Adam Rippon Talks Getting Set Up With Sally Field's Son, Oscars & More | The View


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  • Somali Kanye
    Somali Kanye Day ago

    "Which is crazy im so cool"😂

  • Evan Flin
    Evan Flin Day ago

    He won bronze. Obviously hes not that good.

  • G.M Magana
    G.M Magana 2 days ago

    This bottom

  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris 2 days ago

    I think that he thinks he is bigger than Mariah Carey... I am not into people who come across as very arrogant

  • GrotrianSeiler
    GrotrianSeiler 2 days ago

    His parents should be so proud. If he were my kid, I would be so proud of how well spoken he is, genuine, smart. Great kid.

    XANDR KENSKI 2 days ago

    this faggy pink princess plays the role of a neighbor-fagot from тне desperate housewives, or something, so hard, I want to tear off my nipples off and stick them to my eyes

  • sweetpapajazz
    sweetpapajazz 3 days ago

    Look at me !

  • Delia G
    Delia G 3 days ago +1

    I love this man. What a great person and an inspiration!!

  • lds mum
    lds mum 3 days ago

    Go Adam!!!

  • fool4singing
    fool4singing 3 days ago

    I love when Whoopi gets all dressed up in a gown, cool!

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa 4 days ago +1

    The Sally thing was cringy

  • Jade Sea
    Jade Sea 4 days ago

    The makeup smear on his right sleeve tho

  • alan roig
    alan roig 5 days ago

    He seems lovable. I would like him until he opens his mouth... That unbearable squeaking... and ridiculous faces he makes...

  • Macario Patrick
    Macario Patrick 5 days ago +1

    Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you have to talk like that.

  • Kingi Carpenter
    Kingi Carpenter 5 days ago

    I LOVE him

  • Tabris Fru Lar
    Tabris Fru Lar 5 days ago

    And I’d date Sam in a heartbeat!!!

  • Tabris Fru Lar
    Tabris Fru Lar 5 days ago

    I really love what he says and the way he thinks and all.
    He’s veryyyyy gay but what’s cool is he couldn’t care less and he’s still funny.

  • Del Biz
    Del Biz 5 days ago

    I swear I could watch him all day!

  • Pablo Duarte
    Pablo Duarte 6 days ago

    He said about the "coming out"...but honey, do you really needed to came out?? it wasnt abvious that you were gay???

  • CarlosCast
    CarlosCast 6 days ago

    He remains me of lady Gaga for some reason

  • Claudia Harris
    Claudia Harris 6 days ago +1


  • Nick Armstrong
    Nick Armstrong 6 days ago

    Am i the only one who found this super awkward?

  • J M
    J M 6 days ago

    I love how he has built himself up and his career he is soo amazing and talented cant help but smile with him

  • Alan Day
    Alan Day 7 days ago

    She is SO RIGHT... REGRET is powerful emotion that can destroy even the strongest of people in the end.

  • Aerospace Alloys
    Aerospace Alloys 7 days ago

    He's mentally unstable and makes our country look pathetic.Do not accept sodomy as normal its an evil vile sadistic act that spreads disease through the rectum and transfer of fecal matter.

  • Tim Sullivan
    Tim Sullivan 7 days ago

    Didn't qualify for the Olympics and got SENT due to a judge's decision, BARELY won a Bronze Medal (and NOT on his own!) and finished TENTH in the mens single competition... THREE TIME LOSER

    • Tim Sullivan
      Tim Sullivan 7 days ago

      I cant even stand listening to this flake speak

  • LeeAnn Pratt
    LeeAnn Pratt 7 days ago

    Love him!

  • Meriam Silver
    Meriam Silver 7 days ago

    that stain on his shirt was bugging me the whole way

  • Life of the Richardsons

    Love this guy. Been obsessed with him since he was on Ellen.

  • Steven Parker
    Steven Parker 7 days ago

    reminds me of my ex... ugh

  • Thatsswell2012
    Thatsswell2012 7 days ago

    Who is the woman sitting next to Whoopi Goldberg?

