Is It Okay to Touch Mars?

  • Published on Nov 10, 2016
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    Earth and Mars size comparison:
    calculate how much you’d weigh on Mars:
    Martian ‘sun dial’:
    Touching Mars images (walnut regolith):
    Pascal Lee:
    Other flag ideas:
    Kim Stanley Robinson’s excellent trilogy:
    terraforming of Mars:
    Outer Space Treaty:
    Extraterrestrial Liberty:
    Time on Mars:
    Mars orbit:
    Mars orbit proximity chart:
    NASA Mars time program:
    Mars Watches:
    Darian calendar:
    Ask a Mathematician physicist article:
    Apollo quarantine:
    Buzz tweet:
    space dust:
    Blood and skin cells changing:
    Planetary protection:
    Mars sample return [PDF]:
    The International Committee Against Mars Sample Return
    glow worms:
    Bill Clinton speech on Mars rock:
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  • varun mahankali
    varun mahankali 2 hours ago +1

    Michael: WHEN is Mars..?
    Me: I got u one better,
    WHY is Mars?

  • Grub
    Grub 13 hours ago

    If I go to Mars you know after basic survival needs I gotta say im planting marijuana and smoking hella pot

  • H2O Bros
    H2O Bros 14 hours ago

    Dude!!!! Your so clever

  • Ruby TNT
    Ruby TNT 17 hours ago


  • Aubergine Man
    Aubergine Man 21 hour ago

    oh please don't tell me countries are gonna do wars at mars

  • Gabriel B.
    Gabriel B. 22 hours ago

    Do you guys wants some spit facts?

  • Jakob Schmelhof
    Jakob Schmelhof 22 hours ago

    1:15 Ah, there it is

  • Quique
    Quique Day ago

    is the time difference that big deal? internet exists... nobody goes crazy by changing time zone or hemisphere, even though the hour and the season change

  • Brent Scammey
    Brent Scammey Day ago

    BMX trampolines motorcycles would not work

  • tahutoa
    tahutoa Day ago

    _It's only a matter of time before Red Faction happens_

  • GamerBoy Swae
    GamerBoy Swae 2 days ago

    Wont be surprised if Ms. Mars has u sued for sexual harrasment

  • M N
    M N 2 days ago +1

    mars was touched by man in compartmentalized military secret space programs.

  • Covodex
    Covodex 2 days ago +2

    "You're like a very neat thing dirt does"


  • Preston Berg
    Preston Berg 2 days ago

    What about a dirt sample from Mars and put it on a temporary moon base and see if there is life on Mars?

  • nobred nothing
    nobred nothing 2 days ago +1

    People:who are you
    Me:im mars

  • Han Myohset
    Han Myohset 3 days ago +1

    Holly Crap! I’m not gonna go live there! I can’t work 32 hours per day, 72 days per month.

  • Spiritual Self
    Spiritual Self 3 days ago +2

    Girlfriend: you ARE the father !
    Vsauce: Or am I?🤔

  • Pepsi Man Pepsi Man
    Pepsi Man Pepsi Man 3 days ago

    At 14:21 you got the (former) president’s name wrong. His real name is, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Clinton

  • Slimy Boy
    Slimy Boy 3 days ago +2

    I mean just put some iron, hydrogen, and oxygen and maybe some Oreos and I’ll go to Mars.

  • Not your Business
    Not your Business 3 days ago

    Trippy bro

  • 1001 Subs terrible content


  • Roxy Hart
    Roxy Hart 3 days ago

    What about the moon

  • Geo Gaming
    Geo Gaming 4 days ago +5

    2119:making a passport
    Whats the birth planet?

  • Just Some Bored Douchebag

    If the discovery of cells in space would mean the discovery of life in space, then why is abortion still a thing?

  • Nisha Singh
    Nisha Singh 4 days ago +1

    Is it ok to touch mars?
    *Where did u get dat body*

  • Matthew Ford
    Matthew Ford 4 days ago

    Come on V you really think they will Terraform Mars? LOL!

  • Calvin Miller
    Calvin Miller 4 days ago +1

    Where did he get that tie?

  • Miyo Lo
    Miyo Lo 5 days ago +1

    That “not for >.

  • Hype Edits
    Hype Edits 5 days ago +1

    Yeah it is its a nice chocolate bar

  • Hercule The 10th
    Hercule The 10th 5 days ago +2

    5:08 RIP to all the people born in the cancer month. The bullying is going to be over eventually.

  • Space Colossus
    Space Colossus 6 days ago

    Pause at 5:08 look on the right: this month is litteraly cancer.

  • Ave Anderson
    Ave Anderson 6 days ago

    blah! we should all just colonize mars n be done with it. destroy all life in there n hail humanity as the besttt!!!! XD

  • Honey Bhosle
    Honey Bhosle 6 days ago

    16:45 to 18:00 I'm going to remember forever.

