The Greatest Achievement in Speedrunning History Might Happen Soon (Mario Kart 64 PERFECTION!)

  • Published on May 12, 2018
  • One man, Matthias Rustemeyer, is standing on the precipice of what might be the very greatest achievement in all of speedgaming history... holding the World Record on *all* 32 of Mario Kart 64's Non-Shortcut World Records. But which records, and which fellow Mario Kart 64 gamers are standing in his way?
    All of Matthias' vids can be found on his TheXvid channel:
    Matthias' Twitch channel:
    Matthias' MK64 WR history:
    Abney's TheXvid channel:
    Abney's Twitch channel:
    Abney's MK64 WR history:
    Daniel Burbank's Twitch channel:
    Daniel Burbank's DKJP 3lap WR:
    Daniel Burbank's MK64 WR history:
    Zoran Tintor's DKJP flap WR:
    Zoran's MK64 WR history:
    TAS footage by:
    Other Mario Kart 64 WR videos and history can be found here:
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  • RWhiteGoose
    RWhiteGoose  5 months ago +190

    Good news, Matthias clarified how to pronounce his name in this clip! Thanks to everyone who kindly corrected me!

    • Dave Marx
      Dave Marx 2 months ago


    • No Thanks
      No Thanks 2 months ago +1

      I'ma call these dudes Matt.

    • Ausla Davis
      Ausla Davis 3 months ago +1

      Anytime I need a good dose of cringe, I watch a speed running video

    • secondakira
      secondakira 4 months ago +7

      Yeah, in German we don't have the English "th" sound at all. That's also why many Germans tend to say "ze" instead of "the". ;)

    • blacksixspeed
      blacksixspeed 4 months ago +1


  • Nate Demerest
    Nate Demerest 4 days ago

    "You're Winner" we'll ignore that grammatical error!

  • Thom Mallens
    Thom Mallens 8 days ago

    and its prenounced tol-house

    • Thom Mallens
      Thom Mallens 8 days ago

      and to add onto it i saw his little sisters name on the ranking list lol 4:24 look at the bottom

  • Thom Mallens
    Thom Mallens 8 days ago

    the nostalgia hearing that intro tune again. priceless

  • jakethreesixty
    jakethreesixty 8 days ago

    Just coming from a racing gamer perspective, why doesn't Matthias hug the inside of *all* of the corners on most tracks? Apexing doesn't apply to mario kart, so taking the shortest distance should be faster? Kind of curious

    • jakethreesixty
      jakethreesixty 8 days ago

      To explain further, the more outside on a corner you are, the farther you have to travel, it's an increase in circumference; the distance around the outside of a circle.

  • jakethreesixty
    jakethreesixty 8 days ago

    Imagine speedrunning a racing sim

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 21 day ago

    After I listen to one of your videos, I feel so calm amd relaxed. Just like getting a blow job.

  • The Heartless Alchemist

    "That all changed.... When the Fire Nation attacked." I regret nothing!
    BTW, love your videos, Goose.

  • Thomas Hill
    Thomas Hill 27 days ago

    you got to start making these on a regular basis :D

  • Coolz Theoren
    Coolz Theoren 28 days ago

    Was never that good.
    Back in our younger days
    My mom didn’t like computers and didn’t want us being attached to it. So she never got us one. And we never knew what the internet was lol

  • Coolz Theoren
    Coolz Theoren 28 days ago

    Me and my siblings used to try and speed run Mario kart to
    But not with those times.

  • Tyler Jacobson
    Tyler Jacobson Month ago +1

    I may be wrong about this but does abney even try for these records seriously? I think some of the reason he dominates it is because abney is too busy doing 26k attempts to pull off the hardest skip in the game 3 times in a row. I’m sure if abney didn’t spend so much time with SC and full play throughs the time trial category would be a more even mix of both of them

  • koopa12345678910
    koopa12345678910 Month ago

    Go son!

  • Sam Woodhouse
    Sam Woodhouse Month ago

    Abney's accomplishment on Choco Mountain might have to be the greatest of all time.

  • Ron the Auraknight
    Ron the Auraknight Month ago +1

    I thought abney held the best three lap (Without grandprix) in Choco Mountain for pulling off three weather tenkos in a row

    • Sam Woodhouse
      Sam Woodhouse Month ago

      Ron the Auraknight That's the shortcut version (like any%) this focuses on no shortcut

  • Bustonface
    Bustonface Month ago

    10:01 Nice hidden burp !

