I Bought the Cheapest McLaren MP4-12C in the USA

  • Published on Dec 5, 2018
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Comments • 2 774

  • Sarah Dell
    Sarah Dell 4 days ago +1

    This is why you avoid McLaren! Far too many issues

  • BlackV40
    BlackV40 25 days ago

    I don't get how many lowns you can have... I'm happy that I'll get a lown for my house at 150k euro 😂

  • BlackV40
    BlackV40 25 days ago

    Usually it breaks down when you touch it, now it was broken down even before getting there! Haha

  • Oliver Fowler
    Oliver Fowler 28 days ago

    I’d rather blow $100,000 on coke and hookers than deal with that headache. I know what would be more fun....

  • Victor
    Victor 29 days ago

    This is why I am scared of buying a used McLaren with no warranty.

  • Chris Cummins
    Chris Cummins Month ago

    His last name is Con. That’s your first mistake

  • Alhan L3al
    Alhan L3al 2 months ago


  • Romain Sandt
    Romain Sandt 2 months ago +1

    this design is sure more classic, but ages better than the 650/675

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow 3 months ago

    Does Hoovie make all his money to buy these cars from his YT channel?

  • Luis Santana
    Luis Santana 3 months ago

    My 08 Camry can go reverse!

  • Hamel Patel
    Hamel Patel 4 months ago

    I bet something is terribly wrong with it

  • Marco de la Peña
    Marco de la Peña 4 months ago

    Awful outfit though

  • Tropix
    Tropix 4 months ago

    Found you like a couple months ago. Now i only watch your car channel really cuz i live in kansas too lol

  • AusMade
    AusMade 4 months ago

    I know you are insane Tyler but buying a damn McLaren should be even too much for you, could you have picked a more unreliable car brand.

  • That's besides the point

    I have a 1994 Corolla for sale ,will you buy it ? It's only missing 3rd gear and you'd have $103,500 in change left over !
    Call me maybe...

  • Jesse Young
    Jesse Young 4 months ago

    Looking from the outside in.. it doesn’t really seem worth it to buy a super car..with first the price..second all the problems and then all the problems that come along with it and the price to fix it ($8000) for a wiper blade saying all that I still want one and eventually I will get one.. lol

  • Angel Arroyo
    Angel Arroyo 4 months ago

    4:27 Thats what she said last night.

  • onlethebest
    onlethebest 5 months ago

    Looks like the wizards kids are going to USC

  • Yitcok Shegitz
    Yitcok Shegitz 5 months ago

    Bumper to Bumper warranty? I'd drive the wheels off that bitch and sell it

  • mercedesbenzformula1
    mercedesbenzformula1 5 months ago +1

    Hey the seller bought a new 991 gt3 with a MANUAL. ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR THIS GUY PLEASE!

  • del trotts
    del trotts 5 months ago

    Bet i could sell him a 3 wheel Reliant......

  • David Wilkerson
    David Wilkerson 5 months ago

    bargain mclaren lol great vid!

  • Gus
    Gus 5 months ago

    WHY ??? Why ????

  • Auto Energy
    Auto Energy 5 months ago

    Even tho it’s broke it’s a beauty

  • William Rezik
    William Rezik 6 months ago

    Why didn’t you buy a amg gts

  • Fatal Problems
    Fatal Problems 6 months ago

    how are you not bankrupt

  • Drew Przybycien
    Drew Przybycien 6 months ago


  • James Polcyn
    James Polcyn 6 months ago

    Mercedes Benz 450 SEL 6.9

  • Po 66
    Po 66 6 months ago

    for some reason it leaves me cold that car.

  • M Clare
    M Clare 6 months ago

    I would take your advice as to how to Run Expensive Women more seriously.

  • dbz 1225
    dbz 1225 6 months ago

    Yo your Doug voice 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • PussyGalore
    PussyGalore 6 months ago

    Paying $105k for a used car that MOST people will say " What Is It?" is pretty questionable....not to mention a guaranteed $5k a year in warranty maintenance!

  • jay Makak
    jay Makak 7 months ago

    MrBeast gives money away to strangers,so this is just a slight twist.Replace strangers with "The Wizard'.

  • Newks Xo
    Newks Xo 7 months ago

    There was a MP4 12C in arkansas that ran with 50k miles for 112k

  • James Latimer
    James Latimer 7 months ago +1

    Dont start buy houses PLEASE !

  • James Latimer
    James Latimer 7 months ago +1

    All these super cars just dont hold the road traction controls is CRAP sorry mate but true would rather have a x6 m sport

  • James Latimer
    James Latimer 7 months ago +1

    Bro give up buying cars and have a sex change may be

  • Adam Flax
    Adam Flax 7 months ago

    Please mike your show guests. You realize only you can be heard!

  • Evan93
    Evan93 7 months ago

    100k...you truly are an idiot. But your our idiot ;) Hmmm I wonder why he was selling it? At least you got the warranty lol.

  • Mario Cortes
    Mario Cortes 7 months ago

    I work 5 minutes from there would have been cool to meet you

  • TOSA air
    TOSA air 7 months ago

    Any updates, ? We want to know?????


    Next video my mclaren on fire

  • Deplorable B.R.
    Deplorable B.R. 7 months ago

    "You gotta go deeper.! Lol. That's what she said!

  • tracycolorado
    tracycolorado 7 months ago

    Glutton for Punishment

  • Stephen o'shea .author & musician ]

    very interesting video . im learning a lot from the comments . thanks for posting . no doubt a fun car to drive when its fixed . i hope it keeps its value in time to come . time will tell i guess ???

  • TOSA air
    TOSA air 8 months ago

    Where is the Mclaren?

  • TOSA air
    TOSA air 8 months ago


    ELECTRICDOVETV 8 months ago

    Nice vehicle! Great interior color indeed! Enjoy 😎

  • TOSA air
    TOSA air 8 months ago

    Where is te McLaren,,, update for this insane car

  • Robert Blackford
    Robert Blackford 8 months ago

    You’re buying a used Mclaren from someone in NEW JERSEY?? That’s like French kissing a light socket.
    For your next stunt buy an all original 911 Turbo off Craigslist in Miami.

  • NeverL8 inaV8
    NeverL8 inaV8 8 months ago

    Just watched a few of your vlogs then this one and just subscribed you crazy bastard! 😂😂😂

  • michael001437
    michael001437 8 months ago

    The comments here are so entertaining! thanks guys - you definitely made my day! :--)

  • The idealifestyle
    The idealifestyle 8 months ago

    Spends 105,000 Dollars And the car doesn’t even move what the hell did you do Hoovie

  • Mr. Simon
    Mr. Simon 8 months ago

    You're pretty good bro. Like your channel. Stay cool and dont get boosie with us

  • Tom H
    Tom H 8 months ago

    only 124k for one thats actually working XD

  • Toasty
    Toasty 8 months ago

    subtle... 😏

  • Lil Boatracer
    Lil Boatracer 8 months ago

    That dealership is thirty seconds from my house

  • Vatashi Kokoro
    Vatashi Kokoro 8 months ago

    the mc laren's owner looks like a Turkish

  • Firstcritic Lastword
    Firstcritic Lastword 8 months ago

    Congratulation on your wedding.

  • Minecraft good Fortnite bad

    It's just sad to see this car at this price.Last night I saw one working for $75,000.This car geve birth to the McLaren we all know today.