Petrol Motorcycles Ban announced! & BMF throws British Bikers under the Bus! The voice of reason?

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
  • A continuation of the latest news on UK Governments plans to take personal motorized transport away from the masses and stifle our freedom to enjoy motorcycles and motorcycle travel. The British Motorcycle Federation interfered with motorcyclists right to take part in a DFT consultation by misleading us about the proposed legislation. The real reasons for anti tamper legislation discussed!
    & The sale of new ICE motorcycles will be banned from 2035.
    CITY AM report on WHO Statement about OMICRON Variant.

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  • James Clarkson
    James Clarkson Month ago +615

    "I simply do not recognise the world that we're living in at the moment" I and many others echo that statement 100%

    • Jacques Strapp
      Jacques Strapp 11 days ago

      @Martin Jones Classical Liberalism no longer exists. The kind of liberalism that was advocated by John Locke was about freedom and the rights of the individual. Modern liberalism has been hijacked by socialists and authoritarians who claim to be advocates for the rights of individuals but are in reality the most egregious violators of human rights and freedoms. For example, this ban on petrol vehicles was backed by so-called liberals. The only things they are liberal with are regulation and your tax money.

    • Jacques Strapp
      Jacques Strapp 11 days ago +1

      @John Trout In America, liberal has a different meaning than in the UK. By American standards, the entire UK government is liberal, even the so-called conservatives. Don't expect cucks like Martin to understand the kind of views we have on freedom in America.

    • Techjunkie68's Music and Tech
      Techjunkie68's Music and Tech 14 days ago

      @Priscilla Roberts a bit harsh though!

    • You Tube sucks
      You Tube sucks 16 days ago +1

      @Martin Jones I can see you’re too far gone for even a counsellor 😉.

      Some people you can’t even save.

    • Martin Jones
      Martin Jones 17 days ago

      @You Tube sucks
      Do you have a counsellor? I suggest you get one if not

  • Ashley Roffe
    Ashley Roffe Month ago +171

    How great to hear someone talking sense! I am just glad I was born 63 years ago and have enjoyed arguably the best years of many things including motoring and motorcycling. I feel sorry for those who will never experience the thrills and freedom we have had. LONG LIVE FREEDOM!

    • David Melrose
      David Melrose 4 days ago +1

      @Steven Dellow Hopefully there remains a large "Baby Boomer" demographic. I was very grateful to these people whilst I was growing up and remain so. These are the people (and our only hope) that we can rely on them to quash the green brigade and anything else of that ilk that it encompasses. It's very disturbing to learn that younger generations are taking green narratives which are sure to turn the world upside down. And we thought covid was bad...

    • David Melrose
      David Melrose 4 days ago +3

      @EchoChamber The 80's and 90's to me seemed a better life balance compared to what we have now. I think people took a lot for granted during that period of time, but there was more freedom (as in less hassle/checks/surveillance) and more trust compared to now. I think the problem we also have now can he added (and sometimes unnecessary) bureaucracy, authority, and less trust in believing people when they are more than likely actually being truthful.

    • David Melrose
      David Melrose 4 days ago

      If only I was older...

    • 125AXer
      125AXer 8 days ago +1

      71. At times during the
      70's and 80's I rode more than I drove a car. Now riding is for pleasure, rather than commuting.
      I intend to continue as long as I am physically capable.
      I am grateful for the timing of my life, and worry for the futures of my young adult sons.

    • You Tube sucks
      You Tube sucks 8 days ago

      @JoolzThePirate Well they’re just like the other big three. I voted for them when they had Gerard Batten as leader because he could see what was happening, and the party hated him and voted him out, proving they’re all talk, just like all the others.

  • Gary Kyle
    Gary Kyle Month ago +212

    This is what happens when the government has no fear of the people. Never should’ve let them take your arms.

    • Roger Bennett
      Roger Bennett 17 hours ago +1

      @fish n chips No doubt, it's a long game at least the universe can't lose while we play.

    • fish n chips
      fish n chips 18 hours ago

      @Roger Bennett and British and Australian and of whatever country dear reader you're from.

    • Orson in charge
      Orson in charge 4 days ago

      @south easttx ...yeah , you could have loaded up a blackhawk with kit and flown it home .... oh wait

    • south easttx
      south easttx 5 days ago +1

      @Orson in charge Should've been in Afghanistan when the pull out happened and could've got all we wanted. Fully automatic rifles, Black Hawks, and night vision but snooze you lose.

    • reka mud
      reka mud 7 days ago +1

      you guys ever heard of outsourcing your bioweapons to chokehold and bribe nations.
      The day of the rope is comming

  • eugene canavan
    eugene canavan Month ago +43

    Seems that these legislations are never ending.Back in the 80s I remember going on Demos against crap like air bags on bikes .Apathy is our biggest enemy,because collectively we bikers are getting older,there is a mentality that when this shit hits the fan we will be to old to ride bikes anyway .Keep up the good work and ride safe.

    • gixerloon
      gixerloon 14 days ago

      Totally agree here, I remember going on demos in droves as a new rider in the late 70's early 80's to stop the forced helmet legislation, I would still have worn one no matter what the out come tbh, but at least we as bikers made our presence felt on the subject, same with leg guards, air bags etc, and I think due to our demos this nonsense never got into legislation.

      Don't know whether that was the blitz spirit of ''we won't be beaten'' left over from our parents or what !! but todays young riders don't seem to have the same fighting spirit we had then, but it's more than that I think there is just a general apathy in the UK nowadays, as for organisations like the BMF or M.A.G standing up for the motorcyclist, they seem to have lost their teeth or any credibility, from what I can see.

    • gary stein
      gary stein 20 days ago

      My centiments exactly youngin'

  • Stu White
    Stu White Month ago +293

    Motorbikes are the ultimate expression of freedom on the road. That cannot be tolerated by the powers that be.😠

    • martine. mjt
      martine. mjt 3 days ago

      Agenda 21.

    • martine. mjt
      martine. mjt 3 days ago

      And use less petrol than a car, especially limos the elected probably enjoy using!

    • omstout
      omstout 9 days ago +1

      Is it truly freedom when the government has laid the road before you?

    • Kevin Jones
      Kevin Jones 13 days ago +1

      That's why the pigs give the scum the green light to steal our bikes.

    • Sven Beowulfsson
      Sven Beowulfsson 26 days ago

      @Weechie That is indeed my opinion too.

  • James Bailey
    James Bailey Month ago +40

    Thanks for keeping us informed Stuart, I'm glad I'm old and had the chance to enjoy motorcycling untouched by stupidity like this , I feel sorry for future generations who will miss out on the joy a person can get from a simple machine without interference from ignorent stupid politicians/ civil servants trying to make a name for themselves ,I don't like this modern world , keep up the good work.

  • Smudger
    Smudger Month ago +28

    Thank goodness, someone understands the hidden costs to the planet of EV production, well done Stuart. Thank you, and Merry Christmas.

  • William Waller
    William Waller Month ago +33

    Why is this a surprise? It's literally a case of they came for your car, and you said nothing because you are motorcycle enthusiast. And now they are coming for the motorcycle of everyone who sat silent when they came after your Volkswagen GTI, Mini, etc.... This ban on petrol vehicles is something that the vast majority people don't want and is going to kill so many jobs and businesses. If the market wanted it, the market would support it. But instead the governments are telling people what they are going to get, whether you like it or not. And the governments are literally bribing people with tax incentives and rebates to get them to buy the lack luster and hobbled current crop of electric cars.

    Everyone one needs to fight the ban on petrol vehicles in general. Not just motorcycles. You need to save your car as well, because if you don't they are going to come for your motorcycle, scooter, lawn mower, generator, chainsaw, motorhome, etc!!!! FIGHT! End this madness!

    • Anjeta Breymann
      Anjeta Breymann 7 days ago +1

      By 2030 according to Klaus Schwab and the W.E.F. "YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY!" AGENDA 2030. THE GREAT RESET!

    • Ron Vaughan
      Ron Vaughan Month ago +4

      @Roger Camp If fewer people were stoned and more had a clue what is happening, Larry Elder would have won in a landslide. It's the same thing in all of these left wing states though. Big city douchebags dragging everyone else under with them.

    • Roger Camp
      Roger Camp Month ago +2

      @Ron Vaughan OK. I understood it to be in effect now after that dipstick governor was re-instated.

    • Ron Vaughan
      Ron Vaughan Month ago +1

      @Roger Camp Not going into effect until 2025 or whenever feasible, whichever is later. And when it does, the sales of gasoline lawn equipment in Reno and Las Vegas will explode.

    • William Waller
      William Waller Month ago +2

      @Roger Camp I'm sitting on 7 acres. Gotta be pretty dang hard to mow anything more than a postage stamp with an electric mower.

      Also in terms of generators. How do you use an emergency "electric" backup source when the electricity goes out?

      Gavin Newsom is an idot!

  • RMP PianoTuning
    RMP PianoTuning Month ago +19

    Having owned a VOLT here n the states, I can tell you the battery mileage decreases about 10 miles in 4 years. And the charge stations that were to be built still aren't in place to this date. I sold the car because the pricey electronic features they put into the car were buggy and had to replaced twice in the 4 years I had the car at $3k each time.

