What it's something in your House that Everyone think is so Cool? @officialdelaneyrose

  • Published on Nov 20, 2021
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Comments • 3 585

  • Michael Casey

    I'm sick of the children of rich parents telling us this "everybody has that one thing in their house" nonsense. No they don't 🤣🤣🤣


    We have something like that too in our house~! It’s us…picking up our laundry and walking to the laundry basket to drop it there and wash it

  • NeonDisco
    NeonDisco  +348

    "Everybody has that one thing in their house that everybody thinks is so cool"......Unless an eviction notice is on ur fridge, we live different lives.😁

  • Pie Miller
    Pie Miller  +177

    The coolest thing in my house are the noise of children’s shrieking, laughing, arguing and still giving us hugs when they arrive! Never a dull moment.

  • Buck Buchanon

    What I find strange is she ran through all those rooms and still beat the laundry to its destination. She could have gotten it there faster herself. Lol 😆

  • MsLalaUsagi

    This is cool for multiple reasons. My little ones would shove all their toys that fit in there, and I won’t have to pick them up from the floor, they’ll magically appear in a basket. This is genius and not just for laundry purposes

  • Ash💜
    Ash💜  +225

    My house speciality is that whenever you go to the bathroom you can listen to everyone near your home...I can hear all my neighbours when I m in bathroom 🙂

  • Zulu Charie

    You actually beat the laundry you threw in the “laundry jet” to the wash room…

  • Jason Heilman - Musical Remedies

    I have a laundry basket in my closet and when it’s full, I carry it to the laundry room. It cost $1.00 - I’m good

  • MattH123
    MattH123  +108

    My dad actually built the house around the bathroom system lol

  • Justine Littlewood

    Her: "everybody has that one thing in their house everybody thinks is so cool"

  • Qelilah Solomon

    We had a laundry shoot in our house growing up. It was in the linen closet on the floor and sent the clothes to the basement next to the laundry room. There was a hook on the bottom so the shoot could fit a lot of clothes.

  • You Know What?
    You Know What? 8 hours ago

    The coolest thing in my house are the children's shrieking, laughing, arguing and still giving us hugs when they arrive!

  • Meshel D Medusa

    Rich kids: Everybody has that one thing in their house"

  • Mela'n Greathouse

    You know,” EVERY HOME “- and Apartment needs one of these

  • Kookie Buns

    Our house coolest thing is when you don’t eat anything for dinner, the sink will still be full of dishes✨💅🏻

  • T S
    T S  +18

    Okay so I usually get a huge mud streak on my undies so that chute is very convenient for me to jet my filth down the tube and into the family laundry basket.

  • Heather Taylor

    The excess of our reality is so depressing. I could understand if there were like 3 flights of stairs or even 2.

  • Luna_Morte

    I have a ceramic bowl with a lid that had another hole on top that you sit on to poop or pee. And when you finish you push down this cool silver handle and

  • Ryan Reed

    I love that she walked to the laundry room before the clothing even got there lol ... remember one sock at a time or it gets clogged