Kitchen Nightmares - Season 2 Episode 1 - Hot Potato Cafe Full Episode

  • Published on Jan 14, 2018
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    Hell's Kitchen - Season 17 Episode 5 - Josh Josh Josh Full Episode
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Comments • 411

  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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    • Justin Leipsic
      Justin Leipsic Month ago +1

      +JimmyRJump oh waaaah

    • JimmyRJump
      JimmyRJump Month ago

      Meh... you're the only channel I know who adds a "heart" to its own comments. That and being pushy to make us subscribe is the reason I'll never ever subscribe.

    • Ayla Carter
      Ayla Carter 3 months ago

      Who wrote the description?!? Its beyond weird 😞

    • Ryan Robertson
      Ryan Robertson 7 months ago

      Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen than you

  • Raskolnikov32
    Raskolnikov32 2 days ago

    You want people in your restaurant?
    Two words: Bribe reviewers.

  • Raskolnikov32
    Raskolnikov32 2 days ago


  • evolving being
    evolving being 3 days ago

    The comments section never has any chill... Hahahaha

  • evolving being
    evolving being 3 days ago

    Potato organ donor... I can never get tired of Chef. Where does he come up with these sayings... I need them all.

  • Cory
    Cory 4 days ago

    It’s raw just serve it. You should be arrested

  • Owen Jones
    Owen Jones 5 days ago

    They can afford Braces, have their hair coloured and then whinge.You fat cunts!

  • Emanuel Esparza
    Emanuel Esparza 6 days ago

    24:45 I would'nt mind putting some passion inside Danielle after a baked potato

  • Stephen Fox
    Stephen Fox 7 days ago

    Danielle is beyond impressive. In the world of kitchen nightmares, she's like an angel conquering the flames of hell. Love you, sweetie.

  • Mikki Yeong
    Mikki Yeong 8 days ago

    More women who can't cook and who own a restaurant...seriously women get the basics right and leave the leading to men,who don't go and fucking cry at the littlest things.

  • Samuel Christian
    Samuel Christian 8 days ago

    We need more potato's.

  • sky high
    sky high 8 days ago

    Danielle is such an inspiration.

  • Eric 012
    Eric 012 9 days ago

    Really not fair on Danielle as a head chef with no experience and training, and she is only 21.
    Hope she can continue to fight for her ambitions!

  • The Dancing Wolf
    The Dancing Wolf 9 days ago

    Wonder how the restraints doing nowadays

  • Joe Lilley
    Joe Lilley 10 days ago +1

    I know how to run aa business I've had my tree service for 5 years now passed on to me from my uncle who had it for 30. It honestly it seems very hard to run a restaurant bc there are just so many aspects to it like the interior design has to be changed every now and again, you must change the menu a decent amount and the food has to be good to an extent, plus the hiring of kitchen employees would be some what difficult bc as it shows on this show a chef can have 30 years experience in nice restaurants but now the can't cook for shit lol. In my tree service all I need is someone's back and someone who can run equipment when I'm not. I give props to successful chefs and restaurant owners like Gordan.

    • CJ Em
      CJ Em 5 days ago

      Not to mention if not sold food spoils and then it's just waste.

  • Michael Parke
    Michael Parke 11 days ago

    Does Ramsey not use potatoe in his Shepard pie?

    • TheFall3n
      TheFall3n 8 days ago

      What's makes you think that?

  • yowza yipee
    yowza yipee 11 days ago +4

    A show about cooking and over a 100 people comment on the cute blonde

  • Abduxp
    Abduxp 12 days ago

    we just want the new restaurant to sell it please gordon dont leave . good to see him leaving but i wish he never come back

  • TheDarkerKnight
    TheDarkerKnight 13 days ago

    spuddy hell isnt even clever. his writing skills suck.

  • Rebekah Wolken
    Rebekah Wolken 15 days ago

    It’s funny people come to the restaurant knowing that Ramsey is there to improve a failing restaurant, but bitch about the food.

  • UTEK
    UTEK 15 days ago

    kumpir bile yapamıyorlar evde kalmalarına şaşmamalı

  • Shauny7488
    Shauny7488 18 days ago

    picks her nose at 34:54

  • Evelyn Rivera Garcia

    Wasn't the first time he walked out was on Amy's Baking Conpany?

  • DI LOO
    DI LOO 21 day ago

    Restaurant '' ZOMBIE '' CAN THEY SPEAK???

