Mouse Comparison! Model O vs Finalmouse Ninja Air58

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • Let's compare the $50 Glorious Model O to the Finalmouse Ninja Air58 mouse to see which is better for you!
    • Model O:
    • Air58:
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Comments • 2 039

  • Ping Xhuliano
    Ping Xhuliano Day ago


  • Mighty
    Mighty Day ago +1

    I love the amazing quality he makes his vids at

  • Kricitix
    Kricitix Day ago

    Bought 2 model os they both broken on me within 2 months not even a 1 start -1O star lol

  • Parham Glst
    Parham Glst 3 days ago

    I love your reviews

  • Hizi Here
    Hizi Here 3 days ago

    Perfect comparison

  • Ruby Cat
    Ruby Cat 4 days ago

    (Since there is a model o smaller version of the mouse it is kinda better i am watch review after view i just ordered myself a model o since like a week ago a review of it came in my recommended and then i was amazed... even doe i wasent look ing for a new mouse i got one and i love light weight mouse but they are so expensize i couldent get one atleast i finally have one!)

  • mambo
    mambo 5 days ago

    Glorious has a One 2-Mini killer also the GMMK Compact

  • Voxelity
    Voxelity 7 days ago

    it sucks that the Glorious Model O is 100$ in my country :/

  • Zac
    Zac 8 days ago

    The model O is complete dogshit

  • Prod.Scopez
    Prod.Scopez 8 days ago +1

    Bought that model o Black Friday bundle. Easily the Best Buy for any gamer.

  • Zealous Pumpkin
    Zealous Pumpkin 9 days ago

    The Glorious Model O is like AMD who came out of nowhere and is beating Intel(Finalmouse) with great price to performance ratio products, The Finalmouse is like Intel, Overpriced as f for features the model O offers for a much lower price.

  • outofthisworld
    outofthisworld 9 days ago +4

    "rgb is not necessary"
    Linus tech tips: I see you have chosen death

  • gohk _
    gohk _ 9 days ago

    He look like flea🔴🔴

  • Will Brubaker
    Will Brubaker 9 days ago +1

    Finale mouse is better think about it how many pros use model o but so many use finale mouse

  • Fran Tesla
    Fran Tesla 10 days ago

    400$ for a mouse, are you serious??

  • Pixel Paranoid
    Pixel Paranoid 10 days ago

    Video in a nutshell (Idc if its november)
    Final mouse are a buch of cheats. Glorious is glorious

  • My wifes son
    My wifes son 10 days ago

    Light weight mouses are for pussys

  • Tate Tally
    Tate Tally 11 days ago +1

    I like the air 58 because it’s a perfect match with my keyboard

  • Ixion agredi
    Ixion agredi 11 days ago +1

    Who the heck makes 500mhz poling rate mouse these days i think final mouse is done.

  • TGGames
    TGGames 12 days ago


  • Mike Greenberg
    Mike Greenberg 12 days ago

    with the glorious model o I ordered of of amazon over heated and almost blew up, I returned it got a new one and the same thing happened would not recomend

  • ZNX_ Special
    ZNX_ Special 12 days ago +1

    Well in the UAE glorious doesn't ship to that country... 😩

    • Zealous Pumpkin
      Zealous Pumpkin 9 days ago

      I live in the caribbean and will be ordering the product through BMCargo which is a courier company, Im sure you can also get the mouse through a courier company in the united arab emirates. :)

  • Hale Prophecy
    Hale Prophecy 12 days ago +1

    Honestly the model o sounds better.
    Still gonna stick with my g402 tho, atleast till my birthday.

    • Hale Prophecy
      Hale Prophecy 8 days ago

      Yeah I like the g402, it's nice and light, I play low sense so I love to fling my mouse across my desk so a light weight mouse is good, if I do get the model o I will be happy.

    • Zealous Pumpkin
      Zealous Pumpkin 9 days ago

      Agreed, I hope you enjoy the G402 for the time being, I purchased the G403 hero from amazon , 87g , the mouse is tall AF and kind of awkward for fingertip grip which I use to play fortnite, I am strongly thinking of refunding this Mouse and getting the Model O ( normal 68g) since I have medium-large hands.

  • Mr. Fluffy
    Mr. Fluffy 13 days ago +1

    Compare model o- and the finalmouse Cape Town

    • Zealous Pumpkin
      Zealous Pumpkin 9 days ago

      Model O- = Great , Great Price , great weight, Finalmouse Cape Town = Great , Expensive AF , Great Weight .

