Boris Johnson Grilled By LBC Listeners - Watch In Full

  • Published on Nov 29, 2019
  • Boris Johnson is coming into the LBC studio to take questions from listeners - and you can watch it live.
    Ahead of the most important General Election of our time, Boris Johnson is taking your calls live on LBC. The Prime Minister will join Nick Ferrari from 9am on Friday to answer any question you want to ask him.
    This is your chance to ask Mr Johnson whatever you want, whether it's about Brexit, climate change, Jeremy Corbyn or anything else.
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Comments • 1 780

  • Tom Carter
    Tom Carter 22 days ago

    Then what?😐

  • Har Simaja
    Har Simaja 22 days ago

    Boris is made for this kind of sparring

  • Akami Channel
    Akami Channel 24 days ago

    This interviewer is so annoying. Let him talk.

  • N B
    N B 24 days ago

    Jacob Rees Mogg said nothing inaccurate or therefore wrong.
    The people who think different are people who use emotions over facts.
    This comes from someone who lives on the top floor of a block in Hackney. Common sense dictates get out if you can!!!!!!

  • Shibli Sohan
    Shibli Sohan 25 days ago

    Uk worst PM therasa may and david cameron and Best PM IN UK CHURCHILL AND BORIS JONSON .

  • Jude Bell
    Jude Bell 26 days ago

    Boris Johnson will be a fantastic Prime Minister to take us roaring into the twenties! Brexit will give us untethered access to the whole world and all under the umbrella of a strong leader who does not have a policy of appeasement. He is exactly what we need going forward. Well done Boris 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • John Schofield
    John Schofield 28 days ago

    Labour PFI? anyone ?

  • John Schofield
    John Schofield 28 days ago

    most UK nurses fat lazy cows

  • John Schofield
    John Schofield 28 days ago

    BOJO wave the money and watch the pissovers come wandering back!

  • John Schofield
    John Schofield 28 days ago

    just drop corporation tax to 5% and watch the money flood in and goodby BMW, Renault (Nissan) VW etc.

  • Mr Minority
    Mr Minority 29 days ago +2

    Boris Loves You , he has lowered taxes already , what a Champion, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE WIN BORIS 👊🤪👍

  • Archie Tulip
    Archie Tulip 29 days ago +1

    80 seat majority despite the negativity! Boris is a winner!

  • Matty Young
    Matty Young Month ago

    The hospitals r new just because there not in different locations new buildings new equipment means NEW hospitals full stop

  • Alexandru Costache
    Alexandru Costache Month ago +1

    "Why the public have issues of trust (in Mr. Johnson and Conservatives)?" - this question didn't aged well.

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    Ferrari is dreadful

  • мυктαd вσlк

    Wow what a rude host

  • Marcus Hant
    Marcus Hant Month ago

    It's a shame but I have to stop watching after 15 mins because im sick of the adds :-(

    SHERLYNN JUNIOR Month ago +1

    Congratulations on your massive conservative victory PM Johnson ! America supports you !

    HOT IRON FISTS Month ago +2

    Who's laughing now? 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • Keith Curtis
    Keith Curtis Month ago +2

    This interview was painful how he interrupted constantly. It shows little respect to the PM, or to the listener. At one point, he asked 5 new questions while Johnson was saying one sentence. New world record in journalism?

  • Sapa Holliday
    Sapa Holliday Month ago

    Boris has negotiated to sell us out and give our NHS to American Big Pharma? It is not a resource for sale. He tells lies we know that already. I was going to vote for him I feel sick.

  • g reentroll
    g reentroll Month ago

    voter Brexit party least they are clear on what they want

  • Blog4Justice
    Blog4Justice Month ago

    Not impressed with Nick Ferrari. Never come across the guy before, won't bother again. Just another MSM troll, from what I can see. I'm not getting the chance to hear what Johnson has to say. Pointless.

  • steph
    steph Month ago

    he is so desperate that he is going on Vegans at he end...

    • willb237
      willb237 Month ago

      steph this aged well

  • steph
    steph Month ago

    Questions about his children are unwarranted!

  • steph
    steph Month ago

    9 degrees with showers! how can you stand that rotter! It's long time I have settled in warmer shores!

  • steph
    steph Month ago

    He thinks getting out of the EU will bring enough money to get all his promises to fruition...Who can seriously believe that!

  • ryananna2
    ryananna2 Month ago +3

    I genuinely can’t listen to Boris, he doesn’t speak well enough for any coherent or understandable point to come across. It’s never a straight answer with this imbecile.

  • ryananna2
    ryananna2 Month ago +1

    Love it, 42:30 onwards.
    Classic Boris, put an issue or fact right in his face and he diverts and completely changes the subject.

  • steph
    steph Month ago

    40 new hospitals! To treat all the people that are depressed in England that is far from what is required!

  • steph
    steph Month ago

    If I had to deal with a man with such a hair-dress I would call it off straight away! Dodgy is what's come to mind just by looking at him!

  • steph
    steph Month ago

    New year's eve! Big fire work! Ouh Ah! What about the ditch?

  • steph
    steph Month ago +1

    Seriously this guy is joke! How can someone in his sane state of mind vote for him?

