Russia warns of response to Finland NATO entry • FRANCE 24 English

  • Published on May 11, 2022
  • Russia on Thursday warned Thursday it would have to take "military-technical" steps in response to neighbouring Finland joining NATO, after leaders in Helsinki backed entering the US-led alliance.
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Comments • 5 943

  • Ralph Cantrell
    Ralph Cantrell 16 days ago +717

    WOW!! You mean the Finns didn't get Russia's permission before making a decision on the best way to ensure their own nation's security?? The NERVE of some people!

    • Triarii
      Triarii 3 days ago

      @jon tip No

    • jon tip
      jon tip 9 days ago

      Nato have caused this tension anyway

    • Erika Spannerman
      Erika Spannerman 11 days ago

      @H Emerald a guy who isnt english seems to know more about geo politics than you. xD

    • Michael Law
      Michael Law 13 days ago

      @Tallboss TV You don't even know what you are talking about lol

  • Colorbug Originals
    Colorbug Originals 16 days ago +274

    It's crazy how he thinks he gets a say in how others protect themselves within the confines of their own borders. 🤷

    • Xipingu
      Xipingu 9 days ago

      @Deadly Lifter The whataboutism continues....

    • R1 Scat
      R1 Scat 10 days ago +1


    • Steve Lambert
      Steve Lambert 11 days ago

      @Tj Semeniuk that only applies to non domesticated animals

  • Aye Yoe
    Aye Yoe 16 days ago +182

    As the Finnish president said to Russia "You started this" "Look in the mirror".

    • Ra Kunta
      Ra Kunta 10 days ago +1

      @Anai Barangan shhh go to bed little girl the grown ups are talking

    • Fionn MacCuill
      Fionn MacCuill 10 days ago +2

      @Anai Barangan what?!

    • Anai Barangan
      Anai Barangan 11 days ago

      I don't see it the same way about the mirror. He's just towing the line of all that acting as a lackey of, that the mirror belongs to ALL. Don't expect me to have sympathy for The Devil. Whom haven't been out to harm of my loved ones in the world, including non-stop me. My worth always put below no matter what types of insanity against me.

  • PointingOutObvious
    PointingOutObvious 15 days ago +75

    Putin recognizes the break away regions of Ukraine as independent countries making independent decision, but does not recognize independent countries like Finland and Sweden as independent countries making decisions for themselves. How does that work?

    • YSCCL
      YSCCL 7 days ago

      Dictatorships be like that

    • Atomic
      Atomic 10 days ago +3

      hypocrisy is one of the defining traits of politicians

    • felixtheRHYTHMCHEF
      felixtheRHYTHMCHEF 11 days ago +2

      Because he's a power hungry sociopath? 😂

    • gorski
      gorski 11 days ago

      Oh yeah, so very independent...

  • R L
    R L 16 days ago +113

    The world’s reaction to Russia’s displeasure about other country’s sovereign decision: “It is none of your business.”

  • Lori86
    Lori86 16 days ago +2820

    Finland and Sweden aren't joining NATO they're just performing a "special military handshake".

    • john doe
      john doe 10 days ago


    • Igor Insanic
      Igor Insanic 10 days ago

      @Matty C apropos big daddy, study george friedman, mearsheimer, zeihan, krauthammer and nomsky. be more woke! 😵‍💫

    • Scott Revell
      Scott Revell 11 days ago

      @VintageRitz nailed it!

    • 13en 13en
      13en 13en 11 days ago

      Yea it's the special handshake

  • Gencoil
    Gencoil 16 days ago +82

    How can there be a response when Finland hasn't even done anything to Russia? Are they not allowed to shield themselves? It's only natural after seeing what Russia has done to Ukraine.

    • Julio Guzman
      Julio Guzman 7 days ago

      We don't like The Reds. That's not going to happen.

    • Try This
      Try This 10 days ago

      @Erika Spannerman try again later

    • Erika Spannerman
      Erika Spannerman 11 days ago

      @Try This yeah, yes.

    • Jason Sharpe
      Jason Sharpe 12 days ago +2

      @paristo your comment makes no sense . Finland is inviting NATO in BECAUSE of Russia’s aggression .

    • paristo
      paristo 12 days ago +1

      @Tim Matthews Stop threatening others by inviting their enemy to your land next to them, you might actually learn something.

  • Alaya Kimora
    Alaya Kimora 15 days ago +119

    I'm afraid we've just about had enough of Russia's 'security assurances'.

    • TwoCan Sams
      TwoCan Sams 13 days ago

      @Bobby Boucher The great moose cleans back.

    • Bobby Boucher
      Bobby Boucher 13 days ago

      @TwoCan Sams pot calling the kettle black.

    • TwoCan Sams
      TwoCan Sams 14 days ago +1

      @Alex Look at the pic, i usually take pics like that as bot accounts. They post around youtube and make legit posts then they gather to promote something when their paid to.

