The Greatest Achievement in Speedrunning History Might Happen Soon (Mario Kart 64 PERFECTION!)

  • Published on May 12, 2018
  • One man, Matthias Rustemeyer, is standing on the precipice of what might be the very greatest achievement in all of speedgaming history... holding the World Record on *all* 32 of Mario Kart 64's Non-Shortcut World Records. But which records, and which fellow Mario Kart 64 gamers are standing in his way?
    All of Matthias' vids can be found on his TheXvid channel:
    Matthias' Twitch channel:
    Matthias' MK64 WR history:
    Abney's TheXvid channel:
    Abney's Twitch channel:
    Abney's MK64 WR history:
    Daniel Burbank's Twitch channel:
    Daniel Burbank's DKJP 3lap WR:
    Daniel Burbank's MK64 WR history:
    Zoran Tintor's DKJP flap WR:
    Zoran's MK64 WR history:
    TAS footage by:
    Other Mario Kart 64 WR videos and history can be found here:
    MK64 World Rankings:
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  • RWhiteGoose
    RWhiteGoose  5 days ago +79

    Good news, Matthias clarified how to pronounce his name in this clip! Thanks to everyone who kindly corrected me!

    • secondakira
      secondakira 20 hours ago

      Yeah, in German we don't have the English "th" sound at all. That's also why many Germans tend to say "ze" instead of "the". ;)

    • blacksixspeed
      blacksixspeed 2 days ago


  • The Litten Guy
    The Litten Guy 7 hours ago

    I hope he gets all 32 records in Mario kart 64 someday.

  • S. Sawyer1986
    S. Sawyer1986 11 hours ago

    You're winner. Big rigs 🤣🤣🤣

  • Thomas Jansen
    Thomas Jansen 12 hours ago +1

    3:38 Nice try but Tolhuis is not French.

  • That Lion Guy
    That Lion Guy 13 hours ago

    That's crazy I can't believe he has 31/32 WRs

  • Orlando Cruz
    Orlando Cruz 16 hours ago

    I love competition level between mario Kart 64 players

  • Big Dubyuh
    Big Dubyuh 20 hours ago

    He knows his mistake but honestly how do you incorrectly pronounce his name.

  • TwoDrewShow
    TwoDrewShow Day ago

    Keep up the good speedrunning content!

  • Onyaga
    Onyaga Day ago

    Matthias is playing a different game to us all, Mario Kart 32

  • Diap
    Diap 2 days ago

    Goddamn, Goose. You get my hyped up about games.

  • Jordan Black
    Jordan Black 2 days ago

    This is such an awesome video! Informative, personal, this whole world of gaming I knew nothing of. It's like being a smash bros. melee fan for 17 years and just learning about Ken (and his Marth) lol. Great job, thanks

  • Eneas H.
    Eneas H. 2 days ago

    Reminds me of xem holding all those ratchet records

  • TinnitusTheNight
    TinnitusTheNight 2 days ago

    Funny the DKJP is my favorite course, always dominate on that mother

  • Gruntilda Winkybunion
    Gruntilda Winkybunion 2 days ago +1

    Mario Kart 64 is such an amazing game!

  • Mark James
    Mark James 2 days ago

    You literally make the best videos! I love them!


    Not meh the is.

  • Metal Mario Bros
    Metal Mario Bros 3 days ago +1

    Gay because its not speedgaming

  • You know who else Has the best tacos?

    Tf is this still trending lmao

  • RemixedVoice
    RemixedVoice 3 days ago +1

    I hope that his tombstone reads: Here the lies the lovely human embodiment of Mario Kart 64.

  • Rob Postal
    Rob Postal 3 days ago

    Imagine if Goldeneye kept time to the hundredth of a second. Or of MK64 only went to the full second.

  • Luis Chaves
    Luis Chaves 3 days ago

    Great video! Go Matthias!

