• Published on Nov 2, 2019
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    Oh my god, it's actually my god damn first time to see JJ and Vik talking normal, and Vik without getting interrupted been watching for years and holy smokes my actual first time

  • Samueljh
    Samueljh 2 days ago

    Cmon we need a sidemen documentary or movie thing

  • Paige Whale
    Paige Whale 2 days ago

    awe they all officially met over my birthday- 29th march!

  • H.M
    H.M 3 days ago

    Who do you guys think won the gonth vs Nep fight ?
    them two were old school... always knew gonth was dodgy asf

  • Jordi Smith
    Jordi Smith 6 days ago

    Why wasn’t cal part of the sidemen

  • scarlett nunez
    scarlett nunez 7 days ago

    Everyone but Harry: telling the story on how they met.
    Harry: looking around
    21 min and 45 seconds later Harry: ‘’ yes I’m in’’ one second later out of the conversation Again.

  • Ryan Buchen
    Ryan Buchen 8 days ago +1

    ethan and harry just playin rock paper scissors 😂

  • Walidz 14
    Walidz 14 8 days ago +1

    7:26 watch Harry 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dana
    Dana 9 days ago +1

    Tbh I feel like Josh was the one that linked everyone up, he’s like the glue of the group.

  • Dana
    Dana 9 days ago

    Tbh I feel like Josh was the one that linked everyone up, he’s like the glue of the group.

    • xAndreas
      xAndreas 4 days ago

      Dana no shit he created the sidemen

  • Kai Johnson
    Kai Johnson 11 days ago

    Ethan don't like Vikk

  • Kai Johnson
    Kai Johnson 11 days ago

    Didn't realise JJ lost his virginity at 19

  • darklink
    darklink 11 days ago

    Why was ethan on his phone the whole time

  • Austin Usher
    Austin Usher 12 days ago

    Ayy the sidemen and the Crew the best TheXvid groups

  • Ruben Cheema
    Ruben Cheema 13 days ago

    Ethan has lost a lot of weight but is still a fat blob 😆😆😆

  • Amiin Ahmed
    Amiin Ahmed 14 days ago +1


  • alisha
    alisha 14 days ago +20

    JJ: that’s when I lost my virginity
    Tobi:your welcome 😳

  • Bloo
    Bloo 16 days ago

    in part 2 maybe talk about when & how you met kon and those

  • Delfox
    Delfox 16 days ago

    you can clearly see that JJ and Vikk are good friends here, and they have been friends for about 8 years already. So stop bitching and crying about JJ bullying Vik, its just banter

  • BluuM8
    BluuM8 19 days ago +2

    They sat like a reverse Oreo cookies lmao😂

  • II iDrxp II
    II iDrxp II 19 days ago +1

    love the bit were josh says YOUR FUCKING SHIT

  • Shadow Cadette
    Shadow Cadette 20 days ago +2

    Omg it’s so cool how Lizzie and Joel met through Vikk

  • Squid Ward
    Squid Ward 20 days ago +5

    When you realise GONTH almost flushed Harry’s career down the drain

    • Jimmy
      Jimmy 19 days ago

      Squid Ward not reallyyyyy

  • Dolphin Man
    Dolphin Man 21 day ago +3

    TheXvid would be so dead without the sidemen

    DJ SUBARU 22 days ago +1

    Ethan went to my secondary school ahah😂😂

    • SpeedStrengthJames
      SpeedStrengthJames 21 day ago

      and I went to college with him. He had just reached 1k subscribers at that time lol

  • ristic
    ristic 22 days ago

    Miniminter's leg is stuck in the air.

