Half in the Bag: Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

  • Published on May 8, 2022
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    Mike and Jay check out Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, the latest MCU movie. Yep, another one of those!
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  • AortaPlatinum
    AortaPlatinum 19 days ago +4659

    Mike so confidently saying "look it up bitch" and being wrong is sure to become an iconic moment

    • aeroripper
      aeroripper 4 days ago

      I was giggling at that part, funniest part of the video.

    • Jake Robbins
      Jake Robbins 5 days ago

      Slow zoom wrong stamp png over Mike's face is my favorite new RLM bit, hope it continues to be a running gag.

    • Jonathan Crowther
      Jonathan Crowther 7 days ago

      The WRONG_stamp-RGB.png descending on his face was chef’s kiss

    • Ricky \
      Ricky \ 7 days ago

      My guess is this was a goof.

    • Matthew Gamble
      Matthew Gamble 7 days ago

      I said...all we need is a fade out and this scene is perfection. I was worried it wouldnt happen but then it fades out...and man 11/10. Good stuff!

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 17 days ago +869

    Mike is literally explaining everything

  • Anthony Recenello
    Anthony Recenello 17 days ago +440

    Great point about showing her journey into darkness rather than what they did in the movie.

    • jchud13
      jchud13 2 days ago

      @RentallyChallenged if you cant reas between the lines there, thats one you. I thought the movie did a wonderful job and was honestly pretty horrifyingly real

    • Jonny Waldis
      Jonny Waldis 7 days ago +3

      ​@Steven Loube Well Ill be... You're absolutely right. The solution to all her problems, as defined by the parameters we're given, is so easy, everyone overlooked it.
      Unless the hickup is that she knows they are fake and that she needs some other/para wordly assurance of their realness.

    • Steven Loube
      Steven Loube 9 days ago +2

      @Jonny Waldis agree with what you wrote, but my issue is that the children in WandaVision that she "lost" were created by her magic, and then she let them disappear. Why not just create them again?

    • Rohan Sharma
      Rohan Sharma 10 days ago +4

      @Jonny Waldis Exactly, if people begging her for death isn't evil, I don't know what is

  • JimberJamber
    JimberJamber 16 days ago +890

    I found it so hilarious how John Krazinski has been getting hounded by MCU fans for years now to play Mr. Fantastic, and he kept saying he had no interest in doing it. So when he FINALLY gave in, they killed him after like not even 5 minutes of screen time. I literally burst out laughing in the theater.

    • Arif
      Arif 3 days ago

      Why was he even their choice? Ioan Gruffudd is GOAT

    • Trevor Thornley
      Trevor Thornley 6 days ago +1

      I despised it.

    • Ryan Burkart
      Ryan Burkart 7 days ago +1

      @AutomaticFail well….yeah? He doesn’t want to kill her. She’s controlling their reality’s Wanda. Like, huh? What is this complaint? Ever heard of deterrence? And how was he supposed to know she could do something like that?
      False criticism is false.

    • Something Something Music
      Something Something Music 8 days ago +1

      @AutomaticFail she's just a house wife in that universe so I can see why he'd try to reason with her. She doesn't have all the crazy reality alter powers from the 616. Still stupid on his part though

    • Something Something Music
      Something Something Music 8 days ago

      @Wilo Polis he left the project a while ago, but apparently it's rumored Krasinski will direct and write FF or Bryce Dallas Howard will direct. Sounds interesting to say the least, I like what they've done with films and TV.

  • Steven Horowitz
    Steven Horowitz 14 days ago +317

    I love how low the bar is for Mike enjoying things after Picard. "It made sense to me, and had a beginning, a middle, and an end."

    • Kyle Kondit
      Kyle Kondit 21 hour ago +2

      I think its him just appreciating a straight forward movie that isn't convoluted or being bogged down.

  • Vaibhav Dhawan
    Vaibhav Dhawan 19 days ago +3494

    Mike looks like he hasn't recorded the picard finale review yet, there's still life in his eyes

    • MasterOnion North
      MasterOnion North 12 days ago

      I heard what they did to Q in Picard S2 and yeah..... I'm so glad I tapped out of the franchise a few years back. Because Kurtzman and his, writers are just killing Trek.

    • huong thi
      huong thi 13 days ago


    • Matt Gottesmann
      Matt Gottesmann 17 days ago

      There is no finale. They announced season 3. Probably with Stewart exclusively in that seat he has in Strange 2. Will there be no end to this nightmare?

    • digduck
      digduck 17 days ago


    • SnakeEater
      SnakeEater 17 days ago

      Mike died years ago

  • what evan
    what evan 17 days ago +394

    I was expecting a universe hopping adventure, and all I got was "ain't this an odd looking New York" a few times

    • cam quoc
      cam quoc 2 days ago


    • cheo a
      cheo a 5 days ago


    • Kevin Heuberger
      Kevin Heuberger 6 days ago +1

      Agreed. They made one reference to the paint universe in a throw away line about eating. The "crazy alternate universe" was literally just New York that used "green energy" and red was green and vice versa with two character swaps. Not much of a multiverse of madness

    • Something Something Music
      Something Something Music 8 days ago +2

      I feel most people should have reigned in their expectations but also Marvel should have changed the god damn name. They kind of baited with the title

    • Aldrius
      Aldrius 10 days ago +3

      @Cactus Malone I mean, they could have done more with the multiverse (pushed the universes they visited further, done more with the concept) but the idea of having like a *dozen* worlds is... too much for one movie. It would be pretty bad.