  • Tim Hicks
    Tim Hicks Month ago +596

    This is all to do with removing the individual’s independence, that comes with personal transport. This goes for bikes and cars as well. The ruling classes do not want the peasants to travel.

    • stuart coyne
      stuart coyne 22 days ago

      @Tristan Drew true true. Don’t know if a horse is more expensive to keep than a car because those buggers “pump” out some greenhouse gasses more than some Motorbikes lol. No catalytic converter on horses lol, They’ll be a tax on methane gasses, they could call it the gutless fart tax. 😂 lmao.

    • Tristan Drew
      Tristan Drew 22 days ago +2

      Agree. 1920 and you're classed rich if you have a car instead of a horse and carriage. 2020 you're rich to have a horse. 2040 you're rich to have a car and most will ride horseback!

    • stuart coyne
      stuart coyne 24 days ago +1

      @Thorkell 64 I hope not, we fought a world war to get rid of a socialist movement and government in Europe and 80 years later it’s starting to sneak back in Europe. Thank you for your well wishes too 😉👍. If it ever does go socialist, I’m emigrating to a capitalist country. I’ve seen what socialism can do to a nations peoples and I want no part of it…

    • Thorkell 64
      Thorkell 64 24 days ago +1

      @stuart coyne Thank you, hope you had a peaceful Christmas Day, and let’s enjoy the rest of the holidays..

      I’m pretty sure that we’ll never see the normality that once was, ever again.
      They are steering the ship to a place that’s only going to work well for them..
      When we come out of this, we will be in an entirely different world, a new normal, as the pandemic ushers in, the new world socialist utopian technocracy ..
      If you’re in any doubt about this, you’ll just have to play it by ear, give it a bit of time, and we will see.
      All the best .. 🥳👍

    • stuart coyne
      stuart coyne 24 days ago +1

      @Thorkell 64 I know right - another reason why no one has all the answers, may be we will get some normalcy in 2022. Anyway, Merry Christmas and all the best for 2022 to you.

  • TheDessmith
    TheDessmith Month ago +24

    Great video. As an electric car driver I can add that everyone forgets with stated range that it’s based on new battery, in warm weather and driven at a fixed optimal pace. Real world use you can count on 25-35% reduction in the quoted range. Cold weather and battery deg reduces this further. Biggest factor of all is you can’t run from full to empty as that assumes you will run out at a charging station. In real world 150 miles will be 100 mile max you will then need to reduce this by a further margin of error to allow for distance to a suitable charging station so real world practical range in worst case would be more like 80-90 useable miles.

    When it comes to charging time you then have to factor if your vehicle can take fast charging many have limits on smaller cheaper vehicles. If the chargers work, non Tesla network is hopeless and often out of service, and as numbers increase you may have to wait to get into the charger which will further increase the time it takes to charge.

    Electric is fantastic for people that do a daily commute, charging from home and back, then it’s cheap, fast and fun. Long runs require a lot more time and planning and bring in the issue of charging fees!

    My car will do 4 miles to the kWh, that’s best in class. On a hime charger that’s costing now approx 25p/kWh but can be half that if you have a special night time charging deal. On the road you can expect to pay double this at public chargers! Making the cost of the energy more expensive per mile than a modern efficient petrol car ( no one mentions this )

    So electric cars are fast, fun, efficient but range anxiety is a real thing, travel times will increase significantly and the cost of motoring is significantly higher than an equivalent fossil fuel car. ( you only save money if it’s a company vehicle and your saving the BIK tax)

    I love the Tesla it’s an awesome car, but I’m not giving up the T120 custom for anyone, end to end emissions efficiency of my bike would be massively higher than my car, in terms of mpg and the carbon footprint required to build it and recycle it once obsolete. ( they don’t yet have a clean way of recycling modern car batteries which are an environmental disaster)

    • Full Potato Jacket
      Full Potato Jacket Month ago +4

      A milage tax is probably only a year away on EVs. The govt won't lose its precious tax income.

    • C_R_O_M__________
      C_R_O_M__________ Month ago +3

      They are deleting my main comment so I’ll try to post it here:

      “Kudos for the information gathered and presented. I have been following this issue for more than 15 years now and the hypocrisy is thus clear to me. For a medium sized car the electric version will need to travel about 120k miles just to break even in terms of total emissions to that of a modern ICE car and that’s ASSUMING that all charges are to be done by renewable energy which is practically impossible. Moreover, no one that I know of has factored in the production emissions for the renewables themselves and it is an enormous bill. Your audience can read a report by G&R (Goehring and Rozencwajg) prominent commodity analysts, specifically a recent report titled “Ignoring energy transition realities”. Read the long full version. It’s all in there except for the production emissions for renewables that no one seems to count when it comes to emissions by EVs.

      My theory is that the whole ordeal is a combination of financial and ideological plus the, all too familiar, classic and eternal, power grab incentive, that fuels this nonsense. This is not going well and citizens need to react to this catastrophic (in many aspects) agenda. We seem to have a shortage for citizens worldwide though.

      What will it happen when these wind turbines, solar panels, batteries, etc, will need to be recycled and/or disposed? Renewables have a life cycle between 10 and 20 years - more close to the lower part of that range and moreover is pretty clear by now that they can’t provide baseload to the grid due to their unpredictability and intermittent energy production nature. This is INSANE from many perspectives.”

    • C_R_O_M__________
      C_R_O_M__________ Month ago +3

      @TheDessmith Kwh is going to get VERY expensive as they force electrification on all of us. Sad to say bad by buying an EV you actually encouraging the transitioning to a mad, controlled, dystopian world. EVs incorporate a great number of systems that make you 100% traceable all the time. Old classic vehicles don’t. Even a charging station will can hold information about your vehicle when it get’s plugged in to charge. With buying gasoline/diesel that’s almost impossible. It’s like being signed all the time on Google, with your real name, surrendering all your personal data to people that want to use it for their own purposes. Purposes that don’t necessarily align to yours.

    • C_R_O_M__________
      C_R_O_M__________ Month ago +2

      @Peter Smithson Good luck doing that with an EV needing to charge for hours at a time when you don’t want to degrade your battery with fast charging…

  • Quacktics are Go
    Quacktics are Go Month ago +11

    If the last 18 months have shown us anything, it's that the public has no interest in standing up to government overreach.

  • Neil Meekings
    Neil Meekings Month ago +2

    Thanks for putting this out there, we truly need some kind of action....maybe just maybe the motorcycle community can be motivated to fight for its life when normally we do so much for everyone else.......

  • David Ross
    David Ross Month ago +3

    Right to the point as always, Its good to know there are others out there who can see through this governments ( dictatorship!) slimy underhand plans. well done 👋👋👋

  • Quentin Jackson
    Quentin Jackson Month ago +1

    Thanks for the thought provoking video.......Of course, a large part of the appeal of motorcycling is about the freedom it offers! Can I also add, that one person riding a motorcycle is usually fuel efficient but one person tanking down the outside lane in a 4x4 is fuel guzzling madness.......Please Government let common sense prevail and start by encouraging road users to ride/drive in a sensible way but accepting that part of owning a motorbike is about being an individual and having fun. Cheers.

  • Fred4662
    Fred4662 Month ago +4

    Thanks for another interesting video Stuart, as a Canadian who lived in Hull, then York when I was a teenager, I can see if Britain does this type of thing then our Government will see it and think it is a great idea. They have already said that light duty cars and passenger trucks have to be zero emission by 2035. Surely motorcycles will be next. One main problem I see here is our distances are so big to get enough charging stations and updating the supporting electrical grid sounds near impossible. As far as motorcycles, will people with existing motorcycles be restricted as to where we can purchase fuel if this happens. And really, a life without the sound of real motorcycles will be a lot less interesting.

  • Gothic pagan
    Gothic pagan Month ago +3

    Depressing times ahead. Never before have I felt someone, somewhere is out to get us at any opportunity.
    I guess the only thing left is trying to get past 120mph from an electric push bike, life goes on🤘

  • Duncan Mitchell
    Duncan Mitchell Month ago +6

    Right on Uncle Stu. Good on you for talking about this and raising awareness. I live in Australia now but as an ex-pat from the UK I care about what's happening back home and if things happen in the UK and Europe these tend to be adopted here in time so it's a topic we all should be concerned about.

  • dafad ddu
    dafad ddu Month ago +598

    Government overreach is everywhere these days. Most people are too blind to see it. Keep punting out the videos, the more people awake the better 👍

    • Graham
      Graham 18 days ago +2

      @Iain Baker Look up 'mandatory' in a law dictionary.
      Legalese is a language designed to fool the masses.. it works well.
      No man made court has authority over us. That would be the tail wagging the dog.
      But in all cases, that needlecraft is something to avoid above all else.

    • Tone Geerkins
      Tone Geerkins 20 days ago +3

      I used to say the same "ppl are too blind"

      But, it has since been revealed to me, that they are not blind, but stupid!

      They are incapable of thinking for themselves, questioning claims, anticipating consequences, or imagining ramifications.

      I have seen very little that encourages me to think the situation will improve.

      Stupid and feckless...exactly!

    • Steven Jones
      Steven Jones 22 days ago +2

      Spot on 👍

    • Thorkell 64
      Thorkell 64 27 days ago +4

      @Wolfie Street
      Hopefully before it’s all too late.

