i went to eat at the WORST RESTAURANT in america

  • Published on Feb 18, 2018
  • i asked my american viewers what was the most disappointing fast food restaurant they've ever been to. naturally i decided to go there for lunch. all you can eat pizza buffet, dessert pizza, cotton candy, etc. subscribe for more videos, thanks
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  • Ashlynn Milford
    Ashlynn Milford Year ago +8384

    My ex used to have to be the chucky cheese rat and kids would run away because he's like 6 feet tall. He's like nook come back lol

  • Bobix YT
    Bobix YT Hour ago +1

    Five Nights at.... Chucky's?

  • _zulu. .inc_
    _zulu. .inc_ 8 hours ago +1

    I think that chuck e cheese in a whole is very disappointing now.... It was really good, but it went down hill once it became less popular.... but down in virginia our chuck e cheese is actually pretty amazing... u can tell the pizza is fresh and it really good..... but I love this video

  • MarksMan36050
    MarksMan36050 10 hours ago

    F*$@#** you you
    hate Chuck E. Cheese

  • Irtaza Ali
    Irtaza Ali Day ago +1

    you are not trash you are a good guy and I love your vids

  • Little Sonic Dudes !
    Little Sonic Dudes ! 2 days ago +1

    You had a sonic cup

  • Ali Hamza
    Ali Hamza 6 days ago +2

    Dubai has chukee

    • thejastt
      thejastt 2 days ago

      U serious? Omg i can finally eat there cus my dad works there and im going there for vacation

  • T pose gaming
    T pose gaming 11 days ago +2

    Wow best pizza ever to

  • gacha galaxy shortie
    gacha galaxy shortie 11 days ago +1

    I know that location 😁😀

  • Tyna G
    Tyna G 12 days ago +1

    Usually I just see people grab the pizza with there hand at the buffet

  • Kid twist
    Kid twist 13 days ago +1

    That's disgusting imagine how many people coughed on that pizza

    • Hi, Bye
      Hi, Bye 7 hours ago

      The place is practically empty

    • Kid twist
      Kid twist 3 days ago

      @Dr. Gaming who is that I'm from South Africa and I said that because it happens

    • Dr. Gaming
      Dr. Gaming 3 days ago

      Kid twist Why do you believe shane dawson there fresh

  • dvferyance
    dvferyance 14 days ago +4

    Chuck E Cheese is really more of an entertainment place for kids. You don't go there just to eat.

  • Diamond Dash
    Diamond Dash 14 days ago +2

    i actually recognize this location. Are Other locations super uniform, or did he just by chance go to the same one that I remember going to?

  • #WolfSquadCoolwolf51122
    #WolfSquadCoolwolf51122 14 days ago +2

    He spelled worst wrong its supose to be "best"

  • Rifat GA
    Rifat GA 14 days ago

    I heard a news and its saids that there is a kid that die in one of the playgroud if i remember

  • Gino Bob
    Gino Bob 17 days ago +1

    Why does he eat two pizzas at once

  • DubstepMongoose
    DubstepMongoose 17 days ago +6

    Lets be honest here who actually goes to Chuck E. Cheese for the food?

  • Xx Jed Allen xX
    Xx Jed Allen xX 21 day ago +5

    Dude Chuck E. Cheese has the best pizza and there wings are good

    • Ilovepuppies :D
      Ilovepuppies :D Day ago

      Kyle Achacon it’s not recycled

    • john alvarez
      john alvarez 3 days ago

      superbryan005 its if someone dosent finish a whole pizza and leave like 2 slices the workers will take thoes 2 slices and make a new pizza with thoes 2 slices

    • superbryan005
      superbryan005 3 days ago

      What does recycled pizza mean

    • john alvarez
      john alvarez 11 days ago +2

      Marielle Greer 😂

    • Marielle Greer
      Marielle Greer 13 days ago +3

      @john alvarez 😂😂 ikr

  • Saurav Kumar Singh
    Saurav Kumar Singh 21 day ago +5

    *Someone tell me how to reuse pizza*

  • StickMation Games
    StickMation Games 25 days ago +2

    I've been to Chucky cheese once

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 25 days ago +4

    Chuckee cheese is not New York style pizza

    • CT Tributes
      CT Tributes 16 days ago

      Who ever said it was new York pizza?