  • Red Bairn Gaming
    Red Bairn Gaming 17 days ago +377

    My major gripe with the multiverse is that it makes everything disposable. "Here's a brand new version of something, or some fan service - now watch us kill it off almost instantly with no over arching consequences"

    • opsimathics
      opsimathics 2 days ago +1

      stop asking questions and consume product, get exited for next product thereafter.

    • Happy
      Happy 4 days ago

      @Krzysztof Zięba I have a feeling they are leading to an event which will reset everything

    • 0.999_equals1
      0.999_equals1 4 days ago +1

      It’s fascinating to see how the same idea can generate wildly different perspectives with just a slight shift in context.
      In Marvel’s Exiles, where a team assembled from across the multiverse regularly hopped into different realities to try and fix things, the hook was basically “now that everyone is an alternate version of the original characters, there _can_ be real consequences”. Because the desperate need to maintain/restore the status quo in the main universe doesn’t apply, they don’t have to go back and undo every instance where a major character is killed. Death can actually mean _death._
      Personally, I don’t feel like there are no consequences, it’s more like we didn’t see them. I wouldn’t be surprised if an episode of some future Disney+ show showed off what happened in the parallel earth they spent most of this movie in.

    • aeroripper
      aeroripper 4 days ago

      To OP: Yea I sorta felt the same way, nothing really has much meaning other than these fun 'one offs'.

    • Stephen Rochester
      Stephen Rochester 5 days ago

      What was up with that universe where the illuminati were, it starts like randomly crashing into another universe and they just stroll down the road and for some reason no other humans are around… and they know where they need to go… does that universe survive?! What happens to Red Head Rachel McAdams? I was confused at that bit.

  • Matty Monticello
    Matty Monticello 18 days ago +205

    My favorite thing about Jay is the amount of joy he got making a full minute edit of Mike's face with WRONG slowly being stamped over it lol

  • GN77340
    GN77340 18 days ago +151

    Mike being wrong is just as iconic as Rich Evans mispronouncing words

    • MrTonyBarzini
      MrTonyBarzini 9 days ago +4


    • Fried Porchetta
      Fried Porchetta 12 days ago +5

      “…just as iconic as Rich Evans mispromouncing…mis-mis-mispronouncing words!”

  • Quinn
    Quinn 19 days ago +2764

    I didn’t hate this film, but its peak was found in the credits, where a stunt performer can be found by the name of Hung Dong.

    • Comment Commenter
      Comment Commenter 4 days ago +1

      Imagine the reaction whenever he introduces himself to strangers.

    • Anttoz
      Anttoz 5 days ago

      @SSJ4Lunchbox I bet y'all are real close 😂

    • Matt Marzula
      Matt Marzula 12 days ago +1

      @AnomalousPhenomenon Reaching.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 13 days ago +6

      It's just a name, and that's about the size of it.

    • AnomalousPhenomenon
      AnomalousPhenomenon 14 days ago +4

      I hear he’s the protege of the infamous stuntman Seymour Butts

  • Each Day
    Each Day 18 days ago +132

    When I saw the thumbnail for a new half in the bag I murmured "oh god, yes" like a wife in a loveless marriage eating premium icecream.

  • Kyotra
    Kyotra 16 days ago +126

    Andrew Garfield was the sarcastic smartass Spider-Man we always wanted, who unfortunately got stuck with the worst movies.

    • sneezy deezy mc deluxe
      sneezy deezy mc deluxe 5 days ago +2

      Best Spiderman, worst Peter Parker.

    • Matthew Fernandez
      Matthew Fernandez 9 days ago +3

      @GS Esquire don't blame Garfield for that. That movie was released around the time being emo was in. But he did a good job of being the smart Peter

    • GS Esquire
      GS Esquire 10 days ago +11

      @ANON Except Im not wrong. Peter Parker is not supposed to be a hip, skateboarding, cool, good looking guy with gel in his hair. Andrew Garfield had no idea how to play Peter correctly. He was alright when he was Spiderman, he played that well. But there is a reason his version obly got 2 movies and the whole series was cancelled after the second one bombed. Andrew failed with the Spiderman franchise and got his own franchise cancelled.

    • ANON
      ANON 10 days ago +2

      @GS Esquire sucks to be wrong, lol.

  • Always Wannabe Write
    Always Wannabe Write 16 days ago +95

    Jay and Mike: “Marvel films always have to have a joke to lighten the mood.” Also Jay and Mike: “This Marvel movie didn’t have enough jokes.”

    • mangalores-x_x
      mangalores-x_x 10 hours ago +1

      maybe learn what context is?

    • Philip Highfield
      Philip Highfield 7 days ago +1

      Yeah i fucking reacted the same when they said that lmao

    • Gee Gra
      Gee Gra 10 days ago +1

      Tbf this is just a comment about badly balanced tone - which goes either way.

    • MrJans3n
      MrJans3n 12 days ago +9

      I love 'em, but Mike and Jay are always very wishy-washy

    • Article 5 Enjoyer
      Article 5 Enjoyer 13 days ago +11

      @Kekarot Yeah I don't get it, the stuff that they were complaining about was what I loved because it wasn't the overused usual marvel stuff, and they want more of the overused boring stuff back, what?! I am so done with the quips, the cameos, the usual plot of hero vs bad guy. I wish there was even more horror, this is supposed to be dark and bizarre.
      At least we can both agree on Rachel McAdams' character being pointless and with no chemistry, I wish she wasn't included at all. I like Dr Strange best as a teacher/father figure to someone like Spiderman or America. The romantic plot is really boring and we've seen it a thousand times already.

