Colin defends Baker after Rex Ryan's comments, talks Aaron Rodgers ahead of TNF | NFL | THE HERD

  • Published on Sep 26, 2019
  • Colin Cowherd opens up today's show with some NFL talk. Hear why Colin thinks Rex Ryan's criticism of Baker Mayfield is unfounded and his thoughts on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers ahead of Thursday Night Football tonight on FOX.
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    Colin defends Baker after Rex Ryan's comments, talks Aaron Rodgers ahead of TNF | NFL | THE HERD
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Was Rex Ryan's criticism of Baker Mayfield fair?

    • Kevin Kidd
      Kevin Kidd 2 months ago


    • Lonnie Turner
      Lonnie Turner 2 months ago

      @Ronnie Headen the reason baker isn't overrated is because the hype placed on him is by imbeciles like you who watch Collin and Stephen A. all day his so called "over rate" is made by unimportant people like you, if you watch football and actually looked at details you would see baker firstly hasn't played a full season, he's young, he's unexperiened, and through the first 4 weeks of his 2nd season and off of his first NFL offseason he comes in with only 1 receiver that he's thrown to for even a NFL game (Higgins hurt, njoku hurt, Callaway susp, Duke Johnson traded) and then just listen to Collin he tells it just as well HE CAN'T EVEN HATE ON BAKER!! so buddy, maybe the question isn't "is baker Mayfield overrated?" Maybe the real question you should be asking yourself is "Am I overrating (over hyping) Baker Mayfield?"

    • Lonnie Turner
      Lonnie Turner 2 months ago

      @Ronnie Headen see now you're spreading fake news we've never stirred a rhetoric our players have never came out boasting about how good they are or anything close that 'rhetoric' was stirred by media and rightfully so excited fans dont put words in the players mouth

    • adgtheone
      adgtheone 2 months ago

      I dunno, but these are good points all around.

  • Mikel Keith
    Mikel Keith 2 months ago

    Colon you should be ashamed of yourself ,you have said everything that Rex Ryan has said about Baker Mayfield ,and now you want to try to pretend you're going to try to defend him ,Rex Ryan is absolutely right about Baker Mayfield ,he's a 3rd round draft pick ,that for some reason the owner like, and made the number one overall draft pick instead of letting him learn the game as a third-rounder where he might be able to pick up on the blitz packages and other things, and get the ball out of his hand quicker , they going to put him right in the fire as a number one overall draft pick, and now the Cleveland fans are going to have to wait another 10 years before they can get a owner that's willing to get the best person available instead of picking people with his heartstrings ora political nepotism, there's a certain race or color that sells merchandising it just totally ridiculous that this guy picked Johnny Manziel another undersized guy ,now Baker Mayfield instead of getting Lamar Jackson or Sam Donald ,somebody with some height ,and have some athletic ability to get away from these fast defense ,iBaker Mayfield is too dumb he's not smart enough to handle the pressure is apparently being the number one overall draft pick.

    BALL CONTROL 2 months ago

    Rex wasn’t lying idk y y’all all shocked

  • GO-HAM
    GO-HAM 2 months ago

    Brown's should of kept Greg Williams! If your winning you don't fire the whole couching staff, you give them a chance next season. What Morons😂😂

  • William Anthony
    William Anthony 2 months ago

    I feel like I've just wandered into The Twilight Zone!

  • Burnseys RT
    Burnseys RT 2 months ago

    I am not a Pro Colin guy but he does this prior to Baker having one of his best and most important wins as a young QB. For that I give him props!!!

  • Buckeye Nuts
    Buckeye Nuts 2 months ago

    Great perspective very well put and explained thank you

  • Chris
    Chris 2 months ago +1

    Ok man, thanks for not destroying Baker. Once in awhile it's nice that you can few the field from both sides of the ball. In that I mean not constantly blaming him or ridiculing him. Thanks for a little props!

  • Shannon Collins
    Shannon Collins 2 months ago

    Should have hired a good coach and freddie stays offensive coordinater. Although with the strong defensive coordinater they have that helps. Wilks is doing a good job. Special teams coach is good so Freddie dont got to much to worry about on D and ST. Moonkin has not impressed.

  • Mikel Keith
    Mikel Keith 2 months ago

    You guys might as well stop trying to defend Baker Mayfield, Rex Ryan is absolutely right this guy should have been a third round draft pick b,ut unfortunately the fools pick them number one overall ,and he's going to get paid because somebody like him ,he's slow he can't throw the ball downfield ,and that's the bottom line ,all the help in the world is not going to help this guy the Browns are always going to be a mediocre football team as long as this guy is the quarterback Nick Chubb is real the star of the team, that might help them win a few more games , so you Baker Mayfield apologist need to grow up , and stop trying to sell his fake swag it has no substance.

