Half in the Bag: Rogue One


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  • CptnHammer1
    CptnHammer1 2 days ago +1

    Kotor was a cool game about starwars. It didn't have some of the things. and it did was felt like starwars.

  • Hunter Makoy
    Hunter Makoy 3 days ago

    The “I don’t think this pg-13 war movie is for 6 year olds” guys

  • Hunter Makoy
    Hunter Makoy 4 days ago

    The “I don’t get why something called Star Wars has Space Battles” guys

  • MDYT
    MDYT 4 days ago

    Rich's laugh is so reminiscent of Ricky Gervais' laugh haha

  • Introspectre
    Introspectre 4 days ago

    The trailers for this movie made me think this was gonna be a much more interesting movie, then it turned out most of what was in the trailers that made it look interesting wasn't in the movie at all. Now I don't believe trailers at all. This movie sucked.

  • Ian Hicks
    Ian Hicks 4 days ago

    Say what you will, but Plegnon Famvon really nailed his performance of Blam Supplebutt in this film.

  • trahnettilhcs
    trahnettilhcs 6 days ago +1

    This is the Rich Evans’s finest moment as a critic of film. 10:29
    on is so accurate that it’s scary.

  • Andrew Mann
    Andrew Mann 6 days ago

    Listening to the kid with the beard talk so glowingly of the force awakens is why none of his film opinions mean squat to me

  • Motion Control Camera Systems MCCS

    I just love these reviews. I’m gonna cummmmmmmmmmmm!

  • Motion Control Camera Systems MCCS

    And Jerry Mathers as the Beaver!

  • dookie shoes
    dookie shoes 6 days ago

    Sarcasta Wars

  • inveterate Foreigner

    wtf. moderate the bullshit can't you. Where all high on coke when you made this? It's awful

  • Sarah J Jacobson
    Sarah J Jacobson 9 days ago

    I disagree that the star wars universe is limited to the original trilogy style and characters. One of the best settings and characters in star wars can be found in the game star wars knights of the old republic. There is a wealth of lore, stories, and timeline to get new ideas for star wars films. A dark and gritty, war focused story can be done. Just look at the 2000s star wars the clone wars 2d animated films.

  • Anish Chari
    Anish Chari 9 days ago

    Whole movie was a Costco sized basket of Memberberries.

  • Vedant Kacholia
    Vedant Kacholia 10 days ago

    this is still one of the greatest openings/cold opens in the history of media

  • breyleyjk26
    breyleyjk26 10 days ago


  • Sam Stevenson
    Sam Stevenson 10 days ago

    What does Mike say at 34:24, anything I can think of doesn’t fit grammatically

  • Neal Marasinghe
    Neal Marasinghe 10 days ago

    17:50 I'm so proud of MIke for not saying "Chinamen." You know he wanted to though.

  • Giveme Christ
    Giveme Christ 10 days ago

    I liked Rogue one, my favourite books from star wars universe were books about pilots in Rogue squadron. So for me it's one of the best movies Disney made

  • Ghost 9388
    Ghost 9388 11 days ago

    2019. This episode is aging surprisingly well.

  • James Forder
    James Forder 12 days ago

    I wanted humour...... So force awakens is better...... Right

  • Maxisamo1
    Maxisamo1 12 days ago

    Rich is literally wrong about the "Small Universe you can't expand much on"
    He's right when it comes to what the films have established, but the comics and novels (and games too) have brought a lot to the table, but the film makers and studios don't wanna get into that stuff for some reason. It aaaaalllll has to to relate to previous movies (except for maybe some random references)

  • Atlas Amygdala
    Atlas Amygdala 15 days ago

    I love rogue one! this video was amazing though you guy's are hilarious

  • Sahuagin
    Sahuagin 17 days ago

    I think lots of different things could work, *if they did it well* , but it would have to be able to stand by itself and not just depend on being star wars. instead of "well at least they tried, but I guess there's not much you can do" you guys could just as easily be saying something like "well that sure isn't what they should have aimed for, but who knew *that* could turn out so well. it should have been garbage but somehow they made it work." it's all about the execution.

  • oninoyakamo
    oninoyakamo 17 days ago

    Mike saying, "This movie is like a drama facade where there is nothing behind it." should be the pull-quote on the Blu Ray cover

  • unfa
    unfa 17 days ago +1

    Star Wars doesn't need more movies. Making more just dilutes the good stuff.

