The Mummy - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Oct 25, 2017
  • It's high swinging adventure, but does the Brendan Fraser hit hold up after all these years? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at The Mummy.
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    The Mummy is a 1999 American action fantasy film written and directed by Stephen Sommers and starring Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, and Kevin J. O'Connor, with Arnold Vosloo in the titular role as the reanimated mummy.
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Comments • 8 059

  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  Year ago +1621

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    • Chelsey Thomas
      Chelsey Thomas 2 months ago

      Bartok the Bat from Anastasia was play by Hank Azaria, Not Kevin J. O'Connor. Just saying!

    • Rachael Curran
      Rachael Curran 5 months ago

      good ghouls go bad

    • Austin Fahrenbrook
      Austin Fahrenbrook 5 months ago

      The Mummy came out the same year I was born

    • Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana
      Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana 5 months ago

      you know i just noticed, nerd's hair is different, its kinda receding

    • P.GDrajamiebir Animationcritic
      P.GDrajamiebir Animationcritic 6 months ago

      Channel Awesome do you now Evelyn Saves Rick's Life that seen. Brendan Fraser all most got killed by hanging 😱. Some how he survived.

  • GCT10/31/1990
    GCT10/31/1990 4 hours ago

    I liked the newer one and totally get what they were going for... They wanted to make a movie so horrific, so incredibly terrible and unforgiving in basically every single way and degree to which, if asked by a friend to watch the mommy movie... You're brain would do what you're body does whenever it's damaged,it readjust as much as possible in order to balance you out, same. Goes for the mommy movie... You're asked to watch the mommy movie (Injury) to which you're brain re wires you're thought in a matter of seconds to adjust to the better mommy movie which is the 1999 film with the 32 films coming in close second lol

  • Shipfantastic
    Shipfantastic 17 hours ago

    Since I just stayed up until 3am two nights ago watching this and the sequel.... I'd say, yes it holds up!

  • wingsandash
    wingsandash 19 hours ago

    I've actually never seen this movie (I know, I know).
    Interesting fact: Imhotep, in fact, does answer Beni in (slightly incorrect) Hebrew. I doubt that was the language spoken by the Israelites in ancient Egypt amongst themselves, but there it is.

  • John Buckley
    John Buckley Day ago

    Ur so cringy

  • ElladanKenet
    ElladanKenet Day ago

    Mummy 1999 isn't even really a remake. It's more of a rebranding. They took a popular monster movie and turned it into summer popcorn flik, and a new target audience. And you know what? It was awesome and accomplished basically everything it set out to do.

    Mummy 2017 failed because it tried to do the same kind of movie, minus all of the charm of the 1999 one, and making the title character even stranger and less mummy-like. Worst of all, it's just drab and boring, and frankly, I'd much prefer a corny movie that is self-aware of how corny it is than a serious movie that completely fails at just about everything it tries to do.

    It's the same problem the Fantastic 4 reboot had.

  • chase smith
    chase smith Day ago

    At 2:02 and 2:08 these parts made me laugh i dont know why but it did

  • Don Ramon Navarre
    Don Ramon Navarre 2 days ago +1

    I miss Brendan Fraser :(

  • YaBoi JackTheFox
    YaBoi JackTheFox 2 days ago

    Holy shit! I saw that part where the bug crawls in his skin YEARS ago and I had no idea where it was from and it kinda haunted me for a couple years

  • RogueBrit Gravy1
    RogueBrit Gravy1 3 days ago

    I admit it. You're right about Benny and the bat 😂 you just got a subscriber.

  • Cobra Commander
    Cobra Commander 4 days ago

    I don't care what anyone says. This is one of the greatest films of all time.

  • roger greenberg
    roger greenberg 4 days ago

    Hey nostalgia critic can you review mighty morphin Power Rangers movie and turbo a Power Rangers movie?

  • MrH4nky
    MrH4nky 5 days ago

    Rick: Aw, shit, here we go again

  • Bubba Jones
    Bubba Jones 5 days ago

    hey don't diss my boi Brendan Fraiser

  • louis papadakis
    louis papadakis 5 days ago

    Before you see Tom Cruise’s ‘The Mummy’, re-visit the digital make-up, mocap and other VFX innovations from the 1999 film

  • Fatima Mahdi
    Fatima Mahdi 5 days ago

    Why so negative in this review. I really couldn't continue it because you are bashing a movie i love very much since i was a kid. Cinema sins were more positive 😅 why the hate man?!!

  • Fatima Mahdi
    Fatima Mahdi 5 days ago

    Brendan is amazing for this role. He gives it his own additions. He is great and i love these movies and i love him

  • mike hazelwood
    mike hazelwood 6 days ago

    That eat the dog dick of Anubis joke was from Bubba Ho-tep...Can’t tell if that was original or taking an already hilarious joke from a actual good movie. SMH!!!

