Carlos Vela's LAFC has enough to beat Zlatan Ibrahimovic's LA Galaxy - Paul Mariner | MLS

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • El Trafico makes its way to the MLS Cup Playoffs stage, as Carlos Vela’s LAFC will host Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s LA Galaxy in the Western Conference Semifinals (Thursday, 10:30 p.m. ET, ESPN). ESPN FC’s Paul Mariner breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of both sides entering the most pivotal match in the derby’s brief history and explains why the most important factor for either team will be character.
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Comments • 171

  • Lone Wolf Rider
    Lone Wolf Rider Month ago +1

    Watching this after LAFC beat the Galaxy.

  • Alexis P
    Alexis P Month ago +1

    Every time they play, LAFC is predicted to win.

  • Paul Beltran
    Paul Beltran Month ago +2

    Vela and ztlan both score a brace. But lafc win 4-2.

  • beatstork
    beatstork Month ago +1

    Oh yes daddy ZLATAN!! Right on my face!! Deeper !!!


  • Lazuardi Firdaus
    Lazuardi Firdaus Month ago

    Galaxy is kryptonite of LAFC
    Zlatan will rule LA
    Zlatan will leave Galaxy as Champions

  • Mike Rietow
    Mike Rietow Month ago


  • Pedro Ramos
    Pedro Ramos Month ago

    LAFC will win just bc of the fact that everyone is doubting them...

  • jonathan garcia
    jonathan garcia Month ago +1

    I think the galaxy will sit this one out. LAFC is champion this season.

  • fatrat22
    fatrat22 Month ago +1

    GO GALAXY!!!

    • The one Mexican
      The one Mexican Month ago

      @fatrat22 oh it will still mean something

    • fatrat22
      fatrat22 Month ago

      The one Mexican Congrats!!! You guys finally beat us. I hope LAFC wins this year or this will mean nothing.

    • The one Mexican
      The one Mexican Month ago

      5-3 lafc

  • Fernando Saldivar
    Fernando Saldivar Month ago

    LAFC 🇲🇽💯

  • Cameron Pratt
    Cameron Pratt Month ago +4

    Galaxy isn't just Zlatan - Pavon and Dos Santos are serious threats too.

  • Loski
    Loski Month ago +5

    They have enough to beat Zlatan, yet they have never beaten 38 years old Zlatan.

  • ghoultropperbtw yt
    ghoultropperbtw yt Month ago +1


  • Daniel El
    Daniel El Month ago

    Why not just call it los angeles or la? Why add fc everytime you call it? I dont see people call manchester united football club as mufc. Same goes to any other clubs

    • Jesus Graciano
      Jesus Graciano Month ago

      Galaxy is in the city of Carson but in the county of la. Lafc is in the city of la in the county of la

    • A Demosthenes
      A Demosthenes Month ago +1

      @Daniel El you can call it anything you want, when you work in a network then you can also call them anything you want.

    • Alberto
      Alberto Month ago

      @Daniel El I hear your argument.

    • Daniel El
      Daniel El Month ago

      @Alberto imo, los angeles is much better than calling it lafc since most people only call la galaxy as galaxy. Its kinda lame calling all the clubs full name like toronto 'fc'. Just call it toronto ffs.

    • Alberto
      Alberto Month ago +1

      Maybe because they are both LA? Hence the Fc and Galaxy part. I suppose it helps to distinguish not only between the two clubs themselves, but also the LA city from which both clubs are from. That's just my guess.

  • MJ MJ
    MJ MJ Month ago

    Vela have one feet, you know hé come every time to inside!! Defending STRONG LA GALAXY!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • ElCaudilloJaureguiVEVO
      ElCaudilloJaureguiVEVO Month ago

      Wrong!!!! He score with the other leg and goes the other side Vela the Best Of the West

  • MJ MJ
    MJ MJ Month ago +2

    LA Galaxy have to be great defending !! And Zlatan make the differend 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Roberto Hernandez
    Roberto Hernandez Month ago

    It's not Vela vs Slatan its LAFC vs Galaxy lol

  • Felipe Pallares
    Felipe Pallares Month ago +2

    Galaxy will concede goals, they need to tighten their def up. Vela will score. So will galaxy. I think it’ll be an amazing game, but 3-2 galaxy with the win. Zlatan in zlatan mode, there is no stopping him.

  • Hector M
    Hector M Month ago +3

    The refs are going to screw the Galaxy

  • MJ MJ
    MJ MJ Month ago +5

    Zlatan!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    PERIKAZO_RUIZ Ruiz Month ago +2

    3-1 or 4-2 LA GALAXY WINS I don't see how lafc can man up to there fear

  • ASTROS fan
    ASTROS fan Month ago +3

    Los Angeles Futbol Club will eliminate the Galaxy and their big giraffe Zlatan

    • The one Mexican
      The one Mexican Month ago

      You're name is a disgrace for what lafc stands for

    • Jesus Graciano
      Jesus Graciano Month ago

      @Jaime Ortiz only proven twice. The re cord is 2 win s for the galaxy , 3 ties.
      By winning on Thursday lafc will be left with one win difference between the team.

