OpTic Pamaj - 3 Million Subscribers Montage

  • Published on Oct 15, 2017
  • SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON FOR THE 3 MILLION SUBSCRIBER MONTAGE! Thanks so much for 3 million subscribers. Absolutely wild number. I'm here for it all and I'm glad you guys have been as well. Of course I had to make sure this video was great. Honestly couldn't think about making anything else until this was out and done. Phew, Lets get back into it. Thanks so much for 3 Million Subcribers and huge thanks and shout to COGF who slayed this project with me. Dude went off!!!!
    Songs (In Order):
    Hundred Suns - Fractional (Varien Remix)
    ‬Koven - Number One
    Olivver the Kid - Revival

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  • FaZe Pamaj
    FaZe Pamaj  2 years ago +1424

    Hope you guys enjoy! And thank you SOOO much for 3 Million Subscribers!!!! Man am I excited for the future....

    • Joker M.
      Joker M. Year ago

      Best sniper ever ❤️

    • Snap Who?
      Snap Who? Year ago

      OpTic Pamaj omg bro upload more plz

    • DOPE io
      DOPE io Year ago +1

      OpTic Pamaj please continue you vidéos un BO2 , BO3 , MW3 !! I LIVE IT !! AND JOIN MA TEAM LOL 😂 , ITS eRoxX , lol , no realy , please !!!!!!!

    • skdouche gaming
      skdouche gaming Year ago

      OpTic Pamaj I would love to play a game with u and learn from one of the best. Hit me up

    • Thomy Boss
      Thomy Boss Year ago

      OpTic Pamaj bro you have my respect

  • NFlaaawz
    NFlaaawz Month ago

    Greatest Video on TheXvid. Fact.

  • its_jordan
    its_jordan 4 months ago

    Still a banger in ‘19 🤙🏼

  • FroJo yt
    FroJo yt 4 months ago


  • JokerFeuerwerk
    JokerFeuerwerk 5 months ago

    the song pls ?

  • Enno Hooijmans
    Enno Hooijmans 5 months ago

    Living legend!

  • Markus Krist
    Markus Krist 6 months ago


  • Cedric Röhlk
    Cedric Röhlk 6 months ago

    pam i love you mannnnnnnn

  • kukac
    kukac 6 months ago

    Underrated video

  • Smitty
    Smitty 7 months ago

    2:50 gave me chills... so sick

  • Mr.Mystic
    Mr.Mystic 8 months ago

    Can anyone tell me does he play on pc or controller? Never watched this dude.

  • HyPnO Vortex
    HyPnO Vortex 8 months ago

    This Was Amazing!

  • Quura
    Quura 10 months ago

    Keep going bro

  • Black -_- Reaper
    Black -_- Reaper 11 months ago

    I you get 2019 your 4 million sub

  • Fate Wisdom
    Fate Wisdom 11 months ago

    If you had FaZe Barker it could of been even better

  • No name J
    No name J 11 months ago +2


  • Ten Thousand
    Ten Thousand 11 months ago

    what’s the name of the last song ?

  • Tom187
    Tom187 Year ago

    Er ist ein aimgott 😎😏

    ESSKEETIT Year ago +1

    These were the most legendary minutes in my live 🔥

  • Anjo _
    Anjo _ Year ago +1


    FAL Z ELITE Year ago


  • Black MabaTV
    Black MabaTV Year ago

    Best montage eveer !!!!!!!

  • B3NG Smkn
    B3NG Smkn Year ago

    Pamaj is the best !!

  • Nascho
    Nascho Year ago

    6:46 da merkt man das es ein HACKER!! ist

  • RA Styles
    RA Styles Year ago

    Jemand Deutsch?:)

  • Fly_SSR
    Fly_SSR Year ago

    He's at 3,099,423 now what happened?

  • Attensifyy
    Attensifyy Year ago


  • J B
    J B Year ago +1


  • axim akk
    axim akk Year ago +1

    Cant undestand how this vid just got half a million views bro... Definetly supposed to have much more.

