Mouse Comparison! Model O vs Finalmouse Ninja Air58

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • Let's compare the $50 Glorious Model O to the Finalmouse Ninja Air58 mouse to see which is better for you!
    • Model O:
    • Air58:
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Comments • 1 505

  • TinyPP
    TinyPP 6 hours ago

    FunFact Air58 dosnt weight 58g

  • santtu karhu
    santtu karhu 20 hours ago

    nice brick mouses tho.. i wouldnt go anywhere above 38grams

  • Infinite Zombies

    to be exact at amazon it cost 300.00

  • ilikevideogames
    ilikevideogames Day ago

    I wish I had a different mouse. Finalmouse is horibble.

  • ciprian david
    ciprian david Day ago

    For this review I subscribed you! Nice job!

  • Clinix
    Clinix Day ago

    Branding on stuff is cool if it’s plain it looks generic and boring

  • Echo Less
    Echo Less Day ago

    I have like really bad trypophobia and I dont know why but this doesn't hurt me? xD

  • Jollu Pollu
    Jollu Pollu 2 days ago

    tfue starts using shitty 5dollar mouse and says its good 10yr old kids : me buy me buy

  • Zubin Dusoruth
    Zubin Dusoruth 2 days ago

    Not true de finalmouse make de best mouse

  • Jack Gill
    Jack Gill 2 days ago

    But the g pro wireless is still better am I right

    SHÅRKY UwU 3 days ago

    I’m going to buy the Glorious but I still think that the final pro looks way cooler

  • Darker Fortnite
    Darker Fortnite 4 days ago +1

    @randomfrankp they have the same weight. The finalmouse air 58 didnt weight the cable. Glorious did. So they have the same weight. Winner is the glorious model o

  • Shanker
    Shanker 4 days ago

    I hate finalmouse as a brand

  • Future Sight Games
    Future Sight Games 4 days ago

    Do you recommend the Glossy finish? Im planning on ordering the model o and am conflicted

  • John Wick
    John Wick 5 days ago

    Cool mouse but i dont like the the Holes

    LACTIKK 6 days ago


  • Fluxphy
    Fluxphy 6 days ago

    Does it work on ps4?

  • Huly
    Huly 6 days ago

    Finalmouse was about to send u free copies of their next mouse lol rip

  • ju7gtdfhnug hngfrhnugf

    can not buy the model o on amazon !!!!

    • DerpzKing
      DerpzKing 6 days ago

      lots of people are buying this mouse, and amazon is likely to be more expensive. on the glorious website you can backorder for the actual price.

  • Proflex Trolly
    Proflex Trolly 7 days ago

    Holes on the side gives the air58 a much better feel on the side

  • Thabo Moyo
    Thabo Moyo 7 days ago +1

    Just a heads up @ 1:30 Matte is 67grams not 60

  • Kerax
    Kerax 7 days ago

    Model o is bether than final mouse but i prefer final : / what i take ?

    • Kerax
      Kerax 7 days ago

      @Proflex Trolly going to see that

    • Kerax
      Kerax 7 days ago

      @Proflex Trolly that my problem. I dont like the color rgb on the model o : /

    • Proflex Trolly
      Proflex Trolly 7 days ago

      Me too, maybe the Model D will be smaller like the Model O. Or just get the new coolermaster mouse that weighs in at 52 grams

  • Superion
    Superion 7 days ago

    Any japanese writing: artful fucking masterpiece.
    The ONLY reason so many people care about the air58 is because other super lightweight mice didn't exist. That's what they had going for them, they did it first, and they completely fucked it up for themselves. Well I at least hope they enjoyed the illusion of being some fine art company, because its over now.

  • Xcalium
    Xcalium 8 days ago +2

    I have a model o and holy shit is it good. The only problem i have is with the software, i wish it could switch profiles based on what program you are running, but that is one hell of a nitpick.
    Love that mouse and love the feel of the honeycomb holes and love the lighting and love the company and love the man logo and love the price.

    • Xcalium
      Xcalium 7 days ago

      @Proflex Trolly K, ill go spend 200 bucks on a slightly better paracord

    • Proflex Trolly
      Proflex Trolly 7 days ago

      Their paracord is subpar

  • Kipe347
    Kipe347 8 days ago

    You said mouses. It’s mice. Hehe

    • Kipe347
      Kipe347 7 days ago

      Ok, thanks. Sorry about that.

