Is It Okay to Touch Mars?

  • Published on Nov 10, 2016
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    Earth and Mars size comparison:
    calculate how much you’d weigh on Mars:
    Martian ‘sun dial’:
    Touching Mars images (walnut regolith):
    Pascal Lee:
    Other flag ideas:
    Kim Stanley Robinson’s excellent trilogy:
    terraforming of Mars:
    Outer Space Treaty:
    Extraterrestrial Liberty:
    Time on Mars:
    Mars orbit:
    Mars orbit proximity chart:
    NASA Mars time program:
    Mars Watches:
    Darian calendar:
    Ask a Mathematician physicist article:
    Apollo quarantine:
    Buzz tweet:
    space dust:
    Blood and skin cells changing:
    Planetary protection:
    Mars sample return [PDF]:
    The International Committee Against Mars Sample Return
    glow worms:
    Bill Clinton speech on Mars rock:
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  • accessaf
    accessaf 52 minutes ago

    Yes. Not only should we go. We must

  • james shade
    james shade Hour ago

    I did not have sexual relations with that fossil

  • William John
    William John Hour ago

    What language will we speak on mars?

  • Dustin Kick
    Dustin Kick 8 hours ago

    How much mass sent to mars would noticably change earth's orbit around the sun?

  • Narobii
    Narobii 19 hours ago

    I was worried for a second that Vsauce knew I wasn't the original owner of this body.

  • Dtown449
    Dtown449 19 hours ago


  • CertainDeath777
    CertainDeath777 23 hours ago

    german scientists say, that mars cant be terraformed.
    lack of magnetic field and small gravitation will result in solar winds blowing away atmosphere. mars can only hold a very thin atmosphere.
    erything above that would need constant atmospheric renewment in a massive scale.
    and on top of that, one of the mars moons is already very low, and slowly plummeting into mars. a denser and wider atmosphere would slow down this moon and make the crash come earlier.
    They Think Venus has a much bigger chance to be colonized. In levitating habitats. But thats all far from easy... colonizing antarctica or the sahra desert is muc much much much much much much much much much much much much MUCH easier.

  • Jenna Anderson
    Jenna Anderson 23 hours ago

    Wow I just got super bummed out there at the end ☹️

  • kermit
    kermit Day ago

    mars truther furry?

  • Space Nebula
    Space Nebula Day ago

    discovered this channel today, now i am addicted to it. 😉😉

  • Dispo6 Daco
    Dispo6 Daco Day ago +1

    So...if people move to another planet where there aren't any laws 'They' will figure out a way to control people and implement new laws to make money or what ever those sick minds are up to,so if you plan to move on Mars good luck to you ,Nothing is free not even a deserted planet

  • Lo ki
    Lo ki Day ago

    Just answer if safe to touch Mars.,madafuka

  • Froggerdog
    Froggerdog Day ago

    Purpose is relative

  • Azal Khaled
    Azal Khaled Day ago

    can we not. I think we owe Earth an apology and we need an attitude change before we think of having a second home.

  • Aidan Mcnabney
    Aidan Mcnabney 2 days ago


  • David Nelson
    David Nelson 2 days ago

    Do you believe that the universe will continue forever and not eventually collapse in on itself

  • Flat Earth Compilation

    Insane Idiot

  • Flat Earth Compilation

    Total Idiot

  • Flat Earth Compilation

    You are fucking Idiot

  • Shawn Hasenbalg
    Shawn Hasenbalg 2 days ago

    Incorrect humans have toched something on Mars, the Rover lol

  • Micah Johns
    Micah Johns 2 days ago

    totes COOL with the martians my friend

  • DynamicDecru
    DynamicDecru 2 days ago

    Does the sun technically have rings because of the asteroid belt and we are just the suns moon

  • DynamicDecru
    DynamicDecru 2 days ago

    Is it in to touch the sun

  • Matthew Bain
    Matthew Bain 2 days ago

    0:10 OMG put the speed on 0.25 and watch it

  • Mark Timothy Quinns
    Mark Timothy Quinns 3 days ago

    If countries were there on Mars, what would their names be?
    Neo Terra?

