Deontay Wilder On Anthony Joshua Fight, 97% TKO Rate Why He Started Boxing, And More!

  • Published on Nov 24, 2017
  • Deontay Wilder Talks Next Possible Fight Against Anthony Joshua, Tells Life Changing Moment That Sparked His Boxing Career, The Moment He Thought He Killed A Boxer In The Ring, And More!
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Comments • 401

  • Jack The Lad
    Jack The Lad Month ago +1

    Use to like him until this interview

    NARKOHAMPON TV 9 months ago +1

    Deontay Wilder The Best Heavyweight Boxer Of This Generation

    NARKOHAMPON TV 9 months ago +1

    Deontay Wilder power is at 99% not 97

  • Calikid 91
    Calikid 91 11 months ago

    Best heavyweight out rn

  • Jayson Machin
    Jayson Machin Year ago +1

    Corny skinny guy. 6'7 210bls ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Jayson Machin
    Jayson Machin Year ago +2


  • Foreverblack Stars

    Joshua is the most humblest boxer never opened his mouth. Josh would box him

  • Murphy Leeizy
    Murphy Leeizy Year ago

    You re good

  • Sean Oxborough
    Sean Oxborough Year ago

    Wbc. = we beat crooks,Biggest con since 9/11

  • Dennise Manu
    Dennise Manu Year ago

    Hi Guys please i how can i get in touch with Mr wilder? please help me.

  • Fernando Meza
    Fernando Meza Year ago

    Id say wilder like 8-11 %

  • Zzs Zzs
    Zzs Zzs Year ago

    Iโ€™m the hard hittingest

  • Marooc Africa
    Marooc Africa Year ago

    the champ is here

  • OoWee BJizzle
    OoWee BJizzle Year ago

    Wilder is special๐Ÿ‘Š..boooomb squad!!


    I'm British. But respect both fighters... would definitely a epic display of power.

  • hd31
    hd31 Year ago

    Lets go champ hahahaha

  • Richard Pearson
    Richard Pearson Year ago +1

    40 fights, and all bums! BUUUMSQUAAAD!!!!

  • Hear my words
    Hear my words Year ago

    Deontay and LeBron is from the same hood. they even look alike

    • Albert Banks
      Albert Banks Year ago

      Hear my words And there from two totally two diffrent states dumbass

    • Albert Banks
      Albert Banks Year ago

      Hear my words No they dont you probably think all black people look alike stop stereotyping man

  • MercyReaper
    MercyReaper Year ago

    I like Wilder, I used to hate him but the more I see him the more I start to respect him a little more.... I hope he and AJ will fight soon. I'm British and love AJ but like I said I'm liking wilder more and more, I wish he could get even 20% of the support from Americans that AJ gets from the British, like Mike Tyson said there's a huge difference between uk and USA fans. Man up USA, love and respect from the uk.

  • podgemuller
    podgemuller Year ago +2

    2% hahaha full off bullshit , some right hand tho

  • the King
    the King Year ago +1

    Pussy wilder stop ducking aj and take the 13 million

  • Jordan 889
    Jordan 889 Year ago +1

    He doesnโ€™t have 2% bodyfat wtf

  • Adrian Blazevic
    Adrian Blazevic Year ago +1

    How can anyone hate on this champ? He's real and not afraid to just do him. People's champ! Fun interview!!! Thx guys.

  • Tom wood hip hop
    Tom wood hip hop Year ago +1


  • KayWalkZ
    KayWalkZ Year ago


  • Fr Macs
    Fr Macs Year ago

    Who are Nancy and Katherine?

    DUKEOFSOUNDS Year ago +1

    If he has 2% body fat then he didn't duck dillian whyte .

      DUKEOFSOUNDS Year ago

      Lisandro Perez you can pay off your mandatory challenger douche . He had the opportunity to get a bigger pay check plus the highest contender he ever faced.
      It's called a duck you dog bollocks

    • Lisandro Perez
      Lisandro Perez Year ago

      DUKEOFSOUNDS you sound really dumb... how can a champion duck his mandatory challenger? If he did he would no longer be champion! Whyte is the mandatory for the WBC title that Wilder currently holds. Whyte needs to wait his turn... why fight your mandatory way before you are obligated to do so when there's better matchups out there in AJ, Parker and Fury! Whyte will get his chance soon enough... for now, Wilder is only focusing on AJ, Parker and Fury!!!

  • Rusty SpyGoat
    Rusty SpyGoat Year ago

    WIlder is nothing until he fights the Gypsy King!

    S DONALD Year ago +1

    I like Wilder........ I pray that he walks Godly instead of professing Christ and live a sinful life


    Bomb Squad!!!!!!!

  • afa
    afa Year ago +1

    Didnt no he had a boxing career don't tell me them 39fights where professionals !

  • Shaun Collins
    Shaun Collins Year ago +1

    To be the realest champion your answer should be, "I take on all comers" but he doesnt. Wilders a chump who only fights bums.

  • AW88
    AW88 Year ago +1

    Surely we will see this fight happen soon...AJ is too much for Wilder though! Easily over in 3 rounds.

  • 5thDawg
    5thDawg Year ago

    His like the 2pac of Boxing
    Bruh, when it came to the sex topic the girl got overexcited

  • Barabus69er
    Barabus69er Year ago +5

    Wilder saying he doesn't get worried or nervous before a fight is because he has fought such a terrible array of opponents. 3 years this cunt has had the WBC and has fought B and C level opponents.

