How to make fruity Soda Bread and homemade butter! - Nadiya's Time to Eat - BBC

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
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    Think you haven’t got time to bake - think again! Nadiya’s mouthwatering bakes can be rustled up in no time at all.
    Nadiya Hussain comes to the rescue with her time-saving kitchen tips, to make sure that everyone has more time to spend doing the things they love, with the people they love.
    Nadiya teaches us how to bake an effortless fruity soda bread with a zippy homemade butter which slashes traditional baking time in half, freeing up precious time to do the things you love with the people you love.
    Nadiya's Time to Eat | Series 1 Episode 2 | BBC
    #BBC #NadiyasTimetoEat #NadiyaHussain
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Comments • 105

  • Maryam bint James
    Maryam bint James 4 days ago

    can you use gluten free flour?

  • naznyc
    naznyc 6 days ago

    Very similar to an Irish recipe in an old cookbook 👍🏽

  • Sam Loves Pills
    Sam Loves Pills 6 days ago

    Ooohhh that looks good. It’s 12.08am and I’m hungry 😋

  • GyrlBlaque
    GyrlBlaque 8 days ago

    The only thing is missing is, TEA

  • sumaima alvi
    sumaima alvi 12 days ago

    It will be delicious

  • Brenda's Pampered Kitchen

    Can you brush it with buttermilk before baking?

  • numsidumsragitsch
    numsidumsragitsch 15 days ago

    4:57 she reminds me so much of Ncuti Gatwa here :D

  • Dark0blivion
    Dark0blivion 16 days ago +2

    Suet is not a commonly available ingredient here in Canada. Can it be replaced with butter?

    • Daniel Fritsche
      Daniel Fritsche 15 days ago +1

      I'd probably try to substitute it with lard if that's available. EDIT: or someone suggested below, margarine seems to work well too

  • ArlanTLDR
    ArlanTLDR 16 days ago +6

    You should always rinse the butter with cold water to get all the milk out, or else it will go rancid quickly.

  • Reem Seraj
    Reem Seraj 21 day ago +11

    I made this last night after kids went to bed. LOVED it! It’s so crunchy and gooey! Love you Nadiyah! Thank you so much and mabrouk on your wedding anniversary!

  • Indi Sinanov
    Indi Sinanov 23 days ago +3

    Sweet lady. Good job

  • Nicole Thijs
    Nicole Thijs 24 days ago +7

    What could you substitute the vegatable suet with? Can’t get that in Belgium

  • A KHAN
    A KHAN 24 days ago

    Could anyone tell me please, she add something vegetable, which I didn't understand that part

  • Catherine Tiernan
    Catherine Tiernan 24 days ago +33

    OMG we (the irish) have been making fruity soda bread since "forever". I'm delighted to see it being made by a cook I admire and watched on TGBBO.

  • winkle bird
    winkle bird 24 days ago +12

    What the hell is leftover double cream I- I dont...

    • naznyc
      naznyc 6 days ago +1

      winkle bird heavy cream

  • Eman S
    Eman S 24 days ago

    Can the fruit be subbed out for something more savoury? Like cheese and herbs? If so what do you recommend?

    • Eman S
      Eman S 17 days ago

      Mags Daly thanks 😊❤️

    • Mags Daly
      Mags Daly 20 days ago +1

      Cheddar and chives Emma

    • da1stamericus
      da1stamericus 24 days ago +2

      certainly. you make it your own.

  • fiddy
    fiddy 26 days ago

    i miss rachel khoo

  • Isabelle Amaya
    Isabelle Amaya 26 days ago +1

    Hello, I’ve made it with margarin instead of suet or shortcomings and it worked! Very nice bread that can easily substitute scones for tea. Delicious!

  • sjagoefta
    sjagoefta 26 days ago +15

    Rinse your butter and add a bit of salt so much better!

  • H H
    H H 27 days ago +9

    she's changed her look so much

    • H H
      H H 4 days ago +1

      @Melanie I mean more makeup and colourful clothes - which is great cos why not?

    • Melanie
      Melanie 4 days ago +1

      she looks exactly the same as when she was on bake off and loose women....

  • annie tan
    annie tan 27 days ago

    How much buttermilk to add?