  • Silent Assassin
    Silent Assassin 6 days ago

    i actually wanted the non fraser one...

    • sephiroth
      sephiroth 3 days ago

      Careful what I wish for

  • Bruja DelSol
    Bruja DelSol 7 days ago

    I just gotta point this out. I love you man and i found this review funny even i very much disagree with it but Scarab beetles and Locust are completely two different bugs entirely

  • Gino Gatash
    Gino Gatash 9 days ago

    why don't you review those old black and white movies and bring attention to it, instead of complaining about people too young to know films from an era that didn't believe in preservation.

  • Elizabeth Waid
    Elizabeth Waid 9 days ago

    Nostalgia critic if it wasn't for the original horror movies like wolfman,dracula and the mummy. We wouldn't have the same horror movies we have today and those that continue to show today.

  • WhyteLis21
    WhyteLis21 9 days ago

    I think this movie is pretty soild in my opinion along with the 2nd movie. Though I can't seem to take Nostalgia Critic too seriously about movies review after watching many of his videos. I'm sure if he's doing an actual review on films or he's just forcefully bashing and roasting each movies that he's come across. Be that good or bad. Just point it out there. Lol.

  • Irish_Nightwish
    Irish_Nightwish 9 days ago

    Brendan Frasier was my childhood superhero.So I really respect this movie overall.

  • Patriotic Militant
    Patriotic Militant 9 days ago

    1932 version is original. Just to show that there's others who agree with you, Critic.

  • Alec Cope
    Alec Cope 10 days ago +1

    Bruce Cambell in Frasers role couldve been even more legendary

  • Aku From the future
    Aku From the future 10 days ago +2

    I would've GLADLY watched a Bruce Campbell mummy film.
    Benny's actor was also in van helsing. He played Igor in it.
    Not that my opinion matters..
    But i love Brenden Fraser.
    His 90s/early millennium films are all imo decent

  • Aku From the future
    Aku From the future 10 days ago

    I liked the first Brenden Fraser one a lot. It came out when I was 7, and I loved it.
    When he screamed at the mummy that had just roared at him, I lost it.
    Still do. Lol
    2 was just bad imo. I never saw 3
    Thankfully avoided the Tom cruise one.

  • All Mouth
    All Mouth 10 days ago

    I'm 13 and thought the 1932 version was better than the fraser one.

  • DemiGod _Scrub
    DemiGod _Scrub 11 days ago

    This movie is so good

  • luke atkinson
    luke atkinson 11 days ago

    so we are just going to ignore the fact that when beni prays to the jewisn religion the mummy says "the language of slaves.".

  • Rochelle Alcantara
    Rochelle Alcantara 12 days ago

    Lol, I love this movie. Loved, love and still do!

  • Sterling LoBello
    Sterling LoBello 14 days ago

    Tbh, I actually wanted him to review the 1932 Mummy movie.😂😂😂

  • mittri1990
    mittri1990 14 days ago

    I love the mummy. Yes I do love the second one as well and those are 2 movies I acknowledge existing+The Scorpion King

  • Ken Lombardi
    Ken Lombardi 14 days ago

    The thing that made this movie good ( at least to me ) was how it knew what it was and did not try to take it self so seriously. It was a fun fast paced film and was probably in my top 3 Mummy movies I have seen. The other two being Karloff and 1959 Hammer version.

  • Nick Kempster
    Nick Kempster 16 days ago

    Does the 1959 Hammer version not get any love here?

  • Lucios1995
    Lucios1995 16 days ago

    A Plague Tale: Innocence (2019)

  • Trevor K. McNeil
    Trevor K. McNeil 16 days ago

    I have always thought Carey Elwis would have been perfect for Rick.

  • Molly Anne
    Molly Anne 19 days ago

    Bad CGI in 1999? Try the movie "Cleopatra". And no, not the Elizabeth Taylor version.

  • RageQuitProductions
    RageQuitProductions 19 days ago

    NC I LOVE THE SHOW. YOU'RE AWESOME AND FUNNY AS HELL. But I couldn't disagree more about the rope scene cause I god damn love it.

    RED SEA GAMING 21 day ago

    This was 1999 the CGI was not as good as it was today but I still say the mummy is a great movie

  • winthrop racette
    winthrop racette 21 day ago

    *stabs herself*
    "Hahaaa! That showed em!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Alan Feldman
    Alan Feldman 22 days ago

    Hey, this was released on my birthday!

  • Kevin Mitchell
    Kevin Mitchell 25 days ago +1

    Talk about the mummy returns

  • Andrew Knowles
    Andrew Knowles 26 days ago +2

    My dad worked on that movie so treat it with respect. 🎥💨✊

    • Andrew Knowles
      Andrew Knowles 24 days ago +1

      Hell Yeah. He worked on Detective Pikachu (The best Pocket Monsters movie ever).

