Is It Okay to Touch Mars?

  • Published on Nov 10, 2016
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    Earth and Mars size comparison:
    calculate how much you’d weigh on Mars:
    Martian ‘sun dial’:
    Touching Mars images (walnut regolith):
    Pascal Lee:
    Other flag ideas:
    Kim Stanley Robinson’s excellent trilogy:
    terraforming of Mars:
    Outer Space Treaty:
    Extraterrestrial Liberty:
    Time on Mars:
    Mars orbit:
    Mars orbit proximity chart:
    NASA Mars time program:
    Mars Watches:
    Darian calendar:
    Ask a Mathematician physicist article:
    Apollo quarantine:
    Buzz tweet:
    space dust:
    Blood and skin cells changing:
    Planetary protection:
    Mars sample return [PDF]:
    The International Committee Against Mars Sample Return
    glow worms:
    Bill Clinton speech on Mars rock:
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  • CrankThatFranks Curtains

    Vsauce never fails to make me question EVERYTHING in my life.

  • Tom Hill
    Tom Hill 15 hours ago

    for the calendars and time, each planet should have it's own, but there should be in interplanetary time and calendar that would be used for anything between earth and mars

  • Tim Sullivan
    Tim Sullivan 15 hours ago

    The Fake New's questions for Clinton were anything but the non sequitur they seemed - theyfirst question was to draw the attention of the faithful minions of the Illuminati to the President's tie, the pattern of which contained a coded alert that policy directives were being announced. The second question was for the benefit of those lackeys who might have missed Clinton's veiled instructions: at all costs any potential extraterrestrial life (i.e. - meteor-borne spores, rock-encrusted microbes) MUST be preserved in case of potentially "useful" alien life forms. Duh.

  • Spencer Barney
    Spencer Barney 18 hours ago

    Will Mars have leap years?

  • Jared Schreckengast

    Has the rovers determined what martian rocks, soil, & dust is made of?

  • Magos Danat Zeppeli

    Maybe let's turn Mars into a Religious State of Machine Cult

  • Subash Chandra
    Subash Chandra Day ago

    I'm 0.000000000001% martian so I can say the M-word.

  • bjornsmasher66
    bjornsmasher66 Day ago

    we should name our first city on mars Rapture.

  • Lars Zawkian
    Lars Zawkian Day ago

    This channel was amazing before that TheXvid red thingy

  • Project True Love

    None is God except Allah. Muhammad is a Messenger of Allah. Best Wishes.

  • Jarret Rucker
    Jarret Rucker Day ago

    Lemme slurp that moist red *D I R T*

  • Calico Horizon
    Calico Horizon Day ago

    What if the fossils of life in the rock came from the meteorite bounced back and it’s from a very far away planet

  • The Predator32
    The Predator32 2 days ago

    Just like international companies just have multiple clocks showing different time zones Those on Mars would just use a clock set to mars time whatever their time zone on mars is and another clock set to "earth time" likely just set to GMT though if they have ties to a specific country or countries they would have clocks set to whatever time the country(ies) they deal with use.

  • Lee Song
    Lee Song 2 days ago

    0:43 - 0:53 Me when a teacher asked a question after a presentation that I don't know how to answer.

  • DaimyoBlu
    DaimyoBlu 2 days ago

    "You're a temporary arrangement of stuff. A really neat thing dirt does."

  • Hares Sae
    Hares Sae 2 days ago

    Does earth have a flag? No it doesnt. Why would mars have a flag. The person who made mars flag wasnt thinking right. Anyways good video

  • Gareth G.R. Roberts
    Gareth G.R. Roberts 2 days ago

    Mars will be to Earth what The U.S. is to Great Britain... but probably only for the affluent.

  • Muroj
    Muroj 2 days ago

    What song is from the beginning here? I looked through Jake Chudnow's stuff and I couldn't find it.

  • Alpha Centauri
    Alpha Centauri 2 days ago

    5:38 I bought one from amazon

  • Colin Jones
    Colin Jones 2 days ago

    W H E R E D I D Y O U G E T T H A T B O D Y

  • Declan Kirby
    Declan Kirby 2 days ago

    🅱sauce 🅱ichael 🅱ere

  • theclipmashine
    theclipmashine 2 days ago

    well, i feel sometimes iam like 0.0000000000000002 percent martian

  • Luke Thompson
    Luke Thompson 2 days ago

    I say we characterise martian life, preserve some and then terraform it for ourselves. In the end its a big rock, we can claim it.

  • Sierra for Life
    Sierra for Life 2 days ago

    I learn more from a 18 minute Vsauce video than school

  • whitehorse1959
    whitehorse1959 2 days ago

    Mankind living on Mars? Bollocks! It’s barely different than living on the moon. How about we see Moonbase Alpha first?

  • allcomando lol
    allcomando lol 3 days ago +1

    0.000000000000000.1% martian

  • allcomando lol
    allcomando lol 3 days ago +1

    before, we were a bacteria that came from space that probobly came from a other planet. then we evolved into humans.
    so if we find the planet of wich the bacteria came from, there might be life on it

  • Robert Terwilliger
    Robert Terwilliger 3 days ago

    Do you want Venom? Because that's how you get Venom.