    • Emil Tat
      Emil Tat 14 days ago

      @Brent z com -putin ?:-)

    • Brent z
      Brent z 14 days ago +3

      @Alex that’s what I am thinking as well...seems like many of these pro nato comments and responses are computer generated

  • Kristoffer P
    Kristoffer P 16 days ago +149

    Sweden and Finland would have happily remained neutral. All Russia had to do was lay their imperialist ambitions to rest and respect our right to self-determination.

  • Robert Allen
    Robert Allen 16 days ago +133

    Acting like Russia didn’t attack Finland less than 100 years ago lmao

    • Лев Астнер
      Лев Астнер 12 days ago +1

      @Mielipuoli Siili Did you even read my comment?
      I did not say anything about theft or that Finland did something wrong.
      I just mean that we both invaded each other and got nothing from it. (Accept of course small geographical adjustments.

    • Mielipuoli Siili
      Mielipuoli Siili 12 days ago +2

      @Лев Астнер If someone steals something from you and you try to take it back, are you a thief too?

    • Лев Астнер
      Лев Астнер 12 days ago

      And then the Finns attack the Soviet Union, so I guess we are even.

  • SN CY
    SN CY 16 days ago +1900

    Giving into a bully is the worst mistake one can make. A bully only respects force and strength. Be it a school bully, a bad police officer, or a dictator.

    • Chance Butler
      Chance Butler 9 days ago

      @Eddie Brown lol you should learn what your legal standing in the west really is hahahahaha

    • Chance Butler
      Chance Butler 9 days ago

      @Kox Wobi lol cant wait til yall learn your real standing in the west

    • Acore4747
      Acore4747 9 days ago

      @Tarh Sonu nope

    • Nick Russell
      Nick Russell 11 days ago

      @Lilli R Although Bosnia was not a NATO member then, there wasn't really anyone else to try to stop the Serbs invading Bosnia and slaughtering the Bosnians. I guess the British could have come to their defence by themselves, but it seemed better to invite 90 other countries to come and help, which they did.

    • Tubes12AX7k
      Tubes12AX7k 11 days ago

      @TSA D There are several bots here, I think. All joining You Tube within that past few months and with no channel content or subscriptions.

  • ✨ Your Unknown Friend
    ✨ Your Unknown Friend  15 days ago +12

    The last time Russia mentioned “military/technical” consequences, Ukraine was invaded. I see Finland as next on the list.

  • William Osullivan
    William Osullivan 16 days ago +49

    like someone said on here in the comments they're not joining NATO they're having a special military handshake. true facts

    • iEmbrion
      iEmbrion 12 days ago

      @Fl4ngerr Thats what make it really special I guess.

    • andreksjour
      andreksjour 13 days ago +1

      it is truly "special"

    • Fl4ngerr
      Fl4ngerr 14 days ago

      "special military handshake" with contracts signed among all NATO countries

  • ✨ Your Unknown Friend
    ✨ Your Unknown Friend  15 days ago +4

    The last time Russia mentioned “military/technical” consequences, Ukraine was invaded. I see Finland as next on the list.

    • Jouko Korhonen
      Jouko Korhonen 15 days ago

      I am afraid I have to agree Your opinion. Time to sell my flat asap here.

  • Crystal Ratclffe
    Crystal Ratclffe 13 days ago +6

    Finland is supposed to believe Russia's assurances, just like Ukraine was assured they would be safe if they gave up their nukes? They are supposed to believe Russia will respect the sovereignty of Finland (while dictating to them what they can and can'to) the way Russia respected Ukraine's? Yeah right

  • SuperMyckie
    SuperMyckie 16 days ago +1331

    Finland and Sweden were never fan of the NATO alliance until Russia decided to make their neighbors rethink their neutrality.. it is Russia who needs to look at the mirror and have a personal revaluation, your cant be shelling a neighbour recklessly, and expect the other neighbors not to be concerned of your actions

    • sir Zembla
      sir Zembla 7 days ago

      Yeah 3 planes .....It's an emergency indeed ....

    • Spörde Spyrdenstein
      Spörde Spyrdenstein 13 days ago

      In truth, Finland has for 30 years built its military to be more and more NATO-compatible.
      Already in the mid 90s I realized we were now using NATO map glyphs/markings. By 2022 we are using the NATO alphabet, alpha bravo etc. The writing has been on the wall for 30 years

    • dadma lafrance
      dadma lafrance 13 days ago

      @Finland and Sweden are running scared🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Izzy Brownstone
      Izzy Brownstone 14 days ago +1

      there's a reason behind all that shelling

    • paul ovaska
      paul ovaska 14 days ago

      @Nunya Business he is responding to a post from a person who made it about race - so the comment of moronland is justified.