  • Maivjyk
    Maivjyk 22 days ago

    Blessed Mary cannot answer prayers. Only God the Father and God the Son, supernatural beings who know everything from beginning to end. Mary can not see or hear you.
    Everyone's life is recorded in Heaven by God, everything you do, say and think and that is how you will be judged. Revelation 20:10.

  • Pluto Has Fleas
    Pluto Has Fleas 23 days ago

    Danielle Keller
    2009: This is my career.
    2019: Guess who's a registered nurse you guys?!?1

  • Brody 'Moke' McStevebro
    Brody 'Moke' McStevebro 23 days ago +1

    That Danielle is a tasty dish.

  • CrouchTV
    CrouchTV 24 days ago

    Ramsey looks dead af at the end xD

  • Charles Nwsom
    Charles Nwsom 26 days ago +1

    BY THE BEST , , , , * YOU * CHEF GORDON RAMSAY * !!!

  • Mariah Ellisor
    Mariah Ellisor 27 days ago

    These ladies are super receptive to criticism and seem to agree with ramsay when he explains whats wrong. I love it.

  • Charles Nwsom
    Charles Nwsom 27 days ago +3


  • Yoshi Zuckerman
    Yoshi Zuckerman 29 days ago

    after the plate scene i know whoever's on garbage duty was thinking "you couldn't have aimed for the dumpster?"

  • Jenna Barrett
    Jenna Barrett Month ago

    When he said to say the specials or whatever One of them said shepherds pie. Doesn’t that have mashed potatoes in it? So she did name something with potatoes

  • Nova Atlas
    Nova Atlas Month ago

    Why freeze the potatoes?
    A 5-lb bag of potatoes is generally between $2-$5. Potatoes last about 3-5 weeks if stored right.
    It looks like the sisters all have highlights in their hair.
    Even for the inexpensive at home hair kits that is $20 a piece.
    So not one of them could put up with not having highlights in there hair to pay for a bag of potatoes at the Hot Potato restaurant and told the chef to freeze them?
    Even if they had only potatoes fresh, it would still be way better than what they where doing in the beginning.

  • David Atch
    David Atch Month ago

    Welcome to the Hot Pateda!!

  • Vibhas Ippili
    Vibhas Ippili Month ago

    She said she hates blue and ends up wearing it t=for dinner service, I think?

  • Dr. Stinger
    Dr. Stinger Month ago

    wow, the head chef is 21 yrs old? I'm literally a year older than her

    • CJ Em
      CJ Em 5 days ago

      Cool story bro

  • Bianca Toscano
    Bianca Toscano Month ago +1

    Another restaurant that closed shortly after being aired

  • Jenny and Ryan
    Jenny and Ryan Month ago

    I wonder what ever happens to Danielle, great episode

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez Month ago +1

    How can you have 3 women owners in a restaurant that is going downhill and none of them knows how to cook or will step in the kitchen with the niece?

  • M Avery
    M Avery Month ago

    Danielle kinda reminds me of Billie Eilish for some reason😂

  • Ram Rdz
    Ram Rdz Month ago

    why would anyone complain about getting big portions? unless ur the owner lol

  • saabrina420
    saabrina420 Month ago +1

    OMG! Only open for 8 months and already losing it!

  • Stabswache
    Stabswache Month ago

    Potato, not Botato.

  • Stabswache
    Stabswache Month ago

    Bunch of dumb women running a restaurant. What could possible go wrong?

  • Sophia Schweiger
    Sophia Schweiger Month ago

    I've been to Philadelphia twice.

  • Eric Wells
    Eric Wells Month ago

    Looks like Danielle left and is now a RN. Here is her Linkedin

  • Tony F
    Tony F Month ago +3

    2018. ❤️🇨🇦😎👍

  • ArielMary
    ArielMary Month ago

    Darn, would've been cool if his surprise was Ramsay paying for Danielle to go to culinary school and get them another chef.

  • Leryn Hill
    Leryn Hill Month ago

    But hasn’t Ramsay left before

  • Moredhel83
    Moredhel83 2 months ago

    Long live the power of women? They were crying and whining pieces of shit until he set them straight!

  • Moredhel83
    Moredhel83 2 months ago +1

    Everyone going for Danielle? Nice, I'll take Erin!

  • Zekoo
    Zekoo 2 months ago

    40:55 changed her around 360 lol, back where she started?

  • Ty Plum
    Ty Plum 2 months ago

    "First time ever" he leaves... no.... remember Amy's baking company?