  • unfa
    unfa 17 days ago

    *Thor is an ass guard?*

  • Nieghorn
    Nieghorn 18 days ago

    Mike's comment about Jyn's father showing her how to do something on the farm made me realise that Commando did a better job of establishing the father-daughter relationship! :D

  • Hrvoje Grahovac
    Hrvoje Grahovac 19 days ago

    They have never seen Yugo war films, especially the ones directed by Hajrudin Krvavac.

  • Hydra11B __
    Hydra11B __ 19 days ago

    Without a doubt my favorite episode. I’m filled with gas..🤣🤣

    BORBIE 21 day ago

    I confused Cassian with Prince Caspian from chronicles of narnia

  • M T
    M T 21 day ago +1

    Guess I'm in the minority; I liked this movie and not for the reasons mentioned. I simply found it entertaining.

  • Captain Canuck
    Captain Canuck 23 days ago

    How much do you want for that VHS of The Day the Clown Cried?

  • Janson
    Janson 24 days ago +1

    Pull out the last minute of the film? No way, that is the most badass scene in star wars, when darth vader slaughtering the rebel scum through the hallway, impeccable

  • carlos acosta
    carlos acosta 25 days ago +3

    It was an eye candy film for fans... I thought it was pretty good.

  • Stigmas Workshop
    Stigmas Workshop 25 days ago +1

    The Set designers for Rogue One are fantastic. Costume design was Excellent. Art design for the Hover tank pilots and Shore troopers are amazing. Lets give it up to those people. 🤟

  • Mark Richards
    Mark Richards 25 days ago +2

    I really couldn't disagree more with almost all of your critiques of this film. Yes, some of the main rebel characters were bland but other than that it felt like a Star Wars movie to me. Darker than ANH, probably on par with ESB in terms of mood. The main characters sacrificed everything for the greater good. That was the message. We knew the outcome ahead of time, but what had it cost the rebellion? And don't say Bothans because they sacrificed everything for the 2nd Death Star.
    I don't really see any of the storm troopers, AT-AT's, Vader, etc as "fan service". Those are all parts of the Empire of that era and the plot is a group of rebels stealing information from said empire. Sooooo.... those are part of the movie. The Vader scene at the end was needed because who doesn't want to see him kicking ass? The Vader scene mid movie I could have done without.
    Star Wars is a huge universe with all types of directions it can go. Yes, Rogue One was in a safe zone being set in the time of the original trilogy but I enjoy it. There really is no excuse for TFA and TLJ. They've had plenty of time to come out with a lasting story arc, characters with interesting backstories, new technology, new heroes and villains, etc. But we're left with a steaming mess of mediocrity due to boring and lazy writing. They should've just given Timothy Zahn or Kevin J Anderson a blank check to craft the new trilogy story.

  • EpoxyMuffin
    EpoxyMuffin 25 days ago +1

    Bottom line: This movie was completely unnecessary. I feel like Disney only made it because they didn't own A New Hope at the time. They only gained ownership of that specific film when they bought Fox because Fox wouldn't sell the original.

  • Leliel
    Leliel 26 days ago

    3:09 That fucking quote gets me every time I re-watch this video and I still don't know why, but I love it anyways.

    TGYTS 26 days ago

    I say 'AT-ST's! AT-ST's! I'm gunna cum!' WAY too much in my everyday life.

  • a5dr3
    a5dr3 26 days ago

    Hallway scene was incredible. Gave sinister depth to the main character of the entire Star Wars arc. Added to the value of the originals.

  • Mac McRae
    Mac McRae 27 days ago

    john knoll is now my hero

  • gunsmonkey22
    gunsmonkey22 28 days ago

    And then they watched the last Jedi...ha

    • gunsmonkey22
      gunsmonkey22 28 days ago

      And I have to give you the sub now since you pegged the people who love this movie so accurately, except the fat part

    • gunsmonkey22
      gunsmonkey22 28 days ago

      And I loved the depressed feel of this film...and enjoyed the characters. This was the last star wars film I bought in anyway,....okay I rebought return of the Jedi blue ray steel book leave me alone

  • Andrew Hershberger
    Andrew Hershberger 28 days ago

    The memberberries is strong with this one.

  • Mc_ Zittrer
    Mc_ Zittrer 28 days ago

    Granmov Tarkin is the key to all this

  • MrEnklave
    MrEnklave 29 days ago +1

    Star Wars universe is incredibly wide, just read some books from Karpyshyn, Luceno or Zahn or play some Kotor game or SWTOR. You don't need to have storm troopers, rebels etc. in each film. I don't understand why do we need still have this era around Battle of Yavin. That story was closed by original trilogy. And it should stayed that way.
    Prequels were fine in some way but terrible in another. Sequels are total mess, story is going nowhere, characters are just empty boxes for stupid scripts...Just leave this era and let it be...The old republic has so much to offer...

