Doing Drugs | The Inbetweeners

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Jay somehow manages to get some weed so they smoke it out back by some bins.
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    The Inbetweeners is a British coming-of-age sitcom television series, which originally aired on E4 from 2008-2010, that was created and written by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris. The series follows the misadventures of suburban teenager Will MacKenzie (Simon Bird) and his friends Simon Cooper (Joe Thomas), Neil Sutherland (Blake Harrison) and Jay Cartwright (James Buckley).
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  • Reddit Limitless
    Reddit Limitless 2 days ago

    Surprised they did d-r-u-g-s and not p-g-t-i-p-s

  • lil Jimmy
    lil Jimmy 5 days ago

    Bloody hell age restricted
    I’m only 4

  • Shannon Gibbons
    Shannon Gibbons 7 days ago

    In a way I’m glad they only did 3 seasons of this show and left you wanting more, it’s become a cult classic.

  • saberx
    saberx 8 days ago

    lol fucking amateurs

  • Bob Mob
    Bob Mob 8 days ago

    My man Jay is so gassed

  • harry parker
    harry parker 8 days ago

    "I smoked one the size of a parsnip before you latecomers" hahaha

    JEZZA YT 9 days ago +1

    A foul doobie ahah

  • Matthew Snook
    Matthew Snook 11 days ago


  • Jesus in a Suit
    Jesus in a Suit 11 days ago

    Jays nod when Simon says, 'It gets your cheeks stoned,' always cracks me up. 😂

  • TJFF ITs
    TJFF ITs 13 days ago

    Thats exactly what your first time isnt like...

  • Chaperz
    Chaperz 13 days ago

    Ha how rich white brits smoke up for the 1st time lool btw im brit dont h8 m8

    • Obama Prism
      Obama Prism 11 days ago

      @Chaperz names a joke mate

    • Chaperz
      Chaperz 11 days ago

      @Obama Prism go play roblox loool

    • Chaperz
      Chaperz 11 days ago

      @Obama Prism syd pussyoloso

    • Obama Prism
      Obama Prism 11 days ago

      @Chaperz still middle class

    • Chaperz
      Chaperz 11 days ago

      @Obama Prism i mean btw they act lul

  • Craig O'Meara
    Craig O'Meara 14 days ago

    Nah your alright hosey

  • ssian5678
    ssian5678 15 days ago

    2:42 Will has a rare moment of outspoken clarity r.e. his angst about his social life and the way his friends treat him, there. Too bad he forgets it a few seconds later.

  • Adam
    Adam 15 days ago

    “Oh yeah, hanging out by some bins near a skip, in the cold doing drugs oh it’s very cool, very cool indeed!”
    Will is definitely my favourite character 😂

  • Jake lsdk
    Jake lsdk 16 days ago +1

    i was laughing at this scene till it brought back some really bittersweet memories... Moving away for university is a fun thing but losing your best friends in the process is definitely not.

  • Chilled Out
    Chilled Out 16 days ago +1

    Didn’t even get a lot for £30

  • Natasha Reynolds
    Natasha Reynolds 20 days ago

    I love you Jay Natasha love you I love you too

  • Will King
    Will King 20 days ago

    "nah your alright hosè" 😂😂

  • Natasha Reynolds
    Natasha Reynolds 21 day ago


  • Natasha Reynolds
    Natasha Reynolds 21 day ago


  • Natasha Reynolds
    Natasha Reynolds 22 days ago


  • Natasha Reynolds
    Natasha Reynolds 22 days ago


  • Imnackered Sirnackered

    Pub pints go for 8-10 dollars in australia. leaving that around would be stolen in a heart beat.

  • Natasha Reynolds
    Natasha Reynolds 23 days ago

    happy Halloween

  • MouldyBolog Bolog
    MouldyBolog Bolog 24 days ago

    got to laugh at Wills humour...…...

