Chadwick Boseman On Playing Thurgood Marshall, NFL Protests, & More | The View


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  • Judi Grace
    Judi Grace 13 days ago

    I prefer actors to look like the person.

  • Jacke Dickerson
    Jacke Dickerson 7 months ago


  • out spoken
    out spoken 8 months ago

    Soo..he can play Thurgood MARSHALL but Will Smith can't play Mr. WILLIAMS GTFO😂DARK SKIN PEOPLE ARE BECOMING DELUSIONAL!

  • Kayotic217
    Kayotic217 8 months ago +1

    Sorry but in my opinion he should have passed on the role as Zoe Saldana should NOT have played Nina Simone!

  • Lynn Deln
    Lynn Deln 11 months ago +1

    💕 He was excellent in Marshall. I love Chadwick 💕

  • William Esping
    William Esping Year ago

    I am relatively familiar with Thurgood Marshall's decisions on the supreme court. He upheld the rights of the KKK in Brandenburg v. Ohio so it only logically follows that he would uphold the rights of African-American football players today.

  • Jane
    Jane Year ago +1

    I'm so in love with him. 😍💦

  • bradenevans514
    bradenevans514 Year ago

    He’s an actor, not a lawyer or expert on politics.

  • Lena 🌹
    Lena 🌹 Year ago +2

    This guy is sooooo Handsome 😘😊

  • Vanessa Sasam
    Vanessa Sasam Year ago +1

    4:11 when King T'Challa realized he safely made it out of a land mine in one whole piece 😆😂

  • Marl Meds
    Marl Meds Year ago

    Anyone else just wanna give big fat hugs to him like forever

  • Karon G
    Karon G Year ago +14

    Can't stare into Chad's eyes too long. He'll put you in a trance.😵😵😵😵😍😍😍

  • Miz Kelo
    Miz Kelo Year ago +5

    Chadwick Chadwick Chadwick.

  • perri 6
    perri 6 Year ago

    T'Chadwick can sing! 😊

  • John Black
    John Black Year ago

    @ 4:38 He is the second brother to play a super hero in a motion picture. Spawn / Michael Jai White was the first.

  • Joshua Desta
    Joshua Desta Year ago

    world war 2 started in September 1 1939.

    • Joshua Desta
      Joshua Desta Year ago

      Rudy Abdul right. didn't know that's what he meant. thanks

    • Rudy Abdul
      Rudy Abdul Year ago

      America entered in Dec. 1941 after Pearl Harbor.

  • Aline Desiree Kezetmin

    I love his hair, it looks like mine. Loool i mean a lot of you african american are really charming, i do see myself with someone who resembles me and wich state's of mind is really smart like this.right now i think i'm gonna consider the fact that African American men should be apart of my ideal life partner expectations ,we needed another state of Mind to unite (native africans and the African diaspora)i think it is slowly coming i guess there are less conflictual elements between our cultures we are slowly slowly coming to. Unity!.unity is not fulfilled if every aspect of civilisation doesnt work in sinergy with the other ones! .Slowly we will be one,for that everybody has to work for it.

  • Aline Desiree Kezetmin

    You know what? There's a lot of Films that are portraying black people in a good perspective , and they are also bad guys like gangsters, sex addict... But i have to admit the fact that i never thought that an African American man could so easily portray african culture,.. I know there are all actors.. But i'm seing more and more african american regular citizens who are getting closer to their Roots and really want to take back their real identity, and most important they really understood the importance of their links with Africa. I never thought that i would say it but.i would really really love to marry an African American man, seems to me that they are one of the Most Awaken ones in the African diaspora. i really see myself marrying one of them why? Many are converging to our "african civilisation" .what they have been taught is not the same, we africans have taught, inspite of colonisation... We do kept our culture the way we could and most of the Time we were seing them like "whites" but right now it is changing. Wakanda is not a fictionnal country in reality it will be even more better when all african descent will unite! Because we do have supernatural overwhelming powers!it's not a wish it is the truth we really need to solve our problems together and unite.

  • Camille Storm
    Camille Storm Year ago +2

    my love

  • Kyra Dudley
    Kyra Dudley Year ago +5

    Can you just hug me with your chocolate handsome self😊❤❤😍

  • Selemawit
    Selemawit Year ago +1

    They're dressed like you 😂
    Just saw black panther, a must see !
    Also, Marshall was fantastic and so historical and inspiring. Go see both !

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali Year ago +5

    He is very well spoken...go on black panther!!

    MIZZJACQUETTAXx Year ago +7

    He was very sexy good looking dude!😍❤️

  • 93_E P.
    93_E P. Year ago +4

    Whoopie looking like a proud momma! lol I see you sis!

