The 16-inch MacBook Pro is Special - ft. Phil Schiller!

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • I also asked Phil about the possibility of a 14-inch MacBook Pro!
    The 16 inch MacBook Pro is official and packs a much needed update with larger display, AMD 5000 graphics, up to 8TB of flash storage, incredible speakers and a thicker design which makes it truly pro. Subscribe for the full review!
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  • Jonathan Morrison
    Jonathan Morrison  22 days ago +156

    I also asked Phil about the possibility of a 14-inch MacBook Pro 👀

    • 張泰銘
      張泰銘 15 days ago

      Apple rips off customers like crazy.

    • Shamar Coke
      Shamar Coke 16 days ago

      Jonathan Morrison it will never happen

    • Jibon Jaman
      Jibon Jaman 17 days ago

      You should've asked him about the homepod cause it doesn't have a lot of features that their rivals have?

    • Dan Rustle
      Dan Rustle 19 days ago

      Tim Possible obviously bc this interview was about the MacBook Pro.

  • Benzinewagen
    Benzinewagen Day ago

    Fatally arrogant Philled bonefish just bring out that improved 13” tomorrow instead of hampering the world even more with your butterfly crap

  • Ife Love
    Ife Love 2 days ago

    Is it worth waiting for the 10th generation i9 (or i10, I dunno) if I plan on maxing out most of the specs? If it's gonna be marginal benchmark numbers, I'll just order now. Anyone?

  • whiteandnerdytuba
    whiteandnerdytuba 3 days ago

    Jesus you threw the softest of balls. Hell did apple write the questions?

  • Boris G
    Boris G 5 days ago

    The sound from the microphone is so good

  • Michael Yockey
    Michael Yockey 5 days ago

    Should have grilled him more on the failures of the butterfly keyboard, the soldered ssd, soldered ram, glued in battery.
    It would have been nice to see his response to his opinion about Louis Rossman as well....

  • JebaloTeZauzetoIme
    JebaloTeZauzetoIme 5 days ago

    Why did you not ask him about 720p FaceTime HD camera ? Why the F**** ??? Why ?? Just tell me why. Year is 2019 and they put old 720p sh** web cam on top of the line product.
    Tell me now Jonathan why did you not ask him that. NOW !!

  • Jesse de Groot
    Jesse de Groot 7 days ago

    great video

  • Martti Suomivuori
    Martti Suomivuori 8 days ago

    A cult.

  • AllAboutTech
    AllAboutTech 9 days ago

    You should ask about Siri’s Catch up With Google assistant

  • Donuts
    Donuts 10 days ago

    13:35 - SD card slot is not making a comeback :(
    We don't want every port in the world. We just want an SD Card slot. Not microSD or Compact Flash... just SD Card. I hate dongles!

  • Ed War
    Ed War 14 days ago

    You look really nervous...

  • Tony Trenkle Jr
    Tony Trenkle Jr 14 days ago

    Wasnt the new(old) keyboard a big thing about this computer? And no mention?

  • 張泰銘
    張泰銘 15 days ago

    Apple rips off customers like crazy.

  • Vincent Aziati
    Vincent Aziati 15 days ago

    So u create a problem and u solve it And u call it innovation???

  • Jeff Maylor
    Jeff Maylor 15 days ago +1

    I wish Apple cared more about the technology than Leftwing virtue signaling.

  • Bob Wilson
    Bob Wilson 16 days ago

    Why does Apple charge UK customers $3100 for the same macbook that costs US customers $2399? They are made in China and Apple avoids tax from within Ireland.

  • Bob Wilson
    Bob Wilson 16 days ago

    After five years of releasing macbooks with the worst keyboard imaginable, Apple deserve zero praise for finally releasing a mac with a keyboard as good as what they used pre-2015. They still should get rid of that intensely annoying "touchbar".

  • A Chain
    A Chain 16 days ago

    Let Julia song run.....

  • Sati
    Sati 16 days ago

    Apple is starting to listen. Their pricing, devices, and line up shows that they are trying to include more people.