    • Jarrod Hawkins
      Jarrod Hawkins Year ago

      What abilities are those then retard

    • IMO Sports
      IMO Sports Year ago

      Barabus69er Once you start name calling a fighter for no reason, it makes you sound like a casual

    • afa
      afa Year ago +1

      Barabus69er hes a embarrassment to boxing

    • Perry Saker
      Perry Saker Year ago

      Barabus69er no it's because he has faith in God and his abilities!!... So why would he be scared!!...

  • Daily News
    Daily News Year ago +4

    He's got a good right hand but not a great boxer, and hasn't real fought anyone one note. Would put my money on AJ or Parker. But DT has a great personality for media gigs.

    • Justusjohnny Jo
      Justusjohnny Jo Year ago

      Super Stud I get ya bruh but the man has a belt and AJ figgting lesser champs with belts but saying Wilders notoriety is low! What about these other dudes he fighting, not one a better fighter or has a after resume than Wilder! Hearn ducking and if AJ really wanted this fight he would talk up and try to make it happen. You see it in AJ interviews how his spirit goes down when Wilder is mentioned.

    • Super Stud
      Super Stud Year ago

      Justusjohnny Jo - Punchers or Athletic without well known names on their resume or a bunch of fans get ducked because they are high risk low reward, look at GGG or Rigondeaux. If they arent well known or popular fighting them is too risky

    • Justusjohnny Jo
      Justusjohnny Jo Year ago

      Prince Kareem Y'all sound stupid, if DW was easy work Parker and AJ would dive into that fight with no hesitation. Y'all saw how fast AJ ran up on Martin for the belt that Martin just received, why didn't he try Wilder then? If Wilder was a chump then why does Parker want a max pay day, he didn't ask the same from other opponents. These dudes are reluctant to face Wilder they know defeat is a high possibility because they aren't as willing as Wilder. Love how you fans say things the fighters don't and y'all do it more confidently, maybe because y'all don't fight?

    • Prince Kareem
      Prince Kareem Year ago

      Daily News Even a David Haye in shape, would beat him on points

  • Chezzamaine
    Chezzamaine Year ago +1

    Mannn Wilder is something else .. charismatic, funny, intelligent and best boxer outchea ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸพโœŠ๐ŸพโœŠ๐Ÿพ

    TROZJAN Year ago +1

    U will get fucked up hand bags at dawn

    TROZJAN Year ago +2

    Got more than 2% fat on that big nose

    TROZJAN Year ago +1

    Realist champ not beating best yet only Beatin fat chumps

  • Nick Younge
    Nick Younge Year ago +3

    1-2% body fat : You are dead. Seriously๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ the last 2% of fat is in your spinal cord and brain.
    3-4% body fat : This is the territory of the most successful pro bodybuilders famous for their โ€œconditioningโ€, the likes of Helmut strebl and Andreas munzer. Have you heard stories about bodybuilders collapsing or even worse, dying on the stage? You are not 2% body fat Deontay๐Ÿคฃ

  • Ray D Ology
    Ray D Ology Year ago +1

    ๐ŸŽ APPLE!!! can't you tell when it's gone bad.

  • Sebastian Watson
    Sebastian Watson Year ago +2

    the weakest heavyweight champion of all time ! #BeontayWilder

    • carl green
      carl green Year ago

      lol so true.realist champion!take the 10 million you bum have a real fight.or keep telling everyone joshua dodging you

  • The Truth
    The Truth Year ago +3

    AJ best heavyweight this era!!!

  • Laszlo
    Laszlo Year ago +1

    Smh....tmi...might be juicy but rotten on the inside.

  • tincan tincan
    tincan tincan Year ago +1

    Wilder is to powerful and slick for AJ the bronze bomber will blow the robot away within 7

  • Roy Ratcliffe
    Roy Ratcliffe Year ago +2

    black shirt red t-shirt and a chain . That looks nice ๐Ÿ˜…mate sort your self out. as for 2 % don't think so pro bodybuilders don't go that low if they did they would be passing out all day long . educate your self on body fat percentages.

  • Kolussus
    Kolussus Year ago +11

    Big up yuhself Beyonce

    • Devon Amo
      Devon Amo 11 months ago

      You know full well where he lives lmao

    • Tone Bangerz
      Tone Bangerz Year ago

      Kolussus Musiq do you live in Jamaica?

    • Kolussus
      Kolussus Year ago

      Antonio McCray Jamaican

    • Tone Bangerz
      Tone Bangerz Year ago +2

      Kolussus Musiq quick question what is your nationality?

  • USA south
    USA south Year ago +6

    AJ is a good fighter but wilder is a killer a big difference.

    • Jarrod Hawkins
      Jarrod Hawkins Year ago

      You would say that but deep down you know the truth aj will smash him

  • Fabien Sterling
    Fabien Sterling Year ago +2

    Is wilder gonna do videos every day till he fights AJ๐Ÿค”
    Both sparred with klitchko and wilder got sparked out twice and dropped by body shot๐Ÿ˜ฌ
    AJ I hear been dropped by Dubois.....set a date even if wilder has to fight Snatcher(Whyte) first...
    AJ can fight Ortiz or Miller Lite....and then unification bout end of 2018.๐Ÿ’ฅ

    • Lisandro Perez
      Lisandro Perez Year ago

      Juice Sterlz he doing videos everyday in an effort to do everything in his power to get AJ in the ring soon because AJ doesn't seem to want the fight saying he not ready yet. Really???

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman Year ago +4

    I wonder what excuses americans will make when AJ destroys this poor deluded fool

    • Lisandro Perez
      Lisandro Perez Year ago

      iNerd. I wonder what excuses Brits would make after Wilder slips one of AJ's uppercuts and counters with his big right hand flush on his chin dropping him... the immediate after affects of the shockwaves behind the Super Punch leaving him spasming, squirming and twerking for an easy 10 count. I could hear cries now... ohhh nooo! That's not fair! Wilder hit him too hard! Check his gloves for steel! Nothing in the gloves??? Check blood! Take his urine! Take a stool sample! Do something please, this is crazy!!!

