ARCHVIZ | How to use Parallax OSL to create Interior in one polygon [ Free Download Scene ]

  • Published on Mar 20, 2021
  • Parallax OSL is a new method that uses just a single polygon to show an entire room.
    With the power of OSL (Open Shading Language) and a wonderful script called JIWindowbox, it is now possible to create realistic fake interiors, saving you tons of time in the process!
    The Parallax effect is often used in video games to optimize scene performace, and is now available for the Archviz industry!

    Download free scene

    System Requirements:
    3ds Max 2019 + | or

    Blender 2.82+ | Cycles
    Cinema4D R20+ | Octane

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Comments • 22

  • wParallax
    wParallax 10 months ago +2

    If you have issues with downloading the product, then please delete 3 last characters in the link, for some reason the link creates 3 extra numbers in the address. Cgrecord should fix it soon. Thank you!

    • wParallax
      wParallax 7 months ago +1

      @Proxy Mighty There will be a new osl update available very soon, it should fix the uvw problem hopefully.

    • Proxy Mighty
      Proxy Mighty 7 months ago

      @wParallax Hi,
      well i'm not really sure i imported the shader in an other scene it work only on new created planes, (i had a building with a lot of planes for windows and all unwraped as it should be : like in all the udim) it wasn't working but when i created new planes it was ok, so i'm not very sure. but i managed to make it somehow work. (and in the demo file it only work in ipr but not really bothering since u can duplicate the shader for other scenes)

    • wParallax
      wParallax 7 months ago

      @Proxy Mighty hi, do you still have that issue? Not sure why, if it works in ipr it should work also with regular render. Maybe try to relink osl and exr files again?

    • Proxy Mighty
      Proxy Mighty 8 months ago

      @wParallax I have an issue with the demo file (max 2020 vray 5) the shader only work in ipr, is there something i'm missing ?

    • wParallax
      wParallax 10 months ago

      @CG Record Thanks! :D

  • Bruno Carnevalli
    Bruno Carnevalli 10 months ago +1

    Hello! Amazing tool. But cannot download from website. It asks for an email address and get s messed up with "wrong discount code"

  • Okan AKTAŞ
    Okan AKTAŞ 8 months ago +1

    hi. it's a cool trick. is there any problem with server render? I'm asking because relinking is manual

  • Blender Zone
    Blender Zone 10 months ago +1

    this is so cool!

  • Vin D
    Vin D 9 months ago

    can it work in twinmotion by exporting from 3d max

  • F Lash
    F Lash 9 months ago +1

    is it v-ray compatible too ?

  • TarunKumar Devra
    TarunKumar Devra Month ago

    Nice sir G

  • Rob Callicotte
    Rob Callicotte 10 months ago

    In Redshift too?

  • Daniel Carvalho Silva
    Daniel Carvalho Silva 10 months ago

    I neeeeeed this for Blender. Do you guys have a data for when is coming???

    • wParallax
      wParallax 10 months ago +1

      Blender should be available in 2 weeks.

  • Ehab Mahmoud Studio
    Ehab Mahmoud Studio 10 months ago

    cool .. is it working for lumion ?!!

  • marwan qhahm
    marwan qhahm 10 months ago +1

    for game >> it well be cool