  • David Hall
    David Hall 2 months ago +2

    As someone who stopped watching for a while due to Baker bashing, I’m happy to see Cowherd has regained sanity. I don’t agree with what he said about OBJ, but I can respect that opinion. What I couldn’t respect was endless Baker bashing because the narratives demand it. OBJ can be difficult, and Baker is very prideful. I always wanted to like Cowherd because I felt like he was calling it how he saw it. Now I’m starting to again. Good on ya Colin

    • Burnseys RT
      Burnseys RT 2 months ago

      +1 here.

    • Chris
      Chris 2 months ago +2

      Could not agree more. I stopped watching him because when the browns came up it was bashing them, bashing Baker, bashing the fans. It got old fast, and I had been watching him for a few years. When I saw this I had to watch it. I can take him being objective. But the constant bashing and ridicule was to much. Obj is a diva though. I like him but, at any moment he could throw a fit, or act childish. That only can stunt Bakers growth. Hopefully it will not happen, but many more games like last week and OBJ will go off.

  • Ryan Parker
    Ryan Parker 2 months ago

    This was a backhanded defense of Baker at best. He doesn't just hate Baker. He hates you all, Cleveland. I'm surprised he didn't mention the fair weather fan base, or the loss of manufacturing jobs in the rust belt, because he threw the "Kitchens" sink at everyone else.

    Who else is here after the Ravens game?

  • WY K
    WY K 2 months ago

    "I am the only one who can criticize baker."

  • mark krichbaum
    mark krichbaum 2 months ago

    lets let the season play out and then make predictions. hogwash!

  • Kai Kawasumi
    Kai Kawasumi 2 months ago

    Interior oline? Maybe Kush, sure. We're not about to even entertain calling Bitonio or JC Tretter anything but good o-linemen though.

  • Jason Krimm
    Jason Krimm 2 months ago

    LMAO Colin Coward...ride your lighting until it jolts you just like it has, You and Sharpe (at least he scammed a ring off his brothers mojo & Elway, Davis, Shannahan's success) are nothing but wanna be's in suits trying to get attention and get your pay checks.(Good for you both BTW, get what you can get, free country...I get that-everyone has bills to pay so get your money-fair enough) BUT if you want to grow some balls then reach out to me and we can see who is right since you claim Browns/Baker will never make the playoffs because they are overrated. I'll even be nice and give you even odds for Browns making playoffs at 1:1 at $500k. Put your $ were your mouth is if you are so much smarter than me and confident. If not then back off to your little hiding closet and stay scared.

  • Bobby Gorbett
    Bobby Gorbett 2 months ago

    Mike McCarthy didn’t interview or want the Browns job he was only after the Jets job just wanted to let you know.

  • Kyle Bernadyn
    Kyle Bernadyn 2 months ago

    I mean Colin himself had Brady Poppinga on who literally said how they even stopped feeding into the defensive side of the ball after they won the Super Bowl. Gotta be careful not to lay all that on Rodgers's doorstep.

  • Samuel tractorton
    Samuel tractorton 2 months ago

    I can't believe the words that are coming from him on Baker, wow!

  • The Righteous Dude
    The Righteous Dude 2 months ago

    What an idiot. How does this clown go to work after saying so many stupid things proven to be stupid? It must be a put on or something.

  • scawfan75
    scawfan75 2 months ago +1

    Me making love to my girl
    *Sees that Collin defends Baker*

  • Ronald Williams
    Ronald Williams 2 months ago

    That will probably be his most liked segmemt of all time up to date

  • Ronald Williams
    Ronald Williams 2 months ago

    F#ck colin you got me wth that one very sincere and to the point. I never even thought of it like that

  • Ronald Williams
    Ronald Williams 2 months ago

    The only time ive ever liked what he had to say

  • Brian G. Ellman
    Brian G. Ellman 2 months ago

    All I can say that was a excellent piece of work. a wonderful video.

  • David Robertson
    David Robertson 2 months ago

    Think baker will look alot like Prescott in his second year. But like Prescott, i think he'll come out the other end just fine. Hes a talented dude.

  • Lester Nester
    Lester Nester 2 months ago

    Did he say Andrew Luck? That guy that retired? @05:01

  • Chase The Wind
    Chase The Wind 2 months ago +1

    Colin’s the GOAT!!!! Great stuff

  • myhowtos789
    myhowtos789 2 months ago

    Colin only defends baker to throw shots at OBJ

  • M Chaney
    M Chaney 2 months ago

    I disagree about Rodgers. He is obviously getting old..... he plays like an old man now.