  • Barbara Mrozowski
    Barbara Mrozowski 15 days ago +18

    "We can trust what the Russians promise" said no Finn ever.

  • Chief
    Chief 13 days ago +5

    Russia seems to think it's just been letting other countries live all this time. That we are only countries by their Grace and that grace can be easily taken away.

  • Ely - Rєαdу Fσя LινE🤳 - Sєe Mу CнαηηєL💞

    WOW!! You mean the Finns didn't get Russia's permission before making a decision on the best way to ensure their own nation's security?? The NERVE of some people!

  • Bean Trig
    Bean Trig 15 days ago +2

    This reminds me of when I was a child at a lunch table. I watched one kid offer a trade, his chocolate milk for the others candy, and he kept the milk and the candy. The next day the kid asked me for the same trade. Of course I declined. Russian politics can be compared to school lunch politics.

  • Rane
    Rane 16 days ago +2658

    It is same warning what we have heard in Finland years and we have same response to everyone, we will make our own independent decisions no matter what Russia says and we will defend our country with our allies any way necessary.

    • Patrick Holota
      Patrick Holota 16 days ago

      Yep, sovereign states make their own considerations and decisions as to which alliance they want to belong to, whether it suits a third party or not. It is to be accepted. Done.

    • Me So
      Me So 16 days ago +1

      @Johan Gyllenstridh both Finland and Sweden must fight against what ? Against who ?

  • MVE
    MVE 15 days ago +4

    Russia’s response justifies Finland’s and Sweden’s decision to join NATO.

  • Alaya Kimora
    Alaya Kimora 15 days ago +47

    “russia promised to respect Finland’s boarders” Yeah right, just like they guaranteed Ukraine’s sovereignty with the Budapest memorandum. Smartest thing Finland can do is join NATO.

  • Pertti Heinikko
    Pertti Heinikko 15 days ago +9

    The deal we kind of thought we had during the past decades was that if we stay out of military alliances Russia leaves us in peace. But Putin's Russia has turned out to be so irrational, blood-thirsty and aggressive that Nato membership probably is the least worst option for Finland. This is the end of a 78 year long era of a foreign policy tradition.

  • Tom LaVelle
    Tom LaVelle 16 days ago +11

    The last time Russia mentioned “military/technical” consequences, Ukraine was invaded. I see Finland as next on the list.

      ATTILA KONKOLY 13 days ago

      @hibakusha0 coming next don't worry!

    • John Smith
      John Smith 13 days ago

      @Fl4ngerr Certainly. Finland is an EU member state. Just search for key words "EU" and "Mutual Defence Clause".

    • Fl4ngerr
      Fl4ngerr 14 days ago +2

      I say all the countries from the Soviet Union are at a way higher risk than Finland (no matter whether in NATO or not)

    • hibakusha0
      hibakusha0 16 days ago +2

      Glad you have your crystal ball. They've also threatened UK with nuclear tsunamis, will that happen as well?

  • Lars Lover
    Lars Lover 16 days ago +638

    I think most are fed up with Putin's bullying and threats by now. Let the old man keep ramble on and lets move on. Great that Sweden and Finland will join Nato!

    • K Cav
      K Cav 16 days ago

      @Elias Ziad Wait wait, what are you doing watching Western media, comrade? Do we have a problem here?

    • Elias Ziad
      Elias Ziad 16 days ago

      @K Cav "bot" ~ the westerner's response to an opinion

    • Paralyzer
      Paralyzer 16 days ago +2

      @KESS either you will like it or not
      You will Be an old man one day

  • Sean Gleason
    Sean Gleason 16 days ago +5

    If we see a Finnish Winter War 2022 (and I aware it's about to be summer) I believe that the Finnish will 100% put up an absolutely rock solid defense and give up little to no sovereign territory and I also think it will be the end of the Putin Regime in the Russian Federation, which interestingly enough could ultimately be the deciding factor in bringing peace to both the region and Europe as a whole

  • Aaramlias
    Aaramlias 13 days ago +3

    The funny thing is that Russia goes on about not arming their borders and Russia then goes and does that along their borders. It says that it fears being attacked and what does it do it attacks first without any reason except their future fears. Finland and Sweden are joining NATO to protect themselves. If NATO was going to attack Russia they would have done that when Ukraine was attacked ... instead them are just helping Ukraine defend themselves as much as possible

  • Peter
    Peter 16 days ago +1

    Lately I've been thinking about what some friends of mine said to me, some 20 years ago. That they foresaw a war in Europe. Or rather, they said that if a war would break out, it would be in Europe. I didn't understand it. I'm not sure if I do now. But it might actually happen.

  • Milhouse
    Milhouse 15 days ago +1

    Way to go, Finland!
    NATO strong. 💪

  • Chika Njoku
    Chika Njoku 16 days ago +399

    Sovereign nations have rights to their decision.