  • 607
    607 3 days ago

    It's so cool that there are still new world records on these. :)

  • 607
    607 3 days ago

    3:38 Haha, could've used Google Translate for the pronunciation. :P

  • 607
    607 3 days ago

    Well, that's a misleading thumbnail and a misleading title... but apparently the video makes up for it.

  • Zak
    Zak 3 days ago +1


  • sirsnow
    sirsnow 3 days ago

    But that all changed when the fire nation attacked

  • Vanilla The Neko
    Vanilla The Neko 4 days ago


  • Loud Gay Dollars
    Loud Gay Dollars 4 days ago

    what? who cares about mario kart 64?

  • Brother Tris
    Brother Tris 4 days ago

    “Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter.”
    - Francis Chan

  • RBFlesky
    RBFlesky 4 days ago

    i'm a little annoyed at the inconsistent use of "speedrunning" and "speedgaming"
    the only problem is that if you used "speedgaming" in the title you mighta actually got backlash lmao

  • Steven Segalla
    Steven Segalla 4 days ago

    optimised racing game? the rubber banding is fucked in this game

  • Shebba
    Shebba 4 days ago

    Well produced video. Good job!

  • Heather Ciconia
    Heather Ciconia 4 days ago

    Here we go
    Here we go
    Here we go
    Here we go
    Here we go
    Here we go
    Here we go
    Here we go
    Here we go
    Here we go
    Here we go

  • Verlisify
    Verlisify 4 days ago

    You are winner

  • LastDeparture
    LastDeparture 4 days ago

    There is a glitch in dkjp were u can go out of bounds at the big wooden rope bridge and skip half the level when it happened to me I was like holy crap... I wonder if anyone els has had this happen to them?

  • Eric Trevino
    Eric Trevino 4 days ago


  • DefiantBoris
    DefiantBoris 4 days ago

    Those aren't prairie dogs, they're moles.

  • CRG JoJoMace9
    CRG JoJoMace9 4 days ago

    Holy crap, I am in this video! #790 on the leaderboards baby

  • Bucky 123
    Bucky 123 4 days ago

    Mans #45 on trending in the uk

  • Xavier McKnight
    Xavier McKnight 4 days ago

    I love things like this, I hope he gets it, and I'm glad it wasn't easy, will make it all the sweeter if he does it

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson 4 days ago

    ‘Maff-ee-us’. 😂 how would anyone think that’s how it’s pronounced?

  • Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders 4 days ago

    Keep us updated if he does it. Maybe make a video on it

  • Mr Buckle
    Mr Buckle 4 days ago

    3lap flap. ha

  • Joseph DiSalvo
    Joseph DiSalvo 5 days ago

    Why peach over other characters?

  • Lemonsausage
    Lemonsausage 5 days ago

    on the thumbnail you look like me ... at least on the first look XD

  • Atticus Ory
    Atticus Ory 5 days ago

    Thank you for this!

  • Finalman26 THA BULLZ

    make a vid if he gets it..

  • Finalman26 THA BULLZ

    he's the woods of mario cart..even better..

  • Finalman26 THA BULLZ

    what a total fking badass...!

  • Everything You Want And More

    SHiFT has 5/7 world records for Spongebob: Battle For Bikini Bottom, and the only reason he doesn't have them all is because he has yet to try the last two

  • CamBam75 •
    CamBam75 • 5 days ago

    I did one one mariokart 8 Switch baby park my name in game name is Cam from America I have no vid tho

  • voteZDLR
    voteZDLR 5 days ago

    THE GOOSE IS LOOSE! Love you dude, I don't speed run but I think 90% of what I know about it I learned from you so yeah. Great ambassador for the sport.

    RR PLANB 5 days ago


  • therealknapster
    therealknapster 5 days ago

    If ONLY done on a n64 it Counts ! NO emulator . Or P.C. connected bullshit

  • Jonah Mar
    Jonah Mar 5 days ago

    Get off his dick man.

  • いぬとかねことか

    is 3LAP NP-complete..?

