Mouse Comparison! Model O vs Finalmouse Ninja Air58

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • Let's compare the $50 Glorious Model O to the Finalmouse Ninja Air58 mouse to see which is better for you!
    • Model O:
    • Air58:
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Comments • 1 862

  • n
    n Day ago

    i didnt know that the polling rate in the air58 is half that in the model o, the model o is simply better

  • che_eggs
    che_eggs 2 days ago


  • Vlad Mesesan
    Vlad Mesesan 2 days ago +1

    So yes.the model o is better

  • mambuu
    mambuu 2 days ago

    7:51 that siren in the music just had me a heart attack bruh

  • YT Uncensored gaming

    Finalmouse is a shit company I'll definitely be get the model o

  • Agility
    Agility 2 days ago

    i watched the video but forgot everything..
    what is better the finalmouse or model O?
    and why
    someone plz tell me why

  • Submersed24
    Submersed24 3 days ago

    not gunna lie I bought the fm from someone for 140. I'm not even mad about it because it's actually an amazingly light mouse and looks amazing. I do wish there were other people selling ultralight mouses, but design wise, it matches my setup perfectly.

    DELES 3 days ago

    Ah now i see why it is Called "Glorious"

  • Infinity Gaming
    Infinity Gaming 4 days ago

    I have the two mouses and the air 58 feels way better than the model o just saying

  • [ King ]
    [ King ] 8 days ago

    I prefer model o because it is very similar and its cheaper

  • OCT Careless
    OCT Careless 8 days ago +1

    You should've compared it to the ultralight phantom cause they're the same weight

  • Bayrock
    Bayrock 9 days ago

    Glad I decided to watch this before buying a used air58 for twice the price. I placed my Model O order today.

  • Smacked!
    Smacked! 10 days ago

    Final mouse GARBAGE.

    ZIPPER 10 days ago

    just bought my model 0. Im currently running a nixeus revel.

  • PHYLOgg
    PHYLOgg 11 days ago

    The Model O is the better buy. That price premium of the Finalmouse does not justify any benefits it offers...

  • Parsley
    Parsley 13 days ago +1

    That mouse is almost as expensive as my PC! Mine is 300!

  • FaZe Fearless XI
    FaZe Fearless XI 14 days ago

    model o- is 58 grams for matte and 59 grams for glossy

  • Jared Rohena Cruz
    Jared Rohena Cruz 15 days ago

    Thing is u will never be able to buy it on the actual website cause of how many times that it will be sold out

  • Zxyhlo
    Zxyhlo 15 days ago

    It’s funny how the lighter it is the more it costs.

  • Jacob Barnes
    Jacob Barnes 16 days ago

    After hearing how great they were I bought my first Finalmouse: the Air58. However, after about not even 9 months of use the scroll wheel snaps and I can no longer scroll. For $150 it was certainly not worth the money to have that happen plus not being able to replace under warranty (Not to mention every mouse they sell is limited in quantity). The design is great and all but with so many other brands offering that same product for a THIRD of the cost, you really have to ask yourself if its worth spending extra money for what is basically a name brand that tbh not many people like or think fondly of anyways.

    TLDR: my air 58 broke in 9 months and I'm mad.

  • Nobody Cares
    Nobody Cares 17 days ago

    FinalMouse may have a good product but I will never give them my business.

  • Xcape_ Soalf
    Xcape_ Soalf 17 days ago +1

    I agree Frank. The air58 is not the best mouse for the price, the glorious model o is better.

  • Lument
    Lument 19 days ago

    I just realised How Much better The model O is then the Air 58.
    Weight: Model o's new lineup just dropped and it's also 58Gr just like finalmouse
    Mouse cord: They nearly have the same one's but In my opinion Thic= GUUUUD
    The sensor: They both use the same sensors (top notch in my opnion, but not as good as some other mouses like G pro's)
    Grip: Model 0 has litturatley the same grip like Zowie so It's top notch. Air 58 is ok though.
    Design: Model O features RGB unlike the air 58 and is also way more sexy in my opinion. The air 58 sign makes fianlmouse trash here.
    Now the final we all want to troll about:
    THE PRICE: You can guy the Model O for 50$ right now, Though on the other hand since the air 58's run out fast af you can't buy it less than 250$ (it used to be like 180 a month ago, keep's rising)
    Well, as we can see The model O competley takes a dump over the air 58 in any category. BTW i know that model O's orginall price was 120$ but that's still 2.5x more for something less!!! Next mouse 50$

  • Thing 1 Thing 2
    Thing 1 Thing 2 19 days ago

    I'm confused it says the model O is $50 but when I looked at the price it was $130

    • Thing 1 Thing 2
      Thing 1 Thing 2 19 days ago

      @Phuocyy oh awsome thank you

    • Phuocyy
      Phuocyy 19 days ago +1

      Don’t buy it from eBay, Amazon, etc... it will cost more than the actual price because of third party sellers the mouse is actually $50 but you need to buy it on the glorious website

  • Nathan Glover
    Nathan Glover 19 days ago

    It would be cool to also see a comparison between the model O and the new cape town.