    • Pla Yer
      Pla Yer 12 days ago +1

      100% agree, should be apply to all countries in the world.

    • Eterno
      Eterno 14 days ago

      @Amitabh Sharma stop listening to propoganda and take your meds.

    • Remix 40
      Remix 40 15 days ago

      @Amitabh Sharma sovereign doesn't mean neutral

    • Remix 40
      Remix 40 15 days ago +1

      @Mike Cano Sommer should Cuba be allowed to hold nukes for other countries?

    • childofeternity
      childofeternity 15 days ago

      @ZooyZoé In the minds of many he was; but whatever he was is irrelevant, here.

  • ✨ Your Unknown Friend
    ✨ Your Unknown Friend  15 days ago +2

    The last time Russia mentioned “military/technical” consequences, Ukraine was invaded. I see Finland as next on the list.

    • Syarif Hidayat
      Syarif Hidayat 15 days ago

      it's like a parody of rebellion, where the poor are not afraid of death and the rich are afraid of falling. which rich person is not afraid to lose his comfortable position who has been bullying others, not the been bullied..
      peak of this case is confrontation, do both side dare to take the risk of falling? for information Russia is fall apart with poverty while US is considered as a leader of this world, there is lots reason for Russia to take that risk, but for US there is no reason should take that risk
      for everyone to know, it be easy to smuggle nuclear, no needs for ICBM

  • Emma Great
    Emma Great 13 days ago +3

    When Putin says that Finland needs not to worry and there's no threat from Moscow, does Putin believe he can be trusted given his past records with Ukraine?

  • Heath T
    Heath T 15 days ago +3

    You know, I've never walked over to my neighbors house and had a conversation about one of us not breaking into the house of the other and attacking the occupants. Oddly enough, if we had, I might find that more alarming than living peacefully side-by-side without having even spoken of it.
    Why would I need to have that conversation unless my neighbor is having thoughts about doing that to me or the other neighbor?

    • Heath T
      Heath T 15 days ago +1

      @Tata Mata sure. I think everyone has a right to defend themselves.
      I am a US Marine and I don't agree with what we, the US, did to get into Iraq. I don't agree with much of what we did while we were there. Nor do I agree with how long we stayed.
      With that said, the US doesn't randomly invade a country based on "what ifs" as Russia did here. Iraq invaded Kuwait and upset the global supply of oil in doing so. Afghanistan was a hotbed on terrorism (and likely it's again due to our own corruption and miscalculations) that was actively presenting a threat to the region and to countries like the US, Britain, France, and Germany.
      So trying to paint what Russia is doing as the same thing is ignorant. Trying to say if I think you're going to hit me I should hit you first is also ignorant. Worse, saying I think NATO might be a problem so let me invade a non-NATO country is ignorant.
      Russia has been very actively mettling in all of the former Soviet Union states for decades. Bringing war, death, genocide, and destruction with it. This thing in Ukraine is an excuse to get a piece of Ukraine. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Tata Mata
      Tata Mata 15 days ago

      @Heath T Ok, I am with you on that. Let me ask you another question: when the US invaded Iraq with more lies than planet Earth could swallow, did you,or would you support Iran build a nuclear bomb as the result of its fear to be the next one in line for invasion based on lies?

    • Heath T
      Heath T 15 days ago

      @Tata Mata exactly what Finland did... Go talk to the other neighbors about it. I'd want some extra eyes, some help, and to make sure my weapons are loaded.

    • Tata Mata
      Tata Mata 15 days ago

      @Heath T Let's say that happens. So what would you do?

    • Heath T
      Heath T 15 days ago

      @Tata Mata I mean if he came over talking about not breaking into my house and killing me if I promise not to do the same... aren't the words he's using a pretty clear indication of what he's thinking about?

  • Spervuur Produksies
    Spervuur Produksies 16 days ago +10

    It baffles me why Russia inherited the veto power of the former Soviet Union, on the UN Security Council. This should be reviewed, as soon as possible. Russia was only one state of the former Soviet Union, which consisted of about 30 states (including Ukraine). If Russia has a seat, then Ukraine should also have a seat. As well as Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, and many more.

  • James Kuyper
    James Kuyper 16 days ago +863

    Ukraine signed two such agreements with Russia, agreeing to respect each others borders. When we see how well that has worked out for Ukraine, how could Finland possibly consider breaking their agreement with Russia?

    • M G
      M G 7 days ago +1

      @Amadou Gueye who's problem we make it our problem

    • James Kuyper
      James Kuyper 7 days ago

      @Katt I'm referring to both the Belovezh Accords and the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances. They're both easy to find online.

    • Johan
      Johan 8 days ago

      @JBXXR Yeah it's really annoying

    • JBXXR
      JBXXR 8 days ago

      @Johan thats the problem, people are too lazy to do their own research.

    • Johan
      Johan 10 days ago +2

      @Katt look it up maybe?