  • Harvey Kilgarriff
    Harvey Kilgarriff 5 days ago +1

    Number 39 on trending

  • grms
    grms 5 days ago

    The Greatest Achievement in Speedrunning History will be SM64 BitFS 0x a press

  • Oxygen EmberZz
    Oxygen EmberZz 5 days ago

    Congrats on trending 👍

  • Dave Churchill
    Dave Churchill 5 days ago

    @RWhiteGoose Wouldn't you put Kosmic's domination of SMB1 categories up there as well?

  • S3K Stage
    S3K Stage 5 days ago


  • Andrés Trífero
    Andrés Trífero 5 days ago

    "The Greatest Achievement in Speedrunning History" are pretty big words, considering speedrunning is not only what happens in the N64 community. How would you explain me, a complete outsider from this community, member of the NES one, who sees something like, for example, the Super Mario Bros. WR the biggest on-progress achievement, that this would be the greatest achievement? Or that's not as literal as it sounds. I'm just talking from my complete ignorance on the topic, and not intending to be a smartass. Cheers.

  • XmodsTheSpot
    XmodsTheSpot 5 days ago

    LOL you can play this game in a web browser with higher rez and framerate

  • Calum Sutherland
    Calum Sutherland 5 days ago

    This is appalling the numbers you provide considering that time trialling for the 4 most recent Mario karts have upwards of 50 000 people each and in general are not considered speedruns. This video is is unbelievable uneducated every day people still work a ton on mario kart wii world records and here you are saying this is competitive. Please do more research next time, also if you don’t believe Nintendo has centralized databases for the last 4 mk games with the mario kart wii database being privatized due to the game stop shutdown. Please check out for detailed data on current games

    • Stexor
      Stexor 5 days ago

      I have also put quite a bit of time in the time trials of MK64. I'm ranked 34th right now on the overall rankings (Stefan Kok). This took somewhere between 400-500 hours of purely playing time trial. And i get the impression that is much faster for what it takes for a lot of people to reach that level. But i'm still very very far away from getting close to world record level. In a thread in the forum before asking which MK has the strongest world records, MK64 was the most popular vote. Followed by Super Mario Kart PAL and Mario Kart Double Dash.

    • Calum Sutherland
      Calum Sutherland 5 days ago

      Stexor as someone who has put quite a bit of time a disagree only the glitch records are sometimes below perfect but otherwise all of the times are very good but let’s agree to disagree on this matter

    • Stexor
      Stexor 5 days ago

      Mario Kart Wii world records are comically weak compared to MK64, ask pretty much anybody on the Mario Kart Time Trial forums. I'm sorry but the recent MK games include literally every single person that has ever touched time trials in the database and 99% of them have never seriously played time trials. The MK64 website needs to be discovered first on the internet and requires you to send an email with your times. Furthermore MK64 has existed for far longer than the recent MKW.

  • XpRnz
    XpRnz 5 days ago

    Legend says he also has the most virginity of all young men on planet earth.

  • Zaedin0001
    Zaedin0001 5 days ago

    Your forgetting about the all cups world record.

  • CineplexOFFICIAL
    CineplexOFFICIAL 5 days ago

    That dude that got 42 seconds did that on my birthday!

  • Dark Venom
    Dark Venom 5 days ago


  • Knuckles
    Knuckles 5 days ago +1

    🕹 Interesting video about 🏃
    video games & speed running.

  • Johpick
    Johpick 5 days ago

    Catchy title, but it's fucking nothing.

  • silas
    silas 5 days ago

    Youre winner

  • Drone Bobson
    Drone Bobson 5 days ago

    Hey have look on my channel enjoy videos 👍👍👍

    • Drone Bobson
      Drone Bobson 5 days ago

      RWhiteGoose yes you can no problem 👍👍👍

    • RWhiteGoose
      RWhiteGoose  5 days ago +1

      These are really cool! Can I use some of them sometime?

