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  • Published on Dec 13, 2011
    Silent night, holy night
    All is calm, all is bright
    Round yon Virgin Mother and Child
    Holy Infant so tender and mild
    Sleep in heavenly peace
    Sleep in heavenly peace
    Silent night, holy night!
    Shepherds quake at the sight
    Glories stream from heaven afar
    Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia!
    Christ, the Saviour is born
    Christ, the Saviour is born
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Comments • 955

  • Jeremy John
    Jeremy John 5 months ago

    Try signing the solo part from “O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion”

  • EricaYE6
    EricaYE6 Year ago

    This Christmas classic always makes me feel a little sleepy and I love it. 🙏🏽😴🌜

  • Shywarlikegirl
    Shywarlikegirl 2 years ago +1

    This is a version they would play on the sad christmas things and make you cry. You are amazing Tay!

  • Geminia
    Geminia 2 years ago

    jeez that voice...I just want to close my eyes and just listen...

  • -Yoltzcore-
    -Yoltzcore- 2 years ago

    Can u do a harmony and sing it in German too. XD

  • Top World
    Top World 3 years ago +1

    never in my life i heard a heavy voice like this

    LIL PUMP 3 years ago

    Great work u should do more Christmas songs

  • Neptoons
    Neptoons 3 years ago +1

    😮 I cant sing if I depended on it.

  • Jason Hogan
    Jason Hogan 3 years ago

    I read night and though it was going to be "fly by night"

  • LuceVorlyke
    LuceVorlyke 3 years ago +1

    do some Frank Sinatra

    • EricaYE6
      EricaYE6 Month ago

      Yes! "Luck Be a Lady". I would love to hear Tay sing that.

  • Jake GuziVert
    Jake GuziVert 4 years ago +1

    Make a Christmas album!

  • lonewolfette
    lonewolfette 4 years ago

    Christmas album, please!!

  • Lowres Milhouse
    Lowres Milhouse 4 years ago +2

    This is beautiful

  • KidOnTheNet
    KidOnTheNet 4 years ago +10

    I want Tay to release a Christmas album.

    • Silas Larcher
      Silas Larcher 4 years ago +1

      @KittyOnTheNet CHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • imbored666
      imbored666 4 years ago +2

      @KittyOnTheNet i agree, he has a great voice for Christmas carols.

  • D’meach da peach
    D’meach da peach 4 years ago +2

    do you have a christmas album out

  • Caolan Fitzsimons
    Caolan Fitzsimons 4 years ago +7

    This song was made for your voice

  • Paige Brockett
    Paige Brockett 5 years ago +1


  • Brilchan
    Brilchan 5 years ago

    yes it can deferentially

  • policewannabe
    policewannabe 5 years ago

    bad boys

  • Jetplane123
    Jetplane123 5 years ago +5

    Why isn't this guy in Hollywood?

    • Matt Kosyk
      Matt Kosyk 3 years ago +1

      +Jetplane123 please dont make him come back to canada

    • Jetplane123
      Jetplane123 4 years ago

      Good point, the last thing we need is another JB. Can we please deport him? Sign this

    • Dr Ukato
      Dr Ukato 4 years ago +2

      Maybe that's for the best... Just think about what Hollywood did to Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus... They went from cute child actors to stupid Musicians who gets all the pre-teens to... Whatever they're now...

    • William Brown
      William Brown 5 years ago


  • TGGoldenWarrior
    TGGoldenWarrior 5 years ago

    Why don't u do bigger things then you tube

  • Rene Sieracki
    Rene Sieracki 5 years ago

    So talented!

  • Pegasus ?
    Pegasus ? 5 years ago +11

    Now that's what I call talent ;')

  • J Dutra
    J Dutra 5 years ago +2

    we love your music.

  • A Vega
    A Vega 5 years ago +2

    Reminds me of Gus from Breaking Bad.

  • MusicIsSoMuchFun Piano
    MusicIsSoMuchFun Piano 5 years ago +4

    Yes! The bass voice I think is perfect to be published to the world! It's a talent many don't have! I also sing bass

  • rahsaun77
    rahsaun77 5 years ago +5

    I was hoping Tay was gonna hit that LOW note like the brotha from the Temptations "Silent Night".