    • Jaime Ortiz
      Jaime Ortiz Month ago

      Chivas 2.0 can’t beat the Galaxy. It’s been proven 5 times already.

      PERIKAZO_RUIZ Ruiz Month ago +1

      That team loves to choke 😂😂 😂

    • ASTROS fan
      ASTROS fan Month ago

      J Money LAFC is the best team and has the best striker Vela

  • Javier Cota
    Javier Cota Month ago +14

    Zlatans energy makes lafc choke

  • Omar Zamora
    Omar Zamora Month ago +12

    My worry is that lafc hasn't played in a while, playoffs is a different competition. Hope lafc wins but Jonathan dos Santos has been dominating that midfield.

    • Anndreass. rr
      Anndreass. rr Month ago

      Its Good to not play for awile they can recover better, and preper better for the game

  • Diego Aguirre
    Diego Aguirre Month ago +1

    This is the perfect game for LAFC to finally get over the hump that is Galaxy, LAFC will win finally

  • Shroom Shroom
    Shroom Shroom Month ago +22

    the score will be La Galaxy-4 Lafc-2

  • Victor
    Victor Month ago +4

    LAFC finally going to beat Galaxy

    • Victor
      Victor Month ago

      @Jaime OrtizHows it going

    • Jaime Ortiz
      Jaime Ortiz Month ago

      Yeah that’s the same thing you chivas 2.0 has said in the last 5 games vs Galaxy. I’m going to laugh and enjoy every time Zlatan scores .

  • Infernocus
    Infernocus Month ago +11

    I'm a Seattle fan, but I am also rooting for galaxy because I remember watching zlatan with psg and man utd. Go destroy lafc once again and show them who rules the city of angels! 💛

    • nexxtext
      nexxtext Month ago

      Infernocus soooooo who rules LA ???? 5-3

    • ElCaudilloJaureguiVEVO
      ElCaudilloJaureguiVEVO Month ago +1

      Wrong is been rule by Carlos Vela but you all dont accept it

      TTVIMBAD F Month ago


    • nexxtext
      nexxtext Month ago

      Infernocus they're from Carson City not Los Angeles

  • Mum gay
    Mum gay Month ago +6

    No, it’s over for lafc, they have yet to beat galaxy, and they tie against Minnesota who beat them the first time

  • Infernocus
    Infernocus Month ago +16

    2-3 Galaxy
    Zlatan 10'
    Carlos 30'
    Rossi 45'
    Pavon 80'
    Zlatan 90+2'

  • Fidel Ceja
    Fidel Ceja Month ago +6

    Zlatan is no competition for vela and if you disagree, let me know where you want to meet up and we can get down.

    • ElCaudilloJaureguiVEVO
      ElCaudilloJaureguiVEVO Month ago

      @Jack Daniel The one the score 2 goals yesterday and 1 aaistance I know still hurts but is all about it soccer

    • Jack Daniel
      Jack Daniel Month ago

      @ElCaudilloJaureguiVEVO yes but who's vela ?

    • ElCaudilloJaureguiVEVO
      ElCaudilloJaureguiVEVO Month ago

      @J Money we don't believe is been proved sorry

    • ElCaudilloJaureguiVEVO
      ElCaudilloJaureguiVEVO Month ago

      @Jack Daniel maybe no TV in France because I think Lyon is from France and you can see the goal from Carlos Vela the took his team to the champions check it out is on you tube

    • ElCaudilloJaureguiVEVO
      ElCaudilloJaureguiVEVO Month ago

      @Jack Daniel you saw it last nigth by ADN you daddy

  • The 6pm Delivery
    The 6pm Delivery Month ago +6

    4-1 Galaxy dub 💛💙💛💙

  • Make The Lakers Great Again

    LAFC let’s go !

    OMAR VALDEZ Month ago +32

    LAFC has had what it takes to beat the L.A. Galaxy for quite some time. But... Fail to pull the trigger. L.A. Galaxy for the win.

  • That Sleeper import
    That Sleeper import Month ago +17

    Lafc always choke against zlatan fc cause these games are the only games that zlatan cares about

  • habshabsrule
    habshabsrule Month ago +13

    Ima go with the Galaxy for the upset. Zlatan going to be Zlatan and score.

  • George Phillip
    George Phillip Month ago +35

    they’ve always had enough but Zlatan always decides to turn up when he plays LAFC

    • Black Heart
      Black Heart Month ago

      You were saying...