  • Josh Wingate
    Josh Wingate 14 days ago +5

    How dare these countries demand sovereign borders, the nerve

  • pwk22
    pwk22 16 days ago +2

    "... refused to accept Russian assurances ..." Right. It's not like Russia has lied about things in the past. They seem trustworthy.

  • Joseph Webster
    Joseph Webster 16 days ago

    Reminds me of the revolutionary War! Thank you France for helping a brother out.

  • Steve Koschella
    Steve Koschella 16 days ago +1

    "Finland failed to heed Russian assurances of good will." I wonder why?!!! 🤔 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rodney Schwartz
    Rodney Schwartz 16 days ago +602

    How can they invade/attack another country if they cant even deal with 1 country.

    • Gullyman
      Gullyman 12 days ago

      @ノイスレブ And the UK and US have nukes of their own, and Finland has a treaty with the UK.

    • Cali Flame
      Cali Flame 13 days ago

      @Kexin Then I'm going to need iodine pills.

    • nick nicky
      nick nicky 14 days ago

      Russias special military operation has been a disaster, the man only has nukes and he w9nt use them as the others with the button won't do it ,

    • John Aricsson Majumder
      John Aricsson Majumder 15 days ago


  • Michael Denathorn
    Michael Denathorn 15 days ago +2

    I love the Finns, I was in Helsinki for Christmas one year, and they were the most friendliest people ever, I loved my time there, they were spot on, so much so, I popped into a pub called Molly Malones for a pint at dinner time on Christmas Day, and I didn't spill out of there till 1.30am the following morning, absolutely hammered! :D
    And, all day, I only bought one pint, the one I bought when I went in... Honestly, it was a great day! :)
    So, as you can imagine, I am over the moon to see not only the UK and Finland sign up for stronger ties together which happened the other day, but also to see them join Nato is great because they are the type of country that can add to the alliance, you can count on, and they will pay their way, they are proud people, if they say they will help you, you can take onboard that is exactly what they will do, and more if needs be.

  • Fondel Mike Rotch
    Fondel Mike Rotch 13 days ago +2

    Thank you for bringing the world together Pootin, we are getting closer to a world protection force. Russian invasions will be dealt with accordingly.

  • Bananas
    Bananas 15 days ago +3

    lol "respect the treaty we had" didnt russia have a pact with ukraine that they wouldnt invade ukraine ever in return ukraine surrendered all their nuclear weapons to russia?

    MAD MAX 15 days ago +8

    “russia promised to respect Finland’s boarders” Yeah right, just like they guaranteed Ukraine’s sovereignty with the Budapest memorandum. Smartest thing Finland can do is join NATO.

  • Zytose S
    Zytose S 16 days ago +2767

    Imagine attacking a country then getting angry because others want to defend themselves

    • TinTin Smythe
      TinTin Smythe 8 days ago

      You mean like the United States????

    • Acore4747
      Acore4747 9 days ago

      @Gandhari Vamshi Joining a defensive alliance after being threatened is defending yourself

    • Fionn MacCuill
      Fionn MacCuill 10 days ago

      They are a joke

    • Iamatrader
      Iamatrader 10 days ago

      @Korest21 no way?! you think?

  • TheyTake MyCalls
    TheyTake MyCalls 13 days ago +2

    I mean what then, Russia invades Finland? I'd be suprised if they even have the capability at this point.

  • larrykstanley
    larrykstanley 16 days ago +3

    I’m wondering if Russia is concerned that the Russia-Ukraine relationship might be impacted?

  • jlopez 09
    jlopez 09 14 days ago +1

    Just wondering, why wan't Ukraine offered the same defence pact by the UK before they applied to join NATO. A pact like the one the UK has given Sweden and Finland could have avoided all this.

  • Joe Duke
    Joe Duke 16 days ago +4

    Their ICBMs are made with the SAME high standards that they made their tanks.

  • Occam3132
    Occam3132 16 days ago +2680

    Gee, it’s crazy that the vast majority of Russia’s neighbors want nothing to do with them. Can’t imagine why that is… 🧐

    • paristo
      paristo 11 days ago +2

      There is nothing odd in that, USA has so well gained control in all those via various meddling and coups that they can basically command everyone else do what ever they want with some fancy "negotiation" tactics. You don't even need to imagine that!

    • Atasii Okura
      Atasii Okura 11 days ago

      Unlike USA that did nothing but help to Vietnam, Avganistan, Iraq, Syria, Yugoslavia.... Gee..

  • DJcyberslash
    DJcyberslash 16 days ago +3

    This is escalating when when it needs to DE escalate.

  • Remain Profane
    Remain Profane 16 days ago +2

    Well, well, well. If it isn’t the consequences of Russia’s actions.