  • Andres Chacon
    Andres Chacon 5 years ago

    Holy moly gaucamole he is good sorry for my spelling

  • gnbman
    gnbman 5 years ago +1

    Also, I believe people like you and Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. could bring bass crooning back.

  • gnbman
    gnbman 5 years ago

    It's amazing how you hit those notes with hardly any strain showing on your face. Is it...EASY for you to sing these songs?!

  • Chris Willis
    Chris Willis 5 years ago

    why are you not a famous millionaire?

    • Robert Goodbread
      Robert Goodbread 4 years ago

      Famous, check.
      He's been paid to appear on songs and has been sponsored for money, check..

  • Tabby W.
    Tabby W. 5 years ago +1

    Beautiful lullaby

  • TheVarkol
    TheVarkol 5 years ago

    looks more like a bird trying to escape

  • DaryxFox
    DaryxFox 5 years ago

    Aw, isn't that cute? The little troll trying soo hard...

  • Laury2Seas
    Laury2Seas 5 years ago

    Thank you for singing this song. This song was always special to me. Even if it's not Christmas.

  • Apprehended Potato
    Apprehended Potato 5 years ago


  • Dovah Spy
    Dovah Spy 5 years ago

    wrong, it is the song for the birth of our lord and savior Tay Zonday

  • th5241
    th5241 5 years ago

    Chuck Norris listens to this to fall asleep.

  • Jonny Two Cakes
    Jonny Two Cakes 5 years ago

    try out? you mean win... If he joined it would be exciting to get second... The competition factor would just be taken out.

  • ~[Ματ2468χκ]
    ~[Ματ2468χκ] 5 years ago

    Woah, so calm and awesome!

  • nanoday1
    nanoday1 5 years ago

    Silent night, holy night, some stay dry, others feel the pain.

  • Aequaliter
    Aequaliter 5 years ago

    If you are talking about something like religion, please use some good grammar instead of replacing "for" with"4.

  • Tori Vesey
    Tori Vesey 5 years ago

    my favorit song you did great

  • Kendra Robinson
    Kendra Robinson 5 years ago

    Can you be At my funeral when I die

  • tmntgirl4evz
    tmntgirl4evz 5 years ago

    You have an awesome voice. You should try out for american idol or something. You are just amazing.

  • nicholus herrera
    nicholus herrera 5 years ago

    Sorry but have you ever tried to join choir or had classes sorry if o sound rude but you can really mess up your vocal cord not singing correctly. Just trying to help

  • Magna Defender Story Arc Made Me Cry

    I swear I had an orgasm the first time he said silent.

  • mehdi G.
    mehdi G. 5 years ago

    too late im crying

  • EMROXRealm
    EMROXRealm 5 years ago

    Voice of an angel o-o

  • hdog679
    hdog679 5 years ago

    It doesn't look easy for you to sing so high, but you did great :D

  • Nautical Soap
    Nautical Soap 5 years ago

    thanks buddy :D
    that was great

  • Tom Fjeld
    Tom Fjeld 5 years ago

    Like if u where yawning for at least 30 seconds of him singing this

  • Aero7 Glass
    Aero7 Glass 5 years ago

    he is so great

  • MrRoboman137
    MrRoboman137 5 years ago

    i love silent night

  • Andy Swetts
    Andy Swetts 6 years ago

    sing beauty and the beast's "be our guests"

  • Andy Swetts
    Andy Swetts 6 years ago

    i had to walk away so i could pull my self together

  • Orlando Gonzalez
    Orlando Gonzalez 6 years ago

    He kind of looked high the hole vid

  • Nathan Muckart
    Nathan Muckart 6 years ago

    i love how homeless man with a golden voice is a related video to this

  • GirlsGenerationFan45
    GirlsGenerationFan45 6 years ago

    Wow, I've never heard a singer this good!