    • ExuberantRaptor
      ExuberantRaptor Month ago

      My thought exactly. They are the best team in the league like duh. Btw Vela has showed up as well in these games, just edged by Zlatan.

    • Fernando Gutierrez
      Fernando Gutierrez Month ago +1

      As an LAFC fan, I agree. Smh.

    • J Money
      J Money Month ago +3

      George Phillip lol facts Zlatan prolly smiling ear to ear right now 😂

  • 592bwoy 1
    592bwoy 1 Month ago +4

    Zlatan is about to be 40 yea 40 and is the best player in MLS

    • Jose Ismael Lares Penaloza
      Jose Ismael Lares Penaloza Month ago

      Vatheany Von more like 5-3 sorry ....

    • Infernocus
      Infernocus Month ago

      @ASTROS fan Lol who cares about stats. Where's his trophies?

    • Vatheany Von
      Vatheany Von Month ago

      Galaxy 2 lafc0

    • Jose Ismael Lares Penaloza
      Jose Ismael Lares Penaloza Month ago

      J Money My bad but the fanboys are everywhere. I’m sure they’re some Vela ones too . I just try to be objective . Yeah man if you’d take him that’s all good . I can understand and respect your choice .

    • J Money
      J Money Month ago

      Jose Ismael Lares Penaloza I wouldn’t say I’m a Zlatan fanboy lol I just recognize he’s one of the greatest to ever play the sport. Zlatan has proven he can still perform at a high level even tho he’s 38. With the money on the line I’m taking Zlatan over Vela right now.

  • maximus Ilive4theking
    maximus Ilive4theking Month ago +2

    They have always had enough and more but still haven't been able too. Facts!!

  • Ed V
    Ed V Month ago +1

    It’s going to be a great game! The two best goal scorers in mls. I am a galaxy fan and I think they will get the win, but i’m expecting this game to be high scoring. Galacticos! Buy your tickets through Ticketmaster!

  • foday ceesay
    foday ceesay Month ago +2

    There is something called real football the premier league "duh"

  • Joel
    Joel Month ago +1

    I don't think they have enough enough to be honest. If they had a little more enough I think they'd have enough enough.

      SANCHEZ Month ago +1

      Enough of the word enough. Too many times used in your comment. Enough is enough of enough.

  • Angel Peter
    Angel Peter Month ago +24

    Let’s go LA Galaxy taking this dub!💛💙

  • marco a
    marco a Month ago +11

    Lafc is nothing without vela

  • Arz2003
    Arz2003 Month ago +3

    Typical generic ESPN ballicking as usual

  • E
    E Month ago +17

    Water is wet, the sun will set in the west, and LAFC will always choke against Zlatan.

  • Erick Gomez-Mendez
    Erick Gomez-Mendez Month ago +10

    Carlos vela will score and get an assist. Final score 3-1 goal from Antuna.

    • Catalina Degenerate
      Catalina Degenerate Month ago

      You just like Mexico huh 😂 how you gonna pick who ever that player is over Zlatan scoring

  • ItsRevoh
    ItsRevoh Month ago +37

    im going to this game on Thursday. I hope Ibra gets a hat trick!

    • kingo O
      kingo O Month ago +1

      Ibra and pavon hattrick allesandrini 2 goals

      PANDA LEGACY Month ago +2

      @hhlpz and in your nightmares.. hahaha

    • Erwin correia
      Erwin correia Month ago +1

      He will mate

    • hhlpz
      hhlpz Month ago +1

      ItsRevoh only in your dreams 😂😂

  • Sephora Sun Rise
    Sephora Sun Rise Month ago +14

    We got this galaxy is weak

    • J Money
      J Money Month ago

      623loverboy been better on paper the last 2 years tho. The Galaxy just come ready to play against LAFC

    • Mum gay
      Mum gay Month ago

      still couldn’t find a way to not tie against Minnesota yet btw, I’m worried for y’all, btw I’m not a galaxy fan

    • Mum gay
      Mum gay Month ago +1

      Yea, sorry to burst ur bubble but have u seen the last el trafico games? Lafc keeps choking

    • 623loverboy
      623loverboy Month ago

      Erwin correia to be honest y’all didn’t look so good at all, I wouldn’t be so confident ...70 minutes of the game y’all were scrambling to not get scored on.. Minnesota killed themselves by not scoring ... on paper we are way better. But anything can happen... I’ll be there live

    • Erwin correia
      Erwin correia Month ago +1

      You sure about this?? You ready? Becauss We are ready for you. LA GALAXY all the way!! 💛💙💛💙💪🏼

  • Doug Dimmadome
    Doug Dimmadome Month ago +30

    As an LAFC fan, I’m very worried. VERY worried.