AMD gave up!?

  • Published on Jul 13, 2019
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    Can turn off saved recordings
    UNDERCOVER AI @ 0:53
    Pluribus beats Poker players
    Original report:
    LTT review:
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  • NikoliZZer
    NikoliZZer 2 days ago

    That’s what you get for basically buying a surveillance device that has a mic on 247.

  • Task Force 141
    Task Force 141 4 days ago

    "Amd Raedeon 7 gave up"Should be the title.

  • supimdaniel
    supimdaniel 6 days ago

    Walkie talkie Apple watch(ie)

  • Per Erik Grønvik
    Per Erik Grønvik 6 days ago

    So starcraft the game where 50% of all games are played by AI or cheaters or AI assisted cheaters, now have AI playing in it. what is the change?

  • Paul John
    Paul John 15 days ago

    @Linus cool shirt where can i get one ?

  • UberKrassMann
    UberKrassMann 16 days ago

    i got click baited........

  • Nate Allison
    Nate Allison 19 days ago

    just wear an ethereum shirt already! we are ready.

  • Toxikaraidur _
    Toxikaraidur _ 19 days ago

    Get some rest Pam, you look tired.
    Person who owns mobile Alexa: "what if I can't find my Alexa?"
    Data hungry master: "shouldn't be too hard, they're standing right next to you."

  • BReal23
    BReal23 20 days ago

    Big Tech has replaced Big Tobacco as the corporate boogeyman posing a threat to freedom and justice in the western world.

    • woget264
      woget264 17 days ago

      The difference is Big Tobacco can only try to sell you cigarettes, Googles power is real.

  • MDethCKR
    MDethCKR 22 days ago

    I turn assistants of all kinds off. Fuck you Bixby and fuck you Google assistant.

  • Mazzz
    Mazzz 26 days ago

    As I unplug alexa

  • Mazzz
    Mazzz 26 days ago

    I am switching to duckduckgo now

  • Jim BoB
    Jim BoB 26 days ago

    Linus has all the money to buy the best shit and he is wasting his time with amd gpus?

  • Tdizzle
    Tdizzle 26 days ago +1

    AMD never gave up Radeon VII was a mining card from the get go with a gaming side gig. I guarantee if mining didn't fizzle they would be still pumping these out. 100 M/H out of the box for $699 and can be undervolted to sip power not to shabb still getting 86 m/h. It was marketed it as a gaming card just because of the negativity associated mining.

  • Backstage Bum
    Backstage Bum 27 days ago

    Apple is shit? Google is sketchy? AI is better than humans? Water is wet.

  • Zmaniac Gamerz
    Zmaniac Gamerz Month ago

    Awesome video, this guy knows his stuff

  • David Rhoney
    David Rhoney Month ago

    Why do you spell ALEXA and not say the name??

  • Neuromancer William gibins

    Amd will never give up that's why they are in ps and xbox lol

  • JustMe
    JustMe Month ago

    It's not about recording all people. It's about being able to access records by location required.

  • PlumberRap
    PlumberRap Month ago

    Linus in the thumbnail looks like he's getting ready to use Star Platinum The World

  • Nohara Loco
    Nohara Loco Month ago

    So the radeon vii is discontinued? This is a surprise how?
    It was just a stopgap repurposed card to fill the space until Navi launched.
    Nothing more.

  • ShadowOfLabel
    ShadowOfLabel Month ago

    Is Linus trying to bring back the 2005 hairstyles back to life?

  • Dynamic Dissonance
    Dynamic Dissonance Month ago

    That robot wich listens to what you do and follow you around is not new or anything - a very effectiv version of that, it comes with 1+ cam's, gps, internet, wlan, mobile connections, can hear what you talk- knows wich who you write and phone, can see your whole house, and every place you go to.

    I'm rly rly wondering how out of the sudden people go crazy about Amazon, google, apple and any other voice assistent while they run around with a even more problematic piece of hardware since 10 or even more years and never though about that. I think thats stupid.

  • Nik Spoons
    Nik Spoons Month ago


  • Brad Lovin
    Brad Lovin Month ago

    Deepmind kicking ass
    Echo taking names
    Good job Google

  • UTR-Gaming
    UTR-Gaming Month ago

    Click bait title...… ZZzzz Linus's usual faire

  • Georgiev
    Georgiev Month ago

    Are you well paid from Intel and NVidia?

  • þøħ€
    þøħ€ Month ago

    You can never trust anyone with your data, it will get dealt with

  • Ashutosh Pandey
    Ashutosh Pandey Month ago

    I was joking a about someone needing Hair transplant in WhatsApp chat, and Next, I see As about Hair transplant centre near me.
    That goes to say about privacy there companies honour.

  • ZerMetKi Aparentemente Humano

    Linus caring advice for me, a guy being drunk and about to fall asleep at 6 a.m. without brushing his teeth and trying no to sleep yet is just so damn lovely.

  • Chris ?
    Chris ? Month ago +2

    Definitely a click baited video.