    EAGLECAP Year ago +13

    I can't understand how this man isn't a superstar in the U.S.A.
    In and outside the ring he's the most entertaining HW Champ.

    • MercyReaper
      MercyReaper Year ago

      Hahahaha your so funny! This guys a joke! Bumb squad! The chump not champ! He's fought bumbs! Atleast AJ fought klitchko, wilder would never have done that! That's why he never did! He's a fucking windmill.

    • Nicholas Joseph-Francis
      Nicholas Joseph-Francis Year ago +1

      Jorge Mataafa he's a good dude. He hasn't had a team until recently. He's done it all alone, no PR teams and all that.

  • Andy Bliss
    Andy Bliss Year ago +2

    Fury in his prime challenged him. He was was not to take him up on the offer

    ANON YMOUS Year ago +2

    Wilder wants the fight soo bad,, but yet STILL not made any offers for the fight with AJ, we all want to see the fight, but you can only say you want the fight more than anything so many times without making a offer before people call Bullshit to what you saying,,
    I can see why he is making noise like he is because he has no official promoter doing his promoting for him so Keep it up and maybe us fans will demand this fight happens next, but stop saying AJ dont wanna fight you and saying you the most feared if YOU HAVE NEVER upto yet made ANY fighters ANY offers!!!
    Peace โœŒ

    • Lisandro Perez
      Lisandro Perez Year ago +1

      ANON YMOUS you are absolutely correct and for that I have all of the respect In the world for you... you are the first person to respond honestly without being biased either way. Thank you! And though you are an AJ fan, I can tell that you have a lot of love and respect for the sport of boxing. I'm a true Wilder fan all the way win lose or draw but at the end of the day, I'm a true boxing fan... I love the sport of boxing more I love any individual boxer. I REALLY HOPE THAT THEY MAKE IT HAPPEN SOON SO THAT WE CAN RECOGNIZE WHO IS THE BEST HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THIS ERA! I HAVE A STRONG FEELING THAT THIS BATTLE COULD END BEING THE FIGHT OF THE CENTURY!!! AND AS CONFIDENT AS I AM OF WILDER, I KNOW IN MY HEART THAT THESE 2 CHAMPIONS ARE THE FACE OF OF THE DIVISION! I BELIEVE THAT ONLY WILDER CAN DETHRONE JOSHUA AND ONLY JOSHUA CAN DETHRONE WILDER... WHEN THE 2 MONSTERS Of THE PLANET COLLIDE, IT COULD EASILY GO EITHER WAY! LET THE BEST CHAMP WIN! I'M TRULY THE ONE HAVING NIGHTMARES OF THIS SUPER BOUT NEVER HAPPENING... FOR AS A WILDER FAN AND A TRUE BOXING FAN "(I COMPEATED MYSELF AS WELL)", IT DON'T GET NO BETTER THAN JOSHUA VS WILDER FOR THE UNIVERSALLY RECOGNIZED UNDISPUTED UNDEFEATED WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT WBC WBA AND IBF SUPER CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD!!! THIS IS WHAT ALL TRUE BOXERS AND FIGHT FANS DREAM OF!!! I Can't wait and will loose my mind with excitement, joy and happiness if and when it goes down... my entire family, my friends and every person I know out are just mad with anticipation for this bout, we're stacking bread ahead of time just in case our dream comes true... there's no way in the world we would even risk missing out on the opportunity to witness history!!!!!!!

      ANON YMOUS Year ago +1

      Lisandro Perez
      Dude, that was some sentence,
      You see, what we are doing now is the reason these fighters say things and pretend to negotiate on social media, its gets us fans debating eachover and hyping a fight??,
      The facts are, Nomatter what we hear on social media, we dont know whats been agreed behind closed doors???, For all we know the fights may already have been agreed and got dates and a strategy for maximum publicity like whats happening on social media with these silly back and forths with fake offers???,
      I think we can agree that when these fights take place they wont be as one sided as each fighters fans would like to think???,
      As for AJ wakin up in the night scared etc,,,,,,, He a fighter and as someone who has competed before, not many real fighters are scared of a fight, like I said AJ wont be scared of Wilder and nor Wilder scared of AJ, even though if either one hits the other on the chin its lights out,
      We will get to see who ends up making that fatal error and loosing for the first time in their career and becoming unified heavyweight champion, hopefully this year, and both sides of fans will debate and argue on social media and in bars etc making the fight even more successful??,
      So may the best man win (AJ), and have a goodday
      PEACE BRO โœŒ