    • Wolfie Street
      Wolfie Street 27 days ago +4

      @Thorkell 64 But there is hope. Everywhere I look more and more people are waking up to it. I blame their brazen arrogance.

  • John Turner
    John Turner Month ago +2

    Bloody hell, too many comments to wade through - but as said elsewhere, thanks for presenting this Stuart in such a clear and well thought out manner. You would hope the government could direct more of their efforts to dealing with long standing issues they seem incapable of addressing - knife crime, drugs gangs, border protection, for examples, instead of persecuting rod users yet again.

  • Ali Henderson
    Ali Henderson Month ago +2

    So the 'long march through the institutions' has reached the BMF.
    Most of the bikers I know have been hiding behind their sofas, taking in the fear porn every night on the TV.
    When this scamdemic started, I tried to tell anyone who'd listen that the biking lifestyle that they claim to cherish, is over. I was called a conspiracy theorist.
    Once you realise that the scamdemic was initiated precisely to enable this kind of Draconian legislation and all the other authoritarian measures introduced, things start to make sense.
    Excellent video, thanks.

  • Stephen Kearney
    Stephen Kearney Month ago +2

    Hi Stuart, another excellent video and while I might not agree with you on everything, I think you've got it a lot more right than wrong. For instance, you are spot on about the BMF, the organisation that called 45MPG "economical" and 50 MPG "frugal". After 38 years' membership, I had to face the fact that the BMF had slid into total irrelevance: like virtually all the bike organs - publishers mainly - they had ceased to deal with anything that truly matters to road bikers, in particular the fantastic potential for petrol-engined motorcycles to be accepted as part of a long-term, economical, low-pollution totally integrated transport system. Had they (and the rest of the bike organs) being doing their job - and they’ve had plenty of notice - bikes would now be exempt from many of the new regulations in the pipeline. Why? Because, quite simply bikes would be seen to make so much sense. And what did the BMF do instead? They stuck - and continue to stick - their head in the sand and simply pretend it isn’t happening, joining with the rest of the press in revering fashion-led, symbols of mindless consumption, secure in the echo-chamber praise of their own clique.

    A year ago, I finally decided not to renew my membership and when the annual letter inviting renewal arrived I thought I’d simply ignore it and forget it. After all, the BMF seemed an increasingly deaf organisation, so why bother. However, I thought I’d give them a chance. I emailed them to explain that after 38 years of membership, I was now leaving. Soon after I received a reply, thanking me for my support over so many years and ………….. that’s it! They never thought of asking me why. One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that interested people ask questions. No questions = no interest. Quite simply, the BMF wasn’t interested - and I reckon they hadn’t been for many years.

    Stuart, if only it stopped there. As a life MAG member, I put forward a proposal at the 2019 AGM that MAG promotes the motorcycle as a low pollution, economical and practical part of a fully integrated transport system. The motion was passed. Yes, it was passed and nothing more was heard - or done. Clearly MAG’s hierarchy didn’t like it. They were going on as before in blissful ignorance of their contradictory position. They claim that bikes are economical (without actually specifying what that means) yet see nothing wrong with publishing tests singing the praises of impractical gas-guzzlers, such as the 180MPH Suzuki Hayabusa and never criticise the consumption, just like the rest of the bike press. Why on earth do bikers and the groups who claim to act in their interest, passively put up with being so badly ripped off? Why do they never protest? When I did protest yet again to MAG last year, their tester suggested I should leave the organisation because I was being divisive. Clearly I was ‘not the right sort’ for his echo chamber.

    MAG, it has to be said, did publish an article of mine on this very subject, entitled "Motorcycling’s Achilles Heel". That was back in 2006 but for all the difference it made, it might as well have been yesterday.

    Promoting mindless but undoubtedly exciting, two wheeled consumption is at least understandable on the part of the mainstream press; they have a product to shift after all, but to see riders’ rights groups do just the same, seemingly blind to the fantastic potential they have in their grasp, is unforgivable. What’s the point of riders’ rights if we have nothing to ride?

    Yes, I agree that MAG are a very much better organisation than the BMF and that’s why I’m still a member but alas, they still fall into the easy trap of the cosy clique. As I pointed out to the BMF, via their magazine in my "Back to Basics" article - and endlessly repeated - it will take only one politician looking for an angle to notice that your bike uses more petrol than his car to blow your “environmentally friendly” claims out of the water. The date of that publication, by the way, was 1991 - yes 30 years ago!

    My final sentence to the tester who advised me to leave MAG, now seems singularly apt:

    And when this is all over, when the ICE motorcycle is dead and gone and someone asks you why, with all that potential for economy and environmental friendliness, you let it happen, I hope you have a good answer for them.


  • swhedge71
    swhedge71 Month ago +2

    Great observations, research, and analysis Stuart. You are spot on with every subject you touched on! Living in the States we are seeing and feeling the impact of the "scare mongering" and quite frankly, people are waking up to all of this nonsense! Thank you for posting this, and I guarantee I will be sharing this video to all I know! Cheers Mate from some one in Texas that appreciates you!

  • Tom Peter
    Tom Peter Month ago +453

    As a German Rider for nearly 50 years in the saddle, you may not believe, but I am 100% with you from the first to the last sentence,
    we are facing exactly the same problems here ! Our new socialist / green government is going to show the world how good and fast we can shut down everything in Germany, regardless how normal people will be able to manage and live their lifes....

    • Gary T.
      Gary T. 13 days ago

      I get you Tom, but with the climate problems as they are desperate times call for desperate measures.

      I am also a rider with 45+ years with my license (50+ if you count off road riding and not-exactly-legal road riding) and I think that us old-timers really should butt-out of these types of issues, they are for the younger generations to deal with, won't affect us. By the time 2035 comes along we'll be more concerned with arthritis treatments.

      That said I am still not convinced that electric will be the way. Hydrogen is looking really positive (look, at Japan, Toyota no less), whichever what will be will be. Something has to be done to offset the climate issues.

    • Caz Realist
      Caz Realist 16 days ago +1

      Your country has been developing hydrogen engines and they are now achieving parity with petrol engines so fingers crossed all is not lost

    • Tom Peter
      Tom Peter 23 days ago +1

      @Chaz from UK i have to agree unfortunately

    • Chaz from UK
      Chaz from UK 23 days ago +1

      Tom, Germany is the worst country in Europe and the main reason why we left the EU.

    • ste mun
      ste mun 24 days ago +1

      Wow Socialist government in Germany?!?!? a national one? How the FU@K did that happen?

  • James Christensen
    James Christensen Month ago +9

    And this is why I'm proud of having a country with freedoms written in the foundation... Although even America has rumors of petrol bans in the near future.

    • SadWings Raging
      SadWings Raging 28 days ago

      @Pdpmail Canada being the arbiters of what is "free"....


    • Pdpmail
      Pdpmail Month ago

      @James Christensen America is 17th in the list of most free countries. So you see America is not no 1 whatsoever. But still be proud, it could have been worse 😂

      The Index of Freedom in the World is an index of civil liberties published in late 2012 by Canada's Fraser Institute, Germany's Liberales Institut, and the U.S. Cato Institute. The index is the predecessor of the Human Freedom Index, which has been published annually since 2015. The coauthors of both indexes are Ian Vásquez and Tanja Porčnik (née Štumberger).

      The index is based on measures of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, individual economic choice, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, violence and crimes, freedom of movement, and women's rights. Other components of the Freedom Index include human trafficking, sexual violence, female genital mutilation, and homicide.

      The index rates countries on a scale from 10 (freest) to 0 (least free). The freest countries/regions were New Zealand (8.88), Switzerland (8.82), and Hong Kong SAR, (8.81).

      Least free were Syria (3.79), Venezuela (3.80), and Yemen (4.30). The components on which the index is based can be divided into economic freedoms and other personal freedoms. Highest ranking in economic freedoms Singapore (8.71). Highest ranking in personal freedoms were Sweden (9.45) and the Netherlands (9.28).

      In 2020, United States has dropped to rank 17 according to The Human Freedom Index.

    • James Christensen
      James Christensen Month ago

      @Pdpmail do ya live under a rock or are you just ignoring the facts cause America is the most free country that exists currently

    • Pdpmail
      Pdpmail Month ago

      Just don’t harp on about freedom … Merica ain’t got a monopoly on it

    • James Christensen
      James Christensen Month ago

      @Pdpmail dude it's so not at all like nazi Germany, couldn't be farther from it. If you want to see a modern day nazi Germany, why don't you go look up the concentration camps in China where they're trying to eradicate the Muslims and their culture. You won't see religious minorities disappearing off the streets in America.

  • Arbiter Last
    Arbiter Last 27 days ago +1

    So glad to find this channel and someone that speaks for how things really are! Subscribed! BTW - do not forget one of the other really sinister facts about the remote access controls ..... the ability to shut down or prevent you bike/car from even moving ...... for whatever the 1% deem appropriate ... "sorry Mr Fillingham - you have reached your carbon limit for this week .... no bike rides for you at the moment" .....

  • media116
    media116 Month ago +1

    Excellent video presenting a measured and common sense assessment of what lies ahead for motorists. Sadly, I t looks like a bleak future for both bike and car enthusiasts and, as you infer, the way so much of the impending changes/restrictions are kept ‘under the radar’ is an absolute scandal. Most people remain blissfully unaware of what’s around the corner which, of course, is just how the authorities like it.