  • Mr Spaghetti
    Mr Spaghetti Month ago

    Love the video, fun narrative to create about a moment that would otherwise go largely unremarked upon.
    However, i feel like “the greatest speed gaming achievement” stuff is a bit overboard for what amounts to IL’s. IL records are great, but i feel like they can be achieved via brute-forced repetition, where full runs rely on the same muscle memory skills, but with the addition of improvisation, strategy, and split second decision making

    • Mr Spaghetti
      Mr Spaghetti Month ago

      i realize this is largely subjective though, and others may think differently. just my two cents

  • /X/EN
    /X/EN Month ago

    I want goose to flap my 3lap

  • Frank James
    Frank James Month ago

    Didn’t know some of those shortcuts

  • Nathaniel Jurcago
    Nathaniel Jurcago Month ago

    Stopped watching after he said "not talking about Grand Prix full game runs"

  • Hydr8ion
    Hydr8ion Month ago

    Your point of Mario Kart 64 is kind of exaggerated since games like Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8 likely have over 1000 people do time trials, and i dont think there is a single greatest achievement in gaming history. U cant really compare two game’s achievements significance.

  • Kain Yusanagi
    Kain Yusanagi Month ago

    "Prairie dogs" uhhh, those are Monty Moles, m8. :P

  • Drew Chamberlin
    Drew Chamberlin 2 months ago

    Thumbs down, because this mofos face continues to live on in my feed. Stahp

  • Iker Pinneaple!
    Iker Pinneaple! 2 months ago +1

    In my opinion, its the mf weathertanko

  • Luis Alberto González José


  • Dave Marx
    Dave Marx 2 months ago

    0.05 seconds?!
    5/100ths of a second?
    At 60fps that's... it's 2am, I can't math right now, is that 1 frame?

  • Dave Marx
    Dave Marx 2 months ago

    Heck, my nephews and I played the game a couple weeks ago. Not speedrunning just having fun. This game is still fun *right now*

  • Nick ProGamer
    Nick ProGamer 2 months ago

    Dam agent 49 will be greatest

  • I am now dormant Until there is legit [change]

    "The Perfect Runs" are coming *CLOSER AND CLOSER* to achievability.

  • Connor V
    Connor V 2 months ago +1

    Abney's WR for Choco Mountain is insane. Took SO much time

    BLOODY__FATALITY 2 months ago

    Is there such a thing as speedrunning without cheating? Lol I mean these people are using glitches to just go behind the finish line amd get free laps for crying out loud. Lol

    • Litigious Society
      Litigious Society 2 months ago

      BLOODY__FATALITY Yes, but it isn't always the most popular of the categories for a game. For example, no glitches or cheats are used for the best time on Mile Tyson's Punch Out.

  • NinjaLifestyle
    NinjaLifestyle 2 months ago

    Cheese is a beast too

  • loputosu
    loputosu 2 months ago

    that yoshi valley shortcut you showcased around the 1:50 point is basically an early version of the weathertenko

    HI THERE 2 months ago

    If I were one of the other speedrunners, I'd just feel like I was sabotaging him if I took any of his records. I'd at least want to hold off taking any world records until he'd got all 32/32.

  • tediz77
    tediz77 2 months ago

    Beck Abney

  • conspiracies are just great stories

    Goose, I love how you handle your videos when talking about the good, the bad and the ugly of speedrunning. Your professional, eloquent, well versed and definitely educated so I'm glad your out there. Most other speed gaming players or streamers are really boring or so cringe worthy I truly can't appreciate the skill they have. I loved your "degenerate speedrunners" video from a while back. So true yet also paints a good picture about the truly successful and productive people in the scene

  • conspiracies are just great stories

    You say "only 16 courses" but when you look at the era this game came out in, you really see how that was just insane to be able to race on 16 completely different tracks. Might not be as many as a racing sim or rally racer but it was sick

  • Unknowiii
    Unknowiii 2 months ago

    The content has nothing to do with the title wtf ?