  • Imesanator ;
    Imesanator ; Year ago

    Man its crazy I remember when you had around 500k and knew you'd glow up and I thought you deserved so much more. So glad you got this much and more to come man , you earned it man. MUCH LOVE

  • john .temple
    john .temple Year ago

    This is mindblowing, I wanna see pamaj rock a shotgun, this would be hella crazy. #epic

  • PsyQo TOXIF
    PsyQo TOXIF Year ago

    Watching it AGAIN

  • Killer Huhn
    Killer Huhn Year ago

    Wie heißen dir songs

  • Whyskry
    Whyskry Year ago

    Epic bro just Epic!

  • нυѕ Avalon
    нυѕ Avalon Year ago


  • Zafeer Mahmood
    Zafeer Mahmood Year ago

    mw3 was one hell of a game cant wait for it to get remasterd

  • V4pori
    V4pori Year ago

    I swear if pamaj kept killing me I wouldn’t of had a controller anymore 😂😂

  • Youn Bryan
    Youn Bryan Year ago

    6:48 five stormtroopers i guess

  • Joshua Hipolito
    Joshua Hipolito Year ago


  • Creampuffzunie
    Creampuffzunie Year ago

    It would mean a lot if you all would check out my cod clips! Thanks!

  • ItsArii
    ItsArii Year ago

    Glückwunsch zu 3 Mio Subs. Hast es dir verdient du bist eine COD Legende. Grüße aus Deutschland💪👍

  • JaygonJasonYT
    JaygonJasonYT Year ago

    This is the best video in my life 2:51 holy shit
    #optic you are the best

  • undrachevr
    undrachevr Year ago

    If I'm ever in the same match woth pamaj, I'm gonna be cussing him out the entire game. Montague is on point

  • Abd mulla
    Abd mulla Year ago

    Any trickshot please

  • harry.819 152
    harry.819 152 Year ago


  • AntifreezeBoi
    AntifreezeBoi Year ago

    Them edits

  • Cabinet Gamer
    Cabinet Gamer Year ago +2

    In 6 months only 85k subs thats harsh man

  • CoD2Show
    CoD2Show Year ago

    Fkn sick Montage 💪

  • Austin Edenfield
    Austin Edenfield Year ago

    i wish he was still FaZe Pamaj

  • Luca
    Luca Year ago

    Im really interested in a 1v1. Pamaj vs. Aimbrot

  • PsyQo
    PsyQo Year ago +3

    Still awesome, each time i watch it - Toxif

    • B4NER
      B4NER Year ago

      PsyQo I know right!!!

  • Artsy Blaze
    Artsy Blaze Year ago

    Xbox one qs lobby Artsy Blaze

  • [ YEET ]
    [ YEET ] Year ago


  • Luki The Dark
    Luki The Dark Year ago

    Du bist echt ein untermensch oder wie kann man so gut snipen😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  • Canaan
    Canaan Year ago +4

    Proven to be the best and most consistent FPS sniper in the history of Call of Duty. Good job, great work and good luck for the continuation to greatness. Action are reflected from your words of thoughts in your brain felt from the heart. This is how you live Mr. Pamaj, so therefore anytbing you wish to achieve will be your victory in life. Always.

  • VizXn Zxrqz
    VizXn Zxrqz Year ago


  • D A R K P R I N C Eあ。 じ。 だ

    I played against him before at my friends house he made his po6 my teams bitch.fr

  • The_Honortaker
    The_Honortaker Year ago

    Best montage I've ever seen probs to you Pamaj for the nice clips and probs to the guy who cutted this montage... here in Germany we don't have any sniper on your niveau

  • Big Shot
    Big Shot Year ago

    The best . The person who made me wanting to start sniping .

  • Big Shot
    Big Shot Year ago

    Best montage I’ve ever seen . The best . My inspiration.