  • Fenrir Lives
    Fenrir Lives 16 days ago +137

    I really enjoyed this as a low stakes, much more violent take on a Marvel film with some really fun sequences. The first section was really underwhelming, but see Raimi going full Evil Dead at the end was a really fun Twist! Also I feel like originally, the Villain was going to be Wanda from another Dimension who'd never gotten a chance at redemption, but maybe that plot got chopped for time?

    • Something Something Music
      Something Something Music 8 days ago +6

      @Fenrir Lives While I enjoyed the movie. I do feel like the point of this film was just set up the multiverse/incursions/Avengers Secret Wars film. You get that Sam Rami vibe and feel but it lacks like his full creative vision over the project (mostly in relation to the plot and events). The visuals are fantastic, especially with the camera work and presentation of weird magic stuff.
      Just wished they added 10-20 minutes, it could add to the pacing and character development

    • Fenrir Lives
      Fenrir Lives 12 days ago +2

      @T3chromancer yeah and we're never going to interact with those aspects again, even with the sequel bait. That alternate universe was for exposition and fanservice

    • Fox Lane
      Fox Lane 14 days ago +7

      I want a rate R cut

    GUSTAVO WITHERS 18 days ago +1508

    The “Mike was wrong” segment was informative, funny and poignant.

    • bich tran
      bich tran 2 days ago


    • Tyran Batten
      Tyran Batten 11 days ago

      @Frodo T. Baggins the length is why it's funny

    • TheCyborgMC
      TheCyborgMC 14 days ago

      @Frodo T. Baggins The rediculous length of it is what made it funny for me

    • Frodo T. Baggins
      Frodo T. Baggins 15 days ago

      Other than it going on a little too long

    • Jeff Kolb
      Jeff Kolb 16 days ago +2

      24:06 just because I know I'll look for it in the future

  • Falshion
    Falshion 5 days ago +7

    The music note battle was an interesting idea, but probably executed too on the nose. A musician and a concept artist I think could hash out some really interesting ideas if they thought about the sound and shape of the notes more.

  • brigbjones
    brigbjones 18 days ago +195

    "Can I go now? Are you done with me?" probably the most accurate possible review for this movie.

    • xMort
      xMort 12 days ago +1

      Underlined by that last after credits scene in the movie.

    • Rhetiq 99
      Rhetiq 99 17 days ago +28

      Jay dragging Mike into this movie eventhough I got a feeling Mike was actually the one who enjoyed the movie more

  • Matthew Morris
    Matthew Morris 17 days ago +163

    LMFAOO Mike saying “look it up bitch” only to be proven wrong immediately is so good.

  • DoyouwantAnts?
    DoyouwantAnts? 16 days ago +89

    Since Mike got fact checked, I gotta fact check Jay at 28:50 and point out the character is not called 'Mac the Knight', he is 'Mac Tonight'.

    • jasper_of_puppets
      jasper_of_puppets 13 hours ago

      Now I gotta fact-check you. They literally showed the text of the 'Mac Tonight' on screen 17 seconds later while Mike says "The Night". Jay fact-checked himself already.

    • Lou Stinger
      Lou Stinger 5 days ago +3

      @Jackson F to be totally odl-fashioned,... this even goes back to "The Threepenny Opera" 1928 - Berthold Brecht

    • Jackson F
      Jackson F 6 days ago +3

      He actually said Mack the Knife which is a hit song from 1959. I know mike is old but jeez

  • Claytob
    Claytob 16 days ago +143

    I love it when Jay pretends to know what he's talking about. Like not even a knock against him I genuinely love it.

  • Alejandra Lozano Chica
    Alejandra Lozano Chica 13 days ago +37

    Loved the third act. It was like riding the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu 13 days ago +70

    Kudos to the editor: that “wrong” sequence was priceless 😂😂😂

  • Mattchew8 Mealey
    Mattchew8 Mealey 17 days ago +57

    Really hoping they do a video on Everything Everywhere all at Once. That movie had all the creativity I wished this movie had.

    • Garrett Rose
      Garrett Rose 2 days ago +3

      Dr Strange took a major hit because I saw a far superior multiverse movie the night before: Everything Everywhere All At Once.

  • EinHoch AufHorror
    EinHoch AufHorror 16 days ago +49

    The way Mike explains how he would have shot a multi-scene Multiverse montage sounds like something that could have been right out of Buffy.

  • laskin riubn
    laskin riubn 17 days ago +62

    Mike is literally explaining everything everywhere all at once talking about the montage.

  • FDV Radio
    FDV Radio 4 days ago +3

    I like that Sam directed it like an actual movie. That alone goes a long way for me which again is why I’m not so quick to judge the movie. It could’ve been WAY worse from both Marvel AND Raimi.
    I usually get nervous when an original director leaves over “creative differences” but I’m so glad Scott Derrikson didn’t direct this one. He’s a serviceable albeit bland director who feels like even HE doesn’t think his stuff is good enough cause when he has something interesting like a Sinister, he bogs it down with jumpscares and orchestra stings. I’m so happy to see another great Raimi film after his last film was Oz

  • Glowyrm
    Glowyrm 12 days ago +51

    No Way Home's spider dudes being really interested in the fact that Spider-Man went to space and fought Thanos was amazing I thought. No matter how self referencing.

