The Immortal (NES) - Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
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    Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) episode 173: The Immortal for NES. The review part was filmed in one continuous shot. The Immortal is an isometric adventure game originally created for the Apple IIGS by Will Harvey and published by Electronic Arts. The main plot revolves around a wizard attempting to find his mentor in a large and dangerous labyrinth. The game is known for its high degree of graphic violence (it is much reduced in the NES version) along with its punishing difficulty. Let's see if the Nerd can tackle this game and his own dungeon.
    James Rolfe's Twitter: cinemassacre
    Camera rig operated by:
    Forrest Shamlian and Tom Scholl
    Musical arrangements by Anthony Lombardi:
    Crew: Justin Silverman, Kieran Fallon, Antonio Piluso
    Thanks for the audio help, Andrew Jones from Deity Mics!!
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  • Cinemassacre
    Cinemassacre  Month ago +260

    Check out the BEHIND THE SCENES here:

    • zecle
      zecle 11 days ago

      it felt stronger than watching a patrick stewart monologue.

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke 11 days ago

      Oh crap! I actually remember this game. When i was kid i used to play it. Well at least try to play it because all that i would usually do is die. A few months ago i was wondering what the name of this game was so i could play it. Now that i know it im trying it again.

    • ketherga
      ketherga 15 days ago

      Not in iambic pentameter, D-

    • Wayne B
      Wayne B 15 days ago

      Just watched the behind the scenes and all I have to say is wow!

    • Reggie M
      Reggie M 23 days ago

      When I was a kid my gut Saud to avoid this game!

  • rachel hutchinson
    rachel hutchinson 14 hours ago +1

    "Yada Yada. Forgive my haste." LOL!

  • Johan Liljegren
    Johan Liljegren 14 hours ago

    That game sucked. I shalt remove it from my wishlist.

  • TheBoyWhoCried
    TheBoyWhoCried Day ago


  • darfmanfragen
    darfmanfragen Day ago

    What's the point of having a VPN that collects your data instead of everyone else? And pay for it too???

  • BiboDL
    BiboDL 2 days ago

    Ngl. James got some bars fam

  • Anxiety Celery
    Anxiety Celery 2 days ago

    Everyone talking about "1917" being a movie that looks like one continuous shot, but ain't nobody talking about "The Immortal (NES) - Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)
    " being an actual one take film.

  • predator33x1
    predator33x1 2 days ago +1

    I have a game for you to review.
    Where's Waldo for the NES.

  • Rich iannone
    Rich iannone 2 days ago

    Pu Li Ru Lu by Taito:
    please check it out... Fred Fuch's got nothing on this

  • xury12
    xury12 3 days ago

    Sounds about the same level as DnD's original Tomb of Horrors.

  • El Nino Son
    El Nino Son 3 days ago +1

    Please stop talking like that

  • James Garlick
    James Garlick 3 days ago

    Word of the day: Vomitorium

  • James Garlick
    James Garlick 3 days ago

    AVGN: *speaks in broken Elizabethan English
    Me: ...w-what?!

  • BobTheBuilder294
    BobTheBuilder294 4 days ago

    set the video to loop for the full Immortal experience

  • Polyetic
    Polyetic 4 days ago

    Just relized this was posted oin my birthday

  • Kendall Ammons
    Kendall Ammons 4 days ago

    jesus christ take a breath

  • GSS1-Sirius
    GSS1-Sirius 4 days ago

    Shitholic needs to get a spot in the dictionary.

  • PoemPlagiarizer
    PoemPlagiarizer 4 days ago

    Just bought tickets to the Broadway version of this

  • FernandoBaruni
    FernandoBaruni 6 days ago

    Amazing! You are the master!

  • MegadethTillDeth
    MegadethTillDeth 6 days ago

    This was fucking fantastic

  • OmegaPyron
    OmegaPyron 7 days ago

    The nerd ill needs a shitty game such as this...
    What is a NERD? A miserable pile of anger, but enough talk, have at you!

  • President Starscream
    President Starscream 7 days ago +1

    Woe is unto thee, o Immortal, for thy fecality shall surely now remain immortal.

  • 토루네코
    토루네코 7 days ago

    Please allow Korean subtitles

  • child of cascadia
    child of cascadia 7 days ago

    Oh wow. Another terrible early 90s NES port of a PC game. This is complete ass. The PC game, however is completely playable if challenging, with decent gfx and sound for the time.
    Theres not one hit kill flying shit all over the place and "it might be a good idea to move" doesnt exist. Theres a lot more text to tell you whats going on, and it gives you a map to tells you where the pit traps are within 5 mins of play. Also, the items dont kill you for no reason.
    You want to play it, play that one. This isnt just ass its dysentary ass.