  • Mattisalemon
    Mattisalemon 6 years ago

    your too good

  • Ludwig  Van Beethoven
    Ludwig Van Beethoven 6 years ago


  • Mr. Watts
    Mr. Watts 6 years ago

    I didn't know you could vibrato low notes

  • royce12ful
    royce12ful 6 years ago


  • Patrick Myers
    Patrick Myers 6 years ago

    damn this dude is awesome. I didnt know people with deep voices could sing this.

  • satan163
    satan163 6 years ago

    your welcome for the wonderful support, and its nighttime here so I'll just have a wonderful night instead

  • satan163
    satan163 6 years ago

    he looks dozy

  • Christian Anderson
    Christian Anderson 6 years ago

    yeaaaaa I got top comment for once

  • TmkelshII
    TmkelshII 6 years ago

    me too

  • NeverDiesEver
    NeverDiesEver 6 years ago

    Have this dude sing at my funeral.

  • GirlsGenerationFan45
    GirlsGenerationFan45 6 years ago

    Lots of people said he had the voice of God, but to their opinion it is, but I think he sings lake a male angel ;)

  • GirlsGenerationFan45
    GirlsGenerationFan45 6 years ago

    He's 30, he's an adult.

  • james snow
    james snow 6 years ago

    so becasue hes white he cant have a deep voice??

  • james snow
    james snow 6 years ago

    i started to fall asleep casue the way he sings it is so peace ful then i started to cry casue...its just so beutiful D:

  • SerDrinksAlot/Acana Garrow

    Sing Hallelujah!

  • Kevin Meisenbacher
    Kevin Meisenbacher 6 years ago

    Yes, we know there are grammar Nazis on the Internet. Grammar Nazis are everywhere.

  • Kevin Meisenbacher
    Kevin Meisenbacher 6 years ago

    My brother's friend sounds like Tay and he's a whitie!

  • Christian Menge
    Christian Menge 6 years ago

    yes u r a great singer!!!

  • HydroHead5
    HydroHead5 6 years ago

    Man ! Are you Okay ?

  • Nathan Johnston
    Nathan Johnston 6 years ago

    Go for Americans got talent and you'll WIN

  • Marcel Vos
    Marcel Vos 6 years ago

    you should do this more often

  • stlbeast74
    stlbeast74 6 years ago

    ah I feel asleep..woke up and feel asleep again..

  • Catspan
    Catspan 6 years ago

    Very gooood

  • AlienGhost365
    AlienGhost365 6 years ago

    this is awesome

  • Markalec Ebbesen
    Markalec Ebbesen 6 years ago


  • DaryxFox
    DaryxFox 6 years ago

    You don't say?

  • LiamGrahamCracker
    LiamGrahamCracker 6 years ago

    Grammar Nazi

  • DaryxFox
    DaryxFox 6 years ago


  • naga90210
    naga90210 6 years ago

    his voice sends me to heavenly peace

  • AbyssalDistortion
    AbyssalDistortion 6 years ago

    i already am crying

  • jay ultica
    jay ultica 6 years ago

    if your christian

  • BroworksVT
    BroworksVT 6 years ago

    This revives the dead

  • MrNintoku
    MrNintoku 6 years ago

    Its my bedtime song. Didn't know it was that song.

  • kashaan jackson
    kashaan jackson 6 years ago

    this is the song 4 the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

  • MrVilou
    MrVilou 6 years ago

    You should consider to do audiobooks for christmas or sing classics like the christmas songs by the Rat pack, i really think it would be a smashy hit and a way to use your "gift". :)

  • Kevin Ferguson
    Kevin Ferguson 6 years ago

    147 People hate Jesus

  • ALPHAR42
    ALPHAR42 6 years ago

    It is clear that this song is awesome, but doesn't it look like he's going to fall asleep?

  • orksmasha134
    orksmasha134 6 years ago

    Or in other words. This shit is awesome!

  • Creepo
    Creepo 6 years ago

    I watched his Adam's Apple the entire time...

  • GudMast3r 13
    GudMast3r 13 6 years ago

    This ugly disgrace of a person just ruined the beautiful comment section. Fkin disgrace of the human race.

  • DKKiller581
    DKKiller581 6 years ago

    A voice? He is a Angel.