  • Michael McLarney
    Michael McLarney Month ago +3

    You're spot on again Stu, stating in plain English what many of us think. The worrying thing is that I seem to come across many people that can't see what's coming. PCP deals fit nicely with the idea that you will own nothing, and be happy. I'm going to the bike show next week and am going to part with some hard earned at the MAG stand and join.

  • Colin Martin
    Colin Martin Month ago +588

    After the modification legislation, the biggest threat will be scarcity of petrol. As electric becomes the norm, petrol stations will close, or switch over to charging stations, so fuel will become harder and harder to find, and more and more expensive. We are being governed by total fools, idiots who are of a very low ability, who have not the wit to survive in the real world, and who have grown up in a wealthy world where common sense is unknown, a world where they look down on working people with total distain.

    • Derek Cable 🇬🇧
      Derek Cable 🇬🇧 22 days ago

      @0utcastAussie thank you for stating the bleeding obvious.
      Why do think Blair was involved with the European satellites project in the early 2000s for blackbox pay per mile.
      Now they are going Smart motorways instead.

    • 0utcastAussie
      0utcastAussie 22 days ago

      @Derek Cable 🇬🇧
      Have you been riding / driving with racehorse blinkers on for the past 5 years ?
      Almost EVERY bridge & junction is now covered by ANPR cameras.
      They are NOT there to catch baddies so I wonder what their actual primary purpose is for ?
      I'll spell it out for you
      P.A.Y. B.Y. M.I.L.E.
      If you're a car driver (or Truck) there is no escape !

    • Sam B
      Sam B 25 days ago

      I don’t think they’re fools, they know exactly what they’re doing. If they’re fools, it’s because they’ve forgotten how oppression ends for oppressors. This will only end when the general population reassert their basic rights and freedoms.

    • Paul Beddows
      Paul Beddows 28 days ago

      And where will they gey their fuel duties from ah yes electricity 🤔

    • Cap Tango
      Cap Tango 29 days ago

      Imagine tge size of the ques all waiting in the roads waiting for their turn to get their car charged up at stations.

  • Ian Richardson
    Ian Richardson Month ago +3

    Very very informative video, thankyou. I think the most important issue around electric vehicles is the fact that they actually INCREASE the overall emissions from vehicles. It can be explained through simple schoolchild physics: generating electricity from fossil fuels introduces a loss through the energy conversion, then there is another loss when that energy is stored in batteries to be recovered later. As most of our electricity is generated from fossil fuels (currently around 70%, and likely to increase dramatically as the number of electric vehicles increases, not forgetting the banning of gas boilers which will also increase demand for electricity) this means an electric vehicle will never ever ever reach the efficiency of a petrol one. An electric vehicle will not ever produce less emissions than one that uses petrol, unless all of that electricity is produced by renewables and nuclear energy. With all governments gearing up to open coal mines to meet the demand (therefore reducing the current optimistic 7% from renewables to more like 3%) and no plans to build the 3-4 nuclear power stations needed, electric cars will overall produce at the very least around 10% more emissions than those that use petrol. There will never be a single advance in technology that will allow an electric vehicle to produce fewer emissions than a petrol one unless fossil fuels used for electricity dropped off dramatically Any electronic/electrical engineer should be voicing these simple facts - this is literally a scam.

    • David small
      David small 19 days ago

      Dont forget about SF6 - the dirty secret of renewable energy.

  • Eric Mowrey
    Eric Mowrey Month ago +1

    Brilliant analysis as usual Stuart and cheers for that.

    I have a few theories about how this is going to pan out if passed.
    1. Ban on MC sales will not translate into growth of sales for electric motorcycles.
    2. If you have a piston bike they will first limit the number of miles you can ride in a year. Then they will start to ration gas for both cars and bikes. Then they will forbid driving in cities and motorways. Finally, they will announce a year (for bikes) when you can no longer register your bike for the road. Your bike will become a personal museum piece, to keep in your shed, or living room.
    3. The motorcycle accessory industry, worth billions of dollars in annual trade, will go out of business. Everything from aftermarket shocks (Ohlins, Bi Tubo, Wilbers, K-Tech, YSS, etc.) to seat makers, lighting experts, exhaust manufacturers etc., will eventually have to close shop, at least in Europe.
    4. Garages and dealerships will disappear by the thousands.
    5. Like you said Stuart, it will gravely affect the motor tourism industry.

    As far as charging stations go, the government will never and can never build enough. It's impossible. Not only that but think about the chaos when, for example, everyone gets home from work at say six-ish. The 1st priority for people above all else will be to charge their vehicle. Imagine an apartment building with fifty apartments and five chargers. I cannot speak for the UK, but I can guarantee that in the US there will be bloody gun battles over who first gets to charge their car. Unfortunately that is not an exaggeration. There may not be gun play in Britain but there will be plenty of nasty fights, assaults and possibly worse.

    This green fantasy of saving the planet by forcing a nascent, expensive technology on the public will backfire, if you'll excuse the term lol. If the "left" is known for one thing it is the inability to ask the fundamental question. ie., "then what"? What happens if the electrical grid cannot support X-thousands of new charging stations, then what?. What will the government do with a million tons of highly toxic dead batteries, then what? The list of "then what" questions is long indeed but the Greenies and others don't g.a.f. You see, utopia is nigh. They are not only going to save the planet but us as well. And then what...?

  • Alex Clarke
    Alex Clarke Month ago +2

    I remember when one of the big four Japanese bike manufactures came under fire for having spyware tech built into the ECU. Their defence was that the information stored was only to be used in warranty claims. This was around 15 or 20 years ago. This is all a bit moot as new smart roads and driverless vehicles become the norm, there is no space for motorcycles in the dystopian near future.

    • stuart fillingham
      stuart fillingham  Month ago +2

      well looking at a statement from DFT this week the roads will be pretty empty, because they have finally admitted they don't want us to own personal transport, and intend phasing car ownership out ASAP.

  • E J Kirk
    E J Kirk Month ago

    Good informative video Stuart, and your quite right too raise awareness concerning these. Totally agreed with what you’ve said, I find in these modern times there is a severe lack of rational thinking. The government and especially the media are forming people’s minds for the future. Good work 👍

  • James Remus
    James Remus Month ago +1

    Thanks for the video, I agree that there is something nefarious in the government’s actions and this will no doubt find it’s way into all countries eventually unless we all push back. Cheers from Canada. 🇨🇦

  • Sophia's Choice
    Sophia's Choice Month ago +3

    As a biker myself I knew this would happen as soon as I got the bike of my dreams ...a 2008 fireblade. This is so bloody unfair. Thank you for all your information and energy in producing this content. 🙏⚖👊

    • Sophia's Choice
      Sophia's Choice 18 days ago

      @Kev Walker yes...and so will I. 🤣🤣👍

    • Kev Walker
      Kev Walker 18 days ago +1

      By the time this comes into force in 2035 your blade will be rust.

  • danny austin
    danny austin Month ago +2

    As much as I LOVE my petrol bikes, if this is the progression of the technology and a fair bit of notice has been given for no NEW sales... I'm not too rocked by this. Kids growing up with just electric bikes available to them won't know what they've missed. Your comments regarding data collection however, I can absolutely see happening, and soon! As too, the limiting of any modification at all. I have a big issue with this. Really appreciate your thoughts on this and raising awareness of the issues.
    Nice balanced approach to the climate change subject :) bravo! I've searched far and wide for non biased information to make up my own mind and it is scarce. Stu for president!

  • andicog
    andicog Month ago +2

    Been biking for 40 years, I've never understood the government's attitude towards a mode of transport that takes up so little space, uses so little fuel and cause so little road damage .

    • Ron Vaughan
      Ron Vaughan Month ago +3

      It represents individuality and freedom. Communists hate that.

  • The Knights Templars
    The Knights Templars Month ago +81

    If the government are scrapping diesel and petrol engines then it stands to reason that motor homes are also going to go - a lot of people have bought them this last couple of years on 10 yr loans 🤔 and how will this affect long distance lorry drivers who can’t use electric engines 🤔seems to me the government have upset a lot of the voter base , long live the revolution 👍🏻

    • Ken H
      Ken H 13 days ago

      Yeh and them that buy electric cars will av to pay 50 per ent more money for the running costs. If electric going to go up 50 percent 2022 the price of charging anew electric cars will be an headache for govnt so keep your money in your pockets. Dont buy the new electric car and u should then be able to pay your electric bill.. I'll stick to my bus pass . An diesel car. Electric cars gonna be a load of trouble.. in closing this is true. An electric car has run out of charge. And a van powered by gas turns up with a small trailer on it wi6 a diesel powered generator on it to power the electric generator on it to charge up the broken down electric car. So Agassi driven van with a diesel generator to charge up an electric car. Very funny I thought....

    • bernard mulder
      bernard mulder 24 days ago +2

      Agreed long live the revolution , They can only pass legislation if they are in power.

    • Kingsley Kronk K
      Kingsley Kronk K 25 days ago +1

      I read it only applies to cars vans and motorbikes.
      Most lories and heavy machinery will be exempt from using petroleum but heavily taxed I assume.
      Aviation will become an expensive luxury or restricted to the elites.

    • Ken H
      Ken H 27 days ago +3

      You will own nothing and you will be happy. The new world order 666 it's all in the bible..