  • jeffy141
    jeffy141 19 days ago

    Awesome video thank you. Finalmouse is toxic. Go for the model o.

  • 8BitSeel
    8BitSeel 20 days ago

    mice not mouses

  • SameerBtw
    SameerBtw 20 days ago +2

    Lol and i was just going to buy final mouse air 58

  • thelongslowgoodbye
    thelongslowgoodbye 21 day ago

    Finalmouse is the Kanye West of the tech world.

  • WET syrup
    WET syrup 21 day ago

    Lol the model o costs $150 now

  • Henfriplays
    Henfriplays 22 days ago

    Nice voice over meme

  • BabyJay
    BabyJay 22 days ago

    I preordered the glorious model o -

  • theExpert
    theExpert 23 days ago

    356 RJN altaccounts didn't like this video.

  • Waves
    Waves 23 days ago +1

    final mouse

    *made in china*

  • Elite Justice
    Elite Justice 24 days ago +9

    Final mouse is like the epic games for mouses... they both have 8 year old children running the business

  • Steven Arvizu
    Steven Arvizu 26 days ago

    Does anyone know why his name is random frank P

  • Pichu
    Pichu 26 days ago

    1:31 60 Grams??

  • TitanDestroyer 101
    TitanDestroyer 101 28 days ago

    When u can’t afford either mouse 💀

  • uab
    uab 28 days ago

    str8 fax about finalmouse smh such a shitty company

  • Koupepe
    Koupepe 28 days ago +1

    I want model o but it's out of stock everywhere lmao

    • Radar
      Radar 27 days ago

      @Koupepe its coming out in like 5 dats lol

    • Koupepe
      Koupepe 27 days ago

      @Radar i dont wanna wait 2 months for a mouse lmao

    • Radar
      Radar 28 days ago

      Preorder the model o minus on pcgamingrace it’s lighter than the air 58 and as small as the gpro

  • Kraken
    Kraken 28 days ago +2

    I just watched a guy roast a million dollar company for 8 minutes

  • Tiger Warriors
    Tiger Warriors 29 days ago

    The coolermaster mm710 ia just on another level

  • D1JZ1LL4
    D1JZ1LL4 29 days ago

    u went of on final mouse. wow

  • Jonesy
    Jonesy Month ago

    i would get the model o but its a little smaller than what i want

  • Jonesy
    Jonesy Month ago

    imagine saying rgb isn't necessary, hahaha its the most important part.

  • vanish aqua.
    vanish aqua. Month ago

    I have trypophobia but this mouse cured it

  • YizZy J
    YizZy J Month ago +6

    Don’t buy the mouse on amazon cause it will cost twice as much. Instead by it from the bio in his video it’s 50.00 instead of 100.

      PSYCHO KIDS Month ago +1

      YizZy J thanks I almost made that mistake

  • Usual
    Usual Month ago

    Where did he find it for 90 cuz that’s a great deal

  • Usual
    Usual Month ago

    Good thing I will be able to afford both by Christmas

  • Ozulp
    Ozulp Month ago

    Does the scroll wheel buckle if not the mouse is dog shit

  • An Truong
    An Truong Month ago

    Have any recommended Para-cord custom for the glorious model O-

  • Disrespecting Women

    Glorious is made with cheap as fuck parts. Breaks way too often. Left mouse button getting stuck so much. Never had this issue with any of the Logitech mice I used in the past. Won’t be buying another model o

  • Brandon Plays
    Brandon Plays Month ago +1

    200-500$ tf this is stupid it’s for the air 58

  • SomeOneElse10
    SomeOneElse10 Month ago

    *I'm A Simple Person*
    Finalmouse: 90$
    Model O: 50-$
    Checkmate Atheists

  • Buschola
    Buschola Month ago

    Its not even 58 grams, its more like 62 with cable

  • Jhontan Mendes
    Jhontan Mendes Month ago

    Is there advantages in lighter mouse ?

  • TNG McBob
    TNG McBob Month ago

    they are both basically the same except its not overpriced

  • B L
    B L Month ago

    What key caps are you rolling on the corsair keyboard?

  • Zepex
    Zepex Month ago

    Glorious is releasing the new version of model o which has 58g

    • Huzaifa Qader
      Huzaifa Qader Month ago

      @Paisley Wood yep, it's on their website , new model is Model O- ( smaller model O)

    • Paisley Wood
      Paisley Wood Month ago

      you sure?

  • Malik Young
    Malik Young Month ago

    your honesty is greatly appreciated