  • new philmz
    new philmz 2 months ago

    That track is hard

  • Mr. 2006
    Mr. 2006 2 months ago

    Dont you think this video will motivate others to step up and prevent the 32/32

  • Bun bun
    Bun bun 2 months ago

    imma full fledged beast in mario kart 64 its one of those games i have reached god mode in

  • MrAnalFace
    MrAnalFace 3 months ago

    Forgive my ignorance if this is a stupid question. I understand that the records have to be documented, but is there any time stamp on the videos, or could someone theoretically have lots of better runs ready to upload in case someone beats their record?

  • Austin Miller
    Austin Miller 3 months ago

    I’d say the greatest achievement in speedrunning history would be where you achieve the FASTEST POSSIBLE time with absolutely nothing left to conquer.

  • llama2022
    llama2022 3 months ago

    "This guy had the record. Someone beat it by .02 seconds"
    Most of the video.

  • Saki630
    Saki630 3 months ago

    hes quit and gone to play fortnight due to this new fame.

  • Carrots5Ever
    Carrots5Ever 3 months ago

    so he will never beat abney in the stadium. It took him 21000 attempts to do the skip 3 times in a row at the beginning of the level.

  • Miljörör för Språkpartiet

    well Lol u drive 70Kmh= ??? u have to go Faster 70Kmh is slow.

  • Francis Sims
    Francis Sims 3 months ago

    inb4 He's hacking

  • Phonixz
    Phonixz 3 months ago

    Mkwii competitive gang

  • Supreme Buffalo
    Supreme Buffalo 3 months ago

    I absolutely do not get the mania surrounding 'Kart' games.
    Mario Kart bored me as a kid, Crash Nitro Kart bored me as a slightly older kid, etc etc.

  • E_M_E_T
    E_M_E_T 3 months ago

    little did you know, abney would grab the first triple tenko run on chocolate mountain in history... only a matter of weeks after this video was uploaded
    good luck mathias, if you can get it in under 20,000 tries then maybe abney might get dethroned

    • RWhiteGoose
      RWhiteGoose  3 months ago

      Abney's Weathertenko is a shortcut record. Matthias is going for the non-shortcut records.

  • Travis Hunt YouTube PhD

    why do all the speed runners look like they are VERY single.

  • KFC Managers
    KFC Managers 3 months ago +1

    so you said he has 31/32 for basically the whole video then at the end said he has 30/32 nice way to over hype it

  • kozlik12
    kozlik12 3 months ago

    Holy fuck. Whoever the guy is on the thumbnail for this video... you are my doppelganger. I’m trippin right now

  • chbrules
    chbrules 3 months ago

    Just checked right now. Matthias has 30/32 records right now still. He lost to Dan on both FLAP and 3LAP on DK's Jungle track. Here's hoping!

  • M. Janssen
    M. Janssen 3 months ago +1

    Great vid! Try to pronounce those names better next time, though. Vincent Tolwee?

  • snowy
    snowy 3 months ago

    Abney's 3/3 Weathertenko was also one of the biggest achievements

  • The Gladiator
    The Gladiator 3 months ago

    The M2K of mario kart

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago

    I have no idea why this was recommended to me, but let's be clear; the greatest achievement in 'speed gaming' ranks alongside the greatest achievement in watching slowly hardening diarrhoea on a brisk winters morn

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson 3 months ago

    Matt has some sloppy parts to a lot of his runs, much room for improvement. As soon as I get my new controllers in I’ll be taking all those from him.

  • erkan stefan
    erkan stefan 3 months ago

    you cant rly compare games by registered records that easily beecause if you take game like mario kart the routes are so much easier to learn and then send a record than a game like dark souls or some zeldas.

  • Matt Petty
    Matt Petty 3 months ago

    No. Just no to the whole thing. Speedrunning a game like mariokart is so much easier than say a 4 hour story driven rpg. In comparison speed running Mario kart is a light play session. If he screwed up all he had to do was reset and be back where he was in 5 minutes

  • Youtube User
    Youtube User 3 months ago

    Go Matthias! You can do it!

  • S. D.
    S. D. 3 months ago

    I have played mario kart wii since release with my brother and father
    So many Great memorys...

  • Thumbnail Finder
    Thumbnail Finder 3 months ago

    If anyone ever got every record in OoT it'd be ZFG by a light-year. If power levels were a thing, his would be so high that no one could sense it. He could very easily just ass-blast each and every category.