    • Lisandro Perez
      Lisandro Perez Year ago

      ANON YMOUS you're right about that but when I look at this situation, I see AJ on social media talking about really wanting to make history by becoming the first heavyweight champion to unify the WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF titles which would automatically put his name amongst Mike Tyson, Lennox Louis, George Foreman, Rocky Marciano and Mohammed Ali (amongst the greatest of all time)... if that's true and he hears Wilder, Parker and Fury calling him out publicly, then he would do anything in his power to make it happen... he wouldn't be refusing the 65 percent offer that Parker officially made to him... first he AJ says on social media that he would soon be offering Parker and Joshua the same deal on his terms... Wilder feels offended because he has a better record than Parker and holds a higher rates title belt than Parker... Parker response by stating that his manager just sent AJ's manager a unification offer of 40-60 (40 for Parker and 60 for Joshua)... AJ response by having Hearn send Parker's manager a counter offer of 80-20 (80 for Joshua and 20 for Parker)... Parker is embarrassed, disgusted and offended by that ridiculous offer cuts off negotiations... Hearn claims that the offer was a mistake but AJ goes on social media questioning Parker response to the offer... Parker then lowers his offer to 35-65 stating that it's their final offer and that they're willing to move on from AJ if the offer doesn't go through... Wilder goes on social media and states that he wants 50-50... instead of contacting Wilders handlers to attempt to negotiate a better deal than 50-50, Hearn now goes on social media and states that negotiations with Parker looks bleak and that they may not be able to negotiate a match with Wilder and so they may be turning their focus to a rematch with Whyte instead. That definitely doesn't sound like someone that really wants to make history by unifying the division. I try to see things from his perspective... if I was AJ with a strong fan base in my country making a whole bunch of money... why not sacrifice and negotiate a super bout with Wilder 60-40 knowing that I'll still make more money than I've ever made with with the entire US spending big to tune in and watch... knowing that if I succeed, I'll be gaining millions of fans across the globe quadrupling my marketability... knowing that upon winning, I'll have the leverage to turn the tables on Parker, giving him no choice but to take the 80-20 split and also knowing that if I win I'll be one victory away from making history. The only logical answer to this is that I'm afraid of Wilder power... I know that that kind of power could end my night at any moment... I'm afraid of getting knocked out in front of all of my people and family... I'm afraid of losing my credibility and not being able to continue to rise and generate money after Wilder is done punching my head off... I've watched film and noticed that Wilder is underrated... I realize that though I'm a better boxer, Wilder is a better fighter than me... I have no confidence in myself going up against Wilder...every night I wake in cold sweats screaming like a bitch from the constant nightmares of Wilder killing me in the ring and proving once and for all that with all his flaws, Wilder is the best power puncher on the planet... I can't ever accept any offer to face Wilder and hope and pray that someone beats him so that this nightmare can end... Parker! Fury! Whyte! Somebody! Anybody! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ANON YMOUS Year ago

      Lisandro Perez
      You do realise that shouting on social media isn't making a offer???,
      Wilder has made no real effort to provide venues, TV networks, sponsors, in a actual contract that AJ could look at,!!!!!, So saying on social media that we should fight and it should be 50/50 IS NOT A LEGITIMATE OFFER or proposal!!,

    • Lisandro Perez
      Lisandro Perez Year ago

      ANON YMOUS he did make an offer to Wilder. Saying champion on champion, 50-50 make it happen next... AJ is the one acting like he doesn't want to face Wilder which is why he saying what he saying. If AJ was serious about unifying the division and facing Wilder, then he would've countered Wilder's offer... instead he's making offers to Parker that he knows Parker won't ever agree to like 80-20 for championship unification. Ridiculous and astonishing on Wilders part. Peace!

  • Rumple Stiltskin
    Rumple Stiltskin Year ago +3

    Think Joshua is a more composed boxer but Wilder is more explosive and powerful, would be a good fight ๐ŸฅŠ

  • cloudy chill
    cloudy chill Year ago +14

    97% TKO rate against bums.
    I'm not impressed seeing as another guy has double your belts in half your fights and a 100% TKO rate.

    • cloudy chill
      cloudy chill Year ago

      James Souza Oooou 1 in almost 40 fights hahaha.
      AJ has fought several top 10 fighters and unified in under 20 fights.

    • cloudy chill
      cloudy chill Year ago

      IMO Sports Since when is stating facts being a casual?
      You sound like a moron. On the surface, as deep as a puddle. Just said you sound like, not sure if you are.

    • IMO Sports
      IMO Sports Year ago

      cloudy chill You sound like a casual. On the surface, as deep as a puddle. Just said you sound like, not sure if you are

    • cloudy chill
      cloudy chill Year ago

      drunk mike Molina gave Wilder Bambi legs staggering around the ring hahaha. AJ took him out immediately.
      Also your "facts" are bullshit.
      AJ has fought Breazeale, Martin, Takam and Wlad who were all top 10 and Whyte is top 10 now too. Also Breazeale, Martin and Whyte were all undefeated.
      How many undefeated top 10 fighters has Wilder fought? NONE!
      Wilder won't even fight Whyte for double his biggest payday too. Any which way you look at it, that's a duck. Same as Wilder ducking a 14 million dollar offer for AJ.
      Wilder hasn't made that much in his entire career. Another clear duck.
      The real facts are as stated above. Wilder hasn't fought anyone compared to AJ and AJ has unified in half the fights of Wilder. That must be embarrassing for you.
      Those are the facts that are easy to see.

    • drunk mike
      drunk mike Year ago

      cloudy chill- LOL The facts are easy to find and AJ has only fought 2 top 10 guys one being a old as Wlad and most of his other opponents are NOT RANKED AT ALL and a few are ranked in the 300's and 400's I'm talking WORLD rankings not UK or US. As for Molina I love when dummies bring them fights up because AJ didn't face the same Molina that Wilder did. Wilder put a major beating on him he was dropped 5 times you can ask any boxer and they will tell you after a beating like that fighters are never the same and are way more subject to get KO easier. Why is AJ fighting Wilder's leftovers anyway LOL?

  • philip013
    philip013 Year ago +3

    Chicken legs.

  • mladen kuznar
    mladen kuznar Year ago +3

    Anthony Joshua doesn't even wont fight him because in Europe nobady knows who he is + he thinks that Deontay is not a good fighter at all he wants to fight Tyson fury that fight would make him four times more money then Deontay fight i don't think he'll fight Wilder next year because everybody wants him to fight Fury . Deontay should fight Dereck Chisora,Dillian Whyte or Tony Bellew make a name for himself and then attack Joshua

    • mladen kuznar
      mladen kuznar Year ago

      everything you say is true however am just saying here in europe
      nobody is really excited about Wilder fight they wont him to fight Fury
      or if not him then Dillian Whyte 2 much more money and more interest but
      i think that Deontay Wilder has a good chance vs Anthony
      Joshua.Deontay he is probably 3 to 1 underdog

    • William Tagon
      William Tagon Year ago

      mladen kuznar Bellew, don't want that pay check, I feel the same about the others .