  • Dan the homosapien
    Dan the homosapien 18 days ago +851

    I love how Mike recaps plots like he's solving a math problem

    • Steve Saul
      Steve Saul 18 days ago +16

      That should be a note to anyone who tried to write anything. Never get so tangled that Mike has to do this.

    • Rhetiq 99
      Rhetiq 99 18 days ago +57

      Not easy putting up with dementia and all those Picard nightmares

    • rbmk 1000
      rbmk 1000 18 days ago +78

      Dude, he,s trying to remeber something he just saw give his elderly alcoholic brain some credit for working at all

  • Alex G
    Alex G 17 days ago +50

    I can't believe they haven't watched Everything, Everywhere, All at Once. I would've loved to hear them compare the two very different multiverse films.

  • Kagami Yagami
    Kagami Yagami 14 days ago +21

    I loved when Wanda destroyed the Illuminati. I was already comparing her to Dr Doom from the fant4stic movie and then she does something really similar to that.

    • Steve Jakab
      Steve Jakab 12 days ago +5

      The only problem with that scene is if she can vanish someone's mouth, she could just do that with their whole face and suffocate them. No need for actual fighting at all.

  • Ttrain909
    Ttrain909 10 days ago +2

    As for the music scene being set up, Dr. Strange was established as a music aficionado in the first movie. His whole photographic memory show off scene naming the artist and release date

  • Milton77
    Milton77 17 days ago +22

    Kudos to the editor: that “wrong” sequence was priceless 😂😂😂

  • Richard Metclaf
    Richard Metclaf 18 days ago +672

    Dr Strange should have gone to the universe where Mike was right about Easter Eggs.

    • Terrence Nowicki
      Terrence Nowicki 5 days ago

      It's also the universe where Cameron Mitchell was in Samurai Cop.

    • Micah Paulsen
      Micah Paulsen 6 days ago

      *slide whistle noise*

    • Rhetiq 99
      Rhetiq 99 17 days ago +5

      Universe without Star Trek on Paramount

    • Red
      Red 18 days ago +17

      You mean the universe without alcohol

    • Capopio
      Capopio 18 days ago +34

      Not even Disney has the budget for THAT

  • Henry Blake
    Henry Blake 13 days ago +27

    I didn't want to spoil the movie, so I waited until I was able to go see it to watch this. It was excruciating!

  • Duncan Lindsay
    Duncan Lindsay 18 days ago +52

    Really hope yall get an opportunity to talk about everything everywhere all at once. It is one of best movies I've seen in a while, and its finally catching on box office wise

    • Kevtb87
      Kevtb87 11 days ago +3

      This. I watched it on Friday spontaneously because of the comparisons and it was much more original, creative, wild, fun and touching. Just a unique experience which is increasingly rare.
      If you want a movie that takes it's concept and runs with it, that is the movie to see. Dr Strange runs with it's premise for about 8 minutes in the first third and then stick to like 2 universes for the rest of it.

    • Scott Williams
      Scott Williams 16 days ago +1

      It fucking rocked

    • Deano
      Deano 16 days ago +3

      I'm surprised there wasn't a tip of the hat, since it's another "multiverse movie"... Just done well.

    • Doodoo Swaggy
      Doodoo Swaggy 17 days ago +1


  • pepe the frog poops on the far right

    "Top Hat Monkey" truly evokes the works of the Dutch masters such as Vermeer, Bosch, Rembrandt van Rijn and Philips Wouwerman
    A truly exquisite piece.

  • Jonathan Park
    Jonathan Park 18 days ago +71

    I saw this the other day. The theatre cheered when Jim from The Office showed up. I was like "what?" The picard came out, no one made a sound. So i had to give a wooo solo

    • dothedewww321
      dothedewww321 13 days ago

      I shout "THAT'S JIM HALPERT" to a no shit reaction in Chino CA

    • Kagami Yagami
      Kagami Yagami 14 days ago +1

      @Ungreatful Duck the xmen theme was a cute reference too.

    • Ungreatful Duck
      Ungreatful Duck 16 days ago +1

      @teetheluchador I don´t know if I´ld say I was excited or more confused. Nice reference to the worst MCU thing so far though, he truly was the unexpected member of the Iluminati for me.

    • Ungreatful Duck
      Ungreatful Duck 16 days ago +15

      Funnily enough, my theater had the oposite reaction. Nobody knew who Krasinky was since Fantastic Four are not huge here in Spain and The Office never made it big either here. But everybody knew Patrick Steward from the old X-Men movies, a guy even behind me even screamed "shit that´s Xavier from the wolverine movies!!", which felt weird because here on Spain people only scream at the cinemas to make jokes, there´s no clapping, cheering and screaming culture.

    • DarkSpiderZero
      DarkSpiderZero 17 days ago +9

      My theater and I did the same exact reaction.
      I know for me, seeing Jim was truly a shocking unexpected moment. But then right afterwards, we get Patrick and he kinda gets absorbed into the overall moment.
      I was excited for Patrick too, but I wasn't really finished being excited for Jim, if that makes sense. And Jim was more unexpected than Patrick.