  • Remember liberals? I 'member.

    They failed the moment they decided to remake star wars. George Lucas has no self-restraint.

    • SD Brand
      SD Brand 5 days ago

      They didn't remake it....

  • KofiProductions
    KofiProductions Month ago +1

    I'm watching this review in 2019 and no lie I don't remember anything from this movie that I saw when it came out thus proving the accuracy of this review.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Month ago +1

    This was such a fucking boring movie but... as much as i hate to admit it. i fucking love the last 15 minutes. I think the last 15 minutes are the BEST any star wars movies have to offer. But the rest was a snoozefest. Star wars has officially gone down the shitter. It's beyond redemption at this point

    • Brotherhood
      Brotherhood Month ago

      Didn't like the Princess at the battle site at all. Really makes zero sense why a senator of the imperial senate would be seen exiting in HER ship from a Mon call star ship. That really still bugs the crap out of me. The rest of it was fine in terms of action and sequence.

  • Graeme Fish
    Graeme Fish Month ago

    Love Rich’s reaction 21:42

  • Kitty B
    Kitty B Month ago

    i hate this movie so bad it made me not want to see any other SW movie ever again

  • Tristin Quiram
    Tristin Quiram Month ago

    15:50-16:20 is my favorite because the buildup to Rich’s distant cackling is better than the entirety of Rogue One’s attempt at tension buildup.

  • John Spence
    John Spence Month ago

    Love your vlog, usually agree with everything. Except when I was 7 I watched Deliverance, fucking dark. And I LOVED IT. I watched the THING at 13...and LOVED IT. Don't assume kids want all cheery shit, they get sick of happy endings too. Rogue 1 was one of the few Star Wars films that felt was good as Empire.

  • Fak Enam
    Fak Enam Month ago +1

    Hahah, so...it's a completely new movie, with completely new characters, and a completely new story focusing on everything we HADN'T seen in previous movies. But cool, edgy geeks Rich, and Jay think it's pandering and bad because it has...what 3 or 4 quick references to things within the Star Wars universe? Things that make perfect sense and in some cases (Vader) are relevant to the story.
    Are movies no longer allowed to be prequels or have connections to other films within their same universe, according to your arbitrary, inconsistent rules? Your complaint is like throwing a fit because a Batman movie references The Joker. This is a perfect example of being try-hard and contrarian to the point of being incompetent critics. I hope you've matured since you made this video. Otherwise, you're confirmed fools.

  • Guts Puck
    Guts Puck Month ago

    42k likes, 7k dislikes, it seems Disney paid for thumbs down

  • Carson's Collectibles

    The comedy in this video ages like fine wine.

  • Iwontgiveyou Myinformation

    I strongly disagree with some of your ponts: The movie was bad, because it was BAD. It is not because of the limitations of Star Wars, it is not because the """""fun""""" was missing.
    I am actually shocked at how little people seem not remember A Game of Thrones. It has proven that any sort of character can work if you do it right and that basically every story works of you turn up the empathy level beyond the maximum and then hurt them. that in fact hurting them helps creating empathy.
    The problem in all the ""grimm"" movies everyone is complaining about is not that they are to dark, it's that they are a) not dark enough (since nothing of consequence really happens to the protagonists, which makes them dishonest) and b) that they fail at creating enough empathy.
    I am surely not the only person that wants more media resembling (the good seasons) of A Game of Thrones, but if we permanently say dark movies fail because they were not colourful and fun enough, we won't get that (we get failed attempts at course correction like ).
    don't get me wrong I liked Guardians 2 and Thor 3, but I want something other than children movies as well

  • gregstiles
    gregstiles Month ago +1

    thought they were sayin "grandma tarkin".

  • keefriff99
    keefriff99 Month ago

    I love their reviews, even when I don't agree, but they thought the Vader wrecking shop scene was stupid?? I just can't fathom thinking that.
    It's my favorite of the four new ones so far.

  • Lawfish66
    Lawfish66 Month ago

    I dont care that this is basically a fan film, if anything I want more like it. Give me something about the imperial side of this. Something serious and not portraying the empire as a bunch of clowns. Honestly, that's the worst part for me in all of this...the empire is considered super stupid and inept, so how do they manage to conquer the entire damn galaxy.

  • Randy Hudson
    Randy Hudson Month ago +1

    OMG. This. This is what my life was missing. This right here!