  • Michael Steen
    Michael Steen 14 days ago +1

    Putin talking about “actions threatening STABILITY in the region” really is comical given HIS ACTIONS in the last couple of months ! Finland is talking about signing a document with an ink pen while Putin orders his military to send cruise missiles into high rise apartment buildings in the middle of large cities and to roll thru city after city killing everything that moves including men, women, children, and dogs. That seems to be doing a lot to help the “stability in the region” as Vladimir Putin so elegantly put it. I believe Putin destroyed any stability that was there with HIS ACTIONS.

  • David zR Escalante
    David zR Escalante 14 days ago

    "I don't like change! The world is moving so fast im old, it's scary!"

  • Golden Shine
    Golden Shine 16 days ago +359

    What did Putin expect? He gave Finland no choice with his threats. Putin also amassed troops and weapons on the Finnish border shortly after invading Ukraine.

  • George Hartwell
    George Hartwell 15 days ago +1

    Never take Russian military red lines or threats with a ‘pinch of salt’ especially if it is Russian military doctrine.

  • William Murray
    William Murray 16 days ago +6

    Don't you think that the Russian Foreign Minister said to Putin, "You're doing the opposite of deterring Finland from joining NATO."

    • Bobby Boucher
      Bobby Boucher 13 days ago

      If he said that he would magically disappear the next day.

    • Gord Mills
      Gord Mills 14 days ago

      Just before he fell out the window……

    • Julie
      Julie 15 days ago

      No they're all scared to be poisoned.

  • ✨ Your Unknown Friend

    If Russia invades Finland, then I'll have to say:''Let them try''. We Finnish people are not doing our mandatory military training for nothing. We got a good amount of reserves in case such an event occurs.

  • Alaya Kimora
    Alaya Kimora 15 days ago

    If Russia invades Finland, then I'll have to say:''Let them try''. We Finnish people are not doing our mandatory military training for nothing. We got a good amount of reserves in case such an event occurs.

  • random_european
    random_european 16 days ago +74

    imagine invading a country and then giving advice on "stability in the region' 😂

    • random_european
      random_european 15 days ago +1

      @KESS😂 and what they gonna do about it? send some old crappy t-72 to Finland? 😂

    • KESS
      KESS 16 days ago +1

      He meant 'you had peace when you remained neutral'.

    • NightTripper
      NightTripper 16 days ago +6

      And claiming Mariupol is a tragedy while he's the one bombing it

  • Ely - Rєαdу Fσя LινE🤳 - Sєe Mу CнαηηєL💞

    If Russia invades Finland, then I'll have to say:''Let them try''. We Finnish people are not doing our mandatory military training for nothing. We got a good amount of reserves in case such an event occurs.

  • D B
    D B 16 days ago +14

    NATO was formed after World War II.
    The Western Allies wanted to rebuild after the war and disarmament to free up resources for it.
    The Soviet Union did not disarm, but kept three million soldiers along the border with the West.
    The threat that it posed created the need for the defense alliance.
    So both the formation and the then increasing proliferation of NATO are entirely their own fault.
    They obviously do not learn from their own history.

  • Trot Van Dai
    Trot Van Dai 16 days ago

    "Military-Technical" from Putin means more of the same type of Russian tanks being used in Ukraine will be implemented in Finland.

  • Canute
    Canute 14 days ago

    "Russia warns..." is the beginning of every headline about the country.
    Maybe Putin should think why Finland didn't think NATO was necessary under Stalin, but necessary under Putin. Tells you something.

  • The-union-jackass
    The-union-jackass 16 days ago +171

    As the president of Finland said in response to Russia. "you did this, this is all you"

    • xmykro
      xmykro 16 days ago +6

      ​@Rob Gianzon Bully threats don't work anymore.

    • Rob Gianzon
      Rob Gianzon 16 days ago +1

      Well, words once spoken is very hard to take back.
      Once Arnaggedon breaksout ashes cannot talk anymore.

    • Jim H
      Jim H 16 days ago +4

      Yup it’s pretty clear. If your neighbour wants to call your property his, and you can join his authority to help his means, or your other neighbours say join us, and together we will ALL push that SOB back onto his land…Bullies will lose every time!

  • JustDisc - JD
    JustDisc - JD 13 days ago +1

    It’s amazing how the human mind is capable of so easily being brainwashed by a higher power.

  • Scott Geene
    Scott Geene 16 days ago +4

    I do not understand why Russia finds the rest such a threat when we first thought together in world war II and helped them win world war II...

  • Ely - Rєαdу Fσя LινE🤳 - Sєe Mу CнαηηєL💞

    I'm afraid we've just about had enough of Russia's 'security assurances'.

  • TexasDragon 1995
    TexasDragon 1995 15 days ago +5

    If Russia is seriously having this much trouble in trying to take over Ukraine then I can’t imagine Finland being that much better. Especially given their past wars with each other, with Finland being more favored

  • Tony Rust
    Tony Rust 16 days ago +237

    What did Russia expect after their invasion of Ukraine?

