How to crimp BNC Connector on RG-59 Cable

  • Published on Sep 24, 2012
  • This Video explains how to crimp BNC Connector on RG-59 Cable.
    MX crimping tool for MX RG-58, 59, 62 & 6 cables. It will make your work safe and easy. It will easily crimp your cable in the right manner. It is made from high quality material.
    MX good quality crimping tool for MX RG-58, 59, 62 & 6 cables.
    It is HT-336C crimping tool.
    It has long handle for better grip.
    It has good quality material handle cover to provide you good grip while working.
    It will provide you safe operation.
    It is durable.
    It is easy to use.
    It is Simple, fast and reliable.
    It has metal body.
    It is Black-oxide finished tool.
    Product Link:
    Crimping tool
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  • maxson
    maxson 2 months ago

    Love the music and great info. I have suggestion for music in a future video it's called "44th Street Long" , thanks again!

  • Alan Mc
    Alan Mc 5 months ago

    I took an E-tablet, watching this Video.. Lol

  • picwiz2
    picwiz2 8 months ago

    Why a 50 Ohm BNC on a 75 Ohm cable?

  • Domenico Spinella

    Thank You!

  • Edward Tan
    Edward Tan Year ago +1

    Near the beginning of the video, after inserting the boot and crimping ring, it says to measure out how much cable there is to strip. But, the video does not show how should we determine this length...?

  • Charles Williams
    Charles Williams Year ago

    Did you read just uses a measurement tool... I'm outta here

  • TheRedrusso
    TheRedrusso Year ago +1

    What the heck where did you get the music?

    ARUP MANDAL Year ago


  • Daniel Barrocas
    Daniel Barrocas Year ago

    Whats with the moronic music???

  • Darth Gumby
    Darth Gumby Year ago +1

    This was fun until I was 10,000 feet underground.

  • random eddie
    random eddie 2 years ago +1

    wtf is feviwik?

    • H. G.
      H. G. Month ago

      Brand of super glue (CA glue) in India.

  • sureshste75 sureshste75

    all i see ok good

  • Christopher Maples
    Christopher Maples 4 years ago

    I just started a part time job installing security cameras, when I crimp the bnc the cable falls out sometimes.. What am I doing incorrect? I bought a klein dual coax striper and a klein compression crimper. if I press to hard it will crack the inside of the connector.

      ITS FIVE NOW  4 years ago +1

      Check the quality of BNC connector!!
      And check out our video thoroughly!

  • RARE pepe
    RARE pepe 5 years ago +1

    you can cut the foil removing the possibility you compressing the dieelectricum and more foil due to edges by tearing

  • John Games
    John Games 5 years ago

  • grie joey
    grie joey 5 years ago +2

    i can do 2 connector in 1 min

    • Brian Pshyk
      Brian Pshyk Year ago +1

      Take your time and do it correctly!

  • eggheadrecording
    eggheadrecording 5 years ago +2

    You left out a very big detail! Not all BNC connectors are the same! RG 6 BNC's will be too loose for RG 59 cable. You must use RG 59 BNC's for RG 59 cable. Can't believe all these tutorials leave that out. I went through days of wondering my crimping wasnt working. Well, it turns out I unknowly bought RG 6 BNC's for my RG 59 cable. I have an expenseive BNC crimping tool. I'm going to myself what the heck is going on. And it's not like I've never assembled cables before. I have in audio. Just never did BNC's before so I was a novice. And you would think tutorials would explain details to a novice. I mean, experienced users aren't going to look at your tutorial. And now that I know after wasted money and time I'm helping you out because obviously you assume everyone knows that detail. Well if they did, they wouldn't be looking at your tutorial.

      ITS FIVE NOW  5 years ago +1

      Sorry about that…..we will not leave that in our next video.

  • townman1
    townman1 5 years ago +8

    Good video -but the music sucks

    • Mtaalas
      Mtaalas 4 years ago

      +townman1 It's a demo song that comes with FL-studio installation... yeah, not the best thing ever to use with a demonstration video :D

    • Ronny Plett
      Ronny Plett 4 years ago

      @townman1 For you my good sir, is why God invented MUTE. :) I on the other hand enjoyed the music.

      ITS FIVE NOW  5 years ago +1

      Sorry for the music but You are welcome!!

    ITS FIVE NOW  6 years ago +1

    You are welcome!!

  • wa440046
    wa440046 6 years ago +1

    Thanks mate