Charles Handy on Qualities of Vision and Leadership

  • Published on Feb 5, 2010
  • Charles Handy speaks at Leadership All-Stars in downtown Los Angeles during the Drucker Centennial celebration. Charles is a globally renowned business expert and is often regarded as Britain's greatest management thinker. He has been an executive, a theorist, a management thinker and a student of business all his life. In 2008, he taught the Odyssey Course at The Drucker School while serving as a Scholar in Residence.

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  • Lhacen BELHCEN
    Lhacen BELHCEN 10 months ago

    Thanks a lot. Inspiring.

  • Afrikansuperman
    Afrikansuperman 5 years ago

    DruckerInst·thank u for posting this

  • Afrikansuperman
    Afrikansuperman 5 years ago

    THis is a man after my heart just watched it twice.. he is indeed wise

  • Jesse Lin
    Jesse Lin 6 years ago

    What a great man!
    I'm honored by listening, learning from this speech. Thank you sir

  • Doanh Do
    Doanh Do 6 years ago

    can you share that paper?

  • Roy Barden
    Roy Barden 6 years ago

    I was one of those lucky students sent out into the world by Charles Handy to write down what I saw - over 20 years ago. I still have the paper and refer to it now!

    • Ugo Chukwujiaka
      Ugo Chukwujiaka Year ago

      I'll like to hear about your experience and read your paper if you are willing to share. Exploring inquiry based learning.

  • Kwame Rubadiri
    Kwame Rubadiri 7 years ago

    Absolutely inspiring and full of simple life-affirming truths, Charles Handy beautifully traces a path to effective leadership at a time we desperately need it. An excellent lecture.

  • Sanjna
    Sanjna 8 years ago

    Thank you for this video.

  • Rob Scaralia
    Rob Scaralia 9 years ago

    Awesome presentation. Peter Drucker would be honored Mr Handy. Thank you!