  • AmY YmA
    AmY YmA 7 days ago

    Why do straight women go nuts for him? Younger or'd think women would swoon for a more manly man. I know he's gay....which makes it even more confusing. Before anyone gets offended...I have NOTHING against anyone being gay. I'm trying to figure out the *straight women's attraction to a (this) gay man*

  • Vino
    Vino 7 days ago

    The panel has NO Asian there....why not...?

  • stringer 2295
    stringer 2295 7 days ago

    A proper 'queen'.

  • Derek Annese
    Derek Annese 7 days ago

    A doctor needs to fix his voice

  • Nicholas Miller
    Nicholas Miller 7 days ago

    I'm gay, but what I admire most about Adam Rippon is his perseverance and dedication.

  • Rick Patton
    Rick Patton 7 days ago


  • laura j phillips
    laura j phillips 7 days ago

    Wow! Whoopi you look fantastic!

  • petuniamacy
    petuniamacy 7 days ago

    He's so pretty it makes me mad! LOL. No but seriously, I love Adam Rippon. I can't wait to see what other awesome things he's going to do.

  • Fatema Alghannam
    Fatema Alghannam 8 days ago

    His eyes are sooooooooo beautiful

  • 1inEMillion
    1inEMillion 8 days ago

    I don’t care how “feminine” he is. I think he’s so hot!

  • Michal Teplan
    Michal Teplan 8 days ago

    He is very cute :)

  • Brian Pelaccio
    Brian Pelaccio 8 days ago

    I've found myself watching this more times than necessary. He is too cute.

  • Terry Bruce
    Terry Bruce 8 days ago

    Sally Field's Son....Forrest Rump.

  • unmissedrose
    unmissedrose 8 days ago

    I love him.

  • benny575
    benny575 8 days ago

    Didn't Meghan say she would ask him about Pence if he came on the show?

  • nathanpiazza
    nathanpiazza 8 days ago

    His eyebrows are PERFECT

  • Klazyo
    Klazyo 8 days ago

    this guy is not gay

  • Jerry Sonett
    Jerry Sonett 8 days ago

    I hope he goes out with Sam

  • Allen Boughetto
    Allen Boughetto 8 days ago

    Why whoophi looking like a OG with that hoody 😂😂😂

  • Wayne Brinker
    Wayne Brinker 8 days ago

    I used to like him, but his queenie act seems fake

  • ItsJustMikee
    ItsJustMikee 8 days ago

    I love him such sass and class

  • Dan Rigsley
    Dan Rigsley 8 days ago

    Oh god...2 Ken Dolls being set shallow is that. And they look like brothers. I guess you date someone that look like you because gay guys like themselves.

  • Rutger
    Rutger 9 days ago

    He is really good at dealing with conversations...

  • Hector William Castillo

    Prideful Creature 👹

    KANGAJAZZ 9 days ago

    WAY too much publicity for a bronze medalist.

    • Noah
      Noah 8 days ago

      I feel like the only reason we keep hearing from him, is because he's gay. And this is coming from a gay lol

  • Nelly Nel
    Nelly Nel 9 days ago

    He’s too cute

  • Ivan !
    Ivan ! 9 days ago

    I like his forehead for some reason . It’s cute

  • Freptboy
    Freptboy 9 days ago

    He is cute...wondering if he is a bottom, but I could be wrong.

  • DrewWasMe
    DrewWasMe 9 days ago

    Someone please explain his choice of Oscar's wardrobe to the world? What specifically does the leather harness represent?

  • Jimmy Kane
    Jimmy Kane 9 days ago

    He’d make a stunning girl , his features are so fine

  • DarthYuYevon
    DarthYuYevon 9 days ago

    Wow, gay guys and straight guys tend to be so vastly different from each other. As a straight guy I do agree with him on one thing, that men's fashion is very limiting. I like the tough masculine look, but not in a cheesy way. Some outfits exist like this but is very rare. Most outfits are either very simple and boring, copies of each other, very flamboyantly gay. It's strange. It's almost as if the only people making clothes for men are flamboyant gay guys, or boring straight men who thinks boring is what we want.

  • Musiq Lover
    Musiq Lover 9 days ago

    I Love Adam!