  • Mosh Room
    Mosh Room Month ago

    This is my third favorite Star Wars movie.

  • Zare Leonis
    Zare Leonis Month ago

    Best way to Revive star wars
    1.) give us a Vader trilogy
    2.) give us a movie similar to kotor with no ties to Skywalker or familiar characters
    3.) fully explain the force and stop telling the stores that have no set up so explained in other media comics, novels etc.

  • Hayden R.
    Hayden R. Month ago +2

    wtf how is opening your eyes wide charismatic??

  • Sargent X
    Sargent X Month ago

    The reason the Vader costume looks 'strange" I think is because it's one of the few scenes in all the movies where he's lit in such a way that he is clear and visible. Nearly every scene with Vader in all the other movies he disappears in the shadows of his own face and is obscure. Also, the resolution and clarity makes it see far more present and 'real' in the sense of it being a man in a costume. It WAS weird...like a video of a cosplayer.

  • Jennifur68
    Jennifur68 Month ago +1

    The Farce Awakens was a sloppy seconds remake of A New Hope.
    Rogue One wasn't bad, probably the best of the Disney films.
    The Last Jedi was a dumpster fire with extra rotting garbage.
    Ranger Solo was...very dark and brown.

  • Apache Helicopter
    Apache Helicopter Month ago +3

    Best film after the original trilogy by a HUGGGGGE margin.

  • winston11381
    winston11381 Month ago

    This video. Literal litmus test to all your videos.

  • Bryan Chu
    Bryan Chu Month ago

    16:15 its magical how the end of Rich's laugh fades into the siren in the trailer perfectly.

  • RayValdezPhotography

    They killed Forrest Whittaker because he is FUCKING BLACK!

  • James Pitoola
    James Pitoola Month ago

    I enjoyed tales of the Jedi

  • Tom B
    Tom B Month ago


  • Tabe8 8
    Tabe8 8 Month ago +4

    I watched the movie for the first time tonight. I think they were being overly critical.

  • T Gill
    T Gill Month ago +1

    Darth Vader’s Meat looks like a dildo

  • marduk ishenhougher

    I think the reason they had the main cast be so generic is them playing it "safe", they didnt want to make them too interesting or engaging otherwise their deaths would have been a bit much, or at least more than what the studio wanted to risk

  • Jose Manzol
    Jose Manzol Month ago

    Best intro ever.

  • xenophonBC
    xenophonBC 2 months ago

    i thought it was a good movie, best of the new star wars.

  • Alex Daigle
    Alex Daigle 2 months ago

    I've seen the movie twice and I never saw anything wrong with how Tarkin looked. Like yeah it's a bit off but it wasn't super distracting

  • Uncle Andy
    Uncle Andy 2 months ago +2

    So I’m on the toilet taking a fat shit right, and right after Plinkett says “I’m filled with gas” in the intro, I unleash the loudest fart I ever have.

  • BonzoDog67 Lizardking
    BonzoDog67 Lizardking 2 months ago

    What all this groping for answers boils-down to this: A New Hope was a Hero's Journey template, and Empire and Jedi were largely soap-operas starting from Vader's "I'm You Father" reveal.
    Rather than going scattershot and playing with tone experiments, a good way to go would be to make a new adventure soap-opera from scratch. Somewhere far removed from the Skywalker saga and not made by Rian Johnson.

  • John Ashley
    John Ashley 2 months ago +3

    Star Wars porn for the 35-38 demographic. Lol.

  • Maxim K
    Maxim K 2 months ago

    Space battle shit was the best part, though! And I like that Cassio kills some guy. If I want to see a Star Wars that's fun family friendly adventure, that's lighthearted and has lots of humor I'd watch prequels again, but this one was really refreshing.
    But hey, everyone can have their opinion (even if it's wrong)

  • f1owo1f 91
    f1owo1f 91 2 months ago

    Basil Oregano
    -princess Leila’s biological father
    -He got blowed on Alderaan aka that’s the places that gets blowed in the upward position

  • Rational Orc
    Rational Orc 2 months ago

    feels like these guys dislike most of the movies they see. I'm getting a little confused as to why they go see so many movies.

  • Nebulous
    Nebulous 2 months ago +1

    Hands down the best looking Star Wars movie. It's impossible to hate it because it manages to improve the original trilogy.

  • Gray Mystic
    Gray Mystic 2 months ago +1

    F*ck TFA. Daisy Ridley sucks. Rogue One was way better.