  • Shadow
    Shadow 22 days ago +1

    Part 2 is a must lads

  • Cx Quantum
    Cx Quantum 22 days ago

    You should talk about how you met me in 2015 at pax and gave me an Xbox. I was wam then now I’m a different person. It’s crazy watching this because ever since I started watching you guys it’s felt like I’ve been part of the family. I love the things you do and what you accomplish

  • Madwolf28
    Madwolf28 22 days ago

    Syndicate sounds like an arse

  • Just a Random Comment
    Just a Random Comment 22 days ago

    I feel sorry for Behzinga and then Harry a minute after since it felt like they werent originally part of the sidemen or had any sort of connection before the idea of the sidemen. It feels almost like their characters are lost until 2013 where they united but still feel bad for them two

  • SM1963ification
    SM1963ification 23 days ago

    18:31 had me weak 😂😂

  • Ben Sanderson
    Ben Sanderson 23 days ago

    My teacher did Duke of Edinburgh expedition with Simon at school

  • Ben Newsome
    Ben Newsome 23 days ago

    10:12 Josh is mean

  • Harry Krzystyniak
    Harry Krzystyniak 24 days ago +3

    Harry is just thinking “I wasn’t there”

  • Console God
    Console God 24 days ago

    They on their 20s and they still friends . That’s crazy I only have 2 friends since little lol

  • Argentum Silver
    Argentum Silver 24 days ago

    26:00 tobi's kettle boy reference makes sense now bc of that $100,000 in one hour video

  • Liam
    Liam 24 days ago

    Pause at 22:37 is Ethan really playing 8 ball pool🥴

  • Liam
    Liam 25 days ago

    Simon is actually a sideman of the sidemen, ksi’s tag along friend 😂😂

  • Vhirtue
    Vhirtue 25 days ago

    Poor Harry is left out

  • Crocodude Dundee
    Crocodude Dundee 25 days ago

    Fastest 29mins ever

  • Dark Gamer123
    Dark Gamer123 25 days ago +18

    When u know callux was so close to joining these lot

    • xAndreas
      xAndreas 4 days ago

      Dark Gamer123 im happy he didnt join

  • VoxChambo
    VoxChambo 26 days ago

    Didn't KSI met Harry at Harry's house in Guernsey

  • Jstar5
    Jstar5 26 days ago

    Does anyone wanna create a group like this? Just comment back if you do and we can do something?

  • X.X.X
    X.X.X 27 days ago

    Should’ve been a online podcast🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Isaiah Ibadin
    Isaiah Ibadin 27 days ago

    JJ already had a Porsche by 2012... fam, JJ been da goat💯💯. Respect to all the sidemen dont get it twisted. Everytime they make vids together, it gives me this feeling of genuine brotherhood. 🙏🏾

  • Philip Lee
    Philip Lee 27 days ago

    This is honestly one of my favorite sidemen videos.

  • Tajreyan Chowdhury
    Tajreyan Chowdhury 28 days ago

    harry and ethan were far more interesting than them talking

  • X Frazix X
    X Frazix X 28 days ago +1

    If jj came from Watford and Simon came from Leeds how did they go to the same school

  • Baby Cake
    Baby Cake 29 days ago +2

    Who else just got distracted with Harry and Ethan just playing Rock Paper Scissors

  • man.oza11
    man.oza11 29 days ago

    Waiting for the second part!

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    For some reason josh really pissed me off this vid

  • Rubee Newton
    Rubee Newton Month ago

    ethan and harry playing rock paper scissors and punching each other whilst everyone else talks kills me🤣

  • TheGoldenEagle
    TheGoldenEagle Month ago



  • M C
    M C Month ago

    This is why the boys need a podcast

  • Kopite 27
    Kopite 27 Month ago +1

    Ethan and Harry playing rock paper scissors in the background killed me

  • Jslater 123
    Jslater 123 Month ago +6

    Next week, how the moresideman met

  • Jslater 123
    Jslater 123 Month ago +25

    The sideman having a serious life story talk:
    Harry and Ethan: let’s play Rock Paper Scissors

  • Lucy Osborne
    Lucy Osborne Month ago

    Bruh Simon bringing up the teletubbies video brought back memories I forgot I had

  • The TGF
    The TGF Month ago +1

    This is just 20 minutes of ethan on his phone and harry pretending to care

  • Keira Fowler
    Keira Fowler Month ago +1

    Everyone talking about the actual base of the video
    Harry and ethan: playing Rock Paper Scissors and thumb wars