  • zara ahmed
    zara ahmed 9 days ago

    i didn't know who megan was and i thought it was the blonde lady judging by the video and well i was right

  • r u intoxicated?
    r u intoxicated? 9 days ago

    Whoopie Goldberg is a paedophile sympathesier she doesn't deserve to be on television.

    DRCLBMZY 9 days ago

    He is so pretty OMG

  • cervodoro
    cervodoro 9 days ago

    Omg I love him

  • Patti Spencer
    Patti Spencer 9 days ago

    I love him😍Refreshing energy!

  • Mark Oliver
    Mark Oliver 9 days ago

    Please Donald Trump deport these sick people.

  • Mark Venditti
    Mark Venditti 10 days ago

    What a wonderful guy!

  • SJJA S
    SJJA S 10 days ago

    well said give a hundred percent and walk away satisfied

  • Trev S
    Trev S 10 days ago

    Adam makes Sassy look tame - thought the outfit was a bit too sleazy though

  • Devin Reaves
    Devin Reaves 10 days ago

    Who is this?

  • Ione Shaver
    Ione Shaver 10 days ago +2

    He is just the most adorable thing!

  • vistaprime
    vistaprime 10 days ago

    what happened to Raven, is she still on this show?

  • M MM
    M MM 10 days ago

    You go girl!

  • Emily Nolin
    Emily Nolin 10 days ago +1

    he looked hot at the oscars!!!!!

    • Bubba
      Bubba 9 days ago

      Emily Nolin oh yea hes like the cutest guy this guy's ever seen

  • Emily Nolin
    Emily Nolin 10 days ago +1

    gorgeous being

  • jeffery domash
    jeffery domash 10 days ago

    its unfortunate that homosexuality is so aggressively lionised and encouraged

  • Coach Chris
    Coach Chris 10 days ago

    Adam and Eve,not Adam and steve

  • Coach Chris
    Coach Chris 10 days ago


  • Pseudo Nym
    Pseudo Nym 10 days ago

    American Loose Women. The $hit keeps on flowing.

  • Hefin Rosser
    Hefin Rosser 10 days ago +1

    Beautiful talented and an inspiration xxx

  • dtb mpr
    dtb mpr 10 days ago

    He is an anomoly

  • Danny Draws and Plays
    Danny Draws and Plays 10 days ago

    americans worship anything gay

  • Live Till I Die
    Live Till I Die 10 days ago +1

    He is so inspiring.

  • Ms Judged
    Ms Judged 10 days ago

    Adam is a self-professed practitioner of witchcraft throwing up Illuminati 666 hand signs. He ended up 10th in his event but was trotted out at the Oscars in his bondage tux & promoted by msm like he signed away his soul. Hope he gets more than a Happy Meal.

  • veronicajade20
    veronicajade20 10 days ago +1

    Is it wrong that I’m just here to find out whether he met Sally Field’s son, lol? It would be _sooo_ cute if they hooked up especially through his mother’s matchmaking, lol! Waiting till the Ice Capades is too long! I wish they could meet now, lol.

  • flydamage kayks
    flydamage kayks 10 days ago

    I just want him to be my bff his so freaking adorable and funny💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • Linda Holmes
    Linda Holmes 10 days ago

    He is a pos!

  • L.A.Sharp
    L.A.Sharp 10 days ago

    Just a bit more witchcraft maybe he could get better than bronze

  • Eric Sims
    Eric Sims 10 days ago +2

    Can't imaging him ever having to "come out"

  • TheSlowReader
    TheSlowReader 10 days ago

    Does anyone else think he should guest co-host sometime? Or better yet, just permanently host the show one day?

  • MrShaun42088
    MrShaun42088 10 days ago

    so what. he's just a skater. not like he did anything useful to society

  • holyfuck444
    holyfuck444 10 days ago +1

    He seems kinda cocky :/ but I like the message he sends LGBTQ in that we should work within our community.

  • Shelly gaga
    Shelly gaga 11 days ago

    love him

  • teenie beenie
    teenie beenie 11 days ago

    god what a tack y shirt

  • Joe Greer
    Joe Greer 11 days ago

    He is so beautiful! I could stair at him for hours.

  • La Coneja
    La Coneja 11 days ago


  • Matthew Savoy
    Matthew Savoy 11 days ago

    i'm straight but he's hott