    • Cap Tango
      Cap Tango 29 days ago +2

      Imagine the cost of electrifying the motorways for electric lorrys, also which lane will they choose to have hundreds of lorrys in miles of ques plodding along in one lane. Imagine other traffic trying to get on or off .
      How much is this going to cost and as usual the tax payer will be footing the bill.

  • Peter G
    Peter G 7 days ago +1

    Well said Stuart, it's all about control: It's all done under "the guise" of helping the people/ environment. I belong to a vintage motorcycle club here in Sydney AU. Most of these riders are only interested in 'things' pertaining to motorcycles & have virtually zero understanding or interest in politics. The real driver/ controller of social change is politics. The leading policy under it all is Eugenics, and just above it (for now) is climate change... The COMING CONTROLS especially for motorcyclists is to take-down what was once a free-spirited group within the global community.
    Having lived through, the great climate cooling, then the great climate warming hoaxes & we now have the deliberately divisive climate change hoax. All these hoaxes are just that, hoaxes. Nonetheless, all were & are now heavily sponsored by the Carnegie & Rockefeller institutes, the billionaire families that made & maintain their fortunes in oil & more recently pharmaceuticals. As a throw away to a millionaire friend some 40 years ago, I said the sure-money won't be in gold but carbon trading. I gave him the the idea of the name "Carbon Credit Corporation, 3C's you can't say no to". The bugger founded it, & became its chairman. It has been most successful for him. I wouldn't have anything to with it out of principle. I knew it was a big con coming soon to everyone. It was one of my throw away ideas. One man's trash that became another's treasure.
    I belonged to the Electric Vehicle Association for a time... an electric vehicles' range is ultimately controlled by the suppression of astonishingly advanced battery technologies. Significantly advanced battery technologies have existed for decades, their patents are mostly owned & controlled by the same oil industry robber barons.
    Keeping the price of oil high is their game, by brainwashing school children & their parents into believing oil is NON renewable, finite resource. Nothing could further from the truth. Russians find oil at 30K feet depths which totally discredits the 'fossil origins' BS. Example: the once empty & abandoned Pennsylvanian oil fields, have miraculously topped themselves up. W.T.Fact! Coal is another process. However, ignorance as to the origins of oil abounds & dominates this entire debate regarding so called 'renewable energy'... implosion technologies, plasma & etheric energy concepts are heavily suppressed by so-called governments that take a substantial cut of the pump rice (about half the price) of every litre of petrol sold to our dumbed down societies. What fuel or even free-energy any vehicle uses is NOT the issue. The REAL issue has nothing to do with carbon emissions or pollution. Let me expand...
    It's all about CONTROL of all the 'little people', the so called 'useless eaters'. So called by about the 8,500 individuals that run this world. And let's go deeper yet: N.B. According to the Georgia Guide Stones, which claim too many of us exist, by about 8.5 billion. According to these Free Masonic 'Guide Stones', the world's population is to be limited to 500m, sufficient to service the 'needs' of the self-seeking billionaire elite families & their corrupt corporatized government puppets.
    If your thinking does not account for this BIGGER picture, i.e. those facts denied by the 'little people', then you will be misled like the sheep that have just lined up to be voluntarily jabbed by an experimental, DNA altering drug of unknown ingredients, unknown to the vast majority i.e. Didn't our parents tell us 50 years ago, "Don't experiment with drugs"... if you get my drift. Yep, I don't know why I bother, but here's a throw away... ALL, I do mean ALL governments are now corporations, thanks to collective ignorance, sloth & self interest. The U.S. in recent times have clobber the remaining six nations that held out & did not corporatize, to be under the control of the international banks. You know: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt, North Korea.
    YOU & I have NO say in a corporation unless YOU & I are a shareholders of that company's shares. So what umbrella corporation controls your nation? In AU, it's name is Pecker Maroo & all govt departments are owned & controlled by this parent corporation. (Think about it... in AU the dejure govt used to be known as "The Government of Commonwealth of Australia". This was usurped by the corporation known as the "Australian Government", etc., etc.,
    N.B. A MANDATE is not law, it is a proposal from principal to agent requiring the consent of the agent for a contract or commission to become effective. (Blacks Law Dictionary 11th ed.) One cannot recognize the world the world we now live in, because perhaps one never knew the world one grew up in. The world is under the control of "the prince of the power of the air" (look it up), for e.g. all 33 degree Free Masons must acknowledge this fact, or they don't get to be a 33rd degree. Ranks below this level are purposefully kept in the dark, useful to 'that' cause, but kept as dumb as DS, in the 'promise of positions to come' in the NWO, the one they'll create through chaos, hence "Ordo Ab Chao" - their motto. Most good 'contented' people just watch all this shite happen. They simply do nothing, allowing it to be so. Like most of the dummies in my (now estranged) motor cycle club. They will not listen or see history repeating. They blindly follow 'mandates'. Mandates are not laws, merely an offer of a contract requiring ones consent to come into effect. The otherwise 'little people' refuse to understand that they have been duped; that the likes of their fake corporate governments are there to protect them. They even still vote for the major parties, thinking this will somehow change things. This too is mass lunacy. But enough : -)
    "Truth is NOT hidden, (little) people hide from the truth." Most people never bother to know their rights & have remained debt slaves to so-called governments. Corporatized governments are fully now owned & controlled by international banksters & their multinational buddies.
    Finally: Axiom of law states: "He who does not assert his rights has no rights." Yep... puppet government corporations, indebted to international banks & their global agendas, known as Agenda 2021 & Agenda 2030. And so, for the dumbed-down bunnies amongst us, don't forget to top up you daily feast of fear & get your genocidal boosters. Knock yourself out, you masked-muppets.
    Apologies Stuart for making perhaps a few too many, but inter-related points, at least as I know them to be.

  • SynapticTransmission
    SynapticTransmission 19 days ago +1

    Greetings from Canada. I'm in agreement with you 100% and expect to see the same thing being done here.
    These people need to be STOPPED.

  • Errol Dyson
    Errol Dyson Month ago +1

    Stuart, Stuart,Stuart. What can I say? After listening to the entire video, without skipping a single second, I can only say I’m glad I live in Australia only to come to the instant realisation it’s no different here. The fools currently running the country and various states have taken the COVID opportunity to rush through ridiculous legislation of their own. The world pandemic seems to be more about what governments can use COVID for than COVID itself. Who would ever have dreamed it possible for a medical practitioner to face the threat of de-registration or be de-registered for asking questions not in line with government policy regarding COVID vaccination. I can understand a government of one country mandating vaccination but nearly EVERY country???
    And other laws you speak of? I can say with all certainty whatever Europe or the USA does Australia just can’t wait to emulate. After all if it’s good for you it’s just gotta be even better for us! Chairman Mow, Stalin, Hitler and many others like them seem to have a lot in common with our current world leaders. They just got their results a bit more honestly. That is they didn’t bother to hid it.
    Welcome to our new world.

  • Nick Climpson
    Nick Climpson Month ago +1

    Thanks Stuart, concise and informative as usual. It is said that society gets the government it deserves, we won't get the government we deserve until there is a box on the ballot paper that says "None of the above"

  • Jake Dickinson
    Jake Dickinson Month ago +96

    Hydrogen internal combustion engines are surely the way forward. Electric vehicles will never be the answer unless they can become greener to produce, which seems unlikely very soon.
    The trouble is the governments are too committed and in bed with electric vehicle manufacturers they won’t look at other options. It’s a scandal.

    • Steven Dellow
      Steven Dellow 2 days ago

      @Mickey world being run by fanatical and misguided is an unpredictable mess and if it isn't stopped will be a very expensive result. Costs won't only be monetary but quality of life also. Too many people are making lucrative careers from spurious green measures and control of people's freedom. How else can you haven't so many people in data and finance.

    • Mickey
      Mickey 2 days ago

      @Steven Dellow It's not me you need to convince my friend , i'm already seeing those warning signs . Fact is , this electric dream is will do more damage than your listing . It's so one sided , and future generations are fully complicate .
      Personally i'm not gonna play their stupid games , i'm too old , to start over again . I changed my retirement plans , after i began to questioned the original , during the first lock down when i had time to think .

      Those changes have already begun , but a major part will be in place later this year , then i can start putting the bit's in place .

    • Steven Dellow
      Steven Dellow 4 days ago

      @Mickey they're wasting billions of tonnes of fossil fuels chasing a false green agenda and while we fund the wlid goose chase more optimistic money grabbers will jump in. The green lie is the biggest cause of increasing cost of living and restrictions on humanity. Nearly all leaders are hooked up to a very detrimental agenda to common sense and completely controlled by greed and the ability to control how we live and what we do. More effort is needed to stop this very damaging journey future generations will not thank us for. Nor present one's.

    • stephen richards
      stephen richards 4 days ago

      @Steven Dellow The real issue is that it is a dead end and that the jourbney back will be as painful as the arrival at the end.

    • Steven Dellow
      Steven Dellow 4 days ago

      Hydrogen does sound quite dangerous and battery very far from environment friendly. We're being led down the garden path and it's a very expensive path.