  • G Man
    G Man 2 months ago

    Baker musta banged Rex's daughter

  • Greg Gatsby
    Greg Gatsby 2 months ago

    Baker to Colin: “thanks dad.”

  • Maxaldojo
    Maxaldojo 2 months ago

    What, in the wild, wild, world of sports is going on???

  • josh white
    josh white 2 months ago +4

    "3 teams got better when T.O. left"

    That's just not true at all wtf

    • Chris
      Chris 2 months ago

      Um that's 100 percent true. He was a diva.

    • Ronald Williams
      Ronald Williams 2 months ago

      Yeah none of the teams he mentioned got anywhere without a star reciever

  • Giants/Mets/Blazers
    Giants/Mets/Blazers 2 months ago

    I have a feeling that the Browns are going to get curb stomped by the Ravens 😄. That’s all.

    • Timothy Martin
      Timothy Martin 2 months ago

      No they're going to get Chubb stomped by the browns

  • Adam Welch
    Adam Welch 2 months ago

    How much did Baker pay Colin?

  • D Ton
    D Ton 2 months ago +1

    Baker ain’t no 6’1 or 6’2! He’s 5’11 at best!!!

  • FMA Bincarim
    FMA Bincarim 2 months ago +1

    Add Steve Smith Kelvin Benjamin to the diva WR who got canned and team improved

  • Master
    Master 2 months ago

    Don't you have to be rated to be overrated? Colin thinks he's fooling smart people by taking a fake moral high road.

  • vinnyzan1
    vinnyzan1 2 months ago

    No one feels bad for him though because he was running his mouth all offseason

  • M Boss
    M Boss 2 months ago

    The reasons he picked out was not even what rex talked about u just bought other things in to it

  • Ricardo Ospina
    Ricardo Ospina 2 months ago

    Did Colin forget Luck sits on the couch watching Football on TV like you and me?

  • Mr Nice guy
    Mr Nice guy 2 months ago

    Is it because of the mono?

  • Matthew Webster
    Matthew Webster 2 months ago

    Well hindsight is mighty clear here. How’d that running game help GB last night Colin? Go Lions

  • 107uptown
    107uptown 2 months ago

    C’mon man, all of these talking heads “defending” Mayfield? Rex spoke the truth and that’s all.

  • Caleb Ruck
    Caleb Ruck 2 months ago

    Best points I’ve ever heard

  • Ray Sylvia
    Ray Sylvia 2 months ago

    Gb pulled a Pete Carol. Just bringing the news

  • Aiden Rae
    Aiden Rae 2 months ago +5

    Jared Goff was a "bust" for his first two seasons, everyone needs to give Baker some actual time.

  • Patrick Fennell
    Patrick Fennell 2 months ago

    The Patriots have NEVER won a SB with an elite wide receiver. They look for team players instead and keep the dynasty going.

    BEAUTIFUL Music 2 months ago

    Y'all can think Colin sound crazy all you about Aaron Rodgers but everything he says is true just look at his demeanor its different then before kind of like Lebron James

  • Sabir Abdul-Lateef
    Sabir Abdul-Lateef 2 months ago

    I can listen to him sports all day.

  • Jason Street
    Jason Street 2 months ago

    Is this Klatt in disguise? Where is Colin, he never defends Baker on anything 😂😂

  • FMR393
    FMR393 2 months ago

    The Eagles were the #1 seed, and went to the SB with T.O., even though he missed a few games from injury. He came back and balled out in the SB. The Eagles didnt even make the playoffs the next season. Also, the 49ers and Cowboys got worse after T.O. left. Im so sick of this narrative that T.O. was a bad teammate

  • Silver Ancient
    Silver Ancient 2 months ago

    He called Joy a "crazy old diva" lmao.

  • J B
    J B 2 months ago

    Rex Ryan is overrated lol

  • David
    David 2 months ago

    rip goulet

  • Austin D
    Austin D 2 months ago

    Collin cowherd
    *checks notes*
    Defends Baker Mayfield?

  • Derek Baker
    Derek Baker 2 months ago

    Typical Herd always trying to be a shock jock to boost ratings no matter how wrong he is. I guess it works I’m here after all. But please. Baker was propped up to be the savior of the browns and he hasn’t been. Maybe he will get there but until then of course he’s over rated. Anyone is. It’s just math. If someone said the dolphins were going to win the super bowl they would be over rated. This is just too easy. Get out of here Colin.

  • bryce2124
    bryce2124 2 months ago

    Say what you want about Colin cowherd, but he’s the only one in the business that could think of that Baker take.

  • CatchCraftInc
    CatchCraftInc 2 months ago +1

    We’re in the twilight zone