      STEWART BRANDS Month ago

      So easy to put down people. How about describing in detail what YOU think a PM should be like. Go on.Tell us. What is a PM character,what economic plans you would make ,who would pay for them and what services you would invest in and exactly how much the budget would be relative to those costs. Go on. Do it with accurate facts here. Now. Tell us oh wise critic. Or perhaps you don't have time as you are off to the hairdressers.

  • Kane Brewer
    Kane Brewer Month ago +9

    Was this a Boris Johnson interview? or a Nick Ferrari Guiness Book of Records for interupting?

    • bhu nji
      bhu nji Month ago

      Yes, very annoying.

  • steph
    steph Month ago

    Loads of deals with far away countries and with your close neighbors???

  • Stephen Harrison
    Stephen Harrison Month ago

    Johnson and every Tory are a Liers.

  • Sue Mee
    Sue Mee Month ago

    Garden bridge viable and there is another great big whopping lie.

  • Sue Mee
    Sue Mee Month ago

    Is there a trust deficit 🤣 the only thing you can trust BJ to do is lie and then lie about lying even when caught bang to rights.

  • You Just Read This
    You Just Read This Month ago

    This fool says he'd rather UK leave the EU than be Prime Minister. As a leader of a party in power, it should be in one's best interests to govern a country to help resolve the hundreds of issues it has over a single issue called Brexit. Brexit is a key issue but in no way is it the most important. Only thing these millionaires want is for UK to leave so they no longer have to declare where their money is hidden abroad when new legislation comes in

  • caza00caza
    caza00caza Month ago

    "Why are you whispering" lol

  • roberta ciolfi
    roberta ciolfi Month ago

    non vorrei essere rude caro lei ma vaffanculo burattino

  • Carl Smith
    Carl Smith Month ago +3

    From these comments, you'd think people were picking a husband. He's the PM. He's not meant to be a nice guy.

  • 1magamer 12345
    1magamer 12345 Month ago

    We don’t want brexit

  • Kim Bird
    Kim Bird Month ago

    humans have nothing to do with climate change it is driven by the sun .and a natural occurance . another tax scam. the weather has nothing to do with it, the weather can be controlled by governments .it has been going on for decades under geo engineering .look up geo engineering if you do not believe this .

  • Kim Bird
    Kim Bird Month ago

    when the government say, that they are going to put money into this or that IT IS JUST HEAR SAY , THE MONEY NEVER GOES THERE. NO ONE FOLLOWS UP WETHER THE MONIES GOES HERE OR THERE.? and they know that.

  • pjr1525
    pjr1525 Month ago

    If The USA decides to invade Iran, will you commit Britain and especially British service people to slavishly follow Trump/Netanyahu , as Blair did with Iraq?

  • el scientifico
    el scientifico Month ago

    @ 25:30... ooo, that interviewer is a beauty! Clever my son! Cle-ver!

  • Mergen Boldbayar
    Mergen Boldbayar Month ago

    Jerermy is a fan of Keynes. In other words, he will increase the debt of this country dramatically making long term investments impossible. He is calculating things in short term irrationally...

  • S Daggers
    S Daggers Month ago +3

    Whilst I'm not a boris fan. Interviewer needs to shut up

  • DKM Nur
    DKM Nur Month ago

    Is this the LBC or BOJO radio, un usual moment for LBC and listener specially the poor calls

  • José Neto
    José Neto Month ago

    I'm sorry to all you brits but when i listened to this it was like i was watching a episode of "Yes Minister". I'm from Portugal so i don't count for nothing but this Boris show it's SURREAL!!! I don't understand how can someone vote for this character????

  • Tj Horton
    Tj Horton Month ago +1

    Boris Johnson is no leader, no visionary, no thinker. He battles at the level of details, not principles, and does not shirk from misrepresentation.

  • dimsoneill
    dimsoneill Month ago

    How can anyone with a working brain listen to this clown and believe a word that spews from his mouth. This guy is a joke.

  • FlyingHigh99999
    FlyingHigh99999 Month ago

    Go on Boris 👍👍👍
    Get brexit done

  • David Harris
    David Harris Month ago

    I am Canadian. Canada is mainly non-English now and most people are second and third generation Canadian. All this Tory talk about resurrecting it’s Colonial past via trade deals is seen in Canada as delusional nonsense and wishful thinking. There is zero chance of the Commonwealth doing trade deals with the UK.

    ROBERT FRIEND Month ago

    People these days have become rude and do not know how to speak to our Prime Minister. You are rude, do not talk to our Prime Minister that way, learn some respect.

    ROBERT FRIEND Month ago +1

    The labour party did more to sell off the NHS than the Tories, the Tories know how we feel and will not take the risk, especially since they do not have a strong majority.

  • john gilmour
    john gilmour Month ago +4

    listen to him on the wee 4-year-old left lying on the floor for hours in a hospital come on our English friends get Boris out , there is more to Britain than Londonistan cause that's
    all it is

  • Michael Holmes
    Michael Holmes Month ago

    MaCarthyism springs to mind ,chapter and verse

  • Powerfullmoon
    Powerfullmoon Month ago +5

    This man, has no idea..............He is toff that doesn't give a **** about US

    • Mr Minority
      Mr Minority 29 days ago +1

      Boris Loves You why you hate him , your rite he don't care about the US he cares about Great Britain 👊🤪👍