Mouse Comparison! Model O vs Finalmouse Ninja Air58

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • Let's compare the $50 Glorious Model O to the Finalmouse Ninja Air58 mouse to see which is better for you!
    • Model O:
    • Air58:
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Comments • 2 198

  • Juhis
    Juhis 20 hours ago

    1000hz but 4ms?

  • Zx_ZxZ_xZ X
    Zx_ZxZ_xZ X Day ago

    I Got the o- and its 58 but a bit smaller and my hand is also small so it Fits really good

  • AlienFX02
    AlienFX02 Day ago

    is the model 0 the same shape as the air 58?

  • ACID
    ACID 2 days ago

    you can get the finalmouse for 400$

  • RanSL
    RanSL 2 days ago

    The Air58 is now $389-500 on amazon, hell nah!

  • James Vieira
    James Vieira 3 days ago

    I love this video

  • Terksy
    Terksy 3 days ago

    i dont think you have reviewed the model o enough. the model o is easily breaking and feels much more cheap. as a competetive gamer i wouldnt say the model o is a good choice. mine broke after 2 weeks which is crazy when i never rage or anything like that. but my capetown. i have had my cape town for over a month and its really good. no offene but it seems like ur kinda hating on Finalmouse :D just my opinion


    I have the mm710...
    53g for 50$
    (The mm711 is 60$ and 50g butt with rgb)
    (The BUTT was intended)

  • Saulty
    Saulty 4 days ago

    finalmouse belike: revolutionary mouse 1 gram 500$
    me:but its just a sensor

  • surfqce
    surfqce 7 days ago

    This random guy was trying to get me not to buy the Model O because it “broke quickly” and the “mouse buttons would stick”. It’s now obvious how much he was bullshitting

  • Leonid Anev
    Leonid Anev 8 days ago

    I ordered the model o- on monday and recived it on wednesday it was pretty fast

  • Swewolf 1
    Swewolf 1 8 days ago

    Model 🅾

    AVOCADO 9 days ago +1

    This is cool but I prefer this
    -*a G502 user*

    ONFROZE 9 days ago

    I remember like 4 years ago I had the first final mouse model made. it was a great mouse but broke on me within like a year

  • MrBaz0o0ka
    MrBaz0o0ka 9 days ago +1

    for aiming nothing is better than G502 , but for fortnite you need a mouse like model O to edit fast and if you have the money you can get final mouse but try not to cry when its break after 2 weeks .

  • bailey ethington
    bailey ethington 10 days ago

    Model o is better

  • Fman1292
    Fman1292 12 days ago

    one cost more because its a original they had r&d make prototypes scratch em etc they made the final mouse from scratch glorious takes bits from razar bits from corsair bits from ben q and peices it together requiring creating nothing just puizzling peices together that they read people love online

  • Brendan
    Brendan 12 days ago

    its mice!!!!!!

  • wint
    wint 12 days ago

    model o gang

  • Accentic
    Accentic 12 days ago

    £50vs£400 oh yes COOOOL

  • Cloudi
    Cloudi 13 days ago

    The air is fuqin 400 buck that's what I make in a year my man

  • Voltee RBLX
    Voltee RBLX 16 days ago +5

    Price to performance: The Glorious *claps* the Final mouse

  • Diego Tijerina
    Diego Tijerina 16 days ago +2

    The reason finalmouse acts like 10 year olds is because most of their consumers are 10 because they watch ninja

  • Spectre
    Spectre 16 days ago

    Its like comparing a Panda from 2001 with a Ferrari

  • Asil the qt
    Asil the qt 19 days ago

    I think everybody knows that the finalmouse is better than the model O but the price different makes the model O a budget beast

  • Sed
    Sed 19 days ago

    Does the holes in the mouse make it light, or do they configurate it so it's light?

  • killerdruid
    killerdruid 21 day ago +1

    Would you rather have black or white mouse and keyboard

  • Niftyszn
    Niftyszn 22 days ago +1

    Don't buy model o , it dies after a month (and 500 hz is really bad)

    • Alex Kim
      Alex Kim 20 days ago

      Niftyszn it says 1000hz in vid

    SMAR YT 23 days ago

    Model O is trash lol had mine for a month and the sensor shit the bed

  • xd Xrror
    xd Xrror 23 days ago

    ULTIMATE destruction

  • Elazck
    Elazck 23 days ago

    ya i got the best one yeeeeee

  • Floodyy
    Floodyy 24 days ago

    wht is the mouse plugged into the keyboard

  • Sham0
    Sham0 24 days ago

    i dont get why u roast finalmouse, ok they may be douchbags and not respond to people, but remember finalmouse is the company that started all this light weight mice thing

    • Brennan Browley
      Brennan Browley 13 days ago

      @Revolted Quexez glorious fanboy?