    PEGGY SCHUYLER 3 days ago

    Vsause called me dirt

  • TBTs Rekt
    TBTs Rekt 3 days ago

    What if people from mars are watching this rn?

  • Alex Aas
    Alex Aas 3 days ago

    Imagine this guy as ur science and history teacher

  • weichiang89
    weichiang89 3 days ago

    Do you want a war between the Earth Federation vs Zaft?
    Because this is how you start a war between the Earth Federation and Zaft.

  • Aj
    Aj 3 days ago

    Mars's flag should be the American flag

  • Michæl Gilbert Clements

    There should be a ban on any flags ever being on Mars

  • Mr Memes
    Mr Memes 3 days ago

    Or is it?

    *overused joke*

  • I don't play rere
    I don't play rere 4 days ago

    booooo Sony care

  • namX
    namX 4 days ago

    6:17 he called us dirt so rude lol

  • andtheycallmex
    andtheycallmex 4 days ago

    thx for calling me dirt, you meanie

  • Majadi
    Majadi 4 days ago

    too many humans on Earth, 500 million would be a nice number.

  • Robert Nelson
    Robert Nelson 4 days ago

    We came from Mars originally.

  • sainglain
    sainglain 4 days ago

    NO HUMAN WILL EVER SET THEIR TOE ON MARS. THEY NEVER LANDED ON THE MOON. buzz a. Tells The Truth that "" WE DIDN'T GO "". Past the Van H. RADITION Belt's. People Do Your Homework. If you Think your usa government is Trustworthy haha haha Gull's are smarter. You fool's. Your Wisdom = 0

  • Kommentator
    Kommentator 4 days ago

    Hey Michael, vsauce here

  • Re Sign
    Re Sign 4 days ago +1

    No, right now on Earth, It is 2018.

  • Victor Kirsch
    Victor Kirsch 5 days ago

    this guy needs to stop doing drugs

  • fatima alhammdi
    fatima alhammdi 5 days ago

    That ending though 😍 absolutely loved the vedio 👍🏼

  • Dougydantdm yo
    Dougydantdm yo 5 days ago

    Fortnite will be futuristicer than the 2018 fortnite

  • Game Freak
    Game Freak 5 days ago

    Talking just a thing but quiet interesting, usually if someone just talk in a video it will be boring but somehow this is very entertaining and everytime I see vsause vids I will at lease learnt something

  • jim hemp
    jim hemp 5 days ago

    Why would Mars have a flag? There is no earth flag

  • Rob Hill
    Rob Hill 5 days ago

    "When people GAIN mars?" What kind of mindset is that? And how do you even believe that a mars trip is even possible? You may want to check with Bill Nye about that one. Hr even thinks its crazy.

  • SiccandTwistted
    SiccandTwistted 5 days ago

    I love the way this man thinks. I'd love to meet him and shake his hand.

  • Mongrol Purdy
    Mongrol Purdy 5 days ago

    We humans are just basically made from stars, comets, and planets. That is crazy stuff

  • Galileo
    Galileo 5 days ago

    the thing about time, we have time zones. Just make a set of earth time zones for earth and if Martians wish to tune in to earth scheduled things and vice versa.

  • Galileo
    Galileo 5 days ago

    tfw you notice you arent subscribed to vsauce.

  • JB_XYZ
    JB_XYZ 6 days ago

    I’m writing this from 2033 and we’re still not there yet.

  • Nyla - Amara Smit
    Nyla - Amara Smit 6 days ago

    Why is this called vsauce?
    Like i dont get the name?
    Sauce like ketchup? Why the v?
    What does that have to do with science psychology and mindfield?
    Like mindfield is a great show but the channel name is really weird and imho dumb.
    Its not a good name that shows what your channel is about. Or doesnt make curious.
    Why not change it to mind field?
    Thats a GREAT name!👏🙏

  • Tristan Causer
    Tristan Causer 6 days ago

    The scary thing would be astronauts bringing aliens to Earth to kill us all.

  • Tristan Causer
    Tristan Causer 6 days ago

    Space dust: Hey, I fucked ur mom and now a piece of me will be a piece of her and her baby.