    • randomfrankp
      randomfrankp  8 days ago

      Mice is also correct when referring to this, look it up

  • Austin Mosley
    Austin Mosley 8 days ago

    I like heavy mice, why am I here

  • Paul Schüttler
    Paul Schüttler 8 days ago

    i found a air58 on amazon for 999 dollars from finalmouse themselfs i think you can still find that if you go to amazon and look up used air58´s

  • Zurgence
    Zurgence 8 days ago

    I work for one of the largest IT re-sellers in the UK and was laughed at for asking senior management to work with Finalmouse. It's because they're a disappointing brand, and only got their name up because of Ninja. They're the up-most egotistical brand in the market, over-pricing and for what lol. To not even deliver the items in demand. Good job Glorious. You got my attention and my Model O is on it's way!

  • fyiMason
    fyiMason 8 days ago

    I prefer the final mouse, but i bought it when it first came out, the model o is good as well, I've used both and to be honest both are amazing, but I like the grip of the final mouse more. Final mouse doesnt know how to run a company though. Love the video!

  • DEADman Gaming
    DEADman Gaming 9 days ago

    Model 0 wins! Model 0 wins!!!

  • lebby ツ
    lebby ツ 10 days ago

    What’s up guys it Randell Frank P.

  • Cheng Min You
    Cheng Min You 10 days ago

    the finalmouse is not 58g. They released a separate statement that the branding "air58" was just purely a branding statement and not true that the mouse is 58g. Lol

  • Luca Hoppe
    Luca Hoppe 11 days ago +2

    Ordered the Model O on Friday and received it on Saturday. The delivery was insanely fast and the mouse is so damn good for cs

    • River Biersteker
      River Biersteker 9 days ago

      i ordered it monday and i have yet to receive it, the website does say its in pre order so i wasnt thinking it would be here soon af

  • wedgoku
    wedgoku 11 days ago +1

    Today 06/15/2019 I just ordered the Glorious Model O (Matte Black), its on [back-order] atm, I got really tired of the shady business practice of "FinalMouse", FM created artificial demand for a product, & in return tried to bait & switch it's customers.....

    • Jorsche Ong
      Jorsche Ong 4 days ago

      U posted the same thing 4 months ago lmao

  • cody eastwood
    cody eastwood 11 days ago

    Finalmouse more like Finalgay hehehehhehehehh

  • BE3N
    BE3N 11 days ago

    comment avoir les memes touches de clavier please

  • Shi Jason
    Shi Jason 11 days ago

    I brought the model O mouse the second they came out but till this day I haven’t even got them yet

  • Ticlups Pipupps
    Ticlups Pipupps 11 days ago

    *cooler master left the chat*

  • FreddyDaFox
    FreddyDaFox 13 days ago

    Should I get this one rather than ec2-b?

  • Batman.
    Batman. 14 days ago +1

    Great review on the mouses. If you aren’t using the model O and are willing to give it up I’ll definitely could use one.

  • Asian boi459
    Asian boi459 14 days ago

    What sucks about the model o is that they target people with big hands so I have trouble using the model o

  • w1ndex
    w1ndex 14 days ago

    I really like the Model O, but I keep going back to my modded g305.

  • Kamran Latifov
    Kamran Latifov 15 days ago

    F the FinalMouse!

    SHADOWSTRIKE1 15 days ago

    Thank you for calling out Finalmouse. They honestly sound like they're doing meth in their office, and it provides zero customer confidence. All this "we only sell to those we want to, and we close communication and sales to everyone else" attitude also just makes me feel like I won't be able to contact them if I had a problem.
    Glorious all the way.

  • flyingpigmonkey1
    flyingpigmonkey1 15 days ago

    You're bad at tldr. The tldr should have been "These two mice are close to the same in function but the Model O comes with management software, a better polling rate, and costs 2 to 5 times less than the Ninja."

  • ittsLush
    ittsLush 15 days ago

    I don’t even have either mouse but man you dickride the fuck out of the mouse O

  • Julian
    Julian 15 days ago

    where did you get that hoodie it looks nice

  • AeusPlayz
    AeusPlayz 15 days ago

    Glorious model O is cheaper and better for me

  • T. Haber
    T. Haber 16 days ago

    I thought the Model O wasn‘t out yet....