  • shaun y
    shaun y 13 days ago

    I found it interesting that NATO wants to be a "global" alliance also getting involved in the Indo-Pacific region.

  • Coinhvy
    Coinhvy 14 days ago +6

    Finland 🇫🇮 President said “You caused this take a look in the mirror” speaking nothing but facts.!

  • Sea Time
    Sea Time 14 days ago +1

    FINLAND: We are now officially part of Nato. Mess with us you mess with the whole trailer park. 🇫🇮

  • Imperator
    Imperator 16 days ago

    My grandfathers laughed at the Soviet Union's threats, I think I'll do the same with Russia

  • Edix167
    Edix167 16 days ago +287

    Does russia think threatening everybody in the world will stop them from defending their country?? Russia threatening countries around it is what causes all of this, if Russia wasnt threatening them, they wouldnt need to join Nato. Russia needs to focus on itself and just leave other nations alone.
    Imagine threatening someone and then getting angry because they make moves to defend themselves.

    • Rufeil Rahtieh
      Rufeil Rahtieh 16 days ago

      @Libra You´re not happy with your new YT channel?

    • Macky jack
      Macky jack 16 days ago

      @TSA D they definitely don’t like it up em😂

    • Rufeil Rahtieh
      Rufeil Rahtieh 16 days ago

      And tell that also to the NATO, EU and US

  • African caitlyn
    African caitlyn 16 days ago +3

    Finland and Sweden joining nato is signing up for their land to be use as a war ground

  • Angry Gnome
    Angry Gnome 16 days ago +2

    Wow I didn’t realize Russia governs Sweden and Finland.

  • Michael Martín
    Michael Martín 14 days ago

    Russia reserves the right to "accept that Finland will defend itself by joining NATO".

  • Napalm Holocaust
    Napalm Holocaust 15 days ago +1

    You cannot be The Threat and call a defensive reaction to your behavior the threat. It is like getting mad when the person you threw a rock at picks up a rock themselves.

  • Cry Havoc
    Cry Havoc 16 days ago +538

    I'm afraid we've just about had enough of Russia's 'security assurances'.

    • Xipingu
      Xipingu 9 days ago

      I mean this wouldn't have happened, had they not attacked. And even if it was on the cards, if there's something I wasn't aware of, this only serves to push it into happening much faster. It's not a joke, when they say "diplomacy is the only way forward" ...

    • Jeffrey Bohémier
      Jeffrey Bohémier 9 days ago

      @Ash Roskell Sounds like your neighbor is definitely a bully. I’ve repeatedly put neighborhood bullies in their place, including bullies that happened to be on the neighborhood home owner’s association.

    • Cry Havoc
      Cry Havoc 11 days ago

      @Shomari Nelson a. Why are you shouting, and
      b. Who is your 'we' and why can you not remember the Republicons affecting regime change in Afghanistan and Iraq? That is the question.

    • Cry Havoc
      Cry Havoc 13 days ago +3

      @sir Zembla Did you mean 'tattoo'? Did you mean 'American'? Please tell me you are not a twelve-year-old who had accidentally unlocked Mummy's smartphone.

  • Forza Azzurri
    Forza Azzurri 12 days ago

    Welcome to NATO warriors! ❤️ from Albania.

  • Nathaniel Mason
    Nathaniel Mason 16 days ago

    Russia left them no choice. in light of their recent activity and rhetoric, Sweden and Finland are just covering their backs. it just made military common sense for these two exposed countries.

  • romeinslc
    romeinslc 15 days ago

    Excellent interview. Strong and courageous reporter.

  • raditz
    raditz 15 days ago +1

    For Russia being the underdog in this game from all and every respect, as I see there aren't too many options here for them: a) nuke; b) swallow s..t & do nothing, then tolerate 'bullying' after everyone understands Russia is a toothless dog; c) make the conflict more global (e.g. attack Finland) and lose the war as no way Russia can win this with the resources & reserves it has. Even though I don't really like the idea, if I was Putin, I would go for option "a"...

  • William Ankrah
    William Ankrah 15 days ago +7

    "As we have said many times before, NATO expansion does not make the world more stable and secure,"

    • keith symons
      keith symons 13 days ago +1

      Oh right if you say so FFS

    • D M
      D M 15 days ago

      Lets talk to the journalists at CBS who describe it as a win win.

    • D M
      D M 15 days ago

      Thank you, thank you. There are people with brains out there. Oh my gosh...

  • The Overlord
    The Overlord 14 days ago +3

    We are tired of their threats and rhetoric. The Russians invaded Finland before WW2 and stole Finnish territory under the dictator and murderer Joseph Stalin. NATO is a defensive alliance not offensive. The only danger to Russia’ s security is their own foreign policy and criminal behaviour. Any country is free to do what they what in terms of their own security and deploy any forces they want on their own land and within their own borders. Russia can do the same on their own land and within their own borders. If they want to strike then they will be stricken in return. It’s as simple as that so think carefully .

