I Trained Like A Disney Princess

  • Published on Apr 28, 2019
  • I took on the challenge of learning how to become a Disney Princess! Thank you to HelloFresh for partnering with us on this episode. Get 8 free meals in your first month by using code michellek80 via this link! bit.ly/2TANYNp
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  • Crystal Pixel
    Crystal Pixel 36 minutes ago

    Mulan is not a princess but Anna and Elsa are

  • Christina terry
    Christina terry 17 hours ago

    I really really REALLY want to be a disney princess now

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana Day ago

    the last part was so sweet and considering 💘

  • Latina Destiny
    Latina Destiny 4 days ago

    I'm here because Jasmine is my upmost favorite Disney Princess.
    As a child my love for her was because yay a princess who looks like me. (Different cultures but I didn't think about that as a kid.) Then growing up I loved her personality and just loved her for her. Also Aladdin was my first animated crush lol.
    She looks amazing as Jasmine. ❤

  • Bianca Ionescu
    Bianca Ionescu 5 days ago

    damn doesnt matter if she cried during this video cause i sure as hell did

  • Gracie Maine
    Gracie Maine 5 days ago

    Okay but Aladdin can get it tho

  • Dennis Strågefors
    Dennis Strågefors 6 days ago

    I like how when you said you were going Disneyland, you used clips from the Magic Kingdom 😄

  • Stella Kathryn
    Stella Kathryn 6 days ago

    When I was at disney land I asked tinker bell, "WHERE IS YOUR MOUSE!"

  • Silver
    Silver 8 days ago +2

    I just wanna meet the evil queen. Shes so full of sass i need to experience her

  • Dalia’s Vlogs
    Dalia’s Vlogs 8 days ago

    Can u do soccer

  • Kezza
    Kezza 9 days ago

    I'm sorry but she deserves way more subs #facts

  • Jenna Quick
    Jenna Quick 9 days ago

    Sorry but that girl DID NOT make a good Anna 🙅🏼‍♀️😬😬😬

  • David Bermudez
    David Bermudez 10 days ago

    Please sing a “Whole New World” but with your lyrics

  • Munchkin girl
    Munchkin girl 11 days ago

    That was so cute and sweet

  • Thunder Prussian
    Thunder Prussian 12 days ago +3

    Fun fact: Adolf Hitler loved Disney his favourite movie was Snow white

  • itz ANGEL
    itz ANGEL 14 days ago

    11:21 a holl new word f**********

  • Trishaann123 Berida
    Trishaann123 Berida 14 days ago



    The girls eyes are beautiful.

  • Laura wilson
    Laura wilson 15 days ago

    Train as a zookeeper

  • Andriel Tamang
    Andriel Tamang 15 days ago +1

    Michelle Khare : We are going to Disney to get some advice from jasmine
    "Jasmine": be truthful and follow ur heart!
    Me: so u went to Disney to get advice like wut

  • Lhhmat Mathews
    Lhhmat Mathews 15 days ago +1

    I really want to see her try Disney bounding

  • Jupiter subliminal's
    Jupiter subliminal's 15 days ago

    Hey guys sing with me
    Aaaaaa WhOle NeW beeeeelpp

  • Catherine Vieira Matta

    Your 'bye' was so cute! Loved this entire video, truly beautiful 💘

  • Shut Up and leave
    Shut Up and leave 17 days ago

    in school, i was Cinderella for a day. I WAS THE TRUE CINDERELLA

  • Sm Mn
    Sm Mn 17 days ago

    I love this ! Omg ! It’s magical job! Thank you Michael for this challenge! It’s so what I wish I could do 😍

  • Jasmine Del Rosario
    Jasmine Del Rosario 18 days ago

    My dad works for GSF and going to the Ronald McDonald House is so sweet yet heartbreaking because I’ve heard of some that suffered from burns and we’d make breakfast for them helping those who needed it made me happy even though I was young, but to help those in ways such as making breakfast or being a princess it’s amazing and makes my heart swell with such joy.