    TEA DROPPER Year ago

    He's not the first black HERO....He is one of them....Green lantern was black .and the first Green lantern...You;ve had at least 6 black super heroes....but they don't publicize them like they should....THey think all superheroes should be white because of a racist time in history.....

  • Murken[+]
    Murken[+] Year ago +2

    I like how Chadwick B doesn't look juiced up all the time

  • Exonerated Queen
    Exonerated Queen Year ago +7

    He's gorgeous! 😨😨😨
    I'm in love! 😢😢😢

  • Cornelius
    Cornelius Year ago +3

    Im so proud of Chadwick Boseman!

  • Beri Tatah Mentan
    Beri Tatah Mentan Year ago +8

    He said "no no" 😂😂 love him!

  • Curlygaisha
    Curlygaisha Year ago +2

    He’s very talented

  • Fit & Healthy Me
    Fit & Healthy Me Year ago +11

    He looks sssoooo yyooouunnnngggg!!!! He's 41 years old. Technically he is young thou

  • cocobana29
    cocobana29 Year ago +12

    He's so fine 😍😍😍😍

  • Jennifer Frank
    Jennifer Frank Year ago +1


  • Lamar Battle
    Lamar Battle Year ago +8

    He's so handsome!

  • L W
    L W Year ago +16

    Give this man an Oscar?

  • Jomo Dowers
    Jomo Dowers Year ago +2

    Idk... I just like this kid! He and Michael B Jordon’s success just makes me happy.

  • deja terrell
    deja terrell Year ago +23

    I can not believe this man is 41...

    • kera
      kera Year ago +4

      deja terrell yes he's 41 and still looking looking good 😏😻

  • Rachel Rae
    Rachel Rae 2 years ago +18

    Chadwick is such a great actor, I adore him!!!

  • lpurvis
    lpurvis 2 years ago +1

    Does Meghan only know how to talk about politics? She's either the last one to ask a question or remains silent when actors are being interviewed.

  • R L W
    R L W 2 years ago +6

    He is such a beautiful man❤️

  • angelique mercado
    angelique mercado 2 years ago +17

    This man and his way with words. 😏

  • Arianna Twoshoes
    Arianna Twoshoes 2 years ago +2

    "No, no!"😂

  • Trenton Marshall
    Trenton Marshall 2 years ago +14

    For clarification, when they say "first black superhero", they mean the first to appear in COMIC BOOKS. Black Panther came out in 1963 or 1964 in an issue of Fantastic Four. They don't mean first to have his own movie, they mean first to EXIST.

    • Jenn1382
      Jenn1382 2 years ago +3

      Trill God 👏👏 exactly, thank you for clarifying. People on here think he is the first black superhero to have his own movie when he's not. The comics yes, so your comment is relevant

    • Trenton Marshall
      Trenton Marshall 2 years ago +2

      Zippity zop Boppity bop It's not, cause if you scroll down, you'll see dozens of people confused about what the person in the video said. Again, you don't have to Care so much about what I said. Tbh, the only irrelevant statements that were made are yours.

    • Zippity zop Boppity bop
      Zippity zop Boppity bop 2 years ago

      Trill God Cause it's irrelevant Jesus Christ.

    • Trenton Marshall
      Trenton Marshall 2 years ago +3

      Zippity zop Boppity bop lmao why do YOU care so much to combat my clarification? Again, I'm not doing the troll thing with you man. I stated a fact for the misinformed below. Lmao I didn't say that he was more than what he was, YOU'RE intentionally trying to read too much into for some reason. Which is negative and sad.

    • Zippity zop Boppity bop
      Zippity zop Boppity bop 2 years ago

      Trill God bruh... Fr ok we get that he's the first black hero but I don't see why you would or you should care. We know that you wanna clarify it for people but is it really necessary??? No because no one cares. He's a hero. Nothing else. That's It!

  • sarah mank
    sarah mank 2 years ago

    hw tf is he 40??

  • Chantholli89
    Chantholli89 2 years ago +16

    Chadwick is such a good actor.

  • Michael Car
    Michael Car 2 years ago +8

    People when he say FIRST black hero he is talking about in COMICS which is 100% true. Not film, larger scale no one is as important as Black Panther.

  • Valerie Carre
    Valerie Carre 2 years ago

    Meghan looks uncomfortable I hope she grows into this a little better especially because Jed was so outspoken and had a big personality.. must be hard

  • Lordpraisethe
    Lordpraisethe 2 years ago +35

    Hes soooo fine

  • Tracy Simms
    Tracy Simms 2 years ago +1

    great movie!!