  • George Stark
    George Stark 16 days ago

    so level with me here... you did the same thing that ppl complain about, namely selling a finalmouse on ebay for *250* bucks, even though it was used, and you don't think the mouse is even worth the initial price? so you screwed over some poor sucker? and still disagree with the company's way of dealing with things? or am I getting something wrong here?

  • Sathu
    Sathu 16 days ago +1

    Man fuck the final mouse

  • Potato XD
    Potato XD 17 days ago

    I want the model O

  • Potato XD
    Potato XD 17 days ago

    The matte model O looks nice more cheap but looks better than the finalmouse

  • Uncle jumbos pinky toe z

    Mine arrives tomorrow I am sooo hyped

  • Jeremy Lai
    Jeremy Lai 17 days ago

    Wait. Why does the air58 come with 500hz? Shouldn’t all gaming mice be 1000hz? Or am I missing out something?

  • Paul
    Paul 17 days ago

    Only reason finalmouse became so popular was because of all the kids buying it from Crinja, its not special in anyway.

  • Fairytail Magician
    Fairytail Magician 17 days ago +1

    wheres the testing?

  • NitroPvPYT
    NitroPvPYT 18 days ago

    Lmao Model O really making air58 look like this ~> 🤡

  • ΛdoNis ツ YT
    ΛdoNis ツ YT 18 days ago +1

    Model 0 vs G502 hero

  • Wobe
    Wobe 19 days ago

    Lets spraypaint the model o blue and sell it for 200

  • InfiniteNova
    InfiniteNova 19 days ago

    My $30 mouse goes to 1000hz polling rate. FinalMouse is pathetic.

  • Eddie Vanjovi
    Eddie Vanjovi 19 days ago +1

    Finalmouse is only 500 Hz? How did this even get a lengthy review?

  • lobsterdaddy -
    lobsterdaddy - 19 days ago

    And my 90g logitech 2011 model, perfect for gaming.

  • stephen johnstone
    stephen johnstone 19 days ago

    they will get so filthy

  • Thallen
    Thallen 19 days ago

    I was hyped for the Finalmouse air 58 until i found out about the branding (after they said several times how its not branded). I lost trust with them for that, whats the point about lying about something literally the day before/day of the launch that everyone can see right on the box and the mouse itself?

    I went to their twitter recently and the only thing thats on there is people taking pictures of it out in the world, are people actually using them for gaming or as a status symbol? I just ordered my Model O and im really excited to see how it'll be.

    Also as I write this Glorious is teasing an O-

  • Illuminate GarrettXGaming

    we all know that the normal ps4 controller will win.

  • Biko Baka
    Biko Baka 20 days ago

    We already know the winner guys...

  • DankWhispers
    DankWhispers 20 days ago

    Finalmouse is trash

  • trapsicle
    trapsicle 20 days ago

    It’s gonna feel so weird switching from my g502 to the model o 💀 all my buttons are gonna be gone

  • VsN Warfare
    VsN Warfare 21 day ago

    I like the Model O

  • Kye thecrazycatman
    Kye thecrazycatman 21 day ago

    "Gamer" plebs used to think heavy mouse increases gaming performance. Pshhh

  • Smudge
    Smudge 21 day ago

    So basically model o is better lol

  • Endelean
    Endelean 21 day ago +1

    So basically the Ninja Air58 is pretentious garbage and the Model 0 is actually good. Lol.

  • tezlq ize
    tezlq ize 21 day ago

    Really want glorious model o but I dont trust shipping what if it gets damaged /:

    • Bloody Tim
      Bloody Tim 8 days ago

      tezlq ize if they are a decent company they should

    • tezlq ize
      tezlq ize 10 days ago

      @Bloody Tim do they accept it?

    • Bloody Tim
      Bloody Tim 10 days ago

      tezlq ize Send it back

  • Albert Hartono
    Albert Hartono 21 day ago +1

    My model o probably will arrive in the end of june or early july from an official retailer since it doesnt ship to indonesia. Rip i just bought a glorious mousepad too. Feeling weird buying other brands since im using all others razer peripherals

  • Kamilos !
    Kamilos ! 21 day ago +2

    So the air58 was a big scam 😂

    Ordered the model o btw ❤

  • Submersed24
    Submersed24 21 day ago

    Ah it took long enough for a quality ultralight mouse to be released...however I don't regret buying the finalmouse when I did since it just looks so damn sexy... but really not worth the money.