  • Korben Dallas
    Korben Dallas 18 days ago +749

    I love that these guys have basically created a decade-long career out of trying to make good jokes to each other

  • Dizzle Bizzle
    Dizzle Bizzle Day ago

    i like how incredibly wrong Mike is when he's so confident in his wrong thoughts. it makes it clear that even the people we like are idiots, which is something i've always had a lot of trouble with. also, Moonknight seems to be pretty popular, just because you haven't watched it or aren't interested doesn't make that not-so...

  • John Adams
    John Adams 17 days ago +20

    Couldn’t care less about these movies but I always look forward to seeing the boys talking about them

  • saeklin
    saeklin 13 days ago +5

    For years now I've been trying to articulate my thoughts about fantasy adventure movies and here's what I have so far. To make an effective fantasy story, there needs to be more of the mundane than of magic, mystery, and might. Less is more. But the MCU has for the most part become one cgi fest after another. The charm of Iron Man and the very first Spider-man was the real set pieces, the vulnerability of the characters, and the fact that they had JOBS. They ate food, drove cars, worried about money, watched the news, interacted with regular people, etc. I think the slow and novel emergence of a transcendent being and their antithesis rival in an otherwise mundane world is the most fascinating story of all, while going past that will always be less astonishing. I mean FFS, this movie kicks off with Strange casually battling a giant tentacle monster in a city street while Christine is practically rolling her eyes at it instead of having any kind of normal reaction like I dunno screaming in insane terror. Mordo said it best... "there's too many sorcerers". All the Thors, Captains, Animalmen, and cookie cutter rogues they face don't do it for me anymore. These all feel like Pixar movies to me now, formulaic and forgettable :( I hate being old. HOWEVER THERE IS HOPE. I watched The Batman and it was so refreshing! If you told me (arguably) the best Batman movie ever would star the Twilight guy and John Turturro and Colin Farrel as fucking Penguin, I never would have believed you.

  • Viperclarkx01
    Viperclarkx01 13 days ago +14

    The easter egg bit had me roaring. Oh my, I sure do appreciate you, RedLetterMedia.

  • deathsyth8888
    deathsyth8888 19 days ago +556

    My favorite part of the movie is when Doctor Strange turns to Wanda and asks, "What are we, some kind of multiverse of madness?"

    • Schlock Jocks
      Schlock Jocks 16 days ago

      @Logi Rogi That's the joke. Ever since "Suicide Squad" had the audacity to have someone say "So we're a Suicide Squad?" people have been making fun of that in other movies

    • Ellen Page
      Ellen Page 18 days ago +1

      Roll credits. 👍

    • NACAM42
      NACAM42 18 days ago +5

      That's the name of the movie!

    • DonGondola
      DonGondola 18 days ago +8

      „In the end Andy and me really had our Shawshank Redemption.“

    • C M
      C M 18 days ago +3

      I thought he said "I"ve got a bad feeling about this...", you know, to stay on brand.

  • Divergent1899
    Divergent1899 7 days ago +16

    The fun creative aspects from Raimi carried the movie a ton. Elizabeth also did a fantastic job with her slasher villain character. She stole the show for me. What the most grating aspect of the movie was marvels input. All the non stop exposition that was required, just so they fit into the larger puzzle.

  • Michael Barnes
    Michael Barnes 13 days ago +15

    Funniest moment ever on this channel "look it up bitch!" and Mike being "Wrong" and with that sentimental music to top it. I was in tears laughing so hard.

  • B T
    B T 13 days ago +4

    Watching a RLM video where they review a superhero movie fills me with warmth and comfort, because it reminds me of a time when my life wasn’t in shambles.

  • Степан Новиков

    I love how Mike recaps plots like he's solving a math problem

  • Stinky PetE
    Stinky PetE 19 days ago +716

    Proving Mike wrong on the Easter eggs was the best edit in a TheXvid video ever. The factual captions, the slow wrong symbol on to mikes face and a lil fade at the end so beautiful.

    • Luigi Nastro
      Luigi Nastro 17 days ago

      @Dilly Good for you?

    • Dilly
      Dilly 18 days ago

      I pressed the skip 10 seconds button alot

    • its d0nk
      its d0nk 18 days ago

      It truly enshrined and relished the glorious moment of Mike being confidently blatantly wrong lmao

    • Hilo Takenaka
      Hilo Takenaka 18 days ago +1

      Fun fact: the Easter egg in Adventure was the last object needed in Ready Player One

    • Turtle
      Turtle 18 days ago +4

      Suprised he got that one wrong, he read Ready Player One, it explains the origins of easter eggs in the book.

  • Nicholas Totoro
    Nicholas Totoro 16 days ago +25

    Wanda started as a villain who tried to use "moral relevancy" to justify her actions.
    Then she made up for her actions and got right.
    Then she went off the evil crazy rails, big-time. It was hard to sympathize or empathize with someone who literally held an entire town hostage.

    • Steve Jakab
      Steve Jakab 12 days ago +5

      Yeah, people who say she's a sympathetic character are weird. Controlling other people to make up for your own problems is standard villain behavior.

