Ace Family's House Story Full Analysis - H3TV #18

  • Published on Nov 28, 2021
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Comments • 5 329

  • Disturban
    Disturban  +12

    It’s so satisfying how much Hilas husbands hat matches the background.

  • Jenna Embers

    Every episode I want to comment on how much I love Olivia.

  • Nick Ross

    Didn't think I'd get through 4 hours of the ace family, but Courtney carried this bad boy

  • Dwarvish Panda

    The concrete pourer, the contractor, the realtor, and the broker were all just uncle Ed in different hats.

  • Daily Tasker

    Anyone notice how when referring to the kids Catherine says "MY kids" but when they're talking about money only then does Austin correct her by saying "OUR money". you can see where his priorities are

  • Amanda
    Amanda  +835

    The sad thing is they could have bought a proper, comfortable home ages ago but they wanted to flaunt their "wealth" in people's faces. I feel sorry for their kids

  • silver three

    Courtney saying she has an important call with a client and sitting in the conference room while just shitting on the ace family on a podcast for 2 hours is so funny

  • Katelyn Monroe

    When I lived without hot water, for a month or so, I would boil huge pots of water. Fill the tub with the hot water, and run the cold to make it like a normal warm bath... Absolutely no reason for a baby to be bathed in cold water.

  • TheAg2661
    TheAg2661  +523

    Huge huge huge shout out to Courtney for being such a bad ass contractor!

  • Anthony Valenti

    Honestly the Ace family just sorta outted themselves as abusive parents LMAO

  • Cecilia Aguayo

    The part where Katherine said she gave her baby cold baths was ridiculous to me. If you’re that rich and your house doesn’t have hot water you’re gonna find ways to get your baby a warm bath. Get a hotel room even if it’s just to shower and bath your babies in warm water. That’s ridiculous.

  • c n
    c n  +562

    I’m honestly so concerned that Catherine put her kids through those awful living conditions for so long…. the second I didn’t have gas I would of gone to a hotel until everything was fixed and livable ESP since they could afford to do that… smh

  • Arty
    Arty  +1

    The chemistry of Courtney with the crew is the result of being an OG fan.

  • JoDrizzly
    JoDrizzly  +245

    I love how their whole entire complete argument was that they were stupid.

  • Mallori
    Mallori  +150

    Courtney is so badass!!! I always love a female in a male dominated profession and she really knew what she was talking about!!! She made 4 hours of ace family content bearable

  • Mery Yanez
    Mery Yanez  +152

    New drinking game: take a shot whenever she says “certificate of occupancy”

  • Jordan Albrecht

    Residential architect here. The purpose of the certificate of occupancy is for the city to verify that the home is SAFE to live in and meets code. This is why no matter how much money you have, you cannot “pay” to get a certificate of occupancy. If they don’t have a C of O, chances are the home was not verified safe to live in.

  • Pratiksha Thapa

    The way Austin proudly looks at Catherine like "look at you bluffing better than me 🥺🥺😀"

  • Kevin Accetta

    Courtney's probably the best fan call so far. Helpful, doesn't talk in circles, chill, adds to the comedy, etc.

  • fatimaxx15
    fatimaxx15  +169

    Their audience is primarily young children that don't know anything about loans, buying houses, etc. So of course they'll still have major support going forward... crazy.