    • Revolted Quexez
      Revolted Quexez 20 days ago

      Dumb ass you know glorious was part of the making the company final mouse so you can shut up

    • Sham0
      Sham0 21 day ago

      Revolted Quexez lmao they did

    • Revolted Quexez
      Revolted Quexez 21 day ago

      Dafuq are ya talking bout no they didnt

  • Vision Truth
    Vision Truth 24 days ago +1

    just ordered my model o, lets be honest finalmouse rally isn't worth it even at its base price of $80 to $120, not only that the low stock, why stock such a high demand product so low!?, honestly a finalmouse should be like $20 to $30. IN MY OPINION

  • vern
    vern 24 days ago

    I have trypophobia but I still bought the model o

  • Awoken xMacaroon
    Awoken xMacaroon 25 days ago

    Model o minus is nuts

  • ulnq
    ulnq 25 days ago

    Will it fit in my bungie

  • Wolf DaddyMaxie
    Wolf DaddyMaxie 25 days ago +1

    Your a fucking drugroll ur just roasting the Air58 it’s better than model O I’m not saying model o is bad but people have tested it and air58 is better now fuck off u dirty drugroll

    • Wolf DaddyMaxie
      Wolf DaddyMaxie 22 days ago +1

      randomfrankp no shut up they are both good ur just roasting the air 58 the whole video lol what a idiot

    • randomfrankp
      randomfrankp  25 days ago +2

      The Air58 is garbage. Everyone knows it, it's laughable.

    • Wolf DaddyMaxie
      Wolf DaddyMaxie 25 days ago +1

      randomfrankp stfu u idiot ur saying that we should buy the model o instead of the air 58 are u dumb? The air58 is better even tho the model o is good I like them both but the air 58 is better you think ur cool only because u have 1.35m subs fuck off.

    • randomfrankp
      randomfrankp  25 days ago +2

      Are you 8 years old with that spelling lol go to bed before you mom wakes up

  • Robert Ruland
    Robert Ruland 27 days ago

    Model O on top???

  • Zero
    Zero 28 days ago

    Are they same size?

  • Seemless.
    Seemless. 28 days ago +1

    Get the model O

    Thank me later

  • Tecqnize
    Tecqnize 28 days ago

    the hexagon edges on the Model O are more curved so less sharp then the Ninja Air58, and the Model O doesnt have the hexagon stuff on the side wich can be annoying for people. also Model O has RGB that you can change to your liking, and its cheaper. do we really need to debate wich mouse is better LUL

  • maicolguti
    maicolguti 28 days ago

    Where can I find the air58?

  • syntax error
    syntax error 29 days ago

    Mouse plural is mice, not mouses. Have a nice day.

  • Light
    Light 29 days ago

    RandomFrankP where did you get your Finalmouses?

  • shah xo
    shah xo 29 days ago

    My friends had the model o and they all complained about the cord for the model o always ripping and I tried it and it ripped after like. 2 or 3 weeks of usuage and this is the 1st time I’ve had problems with a mouse wire cord. I don’t know if it’s a common problem but we had those with the model O.
    For the final mouse I heard the scroll wheel always breaks from gaming pros I heard who I heard who had it

  • iSophiaYoutube
    iSophiaYoutube Month ago +3

    Like= Model O

    Comment= air58

  • Lance :D
    Lance :D Month ago +1

    final mouse sucks ass mine broke in under 3 months scroll wheel is fucked

  • 3kzel
    3kzel Month ago

    My model o was 62.76 Becouse of taxes and shipping like bruh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Chick Blox Nuub
    Chick Blox Nuub Month ago

    I pick the model o

  • Rogue On Rocks
    Rogue On Rocks Month ago

    Model O- is Really Good i Highly Recommend It If Your Looking For A Cheapish Mouse its 58 Grams And 40-50 Dollars

  • Caspoter Caspoter
    Caspoter Caspoter Month ago

    Model o Is 58grams

  • Ferdie Fox
    Ferdie Fox Month ago

    I'd be more inclined to get a model o if they removed that hideous logo .

    • melrick
      melrick Month ago

      Ferdie Fox but your hand would be covering it??

  • Darkur
    Darkur Month ago

    why does the chord on the video looks really good, but on their own website it shows that its a pretty heavy chord?

  • ILUSION Lucas
    ILUSION Lucas Month ago

    Model 0 has rgb

  • Bubble Fish.
    Bubble Fish. Month ago

    I wonder what keycaps are you using on Corsair K95

  • spicy toast
    spicy toast Month ago

    modle o is better but I do like finals shape a lil bit better but modle o is better bang for ur buck tbh

  • Jacob Ji
    Jacob Ji Month ago

    can i buy the final mouse xd

  • Spykid 812
    Spykid 812 Month ago

    The air58 is now $500 on Amazon now😅. U could straight up buy a good pc for that price

  • Crypto
    Crypto Month ago

    4ms latency me sad