  • Yashvardhan Gaur
    Yashvardhan Gaur 16 days ago

    how the tables have turned.
    Apple answers questions truthfully.
    Microsoft doesnt.
    (watch MKBHD's Satya Nadella interview)

  • Navrattan Brar
    Navrattan Brar 16 days ago +4

    I AM LOVING THE NEW 2019 Apple 🍎

    • 張泰銘
      張泰銘 15 days ago

      Apple rips off customers like crazy.

  • Shura Shumsky
    Shura Shumsky 16 days ago

    What a load of bs from apple, they NEVER listen to users feedback, otherwise we wouldn't have the dongle nightmare we have now! All they care about is ripping you off! Dont believe me? Watch Louis Rossman videos on youtube! They literally charge customers 1500 to replace the whole mainboard in macbook when the only thing really broken is a 5 dollar chip, which CONVENIENTLY is not available for purchase separately because Apple prohibited the manufacturer from selling it to public! Apple is disgusting!

  • Owen Magers
    Owen Magers 16 days ago

    this video completely grounded and humanized apple for me

  • Shamar Coke
    Shamar Coke 16 days ago

    Way to go

  • Paul Philpott
    Paul Philpott 16 days ago

    How come your voice sounds so much different from Phil’s? You sound reverberant with rumble and Phil sounds lighter?

  • juppiel
    juppiel 17 days ago +1

    Wow. An interview, not a directed keynote. However, I’d really love to hear their take on th keyboard change (finally). Was that elephant in the room that was not supposed to be mentioned?

  • Howan Cheng
    Howan Cheng 17 days ago

    Thank you for both of your time 🥰🥰🥰 your viewers are grateful

  • Christian Cañamaso
    Christian Cañamaso 17 days ago

    When jonathan talks, I hear a very low base lol

  • Sam Hines
    Sam Hines 17 days ago

    Would laugh if the MacBook died and Louis Rossmann walks in to fix it

  • 王培屹
    王培屹 17 days ago

    that‘ s so cool to talk with Phil

  • Eureka
    Eureka 17 days ago

    Great interview Jonathan!

    GNIPOOLATOR 17 days ago

    Marketing done right 😏

  • Arnab Bandyopadhyay
    Arnab Bandyopadhyay 17 days ago


  • Kelvin KMS
    Kelvin KMS 17 days ago

    so where is 4K facetime camera ?

  • bluepeng889
    bluepeng889 17 days ago

    I wish Johnathan asked Phil if the iPhone will ever drop Lightning on the iPhone for USB-C

  • Tony N.
    Tony N. 17 days ago

    I wish you asked more difficult questions:
    1. What happened to the team of engineers that designed the butterfly keyboard?
    2. When did Apple realized that form was not better than function?
    3. Why did it take so long to get thin bezels?

  • Luis Gustavo Kawahara
    Luis Gustavo Kawahara 17 days ago +2

    10:27 Funny how he didn’t mention the HomePod 😂
    Nice interview, Jonathan! Hope we can see more of these.

  • Niraj Khatiwada
    Niraj Khatiwada 17 days ago

    So nobody gonna talk about that thumbnail?👀

  • Mario Rigby
    Mario Rigby 17 days ago

    Great job on the interview, something really worth watching behind the scenes of Apple.

  • andrew moung
    andrew moung 17 days ago

    Please tell me which laptop don't have a build in mic . plz

  • andrew moung
    andrew moung 17 days ago

    it's 1980s again. A mic is a feature. put back missing ports are feature and put back missing keys are feature. omg so inventive Steve job is rolling his eyes in his grave. Next apple product new feature, add back missing headphone jack to iphones. A must buy, people! Line up at apple store now before it is too late to flip those in ebay.Once again, without steve job, apple is just another boring HP and DELL.

  • Sean Lasater
    Sean Lasater 17 days ago

    Like please don’t ever use that mic again! Skipping this video. My ears are bleeding.

  • Sean Lasater
    Sean Lasater 17 days ago

    So much noise OMG.

  • Barbary Lion
    Barbary Lion 18 days ago

    Why you didn’t ask him to light up the apple logo in the next macbook pro

  • Seth Parr
    Seth Parr 18 days ago

    I'm not crazy about soldered components but I bought the 16" because of this interview. I felt that Phil talked honest and it came across that the team behind it put some heart into it, so I bought into it and I'm extremely pleased. No regrets yet.

