THE REAL REASON why I haven't been VLOGGING..


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  • kori jayne
    kori jayne Year ago

    Aw, yeh I totally understand just generally, the feeling of being unmotivated is a horrible feeling you feel so bad for no reason! Just keep going gal and watch motivational videos!

  • anasloreal on Instagram

    Just rewatching this vlog and the amounts of comment saying Ana’s blogs are rubbish and she’s lazy and shit. You tubers need a bloody break sometimes! They are human as well! If you comment hate, that’s going to get Ana down, and then she won’t want to vlog! So keep your negative opinions to yourself or talk about it to your friends. Cause it isn’t wanted on this channel🙅‍♀️ so stop hating on ana cause imagine if you got told you were lazy and stupid for not vlogging for a few days! If you don’t like her vlogs and find her lazy, LEAVE!! Ana, we are here for you don’t let people get you down cause there are over 400,000 people who are here for you!💕I love you angel xx

  • Matilda Wilson
    Matilda Wilson Year ago

    I had a storm but I'm in France for holiday soooo

  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller Year ago

    Maybe you should open your window?????

  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller Year ago

    Anna always says I'll put the link down below but she doesn't like wtf😂😭

  • Anime Drawer
    Anime Drawer Year ago +1

    Not saying I’m a hater but your cringy

  • Eleni James
    Eleni James Year ago +1

    I love u 💖u are one of my favourite TheXvidrs in the world 🌍 don’t listen to the hate u are perfect the way u are!! STAY STRONG 😘🤞🏼

  • Areej  Jahangir
    Areej Jahangir Year ago

    Can you do a 'come makeup shopping with me' I love those videos x

  • Nxxve e
    Nxxve e Year ago

    It's okay to feel demotivated. Ana you are a teenager and we all feel like sloths most days aha. You vlog so much of your life for us even when you are ill and even when you could just be enjoying experiences for yourself, you share it with us. If you feel demotivated please don't apologise because you do a lot for us and are allowed a break

  • x X
    x X Year ago

    Ana we love u anyway❤️(if u agree like this comment)❤️

  • Efa Cray
    Efa Cray Year ago

    How many times have you had to get it done to get the blonde to that shade??? Xxx

  • Róisín Ryans
    Róisín Ryans Year ago

    I voted for you baby girrlll!!!!!!

  • Megan Jenkins
    Megan Jenkins Year ago

    This was like the best vlog you’ve ever done tbh, you don’t need anything fancy to make your videos fun, you can just be you and I’m sure a lot of people are jealous of that❤️❤️

  • Evie Shortman
    Evie Shortman Year ago

    You and your brother should swap lives for a day X

  • Paige N
    Paige N Year ago

    Omgg ur hair thoooo
    I know its late lol
    I love you soooooooo much I would lovee to be mentioned in ur vid
    Some video Ideas
    -blindfolded ideas
    -brother does my makeup
    -blindfolded makeup
    -eating....for a week
    Love you!

  • Hayley Wilkinson
    Hayley Wilkinson Year ago

    There is always going to be times when you don't feel motivated but there is nothing wrong with that. It's always good to have a break. I love your new hair. I think the fandom is getting to you a bit. Just do what's best for you x

  • Madeleine Elizabeth

    Love your hair!! 💗 I can’t believe everyone is giving you hate, I’ve only just started my channel and it’s definitely hard work, never mind the added pressure of having a large fan base & it being your full time job. Take your time to feel better and post what you wanna post ☺️💗

  • Tina Carmichael
    Tina Carmichael Year ago

    You look hot loving your hair x

  • Tina Carmichael
    Tina Carmichael Year ago

    Dw about it your intitled to a break girl ❤️

  • Hannah Louise
    Hannah Louise Year ago

    I voted! You deserve the votes xxx

  • Lily Haste
    Lily Haste Year ago

    I have just been reading through some of the comments and I can’t believe how someone can say such a nasty thing about someone who is such an inspirational, amazing and talented person.

  • Lily Haste
    Lily Haste Year ago

    You need to ignore those because yourself coming before anything. Take as much time as you need to get back on track. I can’t wait to see you back to the happy Anna. Every one that matters is behind you and wants you to happy. Some video ideas
    - your brother chooses your outfits
    - in flight essentials
    - P.O. box haul
    - blindfolded food tests
    - smoothie challenge
    - room tour
    - teenage you vs now

  • Natalia Cverckova

    I love your nails, hair, eyebrows and your lashes

  • White Queen
    White Queen Year ago

    Don’t get your hair cut! You’ll regret it!

  • Laura Reid
    Laura Reid Year ago

    Some of these comments are stupid, your allowed to feel unmotivated! Just think of your time off as holiday/a break which in any other job your allowed to take! Missing your vlogs so was nice to have an update from you ☺️

  • The sassy Sisters

    You are just lazy tbh

  • Maia Harper
    Maia Harper Year ago

    this isn’t hate... but I wayyy prefer you vlogs when you are at home with your family, rather than doing ‘big’ events and stuff. Xxx

  • Alice Routier
    Alice Routier Year ago

    Lashes are so pretty on you!! you are gorgeous gurrrrl!!!