  • Lara Neeley
    Lara Neeley 27 days ago +5

    You should try Dave and Busters!

  • Putri Mellissa
    Putri Mellissa 27 days ago +3

    I heard chuck e cheese used recyled pizzas.

  • L X R D A V I A T I O N
    L X R D A V I A T I O N 28 days ago +1

    I went chuck e cheese when I was 8 when I went there it is horrible is no laser tag no dodge ball all I say is the amazing pizza machine is better and all other arcade place is better than Chuck E. Cheese

    • TDawgCorley Gamer
      TDawgCorley Gamer 2 hours ago

      Stop whining about no Dodge ball Chuck e cheese is a arcade not gym class and do you expect CEC to have laser tag

    • Christopher
      Christopher 21 day ago

      Laser tag? Are you 5 and dogeball, im sorry but you dont go to a arcade for dogeball.

  • Carrotman Mcgee
    Carrotman Mcgee 28 days ago +5

    I'm proud to say that *taco bell* is better than chucky cheese.

    • Christopher
      Christopher 21 day ago

      Taco bell is fast food place, chuck e cheese is a arcade, obviously taco bell is better chuck e cheese doesn't just focuse on their food.

  • Stop It Get Some Help
    Stop It Get Some Help 29 days ago +2

    you went to arbys

  • christine rios
    christine rios Month ago

    F* you 🤬

  • Vivian Ju
    Vivian Ju Month ago +5


    Have never been to Chuck E. Cheese’s so I can’t say anything but... that looks disgusting

    ッEXOTIC MEMER Month ago +9

    "I'm still eating it so I guess I like it"

      ッEXOTIC MEMER 20 days ago

      @PRO GAMER'S CLAN Grow up ma, u get mad too easily

      PRO GAMER'S CLAN 21 day ago

      @Christopher I didn't say anything to you so minde your own business mf

      PRO GAMER'S CLAN 21 day ago

      @Christopher bro I stopped making videos because I don't have a good phone or a pc who are you to tell me my videos are bad 😡

    • Christopher
      Christopher 21 day ago

      @PRO GAMER'S CLAN You're one to tell someone to grow up, have you seen your vids.

    • Christopher
      Christopher 21 day ago +1

      I mean the pizza is not that bad, most people in the comments exaggerate.

  • Micah on The mic
    Micah on The mic Month ago +6

    I hate chucky cheese and im proud to say that

  • Rag3 01
    Rag3 01 Month ago +2

    If it is Reused Pizza..Then Why He Say That It is Good?... I've Never Go To Chuck E Cheese

    • Christopher
      Christopher 20 days ago

      @Kyle Achacon They dont reuse their pizza and there's plenty of evidence to back it up look it up

    • Kyle Achacon
      Kyle Achacon 21 day ago

      "Not reused" but the slices on the pizza are not aligned and some slices are small

    • Christopher
      Christopher 21 day ago

      It's not reused,do you belive everything you hear or what?.

    • ItsMeAgain
      ItsMeAgain 27 days ago

      Because life is full of mysteries

  • John Bijani
    John Bijani Month ago +3

    Hi 👋🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🇺🇸😘❤️

  • someone strange
    someone strange Month ago +5

    Everyone is like”they reuse their leftover pizza” I’ve never been to chucke.e cheese,but like what’s the proof they reuse their pizza?

    • Christopher
      Christopher 20 days ago

      @Emily Draws No problem

    • Emily Draws
      Emily Draws 21 day ago

      @Christopher oof thanks

    • Christopher
      Christopher 21 day ago

      @Emily Draws Jesus*

    • Emily Draws
      Emily Draws Month ago

      @My gaming studio jesus calm down you're the definition of over reacting.It's just a joke chill.

    • My gaming studio
      My gaming studio Month ago

      Piixel - ROBLOX and More And what if people were faking the whole thing AND just getting pizza at the snack bar?