  • Cheesyboi68
    Cheesyboi68 13 days ago

    what’s up guys it’s rayundum frank peen

  • Noah Levine
    Noah Levine 15 days ago

    which one should i get i don’t care about the money

    • Perry
      Perry 14 days ago

      glorious model o

  • FizzyPop_008
    FizzyPop_008 16 days ago +5

    I showed the air58 to my sister who has tripaphobia

    Yeah you can guess what happened next

    • Kram
      Kram 16 days ago


  • Lucky
    Lucky 17 days ago +1

    Personally am a fan of Finalmice, but i still recommend model O over being a clown and spending 400 dollars on a mouse that isn't as satisfying as it seems

  • Roar Carstens
    Roar Carstens 17 days ago

    Compare the model O to the Finalmouse Cape Town 2, then plox! 😆

  • Ron Z
    Ron Z 19 days ago

    "both light weight gaming mouses ON the market" , final mouse is on the market?

  • Matthew Laughlin
    Matthew Laughlin 20 days ago

    Hey Frank P, I have built my whole PC setup because of your videos and reviews. I trust you completely with how in-depth you get with the features and all the other factors to weigh in when spending your money. I cannot thank you enough for your honest opinions on all of the products you have shown on your videos, I saw an air58 ninja on amazon for as much as $375 this morning and immediately saw your review and clicked that instead. Thank goodness...I feel like what you shared and your "rant" (totally justified) sums up exactly what I would feel too. Keep doing you man, great stuff.

  • mario
    mario 20 days ago

    I really really really want the cherry blossom blue

  • Momentum
    Momentum 20 days ago

    Air58 has a better shape but Model O has RGB and more stuff :0

  • Ahmed Gangrakar
    Ahmed Gangrakar 21 day ago

    The model o is better by far your welcome

  • Karel Petýrek
    Karel Petýrek 21 day ago +1

    like pls

  • Kid Kudi
    Kid Kudi 23 days ago

    For me I had to pay 160$ for glorious cuz on their website it’s 59 and the delivery and shit and it costed 160 st the end

  • Co Zo
    Co Zo 23 days ago

    The glorious does NOT feel wireless

  • ッSytro
    ッSytro 23 days ago

    It’s honestly the shape that makes me wanna get the finalmouse but nothing else

  • Francisco Ramirez
    Francisco Ramirez 23 days ago

    the model o has a titan sign on the left

  • Francisco Ramirez
    Francisco Ramirez 23 days ago

    they are both the same thing except one glows up and the other does not plus the are different colors blue,red,black,white

  • UnTitled
    UnTitled 23 days ago

    Can you please do a review on the cooler master mm711

  • snowyy_lul
    snowyy_lul 26 days ago

    Final mouse has way better side buttons

  • JeekZy
    JeekZy 27 days ago

    model o is better PERIOD

  • Sebastian Hiller Zafra

    Model o price is less than its weight

  • Soul
    Soul Month ago

    thanks for the help

  • VicVictory Meepers
    VicVictory Meepers Month ago

    Lmao I thought finalmouse’s twitter was hacked when they were saying all that childish shit, either way I still love my air 58 and got it before they sold out


    So you dont clean your mouse pad and you by limited mice to just sell them for profit, Douche.

  • William C
    William C Month ago

    He talks about how people are scalping, and then admits to scalping himself. Lol dickhead

  • Joku
    Joku Month ago

    My model came in 3 days

  • YoShaDey
    YoShaDey Month ago

    Is it good even if I ordered it on amazon

  • Tech Walad
    Tech Walad Month ago +1

    I would buy the finalmouse but it’s to expensive.

    • Tyrone Pomdale
      Tyrone Pomdale 28 days ago +1

      Tech Walad I think he’s taking about every loser that plays fortnite 12 hours a day

    • Tech Walad
      Tech Walad Month ago +1

      w00tkid does it look like I stream Fortnite

    • w00tkid
      w00tkid Month ago

      I would buy the finalmouse, but I'm not a 12 year old fortnite streamer.

  • GG Games
    GG Games Month ago

    bruh the air58 is suuper overprice dlike honestly 350+ dollars for a dang mouse that looks like garbage like cmon bro

  • north potato [GrapeTDM1]

    Im getting the model O for mc pvp double butterfly

  • Thomas Kongsted
    Thomas Kongsted Month ago

    they are the same cause they are both made in china

  • Justin Z.
    Justin Z. Month ago +1

    Model O

  • Swyansu Adhikari
    Swyansu Adhikari Month ago

    I already have the cbr air 58

  • NotoriousEvil
    NotoriousEvil Month ago

    Should I buy the model o- even though the cable always breaks? Idk how to paracord so I need help making a decision.

  • Li'l B Chemacalnomacal

    I have tryophobia but the mouses don’t do anything to me

  • ClassicA1expert
    ClassicA1expert Month ago +1

    Fantastic video

  • bleuZK
    bleuZK Month ago +1

    Air58 is a better mouse, model o is the better deal, by far.