  • Eshaal Mansoor
    Eshaal Mansoor 18 days ago

    I love michelle

  • Kaiju King
    Kaiju King 19 days ago

    was she swearing XD

  • Sergio Reyna
    Sergio Reyna 19 days ago +3

    The bleep sound like she cursed😂

  • Desi The Weirdo
    Desi The Weirdo 19 days ago

    Everyone always says I look like Jasmine!! I would love to be a more stronger/adventurous princess !!

  • •G r e e n O c e a n•

    Omg I just got in add that had Michelle Khare was in lol

  • Abundance Living
    Abundance Living 20 days ago

    liked how you made it relevant and profound! Again had tears when seeing you entering the building while children smiling...

  • Ya boi miracle whip
    Ya boi miracle whip 21 day ago +1


  • GAmsta Bri
    GAmsta Bri 21 day ago

    I honestly imagined her doing more singing lessons in the video...

  • Carmen Gonzales
    Carmen Gonzales 21 day ago

    This one totally brought me to tears!!! You are magical! Thank you for sharing your magic!

  • Leah Hotel
    Leah Hotel 22 days ago

    Me and my family had to stay at the Ronald McDonald house because my sister has Cerebral palsy she had it since she was a baby

  • Stuart Matheson
    Stuart Matheson 22 days ago

    My friend has blood cancer 😔

  • Brendyn Molnar
    Brendyn Molnar 23 days ago +1

    Who else remembers Garrett from Unspeakable’s channel

  • Bella Wallig
    Bella Wallig 23 days ago

    I felt her presence as Pocahontas.

  • Isabel Massone
    Isabel Massone 23 days ago

    “a whole new *beeeeEeeeeeeeeeEeeeeep* ”

  • Sandwiches
    Sandwiches 24 days ago

    A whole new bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

  • Aaricia Veenstra
    Aaricia Veenstra 25 days ago

    I was watching another video of her and I thought “she could really pull off Jasmine..”. Scrolling through my recommenced....

  • Viteague
    Viteague 25 days ago +3

    “We visited your grave with my class “ her face went 😯😮

  • Adrija Ziemele
    Adrija Ziemele 25 days ago

    How is Mulan a princess?

  • unicorn girl
    unicorn girl 25 days ago

    I just saw Sarah ingle ell and then this

  • Gaming With Charlie
    Gaming With Charlie 25 days ago

    U should do gymnastics or a nurse or a doctor

  • Gianna Arasin
    Gianna Arasin 25 days ago

    Can you try doing karate?

  • Liila Niininen
    Liila Niininen 27 days ago +1

    A hole new ---------------

  • Amanda
    Amanda 27 days ago +2

    “A whole new-BEEEEEPPPP!!!!” I’M DYING LMAOO

  • Irene Stavrothanasis
    Irene Stavrothanasis 27 days ago

    You should do a GYMNASTIC video

  • Jade Flo
    Jade Flo 28 days ago

    11:27 the way the just cut of the music was hysterical😭

  • Debbie sigur
    Debbie sigur 28 days ago

    You should do another Disney character

  • Nyamedo O
    Nyamedo O 28 days ago

    I wanted to hear you sing but that beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeping noise was in my way of hearing it sooooooooooooooooooo.............

  • Mila JeonPark95
    Mila JeonPark95 29 days ago

    Loved this so much

  • Sasha Madison
    Sasha Madison 29 days ago +1

    Im not crying, youre crying

  • Masha fh
    Masha fh 29 days ago +3

    She is like Jasmine, soo cuteee!!

  • Alysa Cowburn
    Alysa Cowburn 29 days ago

    You should train like a horse rider

  • m a r i a
    m a r i a Month ago +1

    the jasmine that they met at disneyland looked like Cardi B


    your video should show you singing, so we can listen in to it,- I'm not gladly said, but cutting you audio of you voice of singing not quiet professional,
    everything is ok, but not showing or listen of the song what you singing, showing your sing and the look will bring more people to subscribe and join

  • Trin M
    Trin M Month ago +1

    1:57 What about Merida??🤔