  • booger king
    booger king Month ago +7

    Tech companies:
    *"Oops! Our software had a glitch and leaked private data. But don't worry, we already fixed it."*
    US government:
    *"No it's not us. It's the hackers doing it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) "*

  • booger king
    booger king Month ago +4

    Now these companies wouldn't need to secretly add backdoors for the US government. They could just intentionally add glitches in their software that leaks private data for the US government to exploit and say it's unintentional.
    Tech companies:
    *"Oops! Our software had a glitch and leaked private data. But don't worry, we already fixed it."*
    US government:
    *"No it's not us. It's the hackers doing it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) "*

  • John Damage
    John Damage Month ago

    Heres a tip dont use one

  • Bram Elyne
    Bram Elyne Month ago

    doesn't matter if u don't wear any tech this time linus, they could plant the bug in one ur piercings :/

  • below me
    below me Month ago


  • Maikel SZ
    Maikel SZ Month ago

    I NEED an Radeon VII, for its compute a masive memory bandwidth. I ll be happier on my work

  • gam mal
    gam mal Month ago


  • Huzzir Zakaria
    Huzzir Zakaria Month ago

    google's! matter blown out of porpotions by the media n phobic people...! they should then considered how dangerous the kitchen knife can be!!!

  • M C
    M C Month ago

    I am disappointet. I thought at least Linus knows that the Radeon VII is a workstation GPU.

  • NetshadeX
    NetshadeX Month ago

    Radeon VII discontinued already? Wow... hope support isn’t. I’m looking at AMD for my next build but crap like this has me hesitate to do it.

  • sybanni
    sybanni Month ago +1

    Hey just a quick question
    I am going to buy a new GPU, it is going to be the 5700xt or 2060super but for which one should I go, everybody says the cooler from the 5700xt sucks but the card is a little bit better than 2060 super (and no I can't wait till August)

    • Teqo
      Teqo Month ago

      just go with the 2060 super and overclock it should be close to the xt just with better looks and better fan

  • BLC
    BLC Month ago


  • Alex Salas
    Alex Salas Month ago

    Like your video, but I didn't like hearing the dude in the background. He was kind of annoying.

  • Elena
    Elena Month ago

    And again the justice system doesnt care - this time Google. Everyone is doing what they want. No fucks given. Now I understand mexicans

  • centurysword
    centurysword Month ago

    rip audio jack

  • Josh C
    Josh C Month ago +1

    I thought this was a vinilla ice video

  • Philipe Goulet
    Philipe Goulet Month ago +1

    You agree to google spying on you, they literally tell you in their privacy policy.
    Huawei dont tell you, they just spy on you.
    Yes, that difference is significant

  • Christopher Melvin
    Christopher Melvin Month ago

    So...we're going to rename Google to 'Darhel'...

  • HSS Revenir
    HSS Revenir Month ago

    "Make it easier to order laundry detergent" Because one click was really too much, thank god.

  • I'veComeForYourPickleHayato

    Me: "Ok Google, turn off the mic"
    Google: "Microphone disabled"
    Me: "Ok Google"
    Google: "I can't use voice commands when microphone is disabled"

  • João Tavares
    João Tavares Month ago +1

    Linus you triggered the google assistant on my phone.

  • Antonio Blazevic
    Antonio Blazevic Month ago

    ...great, and thats how Skynet starts.....

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama Month ago

    The Earth is flat!! Just like my balls!!!

  • Tim M
    Tim M Month ago

    Problem solved I don't own any google shit!

  • Malohdek
    Malohdek Month ago

    I can't be the only one that isn't bothered by this Google thing. What the fuck are they gonna do with my fapping noises? Sue me?

  • obotish1981
    obotish1981 Month ago +1

    Anyone else think Linus thumbnail face looks funny?

  • DoMiNaToR2465
    DoMiNaToR2465 Month ago


  • Alex Grigoriou
    Alex Grigoriou Month ago

    Greece pre digital phone landlines during 80s. You called someone you wanted to speak and parallel to your conversation you could hear another line conversation. Sometimes they could listen to you but sometimes not.....It was not such an issue back then offcourse!

  • Mitch
    Mitch Month ago

    Vega for gaming is dead long live Navi though I would like a Navi with HBM2.

  • Chrono348
    Chrono348 Month ago

    AMD Story Starts at 4:30

  • brutalhonesty07
    brutalhonesty07 Month ago +2

    I’m in the minority. But I’m going to miss Radeon VII for the value it had for compute units....

  • Alexander Howarth
    Alexander Howarth Month ago

    I will never, ever use one of those ridiculous assistant devices

  • FragileQuail
    FragileQuail Month ago

    I could care less about Google not honoring recording audio. I already disable audio recording and live in place with 2 party consent. Legally that's an opt out.

  • Carbiniz3r
    Carbiniz3r Month ago

    rip comments

  • Simeon Wulf
    Simeon Wulf Month ago

    Ahahah fuck you google

  • Renarc `
    Renarc ` Month ago


  • dllemm
    dllemm Month ago +4

    You guys need a table of contents if the intro doesn't match the topic.

  • Todd Pie
    Todd Pie Month ago

    rude but true

  • Kay Stephan
    Kay Stephan Month ago

    AMD news is at 4:30

  • A.O.D. Gaming
    A.O.D. Gaming Month ago

    "no... you've never been able to" XD

  • Josh S
    Josh S Month ago

    Now the VII owners know how it feels to own an rx 590.

  • mstfa
    mstfa Month ago

    the way he talked kinda annoyin

  • Oni Satsugai Sha
    Oni Satsugai Sha Month ago

    i headphone jack dies?!?! what the heck happened T_T i guess i'm switching brands again

  • Night Kids
    Night Kids Month ago