    • annie tan
      annie tan 27 days ago +6

      I found her recipes:
      500g/1lb 2oz plain flour
      1 tsp salt
      2 tbsp sugar
      1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
      50g/1¾oz vegetarian suet
      100g/3½oz candied peel
      100g/3½oz currants
      1 orange, zest only
      1 lemon, zest only
      400ml/14fl oz buttermilk

  • Orion6699
    Orion6699 27 days ago

    This looks great! Will have to try it....

  • food
    food 27 days ago +3

    i wish that i could eat her food😍😍👏👏👏👏keep going my sis

  • Ra'ed Al-Homoud
    Ra'ed Al-Homoud 27 days ago

    How to get the receipe

  • Joe Bloggs.
    Joe Bloggs. 28 days ago +7

    My favourite TV cook/baker today. Love watching her and her recipes are always different and easy to do at home.

  • Barbara Spidle
    Barbara Spidle 28 days ago +2

    That butter could last a month for me but I don't bake as much as Nadiya!

  • Macnutz420
    Macnutz420 28 days ago +6

    Oh I must do this. The end product is beautiful. I do a couple of variations on the theme of soda breads. This will thrill the wifely one.

  • Anna Goodwin
    Anna Goodwin 28 days ago

    please give recipes on line please

    • annie tan
      annie tan 27 days ago +4

      500g/1lb 2oz plain flour
      1 tsp salt
      2 tbsp sugar
      1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
      50g/1¾oz vegetarian suet
      100g/3½oz candied peel
      100g/3½oz currants
      1 orange, zest only
      1 lemon, zest only
      400ml/14fl oz buttermilk

  • Cloverbows95 S
    Cloverbows95 S 28 days ago +1

    🤤 That loooks soooooo gooood

  • Harto FVG
    Harto FVG 28 days ago +1

    ohhh so thats what they mean when they say ''baking soda''. Mmm nice, blup.

  • Camijo Gault-Keller
    Camijo Gault-Keller 28 days ago +3

    Love this brit girl!!!!

  • jacob aboytes
    jacob aboytes 28 days ago

    Spotted DICK

  • greenknitter
    greenknitter 28 days ago +6

    Her hack is using buttermilk? Uh no, that's the traditional ingredient to use in soda bread which has long been a traditional bread here in Ireland (and Scotland). Wish she could have been honest and not claimed it as her "hack" 😬
    Her fruit soda does looks lovely though.

    • Tamara Spink
      Tamara Spink 24 days ago

      greenknitter Yawn...

    • greenknitter
      greenknitter 25 days ago

      @Tamara Spink I was trying to give a detailed response to you, that's all. And trust me I'm calm. Sitting here at home drinking a nice glass of wine. :)
      And I rather think it's up to me to decide what is an "assault on my culture". If you disagree fine. Feel free to move on and ignore from here on out if I upset you. Have a nice afternoon.

    • Tamara Spink
      Tamara Spink 25 days ago

      Laura Williams As above. I cannot get it at all locally!

    • Tamara Spink
      Tamara Spink 25 days ago

      Laura Williams I only have a Morrisons which do not stock it locally, so I have only seen it once, ever, in Waitrose where I can’t afford to shop. I take an elderly lady to shop there sometimes. I can’t afford to bake to be honest! Last time I wanted to make a cake, the butter alone was £1.60! Plus sugar and flour and eggs. It’s a luxury pastime for most people. I will leave it to the bakers and enjoy their efforts. I love Bake Off and adore Nadia!

    • Tamara Spink
      Tamara Spink 25 days ago

      greenknitter Christ, you really care about soda bread doncha. Ffs. I’ve never seen buttermilk, as i don’t go to those supermarkets, but then I never make soda bread. Nor would I think to, so her hack is helpful. Calm down, it’s a recipe, not an assault on your culture.

  • Roger Worsley
    Roger Worsley 29 days ago +2

    I hope no-one suggedted renaming the bread Spotted Richard!

    • Laura Williams
      Laura Williams 28 days ago +1

      My brothers name is Richard & when he was younger our eldest brother used to call him ‘tricky dicky’ just to wind him up, so your comment gave me a chuckle!
      (He’s also be horrified I just revealed that haha!)

  • Putri Joyce Irawati
    Putri Joyce Irawati 29 days ago +2

    Isn't this just a giant scone though? Not that I'm complaining just to be clear.