    • William Tagon
      William Tagon Year ago

      mladen kuznar fury needs a come back fight fact is this fight has to happen as much as Fury fight no 1 in Furys camp wants AJ fight he is 25 stone coming back for that fight needs time he should be a 100% fit around 18 stone tops ,

    • King 513
      King 513 Year ago

      mladen kuznar excuse

  • Guy Austin
    Guy Austin Year ago +3

    2% body fat! haha what a retard!

  • jaywayne1000
    jaywayne1000 Year ago +1

    He sound like a true boxer

  • Ezra Sparo
    Ezra Sparo Year ago +3

    wilder is talking bullshit

  • bowser lfc
    bowser lfc Year ago +3

    Take what your offererd for the aj fight, it's more than you've earned in all your fights combined. If you truly believe you'll win then you'll get the bigger percentage in the rematch after winning.

    • bowser lfc
      bowser lfc Year ago

      James Souza granted, but he's had 39 or something fights to reach that, I think it was a good offer.

  • bowser lfc
    bowser lfc Year ago +2

    One of the most annoying things about wilder is when he refers to himself in the third person. It's just ridiculous, actions of a self obsessed, egotistical person. Amir Khan is the worst for it.

    • Altezza447
      Altezza447 Year ago

      people like show off and arrogance. all for business to make money

    • SoloRaider temp
      SoloRaider temp Year ago

      bowser lfc if that's the worst thing then it ain't so bad. Tbf it doesn't matter what he does because no matter what you'd find issue with something

  • Be Thankful
    Be Thankful Year ago +3

    maybe wilder has to step up to aj like briggs does to haye

    • Ray D Ology
      Ray D Ology Year ago

      Be Thankful and they say AJ is a hype job! wilder talks about him every day.


      Briggs ducked Haye. Briggs didn't want the fight unless it was on Sky Sports Box Office. Wilder is ducking Joshua. Wilder is pricing himself out of the fight with Joshua.

  • Jack Kilbz
    Jack Kilbz Year ago +2

    this guys talks to much for a guy who hasnt fought any one what a joke smh you americans are stupid af ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

    • steven B
      steven B Year ago

      Jack Kilbz that's a great record ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • A Louis
    A Louis Year ago +1

    Man like Josh wants come link fam

  • Manny Ribera
    Manny Ribera Year ago +3

    All men cheat, thats it.

  • Manny Ribera
    Manny Ribera Year ago +1

    Dโ€™ontae a countri bwoih

  • Benzene
    Benzene Year ago +4

    Deontay still GOAT for taking charlie zelenoff's 0

  • Lyle Temple
    Lyle Temple Year ago +3

    Wilder is getting better and better, great jab to control Joshua ,if he lands the right like kitsch he will finish joshua, movement is key ,use the reach and superior jab to control Joshua who is basically a hyped up , mechanical bodybuilder

    • Tanner Goodman
      Tanner Goodman Year ago

      Hasn't showed use his abilities with A+ level/top 10 rated heavyweights. 39 fights in, and never fought a top 50, 6 title defenses in and never fought a top 10. Dropped a massive 4.5 million offer to defend against Dillian Whyte. He's a badass, but hasn't showed much with the caliber he's faced

    • steven B
      steven B Year ago

      Lyle Temple he won't control AJ

  • Zee
    Zee Year ago +10

    BombZquaaad... UK fucks with Wilder even though a lot of Wilder haters are in the UK

    • Ray D Ology
      Ray D Ology Year ago

      Zeeshan Hanif REALISE LOL ๐Ÿ˜‚ come mess with us we're easy work!

  • Jack B
    Jack B Year ago +9

    Deontay is a bum. 9 years, 39 fights and not one single credible opponent. The state of the American heavyweight division is a joke! AJ vs Tyson is the real fight. Deontay thewindmill Wilder is just a stepping stone

    • afa
      afa Year ago +1

      Lisandro Perez hes an embarrassment to sport of boxing 39 fights 1 top 10 thats shocking (even if you had the 2 for peds that would be 3 top 10 in 39 ..find a record in boxing like that