  • ThisISclickBAIT
    ThisISclickBAIT 6 days ago

    Wait if they would send like 5 people to mars to make a life there they would have to make kids and those kids is going to have kids with eatchother ewww that’s fucked, They would need to send like 1000 people to mars to not make this happen

  • Sanchayan Bhunia
    Sanchayan Bhunia 6 days ago

    After a sufficient enough time, the people living on the red planet will evolve accordingly becoming an entirely new species. So, we being Homo Sapience won't have any right to decide laws, restrictions and regulations for an entirely different species, just having a common ancestor. As the pressure of the atmosphere is different they might sound different than us and will develop their own language for communications, suitable according to their comfort and needs.

  • aidan b
    aidan b 6 days ago


  • Prajwal Darvekar
    Prajwal Darvekar 6 days ago

    Mars is not flat
    Mars is Bruno 😛

  • iNeon Gaming YT
    iNeon Gaming YT 6 days ago +1

    National anthem for Mars?

  • IEDB Is Back
    IEDB Is Back 6 days ago

    Technically, if you attacked the ISS from space, because the ISS is on “international waters”, you would be the solar system’s first space pirate

  • AW Wengelin
    AW Wengelin 7 days ago +1

    New Donald Trump on mars - ”WE NEED TO BUILD A WALL TO KEEP MARSIANS OUT”

  • # CR7 Official channel
    # CR7 Official channel 7 days ago +4

    Hey vsause michael here♥️♥️

  • Clinton Woody
    Clinton Woody 7 days ago

    the first flag on Mars will be in American flag

  • CM99501
    CM99501 7 days ago

    To be real, much of my family thinks that going to Mars is a waste of time. How could anyone think that? The moon is debatable, but a Mars colony could lead to MASSIVE discoveries in terms of life, planets, and the continuation of the human species. Mars CAN be terraformed, but the Moon of course cant. So whenever my father says "Mars is a waste of time," i reply, "Then the moon was a GIANT waste of time." Due to him remembering the Apollo landings.

  • LANCE 1590
    LANCE 1590 7 days ago +1

    In mars I think there’s a no earth society

  • Samuel Overs
    Samuel Overs 7 days ago

    I'm part martian!

  • Nancy Hey
    Nancy Hey 7 days ago

    Are Michael and Kevin identical twins? Because you both look and sound alike to me!

  • Bob Steenson
    Bob Steenson 7 days ago

    it's okay to touch the soil of Mars until you touch your eyes nose or mouth and get those microbes in your lungs and then, you'll be dead within 48 hours

  • Natasha Paige Cortez
    Natasha Paige Cortez 8 days ago +1

    This was the last of the real Vsauce videos before selling out. Sad, it was a good channel...

    • qwest
      qwest 11 minutes ago

      How did they sell out, exactly? Is it because of Brain Candy? Mind Field? Mind Field is an awesome show, definitely deserves to be on TheXvid Red (or "premium, bluh). Just use their free trial and see for yourself.

  • Fuzzy Lumpkin
    Fuzzy Lumpkin 8 days ago

    Is it wrong to spread life from our biosphere

  • Kasra Ghassemi
    Kasra Ghassemi 8 days ago

    *Elon Musk joined the game*

  • despacito2
    despacito2 8 days ago +1

    well obviously, because the guy in the thumbnail is touching it, stupid video

    • A Potato
      A Potato 3 days ago +1

      despacito2 *INDEED*

  • Derrick McAdoo
    Derrick McAdoo 8 days ago +1

    That flag sucks. There's no contrast in it. If color spectrum vision is a factor, it should be more black and white (high contrast).. OR.. why need a flag at all? For smart space guys, they suck as designers

  • Catriona Jones
    Catriona Jones 9 days ago +4

    If we're breathing Mars, then wouldn't we already be immune to it?

  • blamo of a kind
    blamo of a kind 9 days ago

    we still have hope for overpopulation

  • Andrew
    Andrew 9 days ago

    love all the shillbot comments.

  • Jose O.
    Jose O. 9 days ago

    No laws, no flags!
    I'll gladly leave this planet to colonize Mars. :)

  • Fitriyah Nur
    Fitriyah Nur 9 days ago

    I eat mars everyday

  • Ranger Red
    Ranger Red 10 days ago

    Make Mars Great Again

  • Lee Sanders
    Lee Sanders 10 days ago

    "Go forth and multiply"

  • Jack Sainthill
    Jack Sainthill 10 days ago +1

    To touch mars wet paint.

