A Christmas Prince | Rose McIver Reacts to Fan Tweets | Netflix

  • Published on Nov 26, 2018
  • Rose McIver from A Christmas Prince and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding reads and reacts to fan tweets.
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    A Christmas Prince | Rose McIver Reacts to Fan Tweets | Netflix
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Comments • 59

  • A
    A 8 days ago +1

    Hi Rose; I just wanted to say how much I love watching the christmas prince and the royal wedding, It is my favorite christmas movies.I am obessed with it and cannot get enough of watching it.You and Ben make it look so real,you are both great actors and actress's.I love the scenery,castle,music.What a wonderful job every one did in making a beautiful movie.I would like to see sequel to follow,maybe royal child to come.

  • David Paul
    David Paul 21 day ago

    Loved both movies, hope there is a part 3...and you are such a cutie! Ditch NZ come on over to Australia 💖💙

  • My Life in Japan Lascarmenas

    More ??? Please!!

  • Richard Ikin
    Richard Ikin Month ago

    History's most beautiful zombie!

  • Meaghan Samimi
    Meaghan Samimi Month ago


  • Brent Dreher
    Brent Dreher Month ago

    0:36 Princess Diaries crossover! Somebody call Anne Hathaway!

  • karina vergara
    karina vergara Month ago

    Yes, can't wait to watch the sequel this Friday.

  • beth the fam
    beth the fam Month ago

    I loved Rose McIver in that movie!! Way to go girl!! I love her in Izombie too awesome!!

  • Otniel Romeo
    Otniel Romeo Month ago

    I love both "A Christmas Prince" and "Princess Diaries". I don't know why I'm addicted to modern royal drama movies these days.
    Because of that Genovia question, I want some crossover (probably a fanfic) involving those two kingdoms.

  • Lisa Luminaire
    Lisa Luminaire Month ago +3

    I just want more izombie thanks

  • Phoebe Soeteman
    Phoebe Soeteman Month ago +4

    Love hearing how strong her kiwi accent still is! I knew Rose in youth group over ten years ago 😊

  • Rudra Official
    Rudra Official Month ago

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    Subscribe Kre Rudra Official Channel Romantic Spacal Story Status

  • Maria Vandinther
    Maria Vandinther Month ago

    I e joyed your movie the Christmas prince and looking forward to the sequel.

  • anthony whitehead
    anthony whitehead Month ago

    she is beautiful.love rose.

  • Anna Rae Broome
    Anna Rae Broome Month ago +26

    Okay who else understood the Genovia being close to Aldovia part?? Yanno Genovia is from Princess Diaries and Princess Diaries 2

  • Morgan Boyd
    Morgan Boyd Month ago

    When does A Christmas Prince 2 come out?

  • Snowball Stead
    Snowball Stead Month ago

    Netflix can you guys make a music Netflix please like amazon music please and thanks

  • Stefanycr
    Stefanycr Month ago +1

    Izombie 💕👀

  • Cristal Raluca
    Cristal Raluca Month ago

    I would rather prefer Transylvania than Aldovia. It is filmed in Transylvania and it actually exists, not like Aldovia. Anyway, it is a pretty good movie for Christmas.

    As a Romanian I don’t like to see a sculpture of a former Romanian king that is presented as Richard s father. Let’s keep the story real.

  • king_Jab27
    king_Jab27 Month ago +21

    I remember when she was a power ranger 😍

  • Angel 2D&3D English
    Angel 2D&3D English Month ago +1

    Devil jr.'s Disenchantment

  • Balaji Nathan
    Balaji Nathan Month ago +9

    Rose Mclver I have a question, if u were asked or requested to return to the power rangers franchise as the yellow rpm ranger for a crossover would you say yes?

  • m.p Productions
    m.p Productions Month ago

    New Zealand REPRESENT!

  • ivan jose balbino balbino

    esperando a 5 temporada de Vikings e Lista negra

  • Millie Bean
    Millie Bean Month ago +33

    I watched a Christmas Prince and I waited and waited. And she didn't eat the Prince's brain. What a let down :'-(

  • Lisa van Harmelen
    Lisa van Harmelen Month ago +21

    This video is too short. We want more

  • Lisa van Harmelen
    Lisa van Harmelen Month ago

    I am actually happy she wasn’t wearing a Dolce and Gabana dress, because I think that’s just a waste of money. Love Rose, she’s great

  • WrenchNinja
    WrenchNinja Month ago +124

    It's so weird seeing her with a normal complexion and blonde hair instead of her iZombie look

    • Adela
      Adela Month ago +1

      Lol ikr

  • Yacine Yacine
    Yacine Yacine Month ago

    أعطونا شي كومبت ا سبي

  • miniz usa
    miniz usa Month ago +3

    Like 👍 if Netflix made a difference in your life
    What do you think the major difference between Netflix and Hulu?

    • Brent Dreher
      Brent Dreher Month ago

      miniz usa Hulu is willing to keep their Marvel-based originals on the air

  • Merve Demir
    Merve Demir Month ago

    escobar the king

  • 12345 6
    12345 6 Month ago +2


  • Hail Production
    Hail Production Month ago +13


  • Chanel Cephas
    Chanel Cephas Month ago +1


  • Ok Ok
    Ok Ok Month ago +63

    Fans:- Give us Stranger Things 3 Trailer.
    Netflix:- Rose McIver reacts to fan tweets.

    • Kate
      Kate Month ago

      +Starwars Geek Eh we aren't getting that until after Captain Marvel. DAMMMNNN YOU DISNEY DAMN YOU.

    • Starwars Geek
      Starwars Geek Month ago +1

      Fans: Give us the Avengers 4 Trailer!
      Marvel: Silence
      Disney: Here’s the trailer for The Lion King!

    • Starwars Geek
      Starwars Geek Month ago +6

      Infinity Nature
      Fans: Give us the Avengers 4 trailer!
      Marvel: Silence
      Disney: Here’s the trailer for The Lion King!

  • Nicole Hazel Breezy
    Nicole Hazel Breezy Month ago +6

    I love Netflix

  • Omarr Guerrero
    Omarr Guerrero Month ago +16

    One of my favorite Yellow Rangers.

    • Omarr Guerrero
      Omarr Guerrero Month ago

      It's one of the later seasons of the show, and the last one produced by Disney before Saban bought the rights back from them.

    • Hail Production
      Hail Production Month ago

      +Omarr Guerrero rpm?

    • Omarr Guerrero
      Omarr Guerrero Month ago +1

      +Hail Production Yeah. In the RPM series. It's on Netflix. You should check it out. She's tough and sassy, and kicks a hell of a lot of ass!

    • Hail Production
      Hail Production Month ago

      She was a Pwr rngr

  • Music Arena
    Music Arena Month ago

    Not First but I love you all ☺️

  • Lennie Godber
    Lennie Godber Month ago +3

    Beautiful woman

  • Sylvette Degen
    Sylvette Degen Month ago


  • Wrey Swift
    Wrey Swift Month ago +28

    #iZombie love your accent 😍😍😍

  • Mustafyeff _ 14
    Mustafyeff _ 14 Month ago +3


  • The lady
    The lady Month ago +3

    *_HI_* ☻ ❤

  • Andi D
    Andi D Month ago +1

    Subcribe to my channel 😉

  • Mucilon FF
    Mucilon FF Month ago +1