    • Lisandro Perez
      Lisandro Perez Year ago +1

      Jack B you're the delusional one... first of all, I have nothing against your Country or people and I don't have anything against AJ for that matter... I like AJ to begin with, he's one of my favorite champions... I just know his jaw is below average and Wilder would give him one hell of a fight! I also believe that Wielder's athletic ability, speed, reach and power will be too much for AJ to overcome! I don't mean to sound disrespectful towards you or anyone... This ain't got nothing to do with patriotism bro, I'm a boxing fan and I don't root for fighters based on where they're from... Lennox Louis is was my favorite boxer back in the day! As for Klitschko, he is old and washed up... he was great in his prime but he ain't the fighter he used to be and would not beat Wilder if they fought today! You the sounding patriotic talking about Whyte who's no way near Wilder level... Stivern and Areola would give Whyte a run for his money and Spills would definitely knock him out... but don't worry about Whyte for he's now Wielder's mandatory so he'll get his chance, he just gotta wait his turn and not loose. There's numerous reasons why Wilder's not paying him no mind for now... Wilder is a multimillionaire heavyweight champion so he don't need to rush and fight someone just because they offer him 4mil... He could make a whole lot more fighting AJ! Wilder is at the peek of his prime! At this point in his career, proving that he's the best by unifying the division is a little more important to him than money. If the offer on Whyte was presented to him differently, then he may have jumped on that offer! But Hearn showed him no respect when Wilder called out AJ by insinuating that he needed to prove himself worthy to AJ by fighting Whyte in the UK... and Wilder didn't flat out disagree even though he was bothered by Hearn insinuation... instead, he countered with requesting that AJ be put on the back end of the Whyte contract stating that if he defeats Whyte then he would automatically immediately become AJ's mandatory challenger for championship unification but Hearn refused the counter offer automatically killing the Whyte offer. Why agree to fight your mandatory challenger ahead of time to make 4mil, when you just got rid of your old mandatory (Stivern) and therefore are not required to face your new mandatory (Whyte) for up to a year per WBC Championship Governing Rules and you believe you could make up to quadruple that amount by first facing AJ in a winner takes all World Heavyweight Super Championship Unification Bout and a chance to become the The Unanimous Undisputed Undefeated Unified Heavyweight Super Champion Of The World! Wilder's not looking for easy quick pay days... He's looking to go from good to great to legendary and since it's now up to him to choose his next couple of opponents, he's only focusing on facing opponents that are in possession of the remaining 3 major boxing titles (WBA, IBF and WBO)... this narrows the field to AJ, Parker and Fury. Fury remains in the picture only because most boxing fans still consider him the champion became he lost his titles without actually loosing a match. Wilder, AJ, Parker, Fury and Ortiz are all the current class of the heavyweight division... no other fighters can stand up to them in the ring... they all pose a significant threat and would give each other fits in the ring... Ain't no real way of truly telling who will come out on top when it's all said and done with... Wilder has long reach, very good jab, speed and incredible one punch knockout power which gives him the ability to end any fight at any moment with just one punch. AJ is very strong and athletic, a pure technical boxer and excellent counter puncher, the best close distance finisher in boxing, deadliest combination power puncher in boxing, his massive muscular body and overall quickness allows him to easily absorb body shots and cut off the ring finishing off his opponent with powerful multiple combination power punches. Parker is a young quick and athletic brawler with excellent head movement, good footwork, granite jaw and equal power in both hands, ability to absorb power punches to the head and body keeps him in every fight allowing him to take over the fight with his counter punching ability, his great stamina allow him to stalk, smother and pressure his opponent non-stop from beginning to end. Fury extremely tall, has a lot stamina and endurance, good counter puncher, extremely smart in the ring and uses his opponents strength and weaknesses against them, extremely good in getting under their skin and in their head prior to and during the fight, ability to switch from southpaw to Orthodox and back without missing a beat, his superior length allows him to avoid power punches and keep opponents away from him, his length also gives him the ability to frustrate his opponents by being to able to easily land all kinds of long distance punches from different angles, he's also constantly moving which makes it even more difficult to hit him hard enough to do any real damage. Ortiz is the wildcard in the bunch with power in both hands and very similar to Parker... only bigger and a bit slower. It's just my opinion that when the smoke clears Deontay Wilder will be the last man standing becoming the first heavyweight champion in the history of to boxing to unify all 4 major titles and shocking the world!!!!!!!

    • Jack B
      Jack B Year ago +2

      Lisandro Perez you poor delusional fool. Nobody, i repeat, NOBODY has ever ducked from the wilder fight. At least not from the British Isles. Your lack of respect proves how little you know about boxing - that 'washed up' Klitschko would still out class Wilder and Dillian Whyte is a better boxer than any of his 39 opponents. That's why Wilder pussied out after Whyte offered him about 4 times more ยฃยฃ than wilder has ever got for any of his shitty fights AND said he would fight him in Vegas. The only wimp I can see here is Deontay The Ducker Wilder. Put your patriotism aside and admit that Deontay is the most overrated heavyweight in modern history

    • Gareth Hancock
      Gareth Hancock Year ago +1

      Lisandro Perez - yeah good point, OK let me try again - Kelvin price?

    • Lisandro Perez
      Lisandro Perez Year ago +1

      Gareth Hancock the name Audley Harrison means a lot to me... Audley Harrison is the x British heavyweight champion that Deontay Wilder knocked out in 2 second without Harrison even landing 1 punch so I have no idea why you bring him up at all... If you don't believe me all you have to do is go on TheXvid and type in Wilder VS Harrison full fight! Try again! I know you could do better than that!!!

  • S kay
    S kay Year ago +3

    Lol the dummy don't understand use of words.
    Nigga said "illegalize brothels and weed". Correct word is legalize you idiot

  • chris Jackson
    chris Jackson Year ago +6

    I think that wilder should fight another 50 fighters outside of the top 20 (like he does), and then maybe he could get up to 80-0!!! Imagine that. In fact, he could fight children or elderly people. Maybe he could fight one a day for a few years and get his incredible record up to 1000-0. Such a true champ!! Only a fake champ would fight tough fighters. It takes a real warrior to fight terrible fighters. Amazing fighter......said no one outside of his home town

    • Lisandro Perez
      Lisandro Perez Year ago +1

      chris Jackson you're an idiot! How about you travel to Alabama and bring Joshua with you so he demolish you in the street at the same time!!!

  • Be Thankful
    Be Thankful Year ago +3

    second coming of len ox lewis

    • The Reverend
      The Reverend Year ago +1

      You wish, Lewis was in a different league entirely.

    • Be Thankful
      Be Thankful Year ago +1

      yet . watch him do to joshua what he did to bermin

    • G Kane
      G Kane Year ago +3

      Be Thankful that's an insult! No where near it.

  • ike9
    ike9 Year ago +2

    This guy lives in Atlanta? Thats cool. I live here too in Gwinnett.