  • Walter 1985
    Walter 1985 2 months ago

    This review is better than the movie

  • John Skudris
    John Skudris 2 months ago

    RO was the first movie I've ever walked out of. The CGI and the horrifically embarrassing "hope" speech was what did it.

  • ArvelDreth
    ArvelDreth 2 months ago

    Daisy Ridley was almost good, but her mouth was just sort of hanging open all the time and her eyes were very wide so often and it really throws me off so much. Rey as a character just feels like a failed attempt at a character, because she's simultaneously aimless (like she just doesn't have any tangible motivation as a character) and wins at everything that really matters all the time seemingly without much real effort.
    Also, if you really think that Star Wars has no room to expand beyond the tropes, themes, and visuals of the OT, please play the KotOR 1 and 2 video games. Or at least look into them. You'll see how much potential Star Wars really has as a setting.

  • G Mul
    G Mul 2 months ago

    In my opinion when the character of Felicity Jones was saved by Cyborg Forest Whitaker. They should have sticked together, taking part of a smuggler/pirate/rebel band. With all the different character introduced with their own skills. Taking on a high paid mission. And later on daddy who abandoned her comes to play. Emotional reunion, backstabbing whatever. Etc, etc, story gets quicker in action, people get more involved in the character build of these heroes. Jadi jadi ya.
    Reminds me the deathstar plans were already explained by the industrious Geonosians. So what is the role of Daddy?

  • G Mul
    G Mul 2 months ago

    When they landed on Eadu with the transporter ship. I was curious about the water leakage from the ceiling in the ship. What about space vacuum they earlier traveled through.

  • TheDarkSonofKrypton 23
    TheDarkSonofKrypton 23 2 months ago +1

    “Star destroyers! I’m gonna cum!!!!” Lolololololololol I’m crying

  • HTSenpai9000
    HTSenpai9000 2 months ago


  • Agent Louisiana.
    Agent Louisiana. 2 months ago

    How the hell do you all bash this movie worse than Solo...?
    No, I'm genuinely perplexed by this.
    And it sort of irritates me when these three guys are like "Make it into a spy story!"
    I'm so over spy stories! Its Star WARS. I wanted to see a Saving Private Ryan Star WARS.
    And Rogue One gave me at least a glimpse of the actual WAR part of Star WARS. Because jesus the other movies certain didn't. I'm sorry but the Empire vs Rebellion is so small scale I really don't care. And we see so little of the Clone Wars in the movies it doesn't count.
    So when we got what was going to be the bloody, gritty story of Rogue One, I was excited! And I do think, out of all the Disney Star Wars movies, Rogue One is the only one that is good.
    The rest are just awful. Just... Awful.
    So it shocks me how they can bash this one so hard but not bash the others as much.

    • Agent Louisiana.
      Agent Louisiana. Month ago

      +Sebastien McCarthy There are differing opions and I do welcome those. I did take note of some of the things they say. But then there are others I felt they didn't really explain why they didn't like it and seemed to only complain to complain.
      I do think people like Mauler are good examples of reviews done right. Yes his videos are long as sin, but they go indepth and show exactly why he thinks things either work or don't work.
      So when RLM said they didn't like the soldier oriented version and wanted a spy version, I am genuinely curious as to why and thwy simply just said "it would be cool."
      So do not take my post as out right disagreeing with them. I am questioning their logic and things that don't pass my think test.

    • Sebastien McCarthy
      Sebastien McCarthy Month ago

      FaceClef but they liked Force Awakens, which was a fat batter movie. They shat all over the Last Jedi when it came out. It’s almost like *gasp* some people have differing opinions from yours.

    • FaceClef
      FaceClef Month ago +1

      They got a lot of backlash for this review at the time, it showed that they literally complain just to complain

  • birdonawire
    birdonawire 2 months ago

    It sorta rhymes

  • Crash Gaming
    Crash Gaming 2 months ago +2

    Daisy Ridley "elevates" The Force Awakens hahahaha. Mouth agape, eyes wides open, that is the entirety of her acting ability. Her character is awful, and the actress is awful. I don't have to pull punches. It was an terrible film and will be remembered as such. The only thing she "elevated" was the prequels. lmao

  • Big Geralt
    Big Geralt 2 months ago


  • Ditch Bank Bandits
    Ditch Bank Bandits 2 months ago

    That fuckin guys laugh 💀

  • Ed Hopkins
    Ed Hopkins 2 months ago

    The guy with the hard hat sounds like Piglet.

  • Denis
    Denis 2 months ago

    Horrible characters made it a horrible movie. It was boring.