  • Prestonio the Great
    Prestonio the Great 6 days ago


  • Pedro
    Pedro 7 days ago

    mars will be a socialist utopia

  • Myles Russell
    Myles Russell 7 days ago

    What’s the time dilation like on mars?

  • questioneverything
    questioneverything 7 days ago

    Science fiction is so imaginary. LOL 🤣

  • Luna Bitch
    Luna Bitch 7 days ago

    Surviving Mars was hard, good luck guys

  • Pascal Vock
    Pascal Vock 8 days ago

    My name is pascla

  • Gopalkrishna Dey
    Gopalkrishna Dey 8 days ago

    What is the cournce in mars

  • LZY loader 4 1 14 11 12 5

    Where did I get my body oh seven antivaxxers sacrafised a puppy to me and their dirty bodies conjoined into this mess of an exoskeleton

  • Deme Kagamine
    Deme Kagamine 9 days ago

    I am against humans going to Mars for the purpose of human colonization. Humans both have no rights to it and the prospect makes little sense even with the "insurance" of biodiversity arguement. As neil degrasse tyson said, and I am roughly paraphrasing, with much less effort than would be required to move any meaningful numbers of humans away from earth to avoid extinction from a catastrophic event, humans could surely just create a means to nullify the threat.
    Now however I am still in favour of us going to Mars only for the prospect of trying to to make Mars a better place for any possible dormant life already there. We sure as hell aren't going to do anything to stop ourselves from destroying life here, so the least we could do is try to make Mars better for whatever organisms it may have, even if only slightly better. I think that is the biggest mark humans could leave on the universe, perhaps not in scale or grandeur, but philosophically speaking I dont think humans could top it.

  • Janek Pukall
    Janek Pukall 9 days ago

    im touching my mars every time. i even eat it !

  • Now Go Away And Do Something Good

    I'll touch Mars, but I won't lay a hand on Uranus

  • Jack Leo
    Jack Leo 9 days ago

    Your stinking ritch

  • SlamaWolfPlays
    SlamaWolfPlays 10 days ago +1


  • Trenton Dart
    Trenton Dart 10 days ago

    I wish I could watch your premium content

  • TheUniqueDuck
    TheUniqueDuck 11 days ago

    i mean if we are 0.0000000000000001% martian we can touch it lol

  • PandemoniumMeltDown
    PandemoniumMeltDown 11 days ago

    Elon for President

  • izzatfirdaus1
    izzatfirdaus1 11 days ago +1


  • Malcolm Schmid
    Malcolm Schmid 11 days ago

    "keeping life around might only be up to us" that hit deep bro.

  • Hillbilly Tennesee
    Hillbilly Tennesee 11 days ago

    If you're referring to NASA's version of Mars it's located on Greenland's devon-island. You'll need a passport and possibility a CIA clearance to keep the "cat" in the bag................

  • Craig Burwell
    Craig Burwell 11 days ago

    Well hopefully if there is organisms before we get there there already dead so that we know the filter is behind us

  • Antares
    Antares 12 days ago

    *But Michael, you can't touch anything. Right?*

  • don_may
    don_may 12 days ago +1

    Plot twist: This video was about that one weird kid from school “Mars”

  • A Connor stan
    A Connor stan 12 days ago +5

    Michael: Where'd you get that body?
    Me: I got it from my dad

  • never mind
    never mind 13 days ago

    Mars! The big red cemetery! Get your tickets before they're all gone!

  • Balex
    Balex 13 days ago +1

    Hi I'm from the future

  • saphire cat
    saphire cat 13 days ago

    If the United States pay the bill we own that part of Mars we colonized. There is no free ride to Mars.

  • nIchOlAs wOng
    nIchOlAs wOng 13 days ago +3

    Michael: No human has ever touched Mars.
    Elon Musk: Hold my $100,000 champagne

  • Israel Reyes
    Israel Reyes 13 days ago

    Well mars is in space how can you breath

    • TheSuperiorSkoda
      TheSuperiorSkoda 11 days ago

      It has it's own atmosphere, and oxygen tanks exist.

  • Joshman Vegasman
    Joshman Vegasman 14 days ago

    Sapiens ? I think he meant Homo'

  • Gebakken Ezel
    Gebakken Ezel 15 days ago

    5:09. Cancer is a month on Mars?

  • Gebakken Ezel
    Gebakken Ezel 15 days ago

    This is what I miss

  • hallod1
    hallod1 15 days ago

    Now requesting: define touch..

