Ludwig Leaves Twitch!

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • Influenced by Dexerto - Former Twitch streamer Ludwig has decided to call it quits from the platform to take his talents to TheXvid Gaming - a decision that was based off of a coin flip. Now, Lud joins the likes of Valkyrae, Timthetatman, CourageJD, Dr Disrespect, Dr Lupo, and a ton more.
    Best of luck on the move Lud!
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    Why I Left Twitch.

Comments • 939

  • Polar VR
    Polar VR  +27

    When he said “we wish you the best” it hurt me a little bit knowing that twitch is ok with people leaving and growing into a new platform. It is almost like growing up.

  • Rocky Gaming

    “We wish you the best.” Even twitch knew they weren’t gonna last forever. Pretty humble

  • Thanatos_Playz

    Wait.... So twitch said "we wish you the best" and I am assuming that TheXvid said something like "Oh, we will Always have a door open for you my dear Ludwig?"

  • Shourya Sanjeev

    Over the past year or two, twitch has been associated more to softcore porn and parasocial relationships than gaming while YT has a more discoverable, monetisable and "fair" scene.

  • cameron barnhart

    Twitch doesn’t care they’ll just fill the spot and promote someone else. I’m really surprised and happy about how TheXvid is going after streaming even tho there’s definitely some tweaking that needs done

  • Mike O’Connor

    This will be a good move for Lud!! This dude is super smart and knows Twitch is going downhill…. TheXvid is way less toxic and will be forever growing!!

  • chrystian rodriguez

    I wish I could cry hearing this, twitch knew he was probably gonna go, so they gave up and just said "we wish you the best"

  • Jack
    Jack  +211

    I don't watch him but I'm happy for him. YT has its problems but twitch just seems like a corrupt platform to me

  • Defunky
    Defunky  +67

    According to another reply “TheXvid fought to have him”.

  • Trigo
    Trigo  +257

    People fail to realize twitch is bias af and it’s rlly hard as a small streamer on twitch to even get views yet blow up while on TheXvid is less bias and easier to get views

  • Uku
    Uku  +31

    So they respected his decision, even though it would be very beneficial for him to stay there. That seems good?

  • svtadrian

    Soooooo he didn’t make the biggest choice of his life with a coin flip

  • NahtatRoll

    This just gives vibes of "I wasn't serious about breaking up with you, fight for me!".

  • Nocturnal Pyro

    I swear TheXvid actually will start being the prime streaming platform in the next couple years

  • Sami
    Sami  +2

    "We wish you the best." Hits different.

  • Shrek's cousin

    Lud in the begging was breaking some good moves 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  • Egg
    Egg  +41

    Streamers that do both:

  • Toilet paper walking around the block

    The response for twitch was normal to me they ain’t say nothing bad

  • Gabriel Lopez

    Why would twitch do anything else? He can decide what works best for him and move wherever he wants

  • Ryan Shephard

    more than likely he had these conversations with both companies and to seem “spontaneous” staged the coin flip