  • vertigo titan cruiser
    vertigo titan cruiser 17 days ago +1

    Wow!!!! I've definitely been under a rock 🪨 I had no idea this was happening 😳I don't watch or listen to the news I am a keen biker tho and have been for years on road and dirt, will this apply to second hand bikes how can they possibly roll this technology out to pr owned machines or will they be banned entirely

  • john copetti
    john copetti Month ago +1

    Spot on on all accounts, and I "love" the sound, vibration and feel of my toys, so I feel sorry for future generations which will have machines with no, or little personality. Cheers and all the best and keep up the great work.

  • C Perks
    C Perks Month ago +2

    'You do not recognise the world we're living in at the moment ". ......
    Your so right Stuart, the problem is that I think the world we did recognise has gone for good.
    This new world is only for the wealthy. Everything that's is being legislated for at the moment will sadly impact on the working classes and the poorest in society, whether it's the food u eat , your freedom and ability to travel or even heating your home. All of it is is being taken from us under the pretense of covid and climate.
    I never usually comment , but this struck a chord, Thanks for all your videos Stuart, especially this one..........
    I bloody hope we've got it wrong, if not ........God help us.
    Ride safe my friend.

  • Richard Ward
    Richard Ward Month ago +1

    If the range is vastly improved and the vehicles are so much cheaper and the charging terminals are readily available there is something that will still cause problems and the problem exists already: the abuse that the infrastructure takes from its users is insane. The number of chargers at any one station out of use is incredible and it's all down to the abuse the users of the charger give it. It's not a problem you get at petrol stations, because people will spill or get covered in fuel - and I suspect most are less concerned about the flammable nature of the fuel, rather than they may smell bad if any gets on them. I am also aware that the motoring industry are not overly happy with the UK government when the announcement for the ban of combustion engines was brought forward, because was done without consultation - as a result, the manufacturing industry is not really ready for this either - it takes years to change the infrastructure, the logistic, the tooling to be ready in 13 years.

  • Chip Cobb
    Chip Cobb Month ago +452

    I have forgotten where this quote comes from but:

    “Criminal activity is anything that is performed by the lower classes that is found distasteful to the ruling classes”

    • Peter Ford
      Peter Ford 22 days ago

      @Thomas W.glasgow Have to kinda laugh at your comment. Crime, unfortunately, isn't crime until it's committed by,,,, people. It's a thought.
      Just as an unenforced law is useless until it's enforced. It's the cops job to do that. Whether we always agree with the law or not.

    • Thomas W.glasgow
      Thomas W.glasgow 22 days ago

      the very definition of the poor law which is still enforceable to day , it's over 300 year old but will never be scraped , it's the po lices main mandate still nowadays . police people first crime second , aye !

    • Halcyon
      Halcyon 22 days ago

      @Brian Perry There is no séparate issue; Its all about control and limiting freedoms.

    • Peter Ford
      Peter Ford Month ago

      @Who won the Internet Come on, I'm 69 years old. Came from Germany when I was 4 with my mom and GI dad who adopted me. Went to school here all my life. Got drafted, saw a little action. I met a lady with 2 kids 6 months before I got out of the service. Married her and had a son. I've worked my butt off for 40 plus years as a carpenter, still working, though am semi retired and getting SS. I'm no government kiss ass. But I'm also not stupid enough not to see. I know government isn't perfect. I don't blindly believe, nor do I blindly throw them to the curb just because I'm not thrilled with some decisions they make. I see more than many, how the wealthy are more in the ears of government more than us. But not every thing government does is wrong.
      This all started with Stuart complaining about losing his utube income because the British government talks about banning gas bikes. Wow. So funny how stories get blown out of proportion cause of one negative utube video.
      Things are going to change. When the first automobiles popped up. People said, thats terrible, stop.
      Everytime there's change, somebody bitches. The story of man.

    • Who won the Internet
      Who won the Internet Month ago

      @Peter Ford you probably should seek out some old 50’s 60’s readers digest magazines. Thrift shops often have them, garage sales, doctors waiting rooms, used to be a good source (they often had the more liberal, national , geographic, as well).
      You will love the tobacco industry, circa @ 1950, using the tactics that were used by the petrochemical lobby 50 years later, to the same effect?.
      You will be able to track conservative values, fairly consistently, (cultural tracking, if you will?), via the digest, in particular.
      There are probably more domestic publications, but the digest, was published worldwide, in a few different languages.

  • Hermann Hoth
    Hermann Hoth Month ago

    Great video. I'm new to biking and just love it. Very sad to hear these joyless eco loons are trying to ruin this too.

  • David Carrera
    David Carrera Month ago +1

    It is draconian to have such sweeping changes be allowed to become Law and impact us who love to MC around the high ways etc. But I am NOT discouraged - I will simply refuse to re-register my bikes, and I will ride them where and when I want to, and I will NOT STOP for the constabulary - they can catch me (IF they can) - Hayabusa NZ

  • Hully Gully
    Hully Gully Month ago

    Thank god I was born in 1945, I have been a "Biker" all my life and are still riding now even though its a bit of a struggle at times and I feel sorry for any genuine motorcyclists starting out now that will have their freedom and enjoyment curtailed, a real crying shame, however there will always be used bikes available prior to the electric bikes only diktat and no doubt legislation will be brought in to stop that too.

  • Crookes MusicUK
    Crookes MusicUK 6 days ago

    So refreshing to hear someone being honest and rational. I am genuinely considering moving to the States in the coming years.
    There would have to be a civil war there before yanks give up their trucks and bikes!

  • Velton 2014
    Velton 2014 Month ago +131

    Excellent video Stuart, and your comments on the dreaded CV are 100% correct, including those tracking devices.
    After 57 years of motorcycling it break's my heart when I see what has been planned for us for decades unfolding in plain sight, I've had the best year's but I won't go down without a fight, ride safe!

    • Graham
      Graham 18 days ago

      @JJ RIDER 67 Teach your sons legalese (get them the dictionary first) and the other languages used, and teach them of the birth certificate fraud: and they will know freedom.

    • JJ RIDER 67
      JJ RIDER 67 Month ago +5

      @Priscilla Roberts I've done nearly 40 years in the saddle myself and yes, people like you and me will probably just about see out this insanity with a petrol driven bike underneath us but what really upsets me is that my sons won't get to share in the experience for very long (if our newly-green Prime Minister gets his way..) before being consigned to riding electric roller-skates with a range that just might reach the shops in the next town.. It's our responsibility to fight this oppressive legislation to the last with everything we've got..

    • JJ RIDER 67
      JJ RIDER 67 Month ago +1

      Well said, I feel exactly the same and I'm with you all the way mate..

    • Priscilla Roberts
      Priscilla Roberts Month ago +2

      I'm on 50 years riding and i reckon it'll see me out. I have accepted that at 70 the future isn't mine. I live for the present. New kwaka, tt is ( probably) on and my ferry and accommodation is booked. Not grumbling,living for now this is the dream. It's here!!!!!

    • Ric Barnes
      Ric Barnes Month ago +4

      You've said a mouthful there, my sentiments exactly, ride on into the sunset, may our road never end until we wish it to. Ric, ontario canada.

  • martin hamilton
    martin hamilton Month ago +1

    Came across this video by chance,absolutely spot on with everything you said in it Stuart,i will be sharing it to all the bikers i know and joining mag,we need to do all we can to fight this controlling bunch of arseholes masquerading as politicians.

    FSXE BKK Month ago

    Another very good and informative video. It is very important that people motorcyclists hear this and fully understand the dangerous situation this Green drive can cause. People must act ..not just watch a video and do nothing...or it will be too late....time goes very quick.
    I have always said there is a very big problem not discussed with battery life, manufacturing and disposal that no one talks about...but it will bite people up the A55 soon.
    As motorcyclists let's try and unite in some form to organise against this stup1d legislation.
    Cheers Stuart ...keep up the great work

  • John Machell
    John Machell Month ago

    From much of the data I see, the electric vehicle ranges stated by manufacturers seem to be mostly for driving / riding at 30mph, and are reduced significantly at higher speeds.

    No one has addressed the re-cycling / disposal requirements for the VAST amount of batteries required for this 'revolution', nor the immense environmental and human impact/cost of obtaining the various metals, and other materials, required to create the batteries.

    Synthetic fuels, fuel made from CO2 drawn from the air, and other technologies completely negate the need for banning internal combustion engines. (Hydrogen for cars etc)

    In the case of motorcycles, the contribution to global air pollution is utterly negligible compared to aircraft, shipping, power generation, intensive livestock farming amongst many others ...

    Please write to your MP's and give them correct, truthful data and information, to stop them being bamboozled by fanatic anti everything groups who are very strong at presenting their biased case.

    As usual, governments (not just ours) jump on knee-jerk bandwagons for quick political gain/kudos.

    The Government loft insulation drive was the biggest waste of time and money in decades. The VAST majority of the funds made available were gobbled up by greedy 'installers' (many of whom were power companies) by charging £500 or more for a survey, and then reporting that the properties surveyed were not suitable. 'Not suitable' apparently meant they could not enter and/or work in a loft space without having to bend or stretch or climb through a hatch ... which is the by far the most common situation in the type of houses most in need of insulation.

    This forced electrification, is just another example of the same ill-informed knee-jerk voter appeasing legislation.