  • Solid Salad
    Solid Salad 15 days ago

    Petition to call the people who will live on mars: “moop” (singular) and “meep” (more than singular (srry i forgot the word))

  • GameBossBot
    GameBossBot 15 days ago +1

    Nature already ruined life on Mars so humans are basically going to not affect anything if anything like he said we could make it more livable

  • David Vonch
    David Vonch 15 days ago

    Is it ok to touch Mars? Sure of you want cancer.

  • Raymond Mendez
    Raymond Mendez 15 days ago +1

    What is our planet is like that kid in the corner of the room and all other intelligent life/planets are just looking at us.

  • gabytouber
    gabytouber 15 days ago

    What? No!
    Dont touch mars-chan...

  • Retro Game Days
    Retro Game Days 15 days ago

    If someone born on Mars this person is gonna be an E.T right?
    Cuz E.T.s are meant to be from other planets right? So the "First extraterrestrial" would be a human but What about the Animals? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Domi igli
    Domi igli 16 days ago

    No human has touched the moon.You think the astronauts did but its a lie.The boots of the astronauts did touch the moon.....

  • Mr Human
    Mr Human 16 days ago

    why is there so many bits not related with touching mars?

  • ItsYeBoi Jelly
    ItsYeBoi Jelly 16 days ago

    i have earn 50 iq once more

  • Prime 4867
    Prime 4867 16 days ago

    Anyone else notice his voice is *slightly* distorted? Please tell me I’m not crazy

  • CiCiNova
    CiCiNova 16 days ago

    The first human who touches the surface of Mars will prolly be #MeToo’d lmao

  • Roger Baker
    Roger Baker 17 days ago

    This is absolute nonsense from start to finish.

  • Itai Eiron
    Itai Eiron 17 days ago +1

    The glow worm thing makes Winston Churchill's quote really creepy.

  • Hunter Adams
    Hunter Adams 17 days ago


  • Law
    Law 18 days ago

    The mars problem sounds a lot like when the brits were controlling the u.s

  • megalodon MONKEYS
    megalodon MONKEYS 19 days ago

    intri 😎

  • WillWillCool R
    WillWillCool R 19 days ago


  • Ember Reed
    Ember Reed 19 days ago

    "Where did you get that body? That one you're in right now."

  • Aida Payton
    Aida Payton 19 days ago

    I went to Mars, in God's divine power. On 2009.bring a micro organisms. I bring earth to Mars, so Mars would be slowly becoming earth. Aida Payton

  • Meme Necromancer
    Meme Necromancer 19 days ago

    *in Patrick voice* “where’s the leak ma’am”

  • Aldion Sylkaj
    Aldion Sylkaj 19 days ago

    Check out purple dawn theory

  • Jacob Bowman
    Jacob Bowman 20 days ago

    We are going!

  • Buzzy Beez
    Buzzy Beez 21 day ago

    Only if Mars consents

  • Subhasish Mazumder
    Subhasish Mazumder 21 day ago

    Post credit scenes *alert*

  • SlyFox211
    SlyFox211 21 day ago

    I love how much the focus of landing humans on mars has switched almost completely from going to mars to the moon. Now were going to plan on going to the moon more than mars

  • Roxanna Mason
    Roxanna Mason 21 day ago

    10/Ten Commandments are the universal laws,end of story. Humans DID touch Mars indirectly by the landers which have been touched by the humans who made/touched them. Two way street exchanging stuff. We might become a type 4 civilization by controlling the Universe thru worm holes or?

  • michaelrose93
    michaelrose93 21 day ago

    Short Answer: No - Martian soil is full of perchlorates. It is toxic to Earth life. Sorry guys.

  • Alana
    Alana 21 day ago

    Okay seriously.. Why does he look like the guy from Brave Wilderness.. And sounds like him?

  • ThatGuyBon
    ThatGuyBon 21 day ago +1

    5:09 cancer is a month on mars

  • Darth Mucus
    Darth Mucus 21 day ago +1

    I don´t know if it´s ok to touch Mars, but i know for a fact many people touch Uranus! And then sniff it!

  • suzume 515
    suzume 515 22 days ago

    Vsauce: Can i touch you
    Mars: Why :(
    Vsauce: But your head looks like potato. It's almost as if i'm the first ever caveman who discovered FIRE!!! And also, I'm your daddy.

  • Samuel Kaczmarek
    Samuel Kaczmarek 22 days ago

    Its ridiculous to think we could terraform another planet when we cant even precisley predict the weather here. We must master our own climate 1st!

  • Jonathan Lopez
    Jonathan Lopez 22 days ago

    Are our abortion rights under attack?
    ........ yea but not yet

  • Sushh
    Sushh 22 days ago

    Humans going to space is a "forward contamination"

  • JAMES! Since the 70's
    JAMES! Since the 70's 22 days ago

    We need government officials with a more scientific background!