  • Mc Ilunoh
    Mc Ilunoh Year ago +2

    He knows more about sex than boxing... Great Champion

    • Mc Ilunoh
      Mc Ilunoh Year ago

      Manny Ribera thatโ€™s why his giving all of them belts ladies name. Lol

    • Manny Ribera
      Manny Ribera Year ago +1

      Illinois Design Studios he should be a pornstar

  • stilla gooner
    stilla gooner Year ago +1

    Dude you have dominated every opponent aj wont be so easy to do that to you have reach bt aj will take your jab and get in with that
    lethal uppercut

  • Paratrooper
    Paratrooper Year ago +1

    Boy a S I M P

  • MD
    MD Year ago +6

    Aj iz obviously fundermentally better than wilder because off hiz amutare background N the gold medal at the Olympics but wilder is the *pure power* punch going into thiz fight N the only reason why he haz that prestigious WBC heavyweight title iz because off hiz right hand teddy atlas said it best wilders right hand iz the *Eraser* for all off hiz fundermental flaws N aj's chin iz still the big question mark so we'll see

    • Jarrod Hawkins
      Jarrod Hawkins Year ago

      my money is on AJ because wilder is way to wild pardon the pun AJ would catch him on the way in josh is better boxer and has a lot better timing anyway we are all assuming this fight is going to happen Louis Ortiz could beat wilder and Joseph Parker could be AJ can't see but you just never know. I think there is more a chance of Ortiz beating wilder than Parker beating AJ tho

    • MD
      MD Year ago

      Eaxcly true so it's gonna be neck N neck but I believe who ever lands the power punch first N end's the fight before the other one has time to recover is gonna be Victorious both these guy's have a different type power like with AJ it's more off a shot gun like a buck shot affect off power N with wilder it's more off a sniper rifle affect Xplosive burst off power in short space off time N both fighter's have a suspect chin but my money's on wilder because I feel as if he would be able to catch AJ on the chin because off his awrked style he has

    • Jarrod Hawkins
      Jarrod Hawkins Year ago

      I agree wilder does have one punch changing power but his best fighter on his record is Stiverne and I put breazeale has a better fight than him Whyte his better than any opposition wilder is had wilder wilder has litterly only thought bums look at the Molina wilder fight Molina hurt wilder he was scared to do anything against aj and got absolutely blown away

    • MD
      MD Year ago

      yes N no I can see why u said that because his opposition has been mediocre but I can say the same thing about Joshua look at what happened to him in amutare against dillian wyhte as well as that the Olympics showed his chin has always been suspect apart from Vladimir N dillian all off his opposition have been bums Martin breezil Molina who the hell were these guys before the thought jousha??? At the end off the day Joshua punches are like a shot gun N Wilders punches are like a sniper rifle should be a great fight

    • Jarrod Hawkins
      Jarrod Hawkins Year ago

      Wilders chin is more suspect than aj

  • ofMandM1994
    ofMandM1994 Year ago +2


    • Jarrod Hawkins
      Jarrod Hawkins Year ago

      Dumbass wilder is a monster are you for real aj will smash wilder

    • Mr Dammy
      Mr Dammy Year ago +1

      ofMandM1994 AJ is the monster.. 100% KO

  • Sasa Lovric
    Sasa Lovric Year ago +8

    Deontay is great boxer...just great...speed,power...just beat Joshua please...

    • Jarrod Hawkins
      Jarrod Hawkins Year ago

      Wilder great boxer are you kidding me sit down clearly donโ€™t know what you talking about were is any boxing ability he has

  • isaiah lewis
    isaiah lewis Year ago +43

    The fuckin champ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ can't wait for wilder vs AJ

    • Mark Horsley
      Mark Horsley Year ago

      sekeriya94 true

    • A Roebuck
      A Roebuck Year ago

      Jack Kilbz really Joshua hasn't done anything really either he won a title from Charles Martin a bum Klitschko was old i don't get the praise for Aj i like the dude but damn. And if it wasn't for Ortiz fucking the fight up that name shits on Joshua's whole career just my opinion

    • Jack Kilbz
      Jack Kilbz Year ago

      A Roebuck wilder said its not about money then when joshua team reach out to make the fight wilder says i wont fight aj unless i get 50/50 he dont want the fight he just building his profile of joshua's name stop making excuses he wanted no part of joshua

    • Jack Kilbz
      Jack Kilbz Year ago

      A Roebuck news flash wilder aint pac! not even close

    • A Roebuck
      A Roebuck Year ago

      Jack Kilbz didn't Pacquiao do the same thing quit being hypocrites ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

  • Bad Bart
    Bad Bart Year ago +3

    These interviewers are terrible

  • Uppa Echelon
    Uppa Echelon Year ago +25

    He came out of the same lab that LeBron James was created in. Frfr

  • MrTKEx
    MrTKEx Year ago +1

    The more I hear him talk the more I favour him against AJ, Fury will dismantle him though

    • SoloRaider temp
      SoloRaider temp Year ago

      Your opinion about who will win can be changed by listening to someone talk? Bahaha

    • terrell jenrette
      terrell jenrette Year ago

      Fury is never going to fight again. He looks a mess.

    • Lisandro Perez
      Lisandro Perez Year ago

      MrTKEx Wilder will destroy AJ, Parker and Fury! Neither of them will make out the 3rd round against the real Super Champion Of The World!!!