  • Abd SA
    Abd SA 3 days ago

    and then evil monsters will invade mars and doomguy comes to save us!

  • _ _
    _ _ 3 days ago


  • DJPhysics
    DJPhysics 3 days ago

    Cancer is a month on Mars a would not wanne be born then

  • Chwdr_chug
    Chwdr_chug 4 days ago

    Im hungry now

  • Xehemoth
    Xehemoth 4 days ago

    Verbal consent is fine, but only if you're not rich or famous. If you ARE rich or famous, you need it in writing.

  • Caden Niles
    Caden Niles 4 days ago

    Wow. Watching this made me feel like I'm alone and what is the point of living I'm just gonna die and then what happens when you die I mean I wish god exists so we can go to heaven but none of that is true like what made planets and how big is the galaxy... But thats why I play video games all day with friends

  • Nelo Angelo
    Nelo Angelo 4 days ago

    sailor mars? ;)

  • William Makupa
    William Makupa 4 days ago

    We need to bring back Mars rock samples using unmanned vehicles to settle some of the fundamental questions. After that commence settlements on that planet. We need to "contaminate" Mars with earth micro-organisms and set up a living colony as future expansion site for Homo sapiens.

  • Lelouch Lamperouge
    Lelouch Lamperouge 4 days ago


  • Luonto dokumentteja kaiken ikäisille

    Where did I get my body? Oh I stole it from some cornershop

  • Martin Toppc
    Martin Toppc 4 days ago +1

    just bloody love everything you say

  • Milen Nedkov
    Milen Nedkov 4 days ago

    The question is : Is Mars flat?

  • America
    America 5 days ago +1

    dirt and oil

  • Fernando Garcia
    Fernando Garcia 5 days ago

    "Ultimately, Jupiter doesn't care whether there's 7 billion humans, or 7 trillion. The volcanos of Io will continue erupting whether or not we write more poems about love. If humans were wiped out today, the fundamental forces of the universe wouldn't change and distant galaxies would continue their journeys into the abyss, beyond the observable universe just as they already are and always will. What good is life to the universe? Perhaps it has none. But WE are possibly it's greatest and only hope of ever finding out. We may not treat life as well as we could. But whatever this darn life thing is, keeping it around might be very well up to us. We owe it at least that much."
    Holy shit

  • Freshairkaboom Gaming

    Mars #meetoo incoming

  • Tawny Owl
    Tawny Owl 5 days ago

    14:44 is the reason we'll *NEVER* be contacted by life forms of superior intelligence.

  • Juicyvolcano96 1
    Juicyvolcano96 1 6 days ago

    Kill urself is the funny thing from the memes

  • LGM_Fin
    LGM_Fin 6 days ago +1

    its 2018 for me

  • gianni
    gianni 6 days ago

    Do you guys think it will be free to move to mars or would we have to pau 7 million dollars? Or do you think there will be expeditions for private people to move?

  • ZuperWilmzz
    ZuperWilmzz 6 days ago

    i wont allow it

  • Ernie Baker
    Ernie Baker 6 days ago

    When it rained for two million years on earth could it be something that hit mars’s water hard enough to escape velocity and a vast amount came to earth and it was excess amount.🤔 and yes it did rain for 2 million years

  • Thexzin Playz
    Thexzin Playz 7 days ago

    2.7 x longer school and video games lol

  • Heros Assasin
    Heros Assasin 7 days ago

    Why does the title say “is it okaMars?y to touch”

  • phantomcruizer
    phantomcruizer 7 days ago

    I like your tie btw.

  • cody morris
    cody morris 7 days ago

    If you really think none of it matters then just simply lay down and die. No? Well I guess you're wrong.

  • mastergamingmg45488 xD

    Mars is a virgin

    • phantomcruizer
      phantomcruizer 7 days ago

      mastergamingmg45488 xD And Musk wants to bang it😬

  • thkoby
    thkoby 7 days ago

    Two Questions: 1.) Are our abortion rights under attack? 2.) Where did you get that tie?

  • Marko Milovac
    Marko Milovac 7 days ago

    Ask Elon MUsk?

  • Wieldable Power
    Wieldable Power 8 days ago

    13:29 so you're telling me that this rock got hit so hard by a meteor it became one?

  • Barret Friesen
    Barret Friesen 8 days ago

    Panspermia: Nasa faked the earth landing.

  • Gucci Joey
    Gucci Joey 8 days ago

    When he said 2016 I felt that

  • TheDogeCena TDC
    TheDogeCena TDC 8 days ago

    only if hes not gonna snitch, or if hes 18+

  • LeTraceurSnork
    LeTraceurSnork 8 days ago

    6:37 HOLY JESUS! This is my very home city (Russia, Ekaterinburg state, Kamensk-Uralskiy - backyard of the world), how did you found that?