  • Kevin Fancett
    Kevin Fancett Month ago

    Thank you Stuart, a great piece to prompt thought rather than consuming the drivel from media, politicians and social media. Capitalism does have good and bad consequences of which the bad are constantly swept under the carpet. I have enjoyed my motorcycles since age 16 and am now enjoying quality time on my steed more often being retired. Hope I can afford to continue with my love of two wheels. Whether electrification is the solution only time will tell, but It'll probably all be too late for me (thank goodness). I am going to sign up for a membership with MAG now and will visit their stand at the NEC on Saturday.

  • Steven Michaeli
    Steven Michaeli Month ago

    Breaks my heart to hear this. I was sent to England in 1979 for a two-year assignment. I took my H-D XS250. I loved the motorcycling scene so much I ended up staying nine years replacing the XS250 with a 1983 RD350.

  • Nick Harding
    Nick Harding Month ago

    Straight to the point common sense, great vid.! It's a sad inevitability, I think we're being guided out of any sort of society as we know it with everything that's going on.

  • P.I Staker
    P.I Staker Month ago

    When I heard this back in July, I decided to sell all my classic bikes, while I could get a good price for them. Nobody seems to be aware of the coming changes. I am now glad to have got rid of them before they become worthless scrap. I replaced them with a new CB500X and only hope that I can get ten to fifteen years out of it before its either banned, or it costs around twenty pounds for a gallon for petrol.

  • Maciej Krzymieniecki

    Thanks for publishing this, I had no idea. 90% of emissions are produced by big corporations cutting corners to make profit. The other week MPs voted to allow corporations to dump shit from sewers in our rivers, that was not long after that climate conference they had which they all attended in private jets. They always expect the working class to make these meaningless sacrifices, while the real culprits, the big business, continue to destroy our planet. Makes me seethe. Keep up the good fight! PS: I say this as a working class Socialist, not to be confused with the very few but prominent types who know how to be loud but don't know much about anything else!

  • Bob Massey
    Bob Massey Month ago +1

    Stuart you have done a lot of great videos and I've enjoyed and gotten good out of a number of them. In truth, I think this is the most relevant one to date. Unfortunately politics affects all of us ,we can't deny or be quiet about what we are seeing.

  • m Goodyer
    m Goodyer Month ago

    this is a brilliant video, and very informative, some stuff I didn't even know, I'm a motorcyclist myself, and once again the government are trying to overstep the mark. keep trying reach those that don't see the the unlawful act of the governments, as a infringement on our freedom, and rights.

  • Joe Reed Music
    Joe Reed Music Month ago +1

    Once again you are direct on point about these issues, well done. You have the qualities that are strongly needed as the Head of a Riders Union, or MP fighting for the common man and woman in the issues of transportation and the roll of it's future growth in the UK. Don't stop fighting.

  • decayintheuk
    decayintheuk Month ago +2

    I found myself mentally making plans for my future listening to this and at the same time glad I never had kids. We are pavlovs dogs at this point

  • Tim Hicks
    Tim Hicks Month ago +118

    The plan is….once we can no longer travel….to herd us into ‘Smart Cities’. The World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, said we would ‘Own nothing and be happy’. Everything we want, we will have to rent.

    • allyourbasenow
      allyourbasenow 27 days ago +1

      Bravo my man im getting back on two wheels while i still can for this very reason! The 5gee smart grid ain't gonna be limited to pedestrians oh no no no.

    • Gary Mcmanus
      Gary Mcmanus Month ago +2

      Well the so called elites are going to very unhappy if they end up owning everything we don't.....

    • rolly unicorn
      rolly unicorn Month ago +8

      Yeah. We'll have to rent things from the big guys who DO own them.

    • Darrell Pistone
      Darrell Pistone Month ago +5

      @Tom Garney Agree totally Tom...

    • Tom Garney
      Tom Garney Month ago +18

      The whole electric vehicle push is designed to force people to live in Mega Cities where we can be monitored and controlled. It is beyond my comprehension why anyone would want to invest huge time, effort and money into such a useless endeavor. We are rapidly heading to a resurgence of feudalism, we will be serfs ruled over by royalty. Did everyone forget this system of government is what the founding of America was in response to? Or did you forget the French revolution where they guillotined the rulers because they were sick and tired of being serfs? History is repeating itself, wake up! Stop this before we all own nothing and we are definitely NOT happy about it.

  • Roses bullies
    Roses bullies Month ago +2

    Hi Stuart, I have messaged the BMF to ask why they sat back nodding while the ministers rubbed their hands. They are supposed to represent the biker community and yet they failed miserably. I will let you know what they say. Their website is now saying they were only answering the questions based on the data they were originally supplied with and didn't realise how far reaching and devastating this new legislation will be with their blessing. Are they so naive that they cannot exercise their brain cell and ask the questions that all bikers would want then to ask. I have been a biker since I was 16 and I am now 60, but I am not gullible and if something smells fishy it normally is. If I was speaking or representing any group of people, let alone the family which are bikers, I would have grilled them on every word and would have demanded everything in writing. It makes me sick to think that the BMF simply made up the numbers at the meetings and only made comment AFTER the negotiations were concluded. They should be ashamed of what they have done. Will keep you informed of any reply that they send me. Take care and ride safe

    • Roses bullies
      Roses bullies Month ago +1

      Hi Stuart, I have had a response from BMF. Helen, who is an administrator. She said she has forwarded my email to the main administrator for them to send their reply. Should be interesting to hear what they have to say. I will keep you informed. Cheers Martin

  • Darren Jones
    Darren Jones Month ago

    Looking at the longer term situation. If we follow the thread that advanced telemetry boxes will ultimately be able to control a car remotely (I will say cars, because bikes really do need a lot more development as they have many more variables in their control than 4+ wheeled vehicles) I see this as the only way we can have a hybrid transport system where fully and semi-automated vehicles can co-exist. Once all vehicles on the road have some way of communicating with other road users, then fully automated vehicles will be possible. I predict a big "switch over" once all old vehicles have been taken off the roads and every vehicle is fitted with electronic controls which can then be activated "by the hand of God".
    Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned complexity of attempting to do this with motorcycles, I think we might be facing the end of our beloved hobby, short of paying to go to a race track. Generally the future of personal transport does not look rosy, I think we need to make the most of the time we have remaining. Thanks Stuart, somebody on social media who does research and doesn't take the latest Twatter post and scream conspiracy.

  • dean jenkins
    dean jenkins 22 days ago

    WOW! That is crazy stuff going on in UK! As I motorcyclist here in USA I find this absolutely crazy! Now I'll be much more watching for possible our government trying to do the same thing here! At this time here in USA, electric cars are growing ONLY in the bigger cities, but useless on long distance traveling! Especially as big as USA is from coast to coast! But everyone forgets to think about what it takes to produce electricity, humm Fossil fuels, coal, nature gas, etc

  • Neil Blackburn
    Neil Blackburn Month ago

    Wow it's the 1st I've heard of it, and honesty,I knew they were trying to get petrol cars off the road, especially 4×4 diesel n big petrol engines,I honestly thought bikes might stand a chance,but after seeing how well the new electric bikes have come on is unbelievable!! But still,they should be classed as classic motorcycle,if it ain't got fancy electronic bits on it,leave it alone,as long as they give us access to petrol,ima keeping mine!!!!

  • Andrew Hayes
    Andrew Hayes Month ago +154

    Thanks so much for this Stuart. It looks like my bikes will all be rendered unroadworthy and beyond economical repair even though my modifications have improved their safety. We need massed motorcycle rallies in London to show our displeasure.

    • graham smith
      graham smith 24 days ago

      Not London please. The powers that be would love the collection of all those ULEZ charges.

    • william judd
      william judd 25 days ago

      @Andrew Hayes Me too 69 from Australia and we are sick of the destruction of society.

    • Otto Sump
      Otto Sump 26 days ago +1

      Derek Allen Thank the left wing for that .

    • Weechie
      Weechie 28 days ago +2

      @Jim b they are chosen who gets in to win & voting is becoming rigged, just like here in Canada, most don't like our current P. M. yet the parties are allowed to use illegal tactics and censorship of social media.. Wake Fast Folks, N e w W o r l d O r d e r, A g e n d a 2 1 A g e n d a 2 0 3 0

    • Jim b
      Jim b 29 days ago +2

      @camofilms .... When it is election time will be when to decide who. So far one side has shown themselves.

  • Jeremy Duszynski
    Jeremy Duszynski Month ago

    Several years ago (under the EU) and before it was being considered to ban petrol/diesel and only have BEV's, it was determined that there is insufficient electricity generating capacity. That is why the EU legislated the banning of incandescent light bulbs, the reduced power ratings for vacuum cleaners and the ever tightening energy consumption for fridges, freezers, washing machines and dish washers.
    Now there is the swing to BEV's and our electricity network will be overwhelmed. So what are they doing? All new home charging points will have to be "smart" so that if the network is seeing a high demand it will delay the charging of your vehicle till later. What happens if you get home, plug in to get a charge knowing that you will need your vehicle latter say to visit an elderly relative, and then go out to find that it hasn't taken on any charge and that you can't get there. With petrol/diesel at least you can have a spare can for such emergencies but this is not possible with BEV's.
    What also about all the houses that do not have off street parking. They will not be able to have their own domestic charger so will be forced to pay the higher rates from the other chargers. How will their mileage costs compare?
    Repeated fast charges is not good for battery life, slow charging is much better. The end result is that it will significantly increase travel times and the ability of people to actually go on holiday anywhere. Maybe that is what the powers that be want to happen.
    This role out is happening at a pace where the infrastructure is incapable of keeping up with the demand.