  • aaron pryor
    aaron pryor Year ago +3

    WBC belt is the real belt baby

    • aaron pryor
      aaron pryor Year ago

      Both are champs spastic except that Wilder holds the belt of kings, do you know why? Yep you don't know lmaoooo

    • Luke J
      Luke J Year ago

      aaron pryor AJ is the champ baby

  • aaron pryor
    aaron pryor Year ago +2

    AJ gonna get beat by Wilder easy

    • Lisandro Perez
      Lisandro Perez Year ago

      aaron pryor AJ don't stand a chance against Wilder... AJ's belts were gift rapt... They were basically taken from Fury and handed to him for free for washed up Klitschko wasn't the number 1 contender when it went down... since Fury was no longer in the picture, he should had fought Parker, Wilder or Ortiz instead!

  • Shirley Winkle
    Shirley Winkle Year ago +3


    • Lisandro Perez
      Lisandro Perez Year ago +1

      Dr.dre snoop dogg eminem wiz khalifa 50 cent the game kendrick lamar AJ too afraid to step in the ring with Wilder!!!

  • Mandeep Gill
    Mandeep Gill Year ago +4

    My guy

  • Billy Big Bollocks
    Billy Big Bollocks Year ago +2

    I have to say big Deontay is a straight talking good guy, i like the kid. But as soon as he opens up against a beasr like Joshua hes curtains. He is getting flattened in the first exchange.

    • Billy Big Bollocks
      Billy Big Bollocks Year ago +1

      Lisandro Perez dont be silly. If you think AJ is afraid of facing Deontay you are crazy.

    • Lisandro Perez
      Lisandro Perez Year ago

      Billy Big Bollocks what beast??? AJ too afraid to even step in the ring with Wilder!!!

  • Talemire
    Talemire Year ago +1

    Lol the interview ends at 16:40.

  • Young Melo
    Young Melo Year ago +20

    Not only does he hold the most prestigious belt in boxing he's the longest reining champion in the division. Wilder is THE REAL HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. Aj and Parker are both disgraces to the sport they've both been called out by Wilder again the man who holds the most prestigious belt and they both ducked him out of fear, just happy to hold their little 2nd tier belts and collect checks, disgraceful.

    • Jarrod Hawkins
      Jarrod Hawkins Year ago

      You are a tool you make people laugh with how stupid you really are he might be longest reigning heavyweight champ but who as he thought tell me that no one Wlad did not duck him he has done exactly what he had done with aj called him made a load of noise then when push comes to shove he runs away with his little mangina the guy is deluded and so are you dumbass

    • Jim Pov
      Jim Pov Year ago

      Young Melo there is proof he avoided klit and his team made excuses about him not rushing his career and need more experience

    • Jim Pov
      Jim Pov Year ago +1

      Deluded ....... fought bums all his career. AJ different level

    • Young Melo
      Young Melo Year ago

      joe low that's because Wlad ducked him, Wilder called him out but Wlad made excuses, just like Aj and Parker. He is the most feared boxer of this era

    • joe low
      joe low Year ago

      Exactly held the belt longer than A.J whole career and never fought Klit

  • Da Phuc
    Da Phuc Year ago +1

    Anthony Joshua ~~~~~

    • Lisandro Perez
      Lisandro Perez Year ago

      Da Phuc Anthony Joshua will get punched out within 3 rounds If he builds the courage to step in the ring with Wilder!!!

  • T Therapy
    T Therapy Year ago +31

    This dude is gonna kill AJ

    • Ian Jackson
      Ian Jackson Year ago +2

      T spook73 next joke

    • Ray D Ology
      Ray D Ology Year ago

      T spook73 he gonna kill me to... with laughter ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I can't wait.

    • badderman1
      badderman1 Year ago


    • Pretty Boy Flizzy
      Pretty Boy Flizzy Year ago +7

      T spook73 too wild Aj ko him easy

  • murtala ali
    murtala ali Year ago +8

    BOMB SQUAAAAAAAD #WBC HEAVYWEIGHT Champion of the world!!!!

    • Luke J
      Luke J Year ago +1

      murtala ali bummmsquad we up in here

  • Salvador Navarrete
    Salvador Navarrete Year ago +3

    Brock lesnar will destroy him

    • Lisandro Perez
      Lisandro Perez Year ago

      Salvador Navarrete Stop it my man... Brock has never stepped in a boxing ring, like Conner against Mayweather, Wilder would easily defeat him in a boxing match!

  • Gino Whitsett
    Gino Whitsett Year ago +12

    Jealous ass UK/aj fans on here hating

    • Marathon OG
      Marathon OG Year ago

      Ray D Ology 2018 we should see this I have faith in both sides..

    • Marathon OG
      Marathon OG Year ago +1

      joe low sure he can make money with out Wilder..but the only way to touch that WBC belt and become the undisputed heavyweight champ is to see BOMBSQUADDDDD!

    • joe low
      joe low Year ago

      Jealous of what, we all want to see the fight, the problem is on Deontay s side

    • joe low
      joe low Year ago

      Problem is A.J can live without Deontay he as Parker, Pulev the list goes on Fury will be back soon, then Daniel Dubois will be coming up

    • Ray D Ology
      Ray D Ology Year ago

      Marathon OG that's a million dollar question! wilder got AJs attention backtracking ain't going to look cool if he doesn't jump on it now, I forgot how AJ loves a war ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • James Doherty
    James Doherty Year ago +26

    wilder is a good guy, getting into boxing to make money to look after his disabled kid, i support AJ, but admire this guy, for while not being a natural boxer, working hard and getting to the top of the game

    • ? ?
      ? ? Year ago

      James Doherty top of his game he's he fought that's any good

  • PepTalkUK
    PepTalkUK Year ago +10

    AJ v Wilder lets get it on asap!

    • Lisandro Perez
      Lisandro Perez Year ago

      PepTalkUK The Super Championship Bout the world is craving for, too bad AJ doesn't have the courage to step in the ring against Wilder!