He Crashed His Car, Autumn Shopping & Hen fun

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • He Crashed His Car, Autumn Shopping & Hen fun
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  • Lauren Gitelson
    Lauren Gitelson 29 days ago +1

    its so great to have vlogs again! thank you Zoe!

  • Cécilia
    Cécilia 29 days ago

    Fall is coming :D

  • ikstavoorjeklaarnl
    ikstavoorjeklaarnl Month ago +2

    i love your vlogs

  • T T
    T T Month ago +3

    I have just found her channel and I am loving her vibe. I wish I had a Mark in my life. How long have you both been friends?

  • Travis Birch
    Travis Birch Month ago +76

    Im sorry but am i the only one that notices how nice their door bell sounds 😂😭

  • EmmaRose Powers
    EmmaRose Powers Month ago +14

    I’m so glad you’re vlogging again! I’ve missed them so much, they make me so happy 😊

  • Aleksandra St.
    Aleksandra St. Month ago +12

    32:10 this is so funny after watching Alfie's video

  • Steph
    Steph Month ago +3

    Aww Nala doesn't want you to leave her! Whenever I'm putting on my makeup to go out, mostly to work, my cat's on my bed looking at me with his big blue eyes, and it makes me want to just stay in bed and snuggle him all day.

  • James Eldon
    James Eldon Month ago +4

    Mark saying he done them puzzles 😂😂

  • Aimee Kent
    Aimee Kent Month ago +5

    I love that you've started vlogging again. Loving all the headbands and the new hair. Was wondering when you will post more on your Blog page.

  • Alo Ingalls
    Alo Ingalls Month ago +1

    So glad you're posting again Zoe, we missed you!!

  • Hail TayLord
    Hail TayLord Month ago +6

    I love you so much and I'm so happy you're back

  • angela kirk
    angela kirk Month ago

    I was so excited to see another vlog posted to your channel! Thanks Zoe! You've made my day for sure!

  • Maria Stancu
    Maria Stancu Month ago +1

    Can t wait for the next video 🤗😁

  • Cristina L
    Cristina L Month ago +2

    Love a good Zoe & mark vlog!

  • Poppy Houston
    Poppy Houston Month ago +1

    Love love love

  • Pink Bettas
    Pink Bettas Month ago +3

    The thumbnail just made me sooo excited to watch this 💗💗💗💗 Love you Zoe

  • Amy Baker
    Amy Baker Month ago +1

    You have the best vlogs ❤️

  • Lien V
    Lien V Month ago +8

    Where is the pink-orange jumper from? Love the colors!

  • Marlene We
    Marlene We Month ago +1

    oh god how much i missed these vlogs 🥰

  • Wesley
    Wesley Month ago +3

    You radiate happiness!!!😊😜

  • Emily-Rose Xoxo
    Emily-Rose Xoxo Month ago +1

    On me holidays at the mo, nd the WiFi is soooooo bad that I’m watching u in a restaurant 🤣🤣xxx

  • Curly Tia
    Curly Tia Month ago +1


  • xBbiiee
    xBbiiee Month ago +6

    The autumnal, cosy, mike and zara vibes (who remembers mike and zara :))

  • Jay Palfrey
    Jay Palfrey Month ago +42


  • Jenny Williams101
    Jenny Williams101 Month ago +1

    So glad she’s back !!!

  • Noa mm
    Noa mm Month ago +27

    I'm absolutely STRUCK by how gorgeous you are with that hair, it's suits you soooo well! 💙

  • mpempoulos
    mpempoulos Month ago +3

    Does anybody know where the bedsheets at the beginning are from?