  • Justin Saephan
    Justin Saephan 22 days ago

    I think will not support a company with such immature behavior and attitude with poor services.

  • Paul Lee
    Paul Lee 22 days ago

    Also model o is making a second batch of mice unlike finalmouse who just keeps upping the price in their mice

  • Cujas
    Cujas 22 days ago

    Ay Logitech G1 best

  • ChocolateStew
    ChocolateStew 22 days ago

    I wish I had a final mouse it’s just that’s they are like 150$

  • vfplayer
    vfplayer 23 days ago


  • Toy Land
    Toy Land 23 days ago

    I'm buying a new mouse which one should I get🤔🤔🤔

  • L0nZz
    L0nZz 23 days ago

    I regret googling trypophobia.

  • False Catalyst
    False Catalyst 23 days ago

    Finalmouse is dead to me. Why?
    1. Overpriced shit just because of celebrities using them
    2. Failure of globalizing their brand, therefore not available in many countries
    3. Countless much cheaper alternatives being released (Cooler master, glorious, etc.)

  • omar abdalkareem
    omar abdalkareem 23 days ago +1

    hey wait a minute

  • Not Liam
    Not Liam 23 days ago

    Finalmouse really a bad company because my scroll wheel broke and they2 sent me another mouse for free an3d I got to keep the previous mouse, and my finalmouse only took like 10 days to get to my home

  • xSS4x
    xSS4x 24 days ago

    Soon you will have to compare the CM mm710/711 to these :P

  • sburdette9901
    sburdette9901 24 days ago +1

    Just found out about model o yesterday and it is back ordered until mid july. Sigh

  • Stingy Gamer
    Stingy Gamer 24 days ago +2

    This or logitech g502

    • Shmojoe14
      Shmojoe14 24 days ago

      Stingy Gamer I vote Logitech g502 haha made a video on mine, love the mouse.

  • Steven Lance
    Steven Lance 24 days ago

    im loving my model O.

  • Oi_Mr_C
    Oi_Mr_C 24 days ago

    I got a matte white model O and I’ve used it for 2 weeks now and I love it 🥰

    • Oi_Mr_C
      Oi_Mr_C 23 days ago

      Jono B yea no problem. I hope you enjoy it if you get one

    • Jono B
      Jono B 23 days ago

      Oi_Mr_c ok thanks mate

    • Oi_Mr_C
      Oi_Mr_C 23 days ago

      To an extent, yes when you first get it but you’ll get used to it and it makes it breathable

    • Jono B
      Jono B 23 days ago

      Can you notice the holes on the nous when using it?

  • james dacus
    james dacus 24 days ago

    my dude you sound like youre just butt hurt

  • Joey Nothing
    Joey Nothing 25 days ago

    they sent their new mouse to tfue he said "you won't want the model O once you see this mouse" or something like that I used to respect him now I don't because he's calling this mouse bad which makes many people able to have a nice lightweight gaming mouse he has it covered probally some weird mouse and took away something were they are going probably took away the scroll wheel and gunna sell for 150 (estimate)

  • PitrusCitrus
    PitrusCitrus 25 days ago +1

    ranom frank passive aggressive

  • treyvon Williams
    treyvon Williams 25 days ago

    No not 250$ it's actually 90$ on the finalmouse web

    • Zed
      Zed 23 days ago

      treyvon Williams It was $90 on launch but stock was very limited and people resell them at $250 on ebay and amazon.

  • Sicarius
    Sicarius 25 days ago +1

    Honestly, fuck Finalmouse. Hated them since day 1
    For once a company stood up to their bullshit overpricing and under stocking and made a lightweight mouse that isn't ridiculously over branded. All of that while having better mouse feet, RGB, gloss (optional), higher polling rate, higher ppi, *actually having a software* , and a better cable.
    And don't come over here saying "Air58 is the lightest mouse!" when you know damn well Glorious PC Gaming can make their same mouse for probably 50 bucks cheaper if they made some extra holes and no RGB, while still looking gorgeous.

  • Sensation
    Sensation 25 days ago

    50$ ? its 135$ here

  • Cyx
    Cyx 25 days ago

    The ninja air 58 is going for 500 usd

  • Aidenboy808 Alvarez
    Aidenboy808 Alvarez 25 days ago

    I also bought a glossy and the glossy black part started to bubble and pell that’s why I say good final mouse