    • Seth Parr
      Seth Parr 15 days ago

      @Luck Chukiye Yeap, I prefer OSX over Windows.

    • Seth Parr
      Seth Parr 16 days ago

      @Luck Chukiye Right on.

    • Luck Chukiye
      Luck Chukiye 16 days ago

      @Seth Parr yeah for all its worth I am condescending my options.. The OS is ahrd to beat

    • Seth Parr
      Seth Parr 16 days ago

      @Luck Chukiye I agee. My previous MBP was the 17" 2009 with upgradable memory, drive, and wifi. It still works to this day although limited at it's max of 8 GB. I replaced that MBP with a Razer Blade Advanced that had upgradeable components but that had serious issues and so now I'm on the 16" MBP. I would love to see upgradable components from Apple but unfortunately, I feel those days are long behind us. My go-to computer is an upgraded 2009 Mac Pro.

    • Luck Chukiye
      Luck Chukiye 16 days ago

      I really wish unsodlered parts were back. I am still on a 2011 that had the logic baord replaced due to An Apple r recall issue so it is basically new. I feel that if one component of the computer dies . the whole thing needs to be swapped... bah . thats why I stick to the desktop macs soemwhat

  • fanimal10
    fanimal10 18 days ago

    This interview had a strange feeling to it.

  • CrazyChaosClara
    CrazyChaosClara 18 days ago

    is that the raw audio?

  • Free
    Free 18 days ago

    Giving them props for not starting at a $3500 price point is ridiculous. It definitely isn't worth that unless you have too much money you wanna throw away.

  • Peter
    Peter 18 days ago

    Phil can sell sour milk to a cow!

  • Tshepiso Maswanganye
    Tshepiso Maswanganye 18 days ago

    lol . they searched their 'soul' over an SD Card Slot lol You gotta give it to them...They know how to peddle Horse S*

  • Tshepiso Maswanganye
    Tshepiso Maswanganye 18 days ago

    lol lol You did an 'UnApple Move', Phil's face tell the whole story hearing this lol lol 🤣

  • JediS1138
    JediS1138 18 days ago

    No, the "tradeoff" for ports is that USB-C, Thunderbolt 3, is UNRELIABILITY, that's the biggest problem. The ports are too unreliable for actual professionals, on top of the complete loss of flexibilty on the fly/in the field. There is NO REASON to deny people whose income relies on functional and versatile hardware what they so desperately need. If you (Apple) are going to tout the wonders of T3 and sing its praises then the burden is ON YOU to make sure that your products have connectivity that doesn't fail for no reason.

  • JediS1138
    JediS1138 18 days ago

    When Apple puts a USB A, SD Card, and HDMI THEN and only then will I consider coming back. I LOVE what theyve done with the performance, and FINALLY leaving the the DUMPSTER FIRE that was the ButterF**k keyboard. Give us REMOVEABLE RAM and SSDs.

  • Corey Hall Creative
    Corey Hall Creative 18 days ago

    And this is why Apple will always be the king of the tech world.

  • lilrush151
    lilrush151 18 days ago

    Phil stuttered hard on that "which Mac is your go-to Mac" question. Lol whats wrong Phil, are you a closet Dell user or something ?

  • chris
    chris 18 days ago

    why was a discussion on keyboard skipped? When there are a lot of people was going bananas over it? no wifi6?

  • Hill Reflects
    Hill Reflects 19 days ago

    Great interview and excellent sound with Phil. One question, why did the sound change when you asked questions (I was able to hear background noise.)?

  • Martin Dörsch
    Martin Dörsch 19 days ago

    Bought one right at watching that interview!
    Thanks so much for your work and the interview with Phil.

  • All2J Productions
    All2J Productions 19 days ago

    So apple listens to us: they fixed a broken keyboard and outback a key(esc) which shouldn’t have been removed in the first place.
    Quick time crushes and you can loose a long training session of screen recording
    Try to by 2 usb-c/thunderbolt that actually give you the speeds apple says...
    No SD card slot for us photographers and videographers.
    Adding something else that can break/get lost in the form of a hub/dongle that doesn’t even reach the transfer speeds.
    Okay okay.... no more winging....
    Can’t wait for ours....