Small Faults Could Trigger The Big One, New Research Finds

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • A new study found that last summer's Ridgecrest earthquake was triggered by more than 20 small faults. Chris Holmstrom reports.

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  • Rudy Ruiz
    Rudy Ruiz 28 days ago

    the next big 9.0 quake will be in asia with a sunami.

  • Most Hated
    Most Hated 28 days ago

    Oh no! We're all going to die!!

    Oh well.

  • The Messiah KOI
    The Messiah KOI 28 days ago

    The Big one will be triggered by Deep Earthquakes that form mostly near Fiji, Japan, etc. That energy than travels through the plates in waves. Pay attention to Deep quakes that are 500km deep and 5+ in magnitude. It's not rocket science. We can see when the large quakes are coming. The last 7+ shallow that hit near Indonesia was from a deep 6.5 quake 500km+ deep near by. Watch the strong DEEP quakes because they are coming and getting stronger now.

  • Cyndi Roberts
    Cyndi Roberts 28 days ago

    California has been waiting for the BIG ONE for decades and I believe this is true!