  • golden_pato
    golden_pato Month ago +5

    Reused pizza

  • Arlito
    Arlito Month ago +6

    Im totally 46 and i still go to chucky cheese i like climbing in the little tunnels

  • 「s o o - r i」
    「s o o - r i」 Month ago +9

    *I remember the last time I went here was when I celebrated my best friend's birthday during 3rd grade and we went to Chuck E Cheese. They reuse their pizza, but as long as It's edible and doesnt have any saliva or anything disgusting sticking to it, I don't see why you can't eat it. You don't see them serving rotten leftovers, they're still good and safe.*

  • Matthew Hahn
    Matthew Hahn Month ago

    Inn very sorry about this and well not quite good

  • Johannes Juhl Nielsen
    Johannes Juhl Nielsen Month ago +5

    Mmmmmm tasty leftovers....🤢🤮🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤮🤢

  • AV kicks
    AV kicks Month ago +8

    10:27 since when did mcdonalds and chuck e cheese collab

  • That White Chick
    That White Chick Month ago +8

    The reason it's the worst is bc they reuse the pizza!

    • Wilbert TheMobileGamer
      Wilbert TheMobileGamer 18 days ago

      If they did then where is your proof? Have you been there to see how they make their pizza?

    • ZerfiX is here
      ZerfiX is here Month ago

      I just care any more ill eat it

  • Clay controlz
    Clay controlz Month ago +6


    • Wilbert TheMobileGamer
      Wilbert TheMobileGamer 18 days ago

      @Clay controlz just because they reuse their pizza like you claim can you proof it by other evidence that is more objective than what you claim?

    • Wilbert TheMobileGamer
      Wilbert TheMobileGamer 18 days ago

      @Clay controlz even if it isn't can you tell if it is contaminated or not?

    • Clay controlz
      Clay controlz 21 day ago

      Because it is not smaller then other pizzas

    • Christopher
      Christopher 21 day ago

      @Clay controlz Then why don't you ask that question for every pizza??.

    • Clay controlz
      Clay controlz Month ago

      What if they cough on it or have a sickness that can make other people sick so no it is not ok

  • 100,000 subscribers with no vids challenge

    Why shane now everyone hates their favorite childhood arcade spot 😂😪

    MR._OLLIE_SB Month ago +6

    You got leftovers lol

  • Gamer_Trapz
    Gamer_Trapz Month ago +5

    When I was little my mom never let me go their

  • GoatTrix
    GoatTrix Month ago +10

    I thought people would say Mcdonalds because everyone likes to hop on it calling it disgusting when they will go ahead and eat it the next day

    • GoatTrix
      GoatTrix Month ago

      @Brian Cobain ikr!

    • Brian Cobain
      Brian Cobain Month ago +1

      GoatTrix 😂😂😂 lol yeah
      I eat chick fill a more but yeah everyone calls it disgusting but eats it the next day
      I mean McDonald it’s a descent good normal place

  • Elli Xox
    Elli Xox Month ago +7

    Omg chucke cheese has great pizza also it's not a restaurant... Its a arcade... It has pizza but it's not a restaurant.

    • Lexigirl
      Lexigirl 24 days ago

      I agree their pizza is actually shocking good. Little salty for me but still good😂 fuck the ppl who hate it tbh

    • Elli Xox
      Elli Xox Month ago +2

      @Gamer_Trapz I'm a kid I like it because well its... *food* and I just like it everyone has different opinions and that's mine so I'm sorry you don't like it.

    • Gacha Illy
      Gacha Illy Month ago

      I'm in the uk what's chucky cheese 🧐

    • s i m o k i '
      s i m o k i ' Month ago

      @Gamer_Trapz no u ;)

    • AG 123
      AG 123 Month ago +1

      @Gamer_Trapz how

  • Faye Goodwin
    Faye Goodwin Month ago +4

    Thing is, you need to order a full pizza to see. They reuse it.

    • Faye Goodwin
      Faye Goodwin 18 days ago

      @Wilbert TheMobileGamer Wilbert, as kindly as I can say this, piss off.

    • Wilbert TheMobileGamer
      Wilbert TheMobileGamer 18 days ago

      @Faye Goodwin if you can't even proves it why claim it baselessly then?