  • Adrien Biosse Duplan
    Adrien Biosse Duplan 29 days ago


  • Nanny Turtle
    Nanny Turtle 29 days ago +5

    Yummmm! Looks good. But I'd probably be the only person in my house to eat it, as the rest of my family does not like fruits cooked in bread. More for me. 😋

  • justgjt
    justgjt 29 days ago +3

    Damn it . . . . I have had my supper and now I am HUNGRY ! 😆

  • MaiFlower
    MaiFlower 29 days ago +2

    Vegetable suet? What is that? Can we get that in the US? Double cream? What is it heavy cream?

    • The Dusky Dawn
      The Dusky Dawn 22 days ago

      is margarine veg suet?

    • Khadeeja Ahsan
      Khadeeja Ahsan 28 days ago +2

      MaiFlower I‘m pretty sure vegetable suet is Crisco vegetable shortening. Double cream is the UK term for heavy cream *but* double cream has a higher fat content (48% vs 36% in heavy cream).

    • Isabelle Amaya
      Isabelle Amaya 28 days ago +4

      Hello, this is what I’ve found on the net: « Vegetarians and vegans do not use animal lard, although solidified vegetable fats are fairly widely available, and can be used as a direct replacement for lard in pastries etc. Vegetable suet (suitable for vegetarians and vegans) is also available as a direct replacement for beef suet. They say if you try to substitute butter for beef suet, during cooking that butter will melt before the pudding has a chance to set. ... To remedy that, King Arthur Flour says vegetable suet with its similar melting point is the best substitute, but using it will change the flavour and character of the pudding. » So, from what I understand, it is some kind of vegetable fat. However, I would not replace it with double or heavy cream because there is already a dairy ingredient in the recipe which is buttermilk. So maybe it could work with margarin. Let’s have a try !!!!

    • zapzyify
      zapzyify 29 days ago +1

      Not sure about the vegetable suet, but double cream is pretty much heavy cream :)

  • Ruudiluca
    Ruudiluca 29 days ago +17

    Okay, I'm impressed by these recipes

  • Laura Williams
    Laura Williams 29 days ago +126

    I love Nadiya. I’m still so pleased she done well after the great British bake off, she deserves every bit of success. Love this recipe too! Haven’t had soda bread in years.. now fancy some.
    Clever idea with cream too, I’m not sure why I never thought of that!

    • joan rainey
      joan rainey 27 days ago +3

      Laura Williams wow Nadia. Irish soda bread. Well done. Irish existed and thrived on this when Queen Victoria took all the crops,sent soldiers to put holes in little boats,destroying fishing and helped to starve the Irish Race. Bless you. If you cant get buttermilk, sour milk with lemon.

  • Hoho
    Hoho 29 days ago +4


  • Doreen Stegmann
    Doreen Stegmann 29 days ago +37

    Love this lady and her recipes ❤️❤️

  • Dee Ferry
    Dee Ferry 29 days ago +10

    I wonder how this would turn out with Gluten free flour. Looks fabulous

    • Laura Williams
      Laura Williams 25 days ago

      Tamara Spink How am I digging exactly? I’ll speak as I please.

    • Tamara Spink
      Tamara Spink 25 days ago

      Laura Williams Stop digging Laura...

    • Laura Williams
      Laura Williams 28 days ago

      jake mc Why? Because I dislike gluten free products myself? Why would I lose credibility because of my opinion on the taste of products? That has absolutely nothing to do with scientific facts. Gluten free to me is heavy, stodgy, & completely unenjoyable. I know this because I was asked to go GF for a week to see if I noticed any changes in my digestive issues & had numerous blood tests to see if I was coeliac like my Aunt.
      Don’t back track now on what you’ve clearly stated in your own comment, in your own words. What I said was apparently ‘BS’ & that Gluten isn’t good for you, correct?! Still stand by that statement do you?

    • jake mc
      jake mc 28 days ago +1

      @Laura WilliamsYour first comment was "Inedible. Ick!" I think you lost all credibility speaking about gluten-free products after that one.

    • Laura Williams
      Laura Williams 28 days ago

      beomgguks Did I state she wasn’t then ? Lol. Wah. Edgy kid using the word triggered because they can’t have an intelligent conversation.
      Is this not a public forum? Am I not free to speak about something? Lol. Odd individual.

  • Volker und Wally mit Freunden


  • travel er
    travel er 29 days ago +1

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