  • Jeff Kealy
    Jeff Kealy 10 days ago

    Please... don't hurt mars. You pathetic creatures already pollute this planet, why harm another? I hate all of you. STOP IT. JUST PLEASE STOP! I'M SURE I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE THINKING THIS! If this happens, I will shoot myself I swear.

  • Kevin Button
    Kevin Button 10 days ago

    You know once we colonize mars after a few generations there will be flat mars people 😂😂😂😂

  • Robin Evans
    Robin Evans 10 days ago

    Realistically though, it is looking doubtful we can save earth yet alone make mars inhabitable.

  • BananaMan
    BananaMan 11 days ago

    -flat earthers-

  • Charles Stuart
    Charles Stuart 11 days ago +1

    How creative, a tri color flag

  • Leslie harriman
    Leslie harriman 11 days ago

    Your biggest concern is what flag mars will use?? Why bring your myopic, concretize forms of identity to a virgin world. Flags are egocentric frivolities which promulgate division. Flags are a manifestation of an ethos of nationalism, which in turn is simply tribalism. This identification is limiting and prodigiously stupid. If you choose to identify with something, why not adopt a cosmic identity. Then we become boundless and inclusive. If you identify with all beings your mind remains flexible and a growth mindset is achieved. Inclusion is what all explorers need to embrace. Such technological wonder has been achieved and yet technology without a spiritual dimension will doom us to repeat our violent divisive history as earthlings. From an evolutionary psychology point of view we are no better than a troop of monkeys marking our territory. Patriotism as well as nationalism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Now we are exporting our troglodytic concepts of consciousness to other worlds? I am not impressed.

  • beeboi
    beeboi 11 days ago

    Do the number 23 conspiracy

  • Dice Flawless
    Dice Flawless 11 days ago

    2:07 Thank god! A world with no political bs

  • Cloud Bank
    Cloud Bank 12 days ago

    letting the first humans on mars be law free is a horrible idea.

  • Patrick Read
    Patrick Read 12 days ago

    Yo hold up Mars dust cares carcinogenic

  • Abundant Mindset
    Abundant Mindset 12 days ago

    The moon landing was fake, wonder how they pull this off.

  • Furious Doge
    Furious Doge 12 days ago

    someone please tell me the name of the first song cant find it anywhere..

  • Chris Click
    Chris Click 12 days ago

    I fucking love your channel dude. It's everything I want to be lol. Your desire to teach and share your knowledge is intoxicating and contagious. When I hear you talk in your videos I can feel your desire to teach, it's transparent. Appreciate ya

  • ChrisAllGod
    ChrisAllGod 12 days ago

    Every other Vsauce channel sucks besides this one

  • ManjuSR 0423
    ManjuSR 0423 13 days ago

    Where are flat marsers?

  • James Lucas
    James Lucas 13 days ago

    Since the world insists we Americans give up our imperial measurements, we need to assume a metric 10base time keeping system. This needs to be applied to the Calendar. Everything that we grade, measure, time, feel in temps, needs to be in base 10. Give it up for science. You are not 21 years old you will be a base 10 number. The weirder the better.
    Point is, all forms of measurement is arbitrary. That gold rod in France is an arbitrary length and cut into base 10 units. It’s all arbitrary with no real meaning for their length.
    So, please Metric snobs, please when on Mars, do as Martians do. Meaning, use that datum everywhere. The differences in our existence is what makes us unique. Clinton was describing a rock with base 10 language. I suppose we could use numbers to communicate like computers, but how boring.
    So while I can ask for 19mm lumber at the lumber yard but 3/4” sounds nicer, works great. So great that homes across the world are made from it. Call it what you like.....
    It’s all arbitrary.
    Personally, I like diversity.

  • Sona Sood
    Sona Sood 13 days ago

    Fackin love it 💓

  • YtMichael 94
    YtMichael 94 13 days ago

    We would lose animals

  • Sniper_Kid_308
    Sniper_Kid_308 13 days ago

    I’d actually like to meet you at some point. You seem like a noice person