    • Faye Goodwin
      Faye Goodwin 18 days ago

      @Wilbert TheMobileGamer Hey, I never said I could prove it did I

    • Wilbert TheMobileGamer
      Wilbert TheMobileGamer 18 days ago

      @Faye Goodwin but can you claim what you stated is proven? Your claims are bit too subjective and thus what you said is nothing but a bias cause if you truly claims they did then you must proves it objectively

    • Faye Goodwin
      Faye Goodwin 20 days ago

      @Christopher hypothetically, if this is true, id be pretty disgusted knowing some rando touched my food up before i ate it

  • Irene Lowry
    Irene Lowry Month ago +1

    💕 ur amazing

  • Yari's Squad
    Yari's Squad Month ago +7

    I dnt care what anybody says..I LOVE Chucky Cheese's and their pizzas are better than Pizza Hut Lmao 😳😝

    • Wilbert TheMobileGamer
      Wilbert TheMobileGamer 18 days ago

      @Clay controlz if what you claim Pizza Hut is healthier I challenged you to eat Pizza Hut for the rest of your life

    • Clay controlz
      Clay controlz Month ago

      They reuse there pizza also Pizza Hut doesn’t so it is more healthier. What if somebody coughed on the pizza or licked it so that’s why I never eat there and so should you.

    • MR._OLLIE_SB
      MR._OLLIE_SB Month ago

      I'm gagging rn ill

  • iisevty
    iisevty Month ago +6

    Bro shut up your just mad people like it

    • Gamer_Trapz
      Gamer_Trapz Month ago +1


    • Gamer_Trapz
      Gamer_Trapz Month ago +1

      ꧁ SleepyPat ꧂ exactly

    • Amey
      Amey Month ago +2

      you're that bothered over a pizza opinion? 😂

    • kumauri for life
      kumauri for life Month ago +4

      It’s his opinion and video and not yours

    • ꧁sleepii and sleepyy꧂
      ꧁sleepii and sleepyy꧂ Month ago +3

      iisevty If your gonna hate then don’t watch the video

  • Waffle Warrior
    Waffle Warrior Month ago +7

    Why is this being recommended to me again?


    Its even in canadA

    • AG 123
      AG 123 Month ago

      @Soundous Bennani np

    • Soundous Bennani
      Soundous Bennani Month ago

      @AG 123 thx

    • AG 123
      AG 123 Month ago

      @Soundous Bennani vancouver

    • Soundous Bennani
      Soundous Bennani Month ago

      @SntheM Crazy ok thx but is in what province or city ?

    • DiversHD
      DiversHD Month ago

      @Soundous Bennani it is in Canada probably not in ur province or city

  • CGL_ Legend
    CGL_ Legend Month ago +6

    I thought their pizza was amazing when I was 6

  • Mohammad Aljibreen
    Mohammad Aljibreen Month ago +1


  • Mohammad Aljibreen
    Mohammad Aljibreen Month ago +1


  • Aamir Aman
    Aamir Aman Month ago +11

    Chucke cheese reuse there pizza

  • Sera Ramirez
    Sera Ramirez Month ago +2

    peter piper pizza is the best

    • Clay controlz
      Clay controlz Month ago

      Both are gross I like cicis

    • Gamer_Trapz
      Gamer_Trapz Month ago

      Nah actually pizza wagon on 86 street in bay ridge ave is the best

    • kiddadd
      kiddadd Month ago

      @Sera Ramirez Peter Piper is directly sad kids who don't get to experience name brand things, only second class copies.

    • kiddadd
      kiddadd Month ago

      @Amey you're right. I was wrong to misspell the name. How could I be so silly?

    • Amey
      Amey Month ago +1

      @kiddadd it's Chuck E.. come on Chuck E cheese lover.. disappointing Chuck E. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Higinio Diaz Marroquin

    And i saw scary secrts of that today

  • Higinio Diaz Marroquin

    I dont like that place idk kind of scary

  • Plasma Bear
    Plasma Bear Month ago +5

    Little Billy probably took a bite of that pizza....