#AsIRecall - The Presence Of The Lord (Billy Corgan Cover)


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  • Your mom is the most beautiful thing

    Jesus forgives you for singing anti christ superstar while dressed as a nun. Now you just have to get rid of the all seeing eye sweater

    • richardmaggio1979
      richardmaggio1979 2 months ago

      Your mom is the most beautiful thing
      I agree with what you first said, but you need to relax on the Illuminati conspiracy theory crap. Jesus also doesn’t judge but accepts all regardless of their sweater. May want to take a page from that as well.

  • Banglaroad
    Banglaroad 3 months ago

    sorry Corgan fans the singing is not even close to the original....comments below suggesting nobody knows the fact that this is a cover of a Blind Faith song originally sung by Steve Winwood ......shamefully not credited to the band

  • Brian Richard
    Brian Richard 4 months ago

    Don't hide the light

  • P Ruston
    P Ruston 4 months ago

    That voice you don’t think much of, Mr. Corgan, is pretty incredible!

  • michael w
    michael w 4 months ago

    Love you bro. Love Jesus

  • hgostos
    hgostos 6 months ago

    May God bless you Billy.

  • roberto sara
    roberto sara Year ago +1

    Great intimacy!!

  • skylilly1
    skylilly1 Year ago


  • dAvrilthebear
    dAvrilthebear Year ago +2

    How come I didn't know this song? Your miniseries is introducing me to a lot of great new music!

  • geesh
    geesh Year ago +1

    super fucked shirt sorry

  • makwabid69
    makwabid69 Year ago +1

    Thanks for your interpretation of one of the sacred songs I grew up with. Right up there with Stevie and Eric's.

  • romelovesdan
    romelovesdan Year ago +14

    Billy is a great American....humble background, hardworking, and a multi faceted talent. I am proud to say that I am a fan. I really love the warmth and sincerity in these acoustic performances. Thank you, Billy.

  • Ted Pow
    Ted Pow Year ago +1

    Zwan Christian rock ?

  • Kerry Ward
    Kerry Ward Year ago +2

    love it! I am enjoying seeing what your up to these days!

  • Steamboat Island Recording

    Was so thrilled to hear this song! Love your version, great cover. The first vinyl I listened to in my dad's collection was Blind Faith! Amazing album! Rock on Billy! -Sam

  • Michael Devereux
    Michael Devereux Year ago +1

    Great! Thanks Billy!

  • M. Jane
    M. Jane Year ago +1

    Love it!

  • Julie Stewart
    Julie Stewart Year ago +2

    I could listen to him play acoustic forever. Beautiful sound. Beautiful voice. Glad I named my oldest daughter after him

  • Rebecca Krenski
    Rebecca Krenski Year ago +1

    beautiful.... really

  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson Year ago +3

    Amazing cover. Amazing playing. Very moving. Thank you, sir.

  • NoclueJimbo
    NoclueJimbo Year ago

    Did he record this while still in his home in chicago or while travelling?

  • Fabio Buzzo
    Fabio Buzzo Year ago

    Gotta play Lover.

  • Vladimir Chernov
    Vladimir Chernov Year ago

    Great! As usually))

  • Steven Kowalski
    Steven Kowalski Year ago +3

    Good stuff Billy Corgan! I am enjoying your project. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and I can relate to this so much. I will be turning 60 next month, and life is really a cool journey.

  • andrea toney
    andrea toney Year ago +5

    Thank you thank you thank you for keeping me alive as a teen your music kept me alive.

  • Alex G Conrad
    Alex G Conrad Year ago +1

    Absolutely love WPC's arrangements, he has such a great talent for them.

  • moledog88
    moledog88 Year ago +1

    Fuckin A Billy !! Luv ya !!

  • akeee
    akeee Year ago +1

    Really great!

  • johnny boy
    johnny boy Year ago +2

    beautiful thank you

  • Stacey Thompson
    Stacey Thompson Year ago +3

    Beautiful as ever billy, please know you have helped a lot of people with your gift. Would love to just sit in your presence one day.

  • SaraSmile
    SaraSmile Year ago +1


  • Armesis P
    Armesis P Year ago +2

    I still remember when i missed them live cos i couldnt get time off work. I shouldve called in sick. One of my biggest regrets lol.

  • David Berg
    David Berg Year ago +2

    Absolutely beautiful song. Well done, William ❀️

  • Nintendo Veteran
    Nintendo Veteran Year ago +5


  • moki
    moki Year ago +1

    This is so awesome!

  • legendsofevil
    legendsofevil Year ago +32

    This song represents the transition to a much happier place in life. I am glad you did this cover because I am just now making this transition myself.

      GLITZandGLOOM Year ago +1

      legendsofevil I'm loving these vlogs too. Always interested in what Billy's doing. I used to love his blogs on his website back in like 2005, around the time of the release of TheFutureEmbrace.
      It was like an autobiography of sorts, released one chapter at a time. Enjoyed reading them 😁

    • legendsofevil
      legendsofevil Year ago +6

      The transition was apparent for Billy when he made the Zwan album. But it can really dig deeper once you hit 50 years old because I know that life is always going to throw ups and downs regardless of where you are mentally. I am enjoying these vlogs because it is a new stage of Billy in terms of how he is portraying himself to the public.

    • Ship atsea
      Ship atsea Year ago +1

      legendsofevil I think there has been that progression for a while. but I agree, there seems to be a contentment that wasn't previously there. Kids can do that. glad to hear you have made a transition. πŸ’–

  • Ship atsea
    Ship atsea Year ago

    that ring though 😍

  • Ship atsea
    Ship atsea Year ago +1

    loove it. so digging the acoustic phase! been waiting for this

  • Samuel Jackson
    Samuel Jackson Year ago +17

    That's some talent right there

    • @ffec+
      @ffec+ Year ago +3

      Samuel Jackson
      Master level, for sure. So grateful this man, Billy Corgan has elected to share so much magic with us all for so many decades now. To many, many more...

  • nixter417
    nixter417 Year ago +2

    So comfy

  • SietsePizza
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  • iamsavic
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  • DeathMetalRob
    DeathMetalRob Year ago +16

    sometimes you say more with an acoustic then a stack of amps. beautiful.

  • Julia B
    Julia B Year ago +4

    Just what I needed...Beautiful

  • Arnie Slab
    Arnie Slab Year ago +2

    Total badass!

  • Ten Draftsdeep
    Ten Draftsdeep Year ago +3


  • pumpkinhead1977
    pumpkinhead1977 Year ago +3

    Superb, amazing, beautiful stuff WPC!!! πŸ’™πŸ’šβ€

  • The Nice Man
    The Nice Man Year ago +5

    this acoustic stuff gets me stiff. I mean, in my head you know?

    • Ship atsea
      Ship atsea Year ago +1

      The Nice Man I love thus analogy

  • johnnynitross
    johnnynitross Year ago +19

    Dude, exciting times brother, can't wait to experience your material...old and new

  • Chris Piper
    Chris Piper Year ago +1

    love this