    • LunarKT
      LunarKT Month ago

      This was filmed before Amy's. Boy was that a blast. (This was from Season 3, Amy's from Season 6)

  • Katelan Gongwer
    Katelan Gongwer 2 months ago

    Lol I bet Danielle is gay.

    • Johnny
      Johnny 2 months ago

      Why is that even relevant? It's like me saying to you right now: I bet you are fat.

    • benyamin saki
      benyamin saki 2 months ago +1

      That would be a waste of gods power

  • Allen Reeder
    Allen Reeder 2 months ago

    From one of the worst to one of the best haha

  • Philip Qoo
    Philip Qoo 2 months ago +1

    And they still colsed...

  • Leave Me Alone
    Leave Me Alone 2 months ago +4

    Where did the subscribe and like for more Gordon Ramsay go??

  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson 2 months ago

    What a cute little chef

  • Simon Barr
    Simon Barr 2 months ago

    "Whats the specialty in the house?" "Crabcakes."Excellent, thats always the first thing Gordo loves to rip apart.

  • Yaoi chan :3
    Yaoi chan :3 2 months ago

    my school cafteria servers atleast better food than hot potato

  • justiN
    justiN 2 months ago

    weird how critics always look like complete, moronic assholes and always are unable to properly communicate their unwanted opinions that are never shared by others. strange.... why choose a profession where you will be constantly regarded as completely wrong?PS: we have to stop treating groDon like a human being until he does the same to others. For anyone growing up at the moment that reads this, just remember, always, that acting this way in real life is sure to get you several bullets or at least a grand bit of torture in some kind of dungeon, act human get treated like a human.

  • greg soluske
    greg soluske 2 months ago

    Danielle is a little hottie but that dark haired sister is definitely a mold...

  • Green T
    Green T 2 months ago

    Ok so the food might be disgusting but i hate when he allows the audio team to make it sound like a damn slop pit when he moves it ever so slight ( the potato soup)

  • Jennifer Shearouse
    Jennifer Shearouse 2 months ago +10

    My word! They are some whiney women! Suck it up and fix it! I'm glad Danielle got out and lives her life now!

  • Tony Gill
    Tony Gill 2 months ago

    "'Im ready to order, I'll have the potato with the potato and the potato with the potato......."

  • Lisa Whittleworth
    Lisa Whittleworth 3 months ago

    I wish more would realise the opportunity something like this gives x

  • Aizlen Kim
    Aizlen Kim 3 months ago +3

    Danielle is my role model. She is so cool and capable. I want to be like her. It's a shame that the restaurant was closed.

  • atheist.gutter. trash
    atheist.gutter. trash 3 months ago +4

    Danielle is a Queen omg 😍😍

  • QueenBee Bargains
    QueenBee Bargains 3 months ago

    How do they survive if they don't get profit?How do they pay for the rent on their homes they live in!? IS THIS PLACE STILL OPEN? DOES ANYONE KNOW?

  • Faith
    Faith 3 months ago

    Oh "spuddy" hell I thought it was slutty hell and I figured we were in for some entertainment

  • Yawa Tsagli
    Yawa Tsagli 3 months ago

    Danielle left and the restaurant closed down after four months

  • Ricardo Browne
    Ricardo Browne 3 months ago

    this is one of the best episodes ever!!

  • 707 SaV
    707 SaV 3 months ago

    Much #RESPECT to Sarah, going from no passion to filled with it. I've been a Chef for 18yrs and that to me is a miracle..

  • Miruthula Ketheeswaran
    Miruthula Ketheeswaran 3 months ago +4

    I love Danielle she is so nice and determined
    Hope for the best in her future

  • Onixthe goodboy
    Onixthe goodboy 3 months ago +1

    Watch him help them in the end

  • Inafets yaw
    Inafets yaw 3 months ago +1

    nice job chef gordon

    TONGA9691 TONGA 3 months ago +2

    Danielle's a doll ... I hope she's doing well wherever she is now...

  • SilverHerobrine
    SilverHerobrine 3 months ago

    I have never heard Gordon say he can’t

  • Krick Shorts
    Krick Shorts 3 months ago +3

    Well done, Danielle!

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake 3 months ago +32

    Why do people think they can just open a restaurant without any background knowledge and actually think it would go well? Lmao

    • Carol Price
      Carol Price 5 days ago

      You are not going to know you can do it unless you try.

    • CJ Em
      CJ Em 5 days ago

      +Amol verma You get experience from working in the industry. Not opening a business with no experience.

