyone walking around in the back

  • roula Sargetakis
    roula Sargetakis 2 months ago

    My lunch at school is 15 minutes

  • Nita Stockman
    Nita Stockman 2 months ago

    I get free lunch at my school#porelife

  • Emeranzia 2004
    Emeranzia 2004 2 months ago

    I actually brought a half of watermelon for lunch one day and ate the whole thing in 15mins

  • wavichi
    wavichi 2 months ago

    Jonah’s so cute omg

  • Kaila Dorfman
    Kaila Dorfman 2 months ago

    hi josh

  • Patricia Chavez
    Patricia Chavez 2 months ago

    I’m sorry David’s reaction in the end killed meeee 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • _yo.Kikee
    _yo.Kikee 2 months ago

    LMFAOO ! You ate the whole thing 😂

  • Gloria Tellez
    Gloria Tellez 2 months ago

    Because there are 40 lunchables but 4 were on tv

  • Gloria Tellez
    Gloria Tellez 2 months ago

    Lunchables are bad

  • Leslie Wilson
    Leslie Wilson 2 months ago

    I’m in third grade this year