  • Mowgli corn
    Mowgli corn Year ago

    good luck for the awards anna!! hope u win u r so amazing xxxxx lyssssm u r so gorgeous great vlog mwahhh xxxxxxx

  • Luca Allbright
    Luca Allbright Year ago

    Ignore all the hate 💕 stay strong. I would still watch a video if it was just a blank screen of you speaking 😂

  • Josie Taber
    Josie Taber Year ago

    I don't understand why everyone's leaving hate. First of all it's not really anyone else's problem that anas demotivated and if your really bugged by the fact she's not vlogging then you must be a big fan so why r u leaving her hate? Also although TheXvids a full time job It's ok to have those days where you just don't want to vlog or don't want to go into work.thats just natural. Ana I think you work so hard at making content that your viewers love so idkw people are hating. LOVE YOU ANA 💕💕

  • Alisha Broadhurst

    Omhh the storm was cosmic rays it was on the news on Snapchat xxx

  • Jasmine Salih
    Jasmine Salih Year ago

    If you think your hair is yellow start using a better blonde shampoo, fenola no yellow shampoo and mask is the best one I’ve ever tried you get it off amazon and literally will make your hair go white and use it every time you wash your hair

  • Charlotte’s World

    Why is there so much hate on this video?? Vlogging ur life everyday is harder than u think cause with an average job (9-5) u would get holidays and times to relax and get away from work. When ana goes away she vlogs it and spends time out of her holiday to edit her content for us. No one gets this. Keep doing what ur doing ana I’m loving the main channel and this channel xx

  • Anneka Sackeyfio
    Anneka Sackeyfio Year ago

    What is wrong with people? She’s only human, how much hate does she need. If ur gonna go out of ur way to put her down, don’t bother complaining. Just be hopeful that she feels better and provides the videos that u would like. I really do enjoy her vlogs a lot. And I hope for more to come. Love ya Ana Xox

  • millie booth
    millie booth Year ago +4

    frustrates me how she calls herself a youtuber when the only content she gives is a 4 day vlog every 2 weeks that’s only 15 minuets long

  • Katie Alice
    Katie Alice Year ago

    People forget that behind that screen there is a real person just like us who is sitting there crying her eyes out because some stupid people feel the need to hate on an innocent person who is trying her hardest to vlog as a happy person when she's really not feeling it. If she vlogs unhappy, she'll get hate, if she doesn't vlog, she'll get hate because there are some sick human beings out there who judge because they can hide behind a screen and say what they like which they wouldn't normally say to any one else in any other situation!!!!

  • Ruby Ryan
    Ruby Ryan Year ago

    Just take your time we understand babe 🤞❤️💕

  • Ciara Fitzgerald
    Ciara Fitzgerald Year ago

    You go girl x nothing like a good pamper session❤ You deserve it! Xxx

  • nat x
    nat x Year ago

    This blog is brilliant lmaooo 🤣😍😊

    JADYN &ALICIA Year ago +1

    I would love to see more hauls but only if u want to 😍

  • Danielle Rice
    Danielle Rice Year ago

    Really good vlog your hair is so pretty and understand you because sometimes you might not be in the mood to film and have a rest but you always create amazing vlogs

  • anasperfect
    anasperfect Year ago


  • anasperfect
    anasperfect Year ago

    your hair, eyebrows, eyelashes look 💜💜💛❤️💙

  • anasperfect
    anasperfect Year ago

    I'm upset how much hate is on this vlog. you can have an opinion but don't make it seem like your being nasty x ily so much Ana 💛💕

  • Ayesha Rani
    Ayesha Rani Year ago +2

    Your turning into saff a bit ...the hair getting the lashes idkkk :(

  • Eilidh McFadden
    Eilidh McFadden Year ago

    Ideas ~
    Mum picks my outfits for a week ( everyone wants to see more of your mum in videos )
    Brother picks my outfit for a week ( your little brother is so funny )
    Nando’s mukbang ( you and saffron should do this video idea as you both love a Nando’s )
    In depth makeup tutorials ( your makeups insane )
    Testing 24 hour makeup products or waterproof products
    Your summer morning routine
    Testing different clothing brands
    A series of videos ( collab ) with saffron !!!
    Trying different candy from around the world
    Summer look book
    Huge clothing hauls
    Never have I ever video
    In depth video about what you do besides filming to do with being on TheXvid ( planning etc )
    How you film your videos and edit them
    Room tour updated
    Makeup de clutter
    Updated makeup collection video
    Top 10 ( foundations , concealers , lipsticks , bronzers , eyeshadow palettes etc from drugstore )
    I hope this gives you some inspiration xx

  • Lily Reed
    Lily Reed Year ago

    Spread love happiness and positivity always . 🌈💘

  • Jenn Marie
    Jenn Marie Year ago

    I love your Vlogs!! I aspire to have such good content like you someday 💕

  • Kamaljit Khalon
    Kamaljit Khalon Year ago

    You would look amazing in shorter hair btw love u

  • Char Johnso
    Char Johnso Year ago +1


  • Char Johnso
    Char Johnso Year ago +1

    Do a primark challenge with your little brother or your nan

  • Char Johnso
    Char Johnso Year ago

    You were voted best vloggers on the summer of city awards so head High gal

  • phoebe niccolls
    phoebe niccolls Year ago

    your such an inspiration ana i love you so much thankyou for everything xxxxxx

  • skittlesObsession
    skittlesObsession Year ago +1

    The colour of your hair is so nice omg omg omg

  • skittlesObsession

    Please do not cut your hair short it’s so pretty long 😭.

  • Nisha Brander
    Nisha Brander Year ago

    Vlog more in public

  • Jodie Watson
    Jodie Watson Year ago

    I honestly get all this hate ik some are wrong but not being motivated means Cba 😂 but maybe you can tell us more on what your going through maybe more people will understand like clearly

  • Laura
    Laura Year ago


  • Bronwyn Robotham
    Bronwyn Robotham Year ago

    Makeup collection
    Makeup declutter
    Outfit ideas/inspo
    Morning routine
    More videos with your mum/brother