    • joox
      joox 13 days ago +3

      @NegaGreg sure, i'm not defending any of it.. that part just stood out to me the most. I do think that superheroes can be really interesting when a good writer is behind the wheel though. the comics have complex and nuanced stories with characters that people love. i wish we could get that in movies

    • NegaGreg
      NegaGreg 13 days ago +1

      @joox but isn’t that kind of an exploration of the superhero condition?
      **Drops Eastern European city from the sky, but collects half the citizens on a helicarrier before it smacks back to earth**
      Avengers: “um, you’re welcome!”
      I like Wanda always having been 1 bad day from full on villain.

    • joox
      joox 15 days ago +14

      she didn't just hold them hostage, she used their bodies for her pleasure and then when she was done she had the balls to be sad about having to let them go. 'they will never know what you did for them...' what a joke

  • Alexander Angelus
    Alexander Angelus 9 days ago +19

    Whenever anyone says “I can’t see Wanda being like this after WandaVision” I’m like, did any of you people watch the ending of that show?

    • FlakiCiociGosi
      FlakiCiociGosi 5 days ago +1

      I dont think either people are wrong to be honest. The point is the same as mentioned by Jay in this episode- the movie undermines the journey she goes through in the show.

    • Daikkenaurora
      Daikkenaurora 5 days ago +4

      Not even just the ending. She kidnapped an entire town and forced them to do what she wanted. Its pretty fucked up.

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 18 days ago +165

    Every time I start one of these videos I begin to think you guys have lost it, and as the video progresses you show me that you've still got it.

    • Stevia hoenheim
      Stevia hoenheim 16 days ago +1

      You're going to slap Red Letter media for making jokes too?

    • Nicki
      Nicki 16 days ago


    • Viraj Deshpande
      Viraj Deshpande 17 days ago +24

      @j00tubeisgay Yeah do move on. You clearly don't enjoy it anymore. Many of us still do and I disagree with everything you said. For me, everything they still put out is on-brand for them and exactly how it was years ago. The humor never came from the jokes themselves but from their self-aware kitsch nature. It has always been that way. Oh well.

  • MrThatguyuknow
    MrThatguyuknow 13 days ago +34

    As someone extremely cynical about anything related to marvel, I got to say this movie won me over by the later half, particularly after the brutality of the Illuminati fight. The audio, camera angles, and emotional sequences definitely had Raimi's secret sauce, and I was pleasantly surprised by the the horror elements. It feels refreshingly unsanitized unlike most of the franchise. Although the plot is not great it ends on a strong note, and is more relatable than "badguy purple mcguffin man" of the week as per usual. This isn't Raimi's best work, but it's an exceptionally fun watch; more fun than I've had with marvel in actual years. And that's ultimately what these movies aim for anyway. I think he was the perfect pick for a doctor strange film.

  • Fromaginator
    Fromaginator 6 days ago

    Just got back from the movie. First one I've seen in theatres since the pandemic. Knowing that the was a half in the bag was a huge motivator and cases finally got low enough for me to go for it!

  • Sonia’s Way
    Sonia’s Way 18 days ago +10

    The “Mike was wrong” segment was informative, funny and poignant.

  • Joel Atkinson
    Joel Atkinson 12 days ago +10

    I think I’d they spent time hopping universes the critics would have said “ they never spend enough time in the other universes to flesh them out and make them memorable”

  • Adam Osmond
    Adam Osmond 18 days ago +22

    They really need to watch everything everywhere all at once. Every complaint they have about this movie is executed perfectly in that film.

  • Gingeralebean
    Gingeralebean 19 days ago +572

    I love the part where Doctor Strange started traveling from one universe to another to acquire dozens of NFT’s and then selling them in different universes so he could raise more money for the set of the next Avengers film.

    • Ash B
      Ash B 18 days ago +2

      Ah, the old inter-universal pump and dump

    • Aaron Davis
      Aaron Davis 18 days ago

      This feels like one of those template jokes.

    • Gingeralebean
      Gingeralebean 18 days ago +1

      @When Pigs Fly oh yeah, it sucks that I can’t spoil that part to any of my friends until after they watch it. So awesome

    • When Pigs Fly
      When Pigs Fly 18 days ago +21

      The most unbelievable part of the film is that there are universes where NFTs are worth something.

  • Johnny The Walrus
    Johnny The Walrus 10 days ago +3

    When Jay described Patrick Stewart as "the old bag of bones" I laughed so hard 🤣

  • iatemydog
    iatemydog 2 days ago +1

    Doctor Strange was into music since the beginning of the first movie. While performing a surgery, the other doctors were testing Strange's musical knowledge.

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 17 days ago +5

    My coworker was the first person to discover that first Easter Egg. Look up Adam Clayton. I think you can find a copy of the letter he sent in to Atari after discovering it. You run into interesting characters in the game industry.
    We work for WB, so when we went to a free screening of Ready Player One (a WB movie), it was really neat to see that the last "puzzle" was to find the Easter Egg in Adventure.

  • Vision Scream
    Vision Scream 17 days ago +8

    i love mike's backstory of 'easter eggs' moreso than the real one

  • TheFallofTheEleventh
    TheFallofTheEleventh 18 days ago +442

    I just love the idea of Jay taking Mike to see the movie to help him relax from Picard and Mike reacting in Horror at Professor X appearing 😂

    • Chad Thundercock
      Chad Thundercock 8 days ago

      I feel like I might have disturbed the people sitting next to me because every time he rolled on screen I couldn't help but wheeze a bit

    • Apollo
      Apollo 11 days ago +6

      Thinking about mike reacting in pure fear in the theater while he comes into the movie is hilarious

    • laskin riubn
      laskin riubn 14 days ago +16

      Lol, this must be their shortest Half in the Bag episode in years

  • Luiz Claudio
    Luiz Claudio 3 days ago

    17:56 I love when Mike gives these corny cliche ideas that in Retrospect would 100% fit the movie

  • seraphini
    seraphini 3 days ago

    17:55 it's so cute seeing mike trying to come up with something he thinks he would enjoy. and jay blindly agrees with him.