  • aGwEENapple
    aGwEENapple 2 years ago +5

    I love Mr. Boseman. Talented and easy on the eyes lol but if they meant first black superhero that wasn't in a dark light they're correct. Wesley Snipes as Blade and Michael Jai White as Spawn. :D I'm sure Mr Boseman knows and has seen those too ♡

  • Kevin Carter
    Kevin Carter 2 years ago +2

    boseman did the worst film i can remember. a horrible james brown film that needs to be re-made quickly.

    • ReneeDreams
      ReneeDreams 2 years ago +5

      +Kevin Carter...that was not his fault. His acting was fine...the script was terrible. An actor can only do so much with what he is given...he is only saying lines given to him. He didn't write the script...he didn't produce the it isn't on him when the film is terrible.

    • Jenn1382
      Jenn1382 2 years ago

      Kevin Carter yeah well it ain't no black actor out here that can portray unless you know anyone better? I'll wait for your answer ⏰

    • Kevin Carter
      Kevin Carter 2 years ago +1

      Jennifer1382 I don't think so. James Brown is amazing and deserved a better film. Ha! Get on the good foot!

    • Jenn1382
      Jenn1382 2 years ago +9

      Kevin Carter no he didn't that's your unpopular opinion though

  • Anand Shridhar
    Anand Shridhar 2 years ago +4

    This is nonsense.... Blade by Wesley Snipes WAS the first black superhero on film.... Am sick of this line for Black Panther

    • Briana Harris
      Briana Harris 2 years ago +4

      I love Blade and Black Panther but when you really think about it, to the general population, Blade is a Vampire/Supernatural Hunter. Alot of the common elements to being a "superhero" doesn't apply to him. He's still a badass tho 😎

    • Musicvegan01
      Musicvegan01 2 years ago

      Steel (John Henry Irons) is a superhero. He was one of the 4 "Supermen" after Clark/Kal-El died after the fight with Doomsday in the early 1990s. The Steel movie was loosely based on the comic. It came out a year before "Blade" did. "Meteor Man" came out in 1993, "Steel" in 1997, and "Blade" in 1998. The real Superman eventually came back in the comics and at first wore an all black outfit with a silver S and had long hair.

    • Anand Shridhar
      Anand Shridhar 2 years ago

      1) Spawn was an anti hero not really a super hero..
      2) When she says first black superhero they are talking in terms of films clearly... none of these ladies nor most of the viewership are comics readers and are referring to the film world..
      3) No one said there was anything wrong with the black panther getting his own movie... Just dont like this tagline

    • Jenn1382
      Jenn1382 2 years ago +1

      He was the first black superhero on film but was he the first black superhero in the comics no he wasn't. What's wrong with giving black panther his own movie

  • Jenn1382
    Jenn1382 2 years ago +30

    I wish people would stop saying Blade is the first black superhero because he isn't not in comics. Black Panther came out in 1966 Blade came out in 1973. Blade was the first black superhero from Marvel to ever have his own movie that's true. But not for comics

    • Jenn1382
      Jenn1382 2 years ago +1

      Chantholli89 exactly it's definitely not that hard at all. People are just lazy lol

    • Chantholli89
      Chantholli89 2 years ago +5

      Jennifer1382 Thank you! I'm so sick of people saying that. A simple Google search would tell them that Blade is not the first Black superhero.

  • Mc LBJ
    Mc LBJ 2 years ago +28

    Beauty is his name💛

  • Marsha Creary
    Marsha Creary 2 years ago +1

    4:22 This explains a lot on many levels(Wildlife prints)

  • marcie101080
    marcie101080 2 years ago +2

    I love him

  • Hard Thyne
    Hard Thyne 2 years ago +5

    Blade is the first Black SuperHero

    • I.A. Din
      I.A. Din Year ago

      Hard Thyne correction, blade is the first
      Black anti-hero! :)

    • Jenn1382
      Jenn1382 2 years ago +5

      Hard Thyne no he isn't. In the Marvel movies for black superheroes yeah, in the comics he isn't. Please learn the year history of the two

  • Toni H. Justice
    Toni H. Justice 2 years ago +1


  • Only The Bold Project
    Only The Bold Project 2 years ago


  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 2 years ago

    I have ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT FOR TRUMP, but find another way to peacefully protest with disrespecting our country.

    • Okay and ...
      Okay and ... 2 years ago +2

      Rebecca kneeling is not disrespectful.Kaepernick actually asked former soldiers what would be a respectful form of protest that wouldn't offend them and they suggested this .... so people should just admit they don't want black people to protest because they don't care and it makes them uncomfortable.

    • Nella J
      Nella J 2 years ago +5

      Rebecca If you have any suggestions then please let the rest of us know another way to peacefully protest. What's another way that African Americans and people of color can protest that will get just as much coverage and will spread across the nation and the world as the NFL protests have?