    RAZYOU YTGAMES 9 days ago

    Nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga I'm 0.000000000000000001% nigga

  • Happy Holiday
    Happy Holiday 9 days ago

    No, don't touch Mars, he is very sensitive. #SetMarsFree2018

  • The
    The 9 days ago

    vsauce lookin sexy af

  • LaCuevadelaSerpiente RADIO


  • Der Dume Kerl666
    Der Dume Kerl666 9 days ago

    if we would live on mars once, how cool would it be to have a world cup there?

  • Memesitos
    Memesitos 9 days ago

    17:00 that's what make us humans

  • RRW
    RRW 9 days ago

    A couple things I should mention:
    The difference in time/years might be a problem, but the travel time and communication issues have already been dealt with. The largest empires in earth's history were created prior to the telegraph when a message would take months to get from one side of the planet to the other, as would supplies and personnel. Yes some colonies ended up rebelling, but there were still empires like the British who had territory both at the prime meridian and what we now call the international date line.
    As for terraforming Mars SPECIFICALLY so that life does better there, why is that an issue for Mars but not Earth? There are places on Earth such as Wright valley where *vertebrates can't live in, yet I've never heard of (intentionally) warming it up in order to make life live there better.
    *Aside from Human researchers, Seals and Penguins occasionally get stranded there but die of starvation. I heard from one source that birds sometimes drink from the Onyx, but I am unsure how accurate that is.

  • je moer
    je moer 10 days ago

    Is it Oke to touch UrAnus?

  • Andrew Galloway
    Andrew Galloway 10 days ago


  • David Hall
    David Hall 10 days ago

    And we still don't know if we can touch it or not!

  • The HopelessGamer
    The HopelessGamer 10 days ago

    I think if we helped any extra terrestrial creatures.... What happens if those creatures grow up and attack humans? Well.... we would have created a enemy and im not sure thats the best idea...

  • Grant Bassett
    Grant Bassett 10 days ago

    I hope we don't go to mars. We don't need to destroy another planet. Fuck

  • Zachary Howell
    Zachary Howell 10 days ago

    why dont they have different colonies so if a country gets to that area than that area follows there laws

  • Shreerang Vaidya
    Shreerang Vaidya 10 days ago +1

    You can't touch Mars:
    This video is made by Vsauce

  • 69 LocopocoTrain
    69 LocopocoTrain 11 days ago

    I am a literal dirtbag, confirmed by Vsauce

  • K MK
    K MK 11 days ago

    and like always: owesom

  • Nooby Noob
    Nooby Noob 11 days ago

    0:10 Heeeyy. Vsauce, Michael here.

  • Jankoleti
    Jankoleti 11 days ago

    What if mars had life on it like Earth, and one day we will become like mars

  • Un Known
    Un Known 11 days ago

    Its 2018 now😞

  • Richard Does gaming
    Richard Does gaming 12 days ago

    Since I’m a private consumer

    I officially claim mars as mine

  • Adrian Johnson
    Adrian Johnson 12 days ago

    5:39 thank me later ;)

  • General Lycanroc
    General Lycanroc 12 days ago

    What if Mars is like Earth was billions of years ago.

  • General Lycanroc
    General Lycanroc 12 days ago +2

    Who just realized that when he says, "Hey, Vsauce..." he refers to us as Vsauce.

  • GandalFarCough
    GandalFarCough 12 days ago

    We never made it....

    The simulation ends 202*

  • Haralds Andersons
    Haralds Andersons 12 days ago

    the cool thing is i will still be alive in 2030
    cool huh?

  • kameron keaton
    kameron keaton 13 days ago

    The earth is flat and so is mars

  • Enrico Golfetto Masella

    So, can we touch the Martian soil or not? So much of divagations but the main question was not answered.

  • Hyrule Legend
    Hyrule Legend 13 days ago

    So touching Mars is just masturbation

  • blinky2k2
    blinky2k2 13 days ago

    i'm good dirt

  • winVSfail
    winVSfail 13 days ago

    I don't want countries to be in mars, like America: a"mars"ica

  • August W.
    August W. 13 days ago

    Mr. Sauce, where did you get your tie?

  • Hassan Gaming
    Hassan Gaming 13 days ago +1

    You are so fucking smart.

  • Commander Cody
    Commander Cody 14 days ago

    Godamn this shit is deep Michael.

    • Yashsvi Dixit
      Yashsvi Dixit 13 days ago

      Hey buddy, do you think that there is any point in our existence? Universe will work just the same if we disappear. Then what's the point of this existence?

  • Insane23 Panda41
    Insane23 Panda41 14 days ago

    I got it from my momma

  • Volt Shock
    Volt Shock 14 days ago

    Nog without mars's eggthusiastic consent

    • Volt Shock
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  • Freak of Nature
    Freak of Nature 14 days ago

    Daddy vsauce called me dirt.

  • Ashli Shifto
    Ashli Shifto 14 days ago

    Hello 2020

  • František Zvěřina
    František Zvěřina 14 days ago

    Grab him by the pussy

  • Benjamin Joshua Beggs
    Benjamin Joshua Beggs 14 days ago +1

    13:32 escape velocity not terminal velocity.

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