    • MonsterHunter 66
      MonsterHunter 66 24 days ago +1

      Your dad's a lucky guy

  • InvaderSel 302
    InvaderSel 302 26 days ago

    "I want a Twinkie" XD

  • Prince William Uchenna Okpalaezecha

    The Legend of The Almighty Prince William Uchenna Okpala Beyond the imagination of three souls

  • Kayleigh Brown
    Kayleigh Brown 28 days ago be serious for a moment though, we DO need more reviewers that focus on old horror movie

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant 28 days ago

    I’m not gonna watch the first one, and no not the Braden Fraser!

  • shane coulson
    shane coulson 28 days ago +1

    please review the mummy returns

  • purpleheart3000
    purpleheart3000 29 days ago

    Boris Karloff is the perfect Mummy. You can't change my mind.

  • Victoria Garcia
    Victoria Garcia 29 days ago +1

    I just recently saw this movie for the first time, and I really enjoyed it, yes it's kinda silly, and yes some it's effects haven't aged well, but it's still really enjoyable.

  • thethunderbird87
    thethunderbird87 Month ago

    No the effects of today's b movies look like someone just walking around with a video camera, and no I'm not talking about found footage movies (fucking hate found footage movies)

  • Amanoob105
    Amanoob105 Month ago

    We shall curse him! With the worse curse of all that will give him invincibility, immortality and power over the sand!
    Wait a minute.....

  • Ramdemann
    Ramdemann Month ago

    Hold it, Evelyn needed Benny to translate what the mummy says after full regeneration? What happened to her knowing how to read and translate the language as she explained to the library guy? I guess Benny translated it for us.

  • Tod The Fox
    Tod The Fox Month ago +4

    You should review Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor, not this one.

  • Ethan S
    Ethan S Month ago

    The mummy was fun. I loved watching it.

  • MrJohnyJr
    MrJohnyJr Month ago

    can he please do the second and third Brendan Fraser mummy movie please

  • super dude
    super dude Month ago

    8000th comment

  • The Tillman Review
    The Tillman Review Month ago

    The mummy was one of the better over-the-top late-1990's action flicks, though. Brendan Fresier was the man for this role. His type of humour worked well.Physically, he is exactly what Hollywood has defined as a hero (tall, square-jawed, handsome face, broad shoulders.) However, the character's personality is a paradox. The character was a liar, gambler, womanizer, and is quite incompetent.The notable story that I loved was that Imhotep wasn't really a "bad" guy. He was just doing everything to avenge the love of his life. Yet, O'Connell was acting mostly out of self-preservation. O'Connell didn't even defeat the bad guy.The tragedy was the "good" guy realized his love, while Imhotep's love betrayed him. When Anaksunamun betrayed him, he no longer had a purpose. Thereby, killing his character.

  • Richard_22_
    Richard_22_ Month ago +2

    Rachel Weisz is adorable in the first film and stunningly beautiful in the 2nd.

  • Adonan the Stoic
    Adonan the Stoic Month ago

    Eh, I liked the third one, primarily because of Jet Li.

  • NekoChanSenpai
    NekoChanSenpai Month ago

    Bone pockets!

  • gebirgsjager1367
    gebirgsjager1367 Month ago +2

    Were you on the rag when you made this video? The level of vitriol you spewed out was ridiculous.
    This was a VERY enjoyable action flick.The effects were fine seeing as how the film is 20 years old.10 years before Avatar, and these was no really good CGI back then.
    Maybe you like "messages" and films that preach at you for 2 hours or more , but me? I want a film that entertains me and is fun.
    Something I can watch over and over and just enjoy.

  • kevrayne
    kevrayne Month ago

    why would he say "man" or "you know"? i'm confused?

  • josht27ffx
    josht27ffx Month ago

    Fez's are cool

  • Zach Bartolo
    Zach Bartolo Month ago

    Eh, I've seen the 1932 Mummy. It's alright, but dated in my opinion. You may just see CGI Critic, but to this day I find THIS Mummy much more intimidating and scary. Did Boris Karloff steal the organs of his victims to add to his own?

  • justin hansen
    justin hansen Month ago

    It also spawned a ride at universal

  • kiril Veljanoski
    kiril Veljanoski Month ago

    Very slowly.

  • Kim Jensen
    Kim Jensen Month ago +1

    Hoping for a Sequal Month again - I wanna see a NR review of "The Mummy Returns".

  • GamE FrEak
    GamE FrEak Month ago

    i was 15 when i watch this film. it felt like a Indiana Jones film for my 15 year old mind.
    those days my kid self thought Spawn a epic masterpice of a film.
    its still made me laugh. He kinda used every religion on that Mummy n it worked. ha ha

  • Krampus The Creepy Pasta Reader

    "he has to kill her to resurrect her..."