  • Fat Mat
    Fat Mat 11 days ago +12

    In the first Dr. Strange Cumberbatch, in the operating room, was a music buff. He knew all there was to know about Feel So Good by Chuck Mangione.

  • 53knights
    53knights 18 days ago +6

    What’s amazing is that the book Ready Player 1 even talked about the very first Easter egg. Mike read the book and talked about it in the film review.

  • Nick Malone
    Nick Malone 19 days ago +294

    When Patrick Stewart appeared onscreen, I immediately envisioned Mike's soul leaving his body.

  • Party on dudes
    Party on dudes 11 days ago +4

    Far From Home is like the last marvel thing I managed to enjoy. I'm glad Mike likes it
    I agree with Jay so much. It might as well be Wanda's movie

  • crispyducksoup
    crispyducksoup 5 days ago +10

    I've got to admit, seeing Patrick Stewart getting his neck broken was oddly therapeutic after that Picard Season 2.

  • I Slay Goblins
    I Slay Goblins 11 days ago +5

    I really wish you guys would review The Batman movie. It was awesome. I mean it's a better use of time than ST: Picard.

  • Carlos Armando Vega Vazquez

    Jay, remember that in the first Dr. Strange movie an intern quizzes him on the years songs were released. And nails every single one of them. So he knows about music. Hence the musical notes battle.

  • megavolnutt
    megavolnutt 2 days ago

    That 'wrong' edit is so majestically whimsical. Makes me laugh my ass off

  • FlakiCiociGosi
    FlakiCiociGosi 5 days ago +1

    I know this can be explained by "plot not being engaging", but the way they describe the events seems like they didn't follow the dialogue. I don't blame em, but its jarring to complain about something just because you didnt pay attention.
    Also, I think the whole undead strange being the hero is meant to be humorous.

    FIRST NAME LAST NAME 18 days ago +5

    Mike's eyes when he's being goofy kills me every time.

  • Jonathan Rice
    Jonathan Rice 17 days ago +9

    Thank God I can just lay back and listen to you guys banter. It's been a long day. Llove you guys.

  • Dylan Sporrer
    Dylan Sporrer 19 days ago +602

    I was hoping that half way through this review there'd be a "universe swap" where Mike and Jay were in different outfits and were reviewing Everything Everywhere All At Once.

    • Leto Atreides
      Leto Atreides 18 days ago

      A few years ago, when they still put effort in their skits, it would have been possible. Now? Forget about it.

    • Throwboy
      Throwboy 18 days ago

      I feel like we might have to wait until their 2022 yearly catchup of movies they liked

    • darkness88ew
      darkness88ew 18 days ago +2

      That’s too clever for these hack-frauds!

    • Harrison Moore
      Harrison Moore 18 days ago

      I feel like that movie is going to be what mike was hoping this movie would be. Really hope they get around to seeing it

    • Throwboy
      Throwboy 18 days ago


  • FDV Radio
    FDV Radio 4 days ago +2

    I thought this was one of the best MCU films I saw in a while so forgive me if I get a little butt hurt at criticisms. I definitely see and get where the films detractors are coming from at times but can we just stop and enjoy this nice thing for a little bit before we start overthinking it to shit? I think Sams intention was to show how you shouldn’t be taking this shit THAT seriously. I also disagree that the third act turns back into usual marvel fair. I GUESS? you can say it does but I thought this whole movie felt like a breath of fresh air and actually made Strange his own character instead of just another snarky Stark clone

  • kevin macdonald
    kevin macdonald 6 days ago +1

    Watching you guys try to figure out something that already happened in the comics is kind of painful but also comical.
    in a good way.

    • D.F.
      D.F. 6 days ago

      They never read comix. Too busy watching Star Track

  • DelorienAz
    DelorienAz 18 days ago +5

    I didn't know Sam Raimi directed this before I went to see it. Bruce Campbell twigged me, and from there on out I looked for the hallmarks that Jay always talks about when he reviews a Sam Raimi movie. Flying camera? Check. POV from inside objects? Check. Danny Elfman? Check. You guys taught me well 😆

  • Tayler Troutt
    Tayler Troutt 11 days ago +3

    The best thing a marvel movie can do is make you want to watch it again. I would not watch shang chi or black widow again but I'd watch Dr Strange again tomorrow. The movie is fun and engaging with interesting visuals and action. Plus Charlize Queen is in the MCU now, Disney wins.

  • Stupidity Evolved
    Stupidity Evolved 19 days ago +1311

    I loved the part where Dr. Strange turned into Morbius, made a dozen clones of Morbius, and used their bodies as wings to fly. Peak cinema.

    • 3D ant
      3D ant 3 days ago

      Morbius? Like the guy in The Matrix?

    • ScreamingLake
      ScreamingLake 13 days ago

      This isn't even an inaccurate description.