    • Kakashi Hatake
      Kakashi Hatake Month ago +4

      +Amol verma berman there's certain training and schooling for this. Hence where you get the experience from. If you have no knowledge of how to run a business your fucked. And your ranting just as much as I was. Lmao. Hypocrite much????

    • Amol verma
      Amol verma 2 months ago

      How do you think background knowledge comes from ? It comes from experience and experience comes when you try new things ,do you get it now ?Stop ranting over the Internet .

  • Faux News
    Faux News 3 months ago +27

    Americans can't cope with an f word, so much that the mouth has to be blurred, but someone shoots up a primary school and kills 28 kids and the country collectively goes 'meh'!?

    • CJ Em
      CJ Em 5 days ago

      What does any of this have to do with the restaurant industry?

    • Andrew Gonzalez
      Andrew Gonzalez Month ago


    • Mike Red
      Mike Red 2 months ago +3

      +Amol verma That's understandable. Glad to see someone can look past their own bias and be able to agree with something they find logical. Gives one a little hope. Thanks.

    • Amol verma
      Amol verma 2 months ago +3

      +Mike Red I personally don't like Americans much(because of previous interactions) but your comment is on point.

    • Mike Red
      Mike Red 3 months ago +17

      Goes meh? People freak the hell out and want guns banned, have vigils, etc. Wtf are you talking about?
      And Americans cuss all the time, not every american has a say in what the cable companies choose to censor. Lmao, your comment is such diluted shit I think some ran down onto the next one.

  • Nicholas Ugun
    Nicholas Ugun 3 months ago

    sooooo heartwarming ending...

  • Bradley Suarez
    Bradley Suarez 3 months ago

    Dan is so freak'n AWESOME!!

  • chechen teip clan Vainakh

  • Shannon Studd- charlie
    Shannon Studd- charlie 3 months ago

    Old hags lol

  • Nik Nelson
    Nik Nelson 3 months ago +41

    "I'm gonna go kill myself in the kitchen."
    No no no, that's so unsanitary.

  • ichigofox
    ichigofox 3 months ago

    360 xD

  • Rocky Neidhardt
    Rocky Neidhardt 3 months ago +1

    Danielle is gorgeous! Let me know if you ever need a Sous!

  • Hjalmar Jönsson
    Hjalmar Jönsson 3 months ago

    I would like to make potatos with Danielle :) She is hot potato ..

  • TardisMechanic
    TardisMechanic 3 months ago +1

    You go, Danielle

  • Brad ?
    Brad ? 3 months ago

    It's all common sense then right?

  • Blackheathenly
    Blackheathenly 3 months ago +11

    It's sad when a good show becomes just another 'formula'. Same shit, different episode. The climax. The fall. The revelation. GET ORIGINAL!

    • EliteTenshi
      EliteTenshi 24 days ago +1

      Lewliet it would be nice to see a dragon tbh

    • Lewliet
      Lewliet Month ago +4

      Its a damn TV Show of a worldwide known chef trying to save fucked up restaurants. What do you expect, dragons and trolls?

    • Sandra
      Sandra 3 months ago +4

      Why? Nothing wrong with formulaic. It works. That's like saying a routine, recipe or particular style of dance is bad.

    • Mike Red
      Mike Red 3 months ago +7

      That is legitimately every single occurrence in life for all of history...

  • Samantha Exists
    Samantha Exists 3 months ago

    I'm crying over these women and their potatoes

  • Hjalmar Jönsson
    Hjalmar Jönsson 3 months ago

    That most pretty chef I ever seen in some kitchen show :))

  • Teddy Holmes
    Teddy Holmes 3 months ago

    17:35 "Fuck y'all - I'm out"
    21:40 " I AM 100% BEHIND YOU GUYS"

  • Teddy Holmes
    Teddy Holmes 3 months ago +4

    Gordon's fake-quit was HILARIOUS😂🤣

  • Iriel Tyler
    Iriel Tyler 3 months ago

    Lmfao he called them corpses lmao they really had no knowledge at all smh but they should have ran intern for culinary students to work in and switch it up and on top they didn’t have to pay interns smh

  • El.Keyrouz PRIME
    El.Keyrouz PRIME 3 months ago

    It's season 3 episode 1 ! At least put the tittle correct so the viewers dosen't confuse and keep following your videos !

  • E C
    E C 3 months ago +24

    The new sign was worse than the old one. Looks like something I threw together in Microsoft Word circa 1996.