  • Pensive Scarlet
    Pensive Scarlet 3 months ago

    Nice goin' w/the soundeffects! ;D

  • Deluze
    Deluze 3 months ago +1

    I don't care about speedruns, or about Mario Kart 64. However, your production kept my interest and gave me a lot of insight. A brilliant production. Thank you!

  • Chicago Retro Gamer
    Chicago Retro Gamer 3 months ago +1

    So, this is amazing. Major league props. Where is the speedrunning record for Beerio Kart 64? Can Matthias work on that after he gets all 32 WR's?

  • Anthony
    Anthony 3 months ago

    has to be on console to be a world record If not its cheating lol

  • rachel
    rachel 3 months ago +1


  • Rusty
    Rusty 3 months ago

    I love how many people in the comments think that the records are spliced when the timer is right there

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor 3 months ago

    Coco mountain

  • ArielXY
    ArielXY 3 months ago

    I love all these butt noobs going so hardcore for this stuff lol. Its crazy, but more dedication than I have had for anything in my life.

  • Jesse Rodriguez
    Jesse Rodriguez 4 months ago

    Who hit the 150 cc triple weathertenko at the end there?

  • chinchy111
    chinchy111 4 months ago

    Wow you went from 4k subs to 37k in like a year

  • RedSecant
    RedSecant 4 months ago

    Fantastic video and storytelling! What an exciting tale.

  • Chrypto
    Chrypto 4 months ago

    "tolwee' haha

  • Mario Vasquez
    Mario Vasquez 4 months ago

    "You're Winner!" please keep that idiotic trophy lmao.

  • TheUKNutter
    TheUKNutter 4 months ago +1

    Never played this. Because I’m 21 and live in England.

    • Matt Petty
      Matt Petty 3 months ago

      TheUKNutter England is my city

  • Not You
    Not You 4 months ago

    please reupload with proper pronounciation of matthias its a common name and it is so distracting

  • Travis Hayes
    Travis Hayes 4 months ago

    youre not SummoningSalt!

  • Lord Fartquad
    Lord Fartquad 4 months ago

    Youre winner

  • flandersMKW
    flandersMKW 4 months ago

    What’s even more impressive is Shock hold all the WRs on the GBA tracks AND all the SNES tracks in Mario Kart Super Circuit, along with 37 of the Flap WRs. So that means he has 77/80 WRs, which is a higher percentage than 31/32.

  • SoundCzech
    SoundCzech 4 months ago

    wait so Matthias got 3 weathertenko on choco mountain and beat abney?

    • Rusty
      Rusty 4 months ago

      no, thats the SC category

  • 🍕
    🍕 4 months ago

    Your video is super boring. GET TO THE POINT.

  • Benjamin Dameron
    Benjamin Dameron 4 months ago

    Who cares

  • Lordeverfall100
    Lordeverfall100 4 months ago

    This is the most entertaining youtube video I have watched in the past year. No joke. Amazing job.

  • Yoshi
    Yoshi 4 months ago

    F L A P

  • Christopher Phillips
    Christopher Phillips 4 months ago

    1.25 speed...You're welcome. Great Vid!

  • Briskby
    Briskby 4 months ago

    more like RUSTLEMEYER

  • ETM Nation - Best ETM Music

    So what's the price? A never will get laid medal?

  • zimThuet
    zimThuet 4 months ago

    PAL though... PAL is so shitty with these older consoles.

  • opposed2logic
    opposed2logic 4 months ago

    lol americans who see a "th" anywhere and think it needs to be pronounced like an english "th" like "thing" would be

  • Lp32R1VAL
    Lp32R1VAL 4 months ago


  • Billy Orchard
    Billy Orchard 4 months ago

    I loved the Big Rigs reference 🤣

  • XzoneVinnie3D
    XzoneVinnie3D 4 months ago

    I have GamePlays of Mario Kart 64 on my channel! Check it out

  • hitBOT
    hitBOT 4 months ago


  • Bombeast
    Bombeast 4 months ago

    I'm really proud of my fellow Croat brother for such an achievement, but I want Matthias to get all 32 records.

  • Super Ultra Thanks Mom
    Super Ultra Thanks Mom 4 months ago

    Tolhuis isn't pronounced like that, it's a Dutch name, not a French ;-)

  • Dennis Murray
    Dennis Murray 4 months ago

    That. Is. Amazing