  • Radlee Reyes
    Radlee Reyes Month ago

    Was not expecting an Archer joke thrown in there. Nice commentary and criticism.

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez Month ago +1

    Did you know that hanging stunt nearly killed him.

  • Richard Easton III
    Richard Easton III Month ago

    To be honest I like this movie but I can also say it has not aged well

  • Tony Chow
    Tony Chow Month ago

    I personally loved this movie not because it was a masterpiece of cinematography or even a good story.
    I like it because it fulfills a fantasy of being a hero going on an adventure and fighting undead dudes from god knows what time period.
    Plus the effects for the time was pretty neat and it gave some pretty chilling scenes.
    The original had overflowing atmosphere but Brendan Fraser's was much campier and energetic with lovable villains and side kicks.

  • Serasia
    Serasia Month ago

    “Mr Sandman!”
    “Bring me a dream!”

  • INFJ Girl
    INFJ Girl Month ago

    Ooooooh... sorry critic, but The Mummy (1998) was not crappy. It was a fun action/adventure movie with a solid plot and decent CGI. I still enjoy it every time I watch it.

  • Patrick Morris
    Patrick Morris Month ago

    You know given how well Brendan Fraser has been received as Robotman in 'Doom Patrol', as well as the style of that show I can't help but think of it as a mix of his various movies. It's got the elements of comic book adventure you get from something like 'The Mummy', the sheer weirdness of 'Monkeybone', and the humanity of 'Gods and Monsters'.

  • J
    J Month ago +3

    The movie turns 20 today!
    Still one of my dad’s favorites
    But I love the sequel better

  • April Clarke
    April Clarke Month ago +1

    I really want him to do a review for The mummy 2.

  • KanishQ Quotes
    KanishQ Quotes Month ago +1

    I don't care
    Imhotep in the movie was just plain hot


    Dear Critic: I liked the Brendan Fraiser version (Except the 3rd one) but personally I would actually like a review of the Boris Karloff movie so somebody besides me and you actually talk about this movie. Also, any hope for the 1925, 1943 or 1962 Phantom of the Opera movies to be discussed? I'm really tired of folks only knowing the version based on the ALW musical.
    Fun fact: Brendan Fraiser actually got hanged for that scene and got bruises around his neck.

  • Arca Ryder
    Arca Ryder Month ago

    I love the The Mummy - Brenden Fraser Version ❤️❤️❤️ I have watched that movie SHIT LOAD OF TIMES 🥰🥰🥰 u can ask my mom she had to deal with me watching this thousands of times lol and yes I 100% REFUSE to watch the Tom Cruise new mummy version its just not the same at all

  • David Harrison
    David Harrison Month ago

    "Given the time's pretty bad" come doug you really going to Diss the cgi? So ignore character development (something you complain about all the time) to poke at the cgi?

  • LordCybot
    LordCybot Month ago

    Rachel Weissz is still my celebrity crush

  • Bino Virex
    Bino Virex Month ago

    Basically according to comments CHANGE THIS RETARDS CHANNEL!

  • Rainbow the wind sage

    Anyone else notice that the opening skit used swan lake as the mysic?

  • gingaddict
    gingaddict Month ago

    I'm not gonna lie Arnold Vosloo (who plays the mummy) would've made a brilliant Jafar for the Aladdin Live action remake!

  • Sir Derpington
    Sir Derpington Month ago

    nathen drake in his first adventure.

  • ifollowrivers
    ifollowrivers Month ago

    You know, I didn’t notice as a kid but Brendan Frazier is a good looking man.

  • CarloisBuriedAlive
    CarloisBuriedAlive Month ago

    You know the movie is really charming and self-aware when NC has to come up with a bunch of gimmicks and cutaways just to try critiquing it

  • Waluigi
    Waluigi Month ago

    I'd give the movie a 6/10 I'd give the review a 10/10

  • Gunman James
    Gunman James 2 months ago

    i, being totally from this time period lol'

  • Tod The Fox
    Tod The Fox 2 months ago

    Still a good remake in my opinion.

  • Sarai the Gigabyte
    Sarai the Gigabyte 2 months ago +1

    This along with the sequel is one of the movies I watched more than 10 times, kinda like what I do with the Back to the Future Trilogy. The Mummy was great, Fraiser is the only actor worthy of the role tbh

  • online friend1755
    online friend1755 2 months ago +1

    At least the mummy ride at universal was good

  • Juddi Delaney
    Juddi Delaney 2 months ago

    "Am I right boys?!"

  • Charlie Bear
    Charlie Bear 2 months ago

    kinda want to watch that animated movie that keeps on being mentioned in this just for that bat :T

  • Stefan Sharak
    Stefan Sharak 2 months ago +2

    I saw this movie as a really good Raiders spoof.