  • Simon Cooper
    Simon Cooper 24 days ago +4

    "maybe jay should go first because he sorted it, it's only fair"

  • dietisgreat
    dietisgreat 25 days ago

    Will is a PRICK

  • max
    max 26 days ago

    Is this show on cable in the U.K.? Glad I found it on Netflix here in the states

  • Dinesh Siwakoti
    Dinesh Siwakoti 26 days ago

    Start uploading clips from the movies too

  • Hannah Jackson
    Hannah Jackson 27 days ago +1

    Fuck half

  • HxyRL
    HxyRL 27 days ago +3

    Smokin’ A Fat Old Doobie

  • Brown Paperbag
    Brown Paperbag 27 days ago +1

    She dragged him for not inhnaling then goes ahead and doesnt inhle either, what a bitch

  • Lucy Spenceley
    Lucy Spenceley 28 days ago

    So's doing bombs in the swimming pool but i do that beacuse its fun yeh(Technically its not illegal)

  • MR ACTIVE Geary
    MR ACTIVE Geary 28 days ago

    When you having more episodes out

  • Smoky 1001
    Smoky 1001 28 days ago

    "how are your cheeks, have they got the munchies?"

  • HxyRL
    HxyRL 28 days ago +1

    Most Underrated Bit

    *”Have Your Cheeks Got The Munchies?”*

  • ItZz JoK3rZz
    ItZz JoK3rZz 29 days ago +1

    “Gets your cheeks nice and stoned” im dead 💀

  • K skate
    K skate 29 days ago

    Hanging out by some bins near a skip in the cold

  • Adgey uk
    Adgey uk Month ago

    Smoking a fat old

    SYNC KIRKY Month ago

    Is it just me who knows it’s a roll up

  • Rev LMP
    Rev LMP Month ago

    Why was this posted now lol

  • Jake Thompson
    Jake Thompson Month ago

    nahhhhhh jay trying to smoke😂😂😂💀

  • Mark Barreto
    Mark Barreto Month ago +4

    2:20 Will rapping tho😂

  • Owen Evans
    Owen Evans Month ago

    Smoking a fat old doobie

  • diablobarcelona
    diablobarcelona Month ago

    When the #!*K will we be able to get hold of 1080p Blu-ray discs of S1-S3 ? I see these clips are Full HD....

  • The Man In The Van
    The Man In The Van Month ago

    Ooh thats some GOOD weed!

  • Jake Doig
    Jake Doig Month ago


  • Angus Jones
    Angus Jones Month ago

    Simon and Tara only had 2 hits of that zoot before they went into the gig. Kind of defeats the point haha.

  • Owais Islam
    Owais Islam Month ago

    When I say I’m gonna deliver I fucking deliver

  • Jubair Ahmed
    Jubair Ahmed Month ago +5

    Man I was smiling like a gimp throughout the whole vid and that’s when you know that’s comedy gold

  • Jubair Ahmed
    Jubair Ahmed Month ago +1

    I’ll have a go your way ahahhahahahaha

  • Jubair Ahmed
    Jubair Ahmed Month ago +1

    No cause you fuckedddd Kate Moss hahahahaha

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago

    *"Are you the guy who shit himself in the exam?"*
    What a way to introduce someone

  • luitenant colonel Ngolo kante

    Smoked one the size of a parsnip waiting for you latecomers 😂😂😂

  • A. Frosty
    A. Frosty Month ago

    UH - ʸᵉᵃʰ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ᶦˢ ᵍᵒᵒᵈ ʷᵉᵉᵈ

  • Caoimhín Ó Caoimh

    1:46 can't stop laughing at Will's angry disbelief face

  • Lewis R
    Lewis R Month ago

    Gets your cheeks stoned

  • Foxtale Robin
    Foxtale Robin Month ago +1

    I'm surprised Neil somehow didn't die from making homemade acid lol

    • Amy Lovelock
      Amy Lovelock Month ago

      My made did similar, threw up at a house party and became unconscious. We had to call an ambulance and he was in hospital for 3 days , almost died .
      So yeah , I was surprised too 😂

  • Anthony O' Sullivan

    "How do your cheeks feel, they have the munchies do they?" Classic 🤣

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain Month ago +1

    I will have some weed on toast please