  • Orion Ake
    Orion Ake 8 days ago

    This was actually a great episode!

  • John Ivory
    John Ivory 8 days ago

    So poetic

  • Stehv Burgueno
    Stehv Burgueno 8 days ago +1

    Damn I was falling asleep when that goblin came out scared the shit out of me

  • But What?
    But What? 8 days ago +3

    AVGN deserves to showcase a game at E3 with this one take performance.

  • Jailcops
    Jailcops 8 days ago +1

    If hell is the way out, then hell it shall be!

    • President Starscream
      President Starscream 7 days ago +1

      Indeed, hell is the way, and the way out is through thy Lord Starscream.

  • HP
    HP 8 days ago

    One shot... how many takes ?

  • B Taylor
    B Taylor 9 days ago

    Birdman continuous shot

  • Mister E
    Mister E 9 days ago

    Why not get a controller with diagonal buttons?

  • ShelltoonTV1
    ShelltoonTV1 9 days ago +1

    Prepare to continue

  • Zoltán Perei
    Zoltán Perei 9 days ago

    So this game is the fantasy version of the NES Metal Gear.

  • Light882
    Light882 9 days ago

    Hello AVGN I really loved a lot this episode, for be honest I like a lot the game Inmmortal but as usual its fun to watch the AVGN yelling and complaining even from the floor that kills you hahahaha, , Thank You AVGN coud you make a program of the game NOSFERATU on SNES?

  • Super123456789Kuba
    Super123456789Kuba 10 days ago +1

    "Electronic FAAAAAAARTS!"

  • FB0102
    FB0102 10 days ago

    man this was so cool

  • justin dair
    justin dair 10 days ago

    Most beautiful game review I’ve ever seen lol

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H 10 days ago

    Your supposed to reset the game 666 times

  • NileLLS
    NileLLS 10 days ago

    I missed this episode somehow. . .

  • Potted Plant Entertainment

    The amount of work that went into this is so respectable.

  • Lock Unknown
    Lock Unknown 11 days ago

    WTF am i watching!..

  • Hanginman
    Hanginman 11 days ago

    I swear we got to be getting close to running out of shitty takes on the nes

  • HUGUIN851
    HUGUIN851 11 days ago

    Could anybody please tell me or paraphrase what nerd says from 1:42 to 1:55? I´m trying to make the spanish subs for the video but i can´t quite understand whatever he´s saying.Thanks

  • JacobVTM
    JacobVTM 11 days ago

    when i find out James doesn't use express vpn

  • Disabled Ninja
    Disabled Ninja 11 days ago

    Love the transition to the spawn review

  • Francisco Merida Alcala

    Subt in spain, Nerd.

  • BC A
    BC A 12 days ago

    아 자막 좀 풀어줘..

  • Kyouko Toshino
    Kyouko Toshino 12 days ago

    Damn the one take, that set is amazing!

  • Thomas
    Thomas 12 days ago

    Immortal my ass!!

  • Dmitry Akentyev
    Dmitry Akentyev 12 days ago

    I played this game on SEGA without manual or solution. It's amasing game, cryptic, but fair. Like Dark Souls or Re:Zero of 16bit era.

  • jason jean
    jason jean 12 days ago

    What Art Thou Thinking

  • dave oneill
    dave oneill 12 days ago

    I wish they showed more gameplay

  • John Chi
    John Chi 12 days ago


  • eee-eee-clap-clap
    eee-eee-clap-clap 12 days ago

    This sooooo reminds me of the 60's Shock Theater Shows...I wonder if The Nerd ever watched Elvira or even heard about Ernie "Ghoulardi" Anderson?

  • Ryedog619
    Ryedog619 12 days ago

    I started watching this guy as a 7 year old. Know I am drinking rolling rock my self. Thanks for the memories.

  • Jake Knapp
    Jake Knapp 12 days ago

    Big rigs is not bad okay and Ljn is not bad stop critizing the game and the game company okay

    • Brenyatta
      Brenyatta 19 hours ago

      Seriously? Big Rigs is a broken ass game, and LJN made so many shitty games, it’s ridiculous

  • Jake Knapp
    Jake Knapp 12 days ago

    It’s Fred Fuchs not the f words and you keep unpronounce it

  • Freddy Kalwij
    Freddy Kalwij 12 days ago

    Nice work! Impressive

  • Vladimir Tchuiev
    Vladimir Tchuiev 12 days ago

    EA. Shitty even in 1990