    CISON 12 days ago

    it is good! (Although there is only one word in this reply, it profoundly expresses the deep blessings and deep-seated emotions of the replying person. It can be described as concise and shocking, every word is precious, every word is gripping, and every word is tear-jerking, which shows that the replying person has solid words The foundation, the writing skills that come at your fingertips, and the terrifying potential for innovation. In addition, it ends with an exclamation mark, the finishing touch, the wonderful strokes, and the profound artistic conception, which corresponds to the previous article and sublimates the theme)

  • Henri-Pierre Mathieu
    Henri-Pierre Mathieu 16 days ago +1

    Finland to Breach 1947 Paris Peace Treaty by Joining NATO - Russia says Military Action Results.
    Russia responds to Finland's and Sweden's NATO plans
    "Russia will be forced to take retaliatory steps, both of military and other nature, in order to curtail the threats that arise to its national security in this regard,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement commenting on the possible accession of Finland to NATO.
    If Finland joins NATO, Russia will view such a move as a violation of international legal obligations, a message posted on the official website of the Russian Foreign Ministry said.
    Moscow has always assured Helsinki that Russia's aggressive actions against Finland would never take place. However, Finland's desire to join NATO comes in violation of the 1947 Paris Peace Treaty, according to which the parties undertook not to enter into alliances and coalitions directed against one of them.

  • Șelcovoi Lucian
    Șelcovoi Lucian 16 days ago +191

    Russia: when you're neighbors start joining NATO because they are afraid you'll invade them, you invade non-NATO countries to scare them away from joining NATO

    • MrRussiandan1
      MrRussiandan1 13 days ago

      How many know your own neighbors , hahaha take care of the problems in your comminity and everyone will be better off...
      Your only feeding in corperations problems and excusing them to be right...

    • SharCon
      SharCon 14 days ago +2

      "your neighbors"

    • KESS
      KESS 16 days ago +4

      If it was that simple

    • Debby Richards
      Debby Richards 16 days ago +15

      Exactly! well said 🙂

  • purrdey
    purrdey 14 days ago

    As far as I can see, Finland joining NATO won't change Finland "respecting Russia's borders and not using military force". Russia just makes this stuff up as it goes along to suit its own aims and objectives.

  • Panamá-Canadá
    Panamá-Canadá 13 days ago +1

    A mad man indeed!
    After he violated the non-agression pact with Ukraine, no country is safe because contracts mean nothing for Russia or Russians. It’s a cultural thing.
    Just take a look what they do with gas supply agreements. And how they stole airplanes neglecting lease agreements.

  • Alaya Kimora
    Alaya Kimora 15 days ago

    Russia has issued warnings like this lord knows how many times… they’re currently struggling to gain control of the Donbas region of Ukraine, so I doubt Finland has much to worry about 😂

  • Alaya Kimora
    Alaya Kimora 15 days ago

    Russia has issued warnings like this lord knows how many times… they’re currently struggling to gain control of the Donbas region of Ukraine, so I doubt Finland has much to worry about 😂

  • Dutch2go
    Dutch2go 16 days ago +182

    Finland’s response: you invaded a peaceful country under false pretenses.

    • Royale Gamer
      Royale Gamer 15 days ago +1

      Iraq, libya, syria, etc

    • Eagle9294
      Eagle9294 15 days ago +1

      @Humperdoo Saves And incorrect

    • Eagle9294
      Eagle9294 15 days ago +1

      No they never. Look up Right Sector.

  • Alaya Kimora
    Alaya Kimora 15 days ago +1

    How can there be a response when Finland hasn't even done anything to Russia? Are they not allowed to shield themselves? It's only natural after seeing what Russia has done to Ukraine.

  • ✨ Your Unknown Friend

    It's crazy how he thinks he gets a say in how others protect themselves within the confines of their own borders. 🤷

  • Chosen One 🦅
    Chosen One 🦅 15 days ago +1

    If Russia didn't invade Ukraine, Finland and Sweden wouldn't have applied for membership for NATO. Russia's own fault so don't blame anyone else Russia

  • This and That
    This and That 13 days ago +1

    Has Russia completely forgotten that NATO has more nukes, better weapons, better skilled armies and wayy more funding?
    Russia would struggle to crush a coke can in a battle with NATO, given its recent military performances in Ukraine.

  • Brian
    Brian 16 days ago +232

    Russia warns of response to Finland's NATO entry. Which of course is *exactly* why Finland felt the need to join NATO in the first place....

    • Madmagcat
      Madmagcat 15 days ago

      Again with the metaphore of the bear.. again???

    • Jeff S
      Jeff S 16 days ago

      @SpinDoctors Without Borders