    • Hitman Monaghan
      Hitman Monaghan  17 days ago

      Punisher showing up was awesome

    • Cesar Hernandez
      Cesar Hernandez 18 days ago

      @insomnomnomnia Yes it was my man!

    • Ellen Page
      Ellen Page 18 days ago +4

      Don't make me hungry. You won't like me when I'm hungry. 😒

  • Steve B
    Steve B 10 days ago +2

    I’m glad Mike enjoyed far from home and no way home, they’re actually good marvel movies worth watching

  • ACelticPirate
    ACelticPirate 4 days ago +2

    Watching this show made me wonder if dating apps existed. Both Dr Strange and Wanda could just have moved on. Like hit up tinder you can't be that unlikable.

  • jmartecep
    jmartecep 17 days ago +2

    I just realized I've been riding with you guys for over 6 years! Good Job fellas, haven't shaken me yet.

  • DeadDancers
    DeadDancers 15 days ago +13

    I’ve heard the ‘why is Wanda evil now’ complaint a few times. I think it’s a combination of ‘she’s always been a villain’ and ‘MCU didn’t bother to show her descent because harming others to achieve her own selfish wants is her core character trait. It’s what keeps cropping up even when she tries to do better. It’s her nature.

    • HydraBill Rebirth
      HydraBill Rebirth 11 days ago

      The main problem people have with this nonsense is that the writing and other characters are constantly justifying her actions like she does nothing wrong. At the end of Wanda vision "They'll never know what you sacrificed for them"....for real? She's been torturing this entire community including they're children. Garbage woke writing doesn't want to actually hold the female villain accountable. I miss good writing so bad.

  • Mulvi747
    Mulvi747 19 days ago +1317

    Haha, I knew Jay wouldn't be able to resist a new Sam Raimi movie.

    • ArlanKels
      ArlanKels 18 days ago

      @Kristjan Kangro
      I'd say even on writing.

    • Kristjan Kangro
      Kristjan Kangro 18 days ago +3

      @ArlanKels So better in terms of everything except the most important part: the writing?

    • ArlanKels
      ArlanKels 18 days ago +4

      @Kristjan Kangro
      Not in the slightest.
      This was easily better in terms of visuals, sound track, atmosphere, and villain.

    • Very cool.
      Very cool. 18 days ago

      @Tommy Tsunami I mean, if it ever turns out that an upcoming Marvel movie is being directed by, let's say, Tarantino or Scorsese-hell, even Uwe Boll-I sure as hell will be seeing it anyway

    • falsehero2001
      falsehero2001 18 days ago +2

      This isn’t a Sam Raimi film; this is a Kevin Fiege production.

  • The Games Nexus
    The Games Nexus 9 days ago

    This was a fun video, thank you! I've linked your work in our article about the film

  • bluemonkjd
    bluemonkjd 18 days ago +3

    Looking forward to a 20-minute extender version of Mike being branded wrong.

  • aaron versionwo
    aaron versionwo 17 days ago

    The first two minutes of this video was the most enjoyable part of my life I will ever have.

  • Shamika🔥F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥

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  • Slim Gunko Da Spunko
    Slim Gunko Da Spunko 12 days ago

    I feel like same with everything else, a montage would’ve been great especially from Sam Raimi like the Spider-man 2 one. Pandering, but still really enjoyable👍

  • palmerlp
    palmerlp 6 days ago

    Wanda’s heel turn reminded me a *lot* of Saruman’s betrayal of Gandalf in LOTR in that it was bewilderingly fast.

  • JasCotton
    JasCotton 17 days ago +3

    Mike knows all about the Multiverse. It's like that TNG episode Parallels.

  • SpiderKnives
    SpiderKnives 18 days ago +2

    I loved it! It was lil' bit Carrie and a lil' Dream Warriors and a whole serving of Evil Dead, and everybody but Strange, Wong and the final girl pretty much die in this thing. If only the first act had a bit more structure to it, and if it had that montage Mike suggested and I didn't know I needed until now, it would've been truly great.

  • Chris Reiswig
    Chris Reiswig 19 days ago +2015

    Lol, this must be their shortest Half in the Bag episode in years

    • Fort
      Fort 16 days ago +2

      The last episode that was shorter than this was their Joker review in 2019, which was 27 minutes long

    • Christopher Artigas
      Christopher Artigas 17 days ago

      @Jalen Thomas I think we all are

    • Arditeider 28
      Arditeider 28 17 days ago

      Just like the movie itself.

    • OMARA
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      All about that Algorithm lol it’s trending as I type this in top 10

    • epicfunny gexfan
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      child’s play 2019 from june is 25 minutes

  • Joseph Naman
    Joseph Naman 18 days ago +2

    17:55 what mike said is exactly what happened half way through the counsel of Ricks episode. Mike did a better job of interpreting Rick and Morty into Dr Strange than an actual writer on Rick and Morty.

  • Max J-S
    Max J-S 18 days ago +37

    How dare Mike not give Marvel28: Doctor Strange 2 the respect it deserves. He needs to respect the artistic integrity of film for once and stop talking about Star Trek

  • BenignComrade
    BenignComrade 11 days ago +1

    Oscar Isaac is incredible as moon knight. Great 1st season, but by the end of it I can see it will be just another “super hero” movie.

  • Luke A. Makinson
    Luke A. Makinson 15 days ago +1

    I love hearing the perspective of my two favorite rotting old men.