  • Flare Gamer 64
    Flare Gamer 64 5 days ago +1

    Trending boyyyyyyyyyyys! (#37 as of this comment.)

    • Flare Gamer 64
      Flare Gamer 64 5 days ago +1

      Nevermind I got screenshots. I'll send them when I can (I'm in college RN)
      EDIT: Oh he replied 15 seconds before I posted this comment. Oh well at least he knows.

    • RWhiteGoose
      RWhiteGoose  5 days ago +1

      I see it there now, thanks!

    • Flare Gamer 64
      Flare Gamer 64 5 days ago

      RWhiteGoose UK/United Kingdom. Also I can't take a screenshot with the phone I have.

    • RWhiteGoose
      RWhiteGoose  5 days ago +1

      Screenshot? In which country? (I don't see it trending on any of my lists.)

  • Spagooblio
    Spagooblio 5 days ago

    I flapped to this video.

  • Majora
    Majora 5 days ago


  • Dusty Parker
    Dusty Parker 6 days ago +1

    Great video! First time viewer

  • KingJazzaD12
    KingJazzaD12 6 days ago +1

    Nice video, I like your voice buddy, nice for narrating. By the way I'm 23 and I still play this game, my n64 is still hooked up right next to my ps4

  • Joel Gonzalez
    Joel Gonzalez 6 days ago +3

    I love your story telling keep up the good job

  • Matthew Goodman
    Matthew Goodman 6 days ago

    what if he played a modded game which saved ghost data even with hits, then moved the files from his best time to the normal game and got a record on the unmoddified version? the only thing i can see preventing that is if the ghost data physically can't handle hits.

  • Jonathan Norris
    Jonathan Norris 6 days ago

    U should have the Goose awards every year

  • Jonathan Norris
    Jonathan Norris 6 days ago

    RWhite Goose I love your content and summaries....keep it up....

  • Purple
    Purple 6 days ago

    *F L A P*

  • TrixZz
    TrixZz 6 days ago

    Nice job on the trending and holy shit

  • JKL
    JKL 6 days ago

    This whitegoose guy definitely knows how to tell a story!

  • Komrade BigTex sucks

    Mario Kart DS is better.

  • Asa Martin
    Asa Martin 6 days ago

    The best achievement will be when rusoX eventually gets all BKTs on CTGP

  • ben prastitis
    ben prastitis 6 days ago

    As great as it is, it’s still an obviously unfinished game rushed for release. Imagine how gooder it would have been?

  • Sage
    Sage 6 days ago +2

    Mario Kart 64 < Mario Kart Wii

  • KSqoosh
    KSqoosh 6 days ago

    Ah, mario kart 64. The first game my baby brain ever played.

  • 31redorange08
    31redorange08 6 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with your pronunciation of his name? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • dontbeweird Rj
    dontbeweird Rj 6 days ago

    positive comment

  • thesupagamer69
    thesupagamer69 6 days ago

    wtf is speedgaming anyway I only heard of speedrunning

  • Sinom
    Sinom 6 days ago

    But everything changed when Matthias attacked.

  • obvious_humor
    obvious_humor 6 days ago

    Technically, every single racing videogame is a speedrun every time you play it...

  • H L
    H L 6 days ago

    0:20 “nearly infinite” That phrase does not make sense.

  • Scumbag Woody
    Scumbag Woody 6 days ago

    Does anyone else not even speedrun, but really enjoy gooses content?(like myself)

  • DEF Raven
    DEF Raven 6 days ago

    mah thigh uhs

  • PsychoBackflip
    PsychoBackflip 6 days ago

    Can I play GoldenEye 007 and/or Perfect Dark on PC win 10 with mouse and keyboard ?

  • lorn
    lorn 6 days ago

    F yea

  • ButtonMasher
    ButtonMasher 6 days ago +1

    This is peak Super Mario Kart 64 performance. You might not like it, but this is what it looks like.