  • okay
    okay Month ago +3

    You look so pretty I love the hair

  • Summer Yallop
    Summer Yallop Month ago +1

    Ooo the forea thing everyone loves that is it good

  • Ava Pop
    Ava Pop Month ago +2

    Omg Nala snoring is so cute

  • Emily Pearson
    Emily Pearson Month ago +10

    Begining to become my favorite Zoe time for vlogs! Cozy fall time and before we know it Vlogmas!!! 🥰

  • Rumita Pannu
    Rumita Pannu Month ago +4

    Loved this autumn vlog,and your hair looks beautiful Zoe xx

  • Shannon Brady
    Shannon Brady Month ago +1

    Love this!!!

  • Ellie Wood
    Ellie Wood Month ago +1

    Does anyone know what makeup brushes Zoe uses? xx

  • Tanner Tomlinson
    Tanner Tomlinson Month ago +1

    Can I just say, i LOVE zoe’s videos

  • Weronica Myhre Pettersen

    Just what I needed a sunday night! The long hair is soo flattering on you, I love it! ❤️

  • Monica Lemosfrietas
    Monica Lemosfrietas Month ago +2

    Love you Zoe can’t wait for vlogmas

  • Samantha Campbell
    Samantha Campbell Month ago +2

    When does video go up with u and smear as I am interested because I have aniexty about my

  • Denton Shaw
    Denton Shaw Month ago

    This is what I’ve been waiting for🤩😉

  • Marlena Tucker
    Marlena Tucker Month ago +1

    Seriously missed your vlogs! 🙌🏽😍

  • Shouq
    Shouq Month ago +10

    your skin at the end looks amazing!! plz do the skin care video

  • kiera Dancer07
    kiera Dancer07 Month ago +1

    I love you so much your such an inspiration to me xx

  • Rachael Allaway
    Rachael Allaway Month ago +10

    My stomach muscles hurt from laughing at you and Mark when he was parking his car! 🤣

  • Meg Thomson
    Meg Thomson Month ago +4

    Your thumbnails are colored like fall time and I'm SO EXCITED ABOUT IT

  • Milly Sheehan
    Milly Sheehan Month ago +2

    I’m soooo happy Zoe is vlogging again

  • Jessica Dowdy
    Jessica Dowdy Month ago +74

    Seeing you in the jumpers and all the fall stuff makes me so... broody for fall?? Like it's still 90+ degrees here (33c) and I cant even wear pants without hating my life. I CANNOT wait for fall!!

  • Stannn Vibes
    Stannn Vibes Month ago

    I love ur vlogsss

  • Ella Poole
    Ella Poole Month ago +1

    your hair looks amazinggggggg xxx

  • Laura Sparkles
    Laura Sparkles Month ago +1

    Love the new longer hair! Makes you look younger! Also loving the Autumn content! bring it on! xx

  • Rianne vdr
    Rianne vdr Month ago +14

    Loving these new vlogs! I'm so with you on the autumn stuff, so excited already! 🎃✨

  • Louise
    Louise Month ago +5

    Ok ngl this got me SO excited for vlogmas ! 🎄🎅

  • ktboo1979
    ktboo1979 Month ago +1

    You made me day, Autumn doesn't happen until Zoe vlogs an Haul!!! Yeh love this time of year, thanks Zoe!!!

  • Charlène P
    Charlène P Month ago +1

    Yeeeah a new vlog again

  • Neeti Patel
    Neeti Patel Month ago +38

    I'm loving your middle part, you are absolutely stunning!

  • Ruby
    Ruby Month ago +1

    i was just watching the vlog from last year where you two went halloween shopping!!! so funny i love this time of year for your vlogs!!!!!

  • saba sdg_amin
    saba sdg_amin Month ago

    I’ll never get tired of zoeeeee ‘s vlogs love you sooo much ,keep vloging it feels amazing seeing you vlog again I missed you 💛

  • Carolina Figueira
    Carolina Figueira Month ago +11

    Loved hearing Rex Orange County in that morning clip!

  • Lily Clough
    Lily Clough Month ago +1

    So excited for the next vid and I’d love to see the skincare faves❤️

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    Rosie Chadwick Month ago +1

    Love love love