  • Stephen Knott
    Stephen Knott 17 days ago

    As informative as it gets Stuart and very worrying indeed, I believe that motorcyclists and all motorists should take control of the situation in the strongest possible terms to prevent these totally unnecessary restrictions on our freedom, it will of course be treated as subversive by the government for daring to question their reasons however I believe it to be a coercive tactic by the powers at be in order to implement their objectives, we all should stand up against this or like you have described we will loose our love of motorcycling forever and not forgetting destroying thousands of jobs in the process.

  • flutter bye
    flutter bye 11 days ago

    I’m a fellow internal combustion addict. I’m also a mechanic.
    Goodbye to my whole world.
    All I ever wanted was alternative fuel sources. This is too extreme.
    I’d also like to mention that batteries have been my bread and butter in my career because they suck and they are the weak link on internal combustion engines also.

  • Howard Groos
    Howard Groos Month ago +3

    Sadly I agree with every statement and prediction. Mass slow rides through City Centres to make our opinions public. Knob at no. 10 needs to go.

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago +82

    Hearing this disappointing news from the UK makes me happy to live in a developing country in Asia. It will take us decades more to get to this level of control, if it is even possible. In fact, the government's rosy forecast is that only 15% of new vehicles sold by 2030 will be electric... Long live petrol power!

    • Moon shiner
      Moon shiner 18 days ago

      It would be most interesting to see how India would implement such a course of action :)

    • crudkick
      crudkick 25 days ago

      China is considered a developing country in Asia

    • Otto Sump
      Otto Sump 26 days ago

      HATES PEACH Yep , we in the west never won the wars.

      HATES PEACH Month ago +4

      @Charles Hurhaus this global communist prison planet is what the so called nazis were actually fighting against...

    • Darrell Pistone
      Darrell Pistone Month ago

      @Charles Hurhaus TRUTH !

  • MultiOutdoorman
    MultiOutdoorman 10 days ago +1

    Eye opening stuff. Thanks Stuart. Not to mention the Brexit consequences ... the UK making a whole new set of unregulated rules !

  • paul kelly
    paul kelly Month ago +1

    Eventually, the vehicles will all interact with speed limits and traffic control devices. The move to self driving vehicles will come at the cost of the driver making operational control decisions. Eventually, we'll all just be passengers within our own privately owned vehicles.

    • tom sawyer
      tom sawyer 24 days ago

      Nope, Eventually, we'll all just be passengers within your car share vehicle

  • Robert Lindström
    Robert Lindström Month ago +1

    Japanese car manufacturers (all of them) have reportedly joined forces to develope a CO2 free combustion engine. As we know the japanese are very skilled at this kind of thing so it is very possible that they succeed in this and that would be quite interesting for the future. Electric will propably be the future transport for the masses but nobody in their right mind can think that any kind of global transition can happen in thirteen years. Especially as there are politics involved. And scrapping all motorised transport and making new, electric vehicles instead will not happen either as there are nowhere near enough resources for that. The french showed us in 1789 what masses can do to a ruling class that has gone far enough. Some close shaving with a heavy blade would still work and your man has a haircut that makes a relocation of his head into a basket very easy. And taking away transport from the masses might very well trigger responses that could end like that. Not very likely, in my opinion that things have to go that far. Forbidding things and freedoms without having anything to offer as substitutes never work, same thing will happen this time. But all this makes for interesting topics for discussion. Thanks for another interesting video.

    • android emulator
      android emulator Month ago

      I wonder what the "Let Them Eat Cake ." utterance will to kick off 1789 v2.0 ??.. browahahaha

  • Dewi Peach
    Dewi Peach Month ago

    It's totally disheartening to how events are escalating so rapidly, all of which are so underhandedly being carried out.. It buggers belief.. I'll be 66 this coming May.. worked for everything I've ever had.. still working.. at this point in life I should be able to enjoy myself... I'm here because with what little I'd had to show so far, I manage after years to own a bike again, likely now to be short lived.. but hey Ok I'll be getting a Bus Pass soon.. should there even be a Bus !! or to whether we've had the booster of the booster/booster/booster to ever get out.
    Yes, true as you've said.. over the course of my lifetime, we too have heard so many promises of good things to come.. only true thing now will be a box with brass handles for sure.. elsewise we're sold down the river and robber blind, hand over fist... all to our benefit.

  • funguseater40
    funguseater40 Month ago +60

    BMF have been useless since the 1980's. That's why I and the wife are members of MAG. I wish more would join, it's not expensive and they really do fight for rider's rights and organize some of the best rallies in the UK ( Farmyard Party etc!) 👍. Thanks Stuart for the extra awareness you are spreading...keep it up 👍

    • FAT BASS
      FAT BASS Month ago +2

      Just found a photo of my Mrs with Fred Hill at a helmet rally back in the early 80 s .Fred at 70 + went to prison because he refused to wear a helmet ..a good man know long gone less him...

  • David M
    David M Month ago

    Great video thanks. Yes motorcycling will become limited to riding a range limited glorified child's toy that acts as a police informer. A motorcycle that betrays the freedom of it's rider.
    We had better enjoy our heart and soul, fire breathing mini-monsters as much as possible before it becomes practically impossible. Motorcycling is the ultimate expression of freedom to those of us who truly know about it.

  • Sam Brooks
    Sam Brooks Month ago

    Interesting that you mention that our vehicles will become "tracking devices". You can bet your house that any court will be instructed to view data from these devices as irrefutable evidence regardless of whatever contradictory proof you can provide, funny though, a few years ago I got nicked for speeding (73 in a 70). My tracker showed that I was doing 68 but it made no difference, as far as the court were concerned there was absolutely no way the camera van could be wrong, billions of pounds of satellite technology versus a speed camera operated by a government employee? So if the government tracker says that you were committing a driving offence in penzance but at that precise moment you were appearing at the old Bailey on trial for assaulting the prime minister, which way are they going to jump?

  • Arachnophilia
    Arachnophilia Month ago +1

    Looks like a better get a good one as my first real bike after hopefully passing my test next year.

    We need to fight this somehow. Am prob not gonna be in the Uk most likely.

    The fact this legislation has come in a fairly underhand way is pretty shocking. Makes my blood boil.

  • racing rooster
    racing rooster Month ago

    Great breakdown of costs etc, But what happens with the Old batteries when they are knackered ,that could be more damaging to the environment than the building footprint . It's Total Madness to the thinkers out there . Why can't we all just plant a tree like the Rich jet owners do to offset their carbon footprint ?? Rules for rich different to the rest of us eh !! Good vid Stu.

  • steve dix
    steve dix Month ago +217

    Having worked in the motor trade for 38 years I have seen this coming , telematics was fitted to our vans (Yellow vans I`ll say no more you know who) back in the noughties , they measured everything and you have a traffic light LED on the dash for good or bad , drive down a country lane at 30 and it went red because the van bounced about , you then got questioned by your boss as to why you had a red light ! As for electric vehicles , where I work now we have an electric van as our main run about , supposedly a range of 130 miles , we are lucky to get 50 , in fact if we have a busy morning it runs out of charge before lunch , if you have a range of 150 miles lets say , in reality you can go no further than 50 from home to be able to return on the same charge , allowing a margiin of safety . Also when it comes to fast charging , there are limits , generally it`s 3 or 4 fast charges at most before you have to do a full cycle charge , failure to do so will invalidate any battery warranty and the vehicle stores that info, add in too that a fast charge is at best 80% of a full charge , that range and journey time are drastically reduced . There will be slight variances in those figures , but not much . Even if you can afford a vehicle from the big T it`s not that much better in real life , I come across them out of charge or down to the last 5% far to often . Finally yes the Government are using this pandemic and the fears it engenders to slip all kinds of new restrictions on us , what better way to train us in to a state where traveling or going about our business as we wish , make us frightened to travel so electric vehicles with limited range are all that some need (those that can afford them) , George Orwell just got the date wrong , thought crime is now upon us in a very real way , just try voicing your thoughts and you will be taken to task by the establishment , every transmission is monitored , be it voice or text ! I`m glad I grew up in the dark ages !

    • Escape the Rat Race now!
      Escape the Rat Race now! 18 days ago +3

      @Beepositive forever We've been in Bulgaria since March 2012. Our renovated detached 4 bed house cost us 25 grand. We also have a vineyard, veg patch, solar panel and low cost of living eg 30 quid a year for council tax, 25 quid a month electric and water charges. Unlimited internet for 40 p a day, TV satellite package is 6 quid a month.
      What property can you buy in the UK for 25 grand?

    • Beepositive forever
      Beepositive forever 19 days ago

      Very informative, thank you.

    • Beepositive forever
      Beepositive forever 19 days ago +1

      @Escape the Rat Race now!
      Would you mind revealing what country you moved to please? I'm looking to sell up and escape this s*** hole. Thanks

    • Escape the Rat Race now!
      Escape the Rat Race now! 19 days ago +2

      Well said, Steve. The portents look very grim indeed for ordinary, hard-working people.
      The rich, of course, will not have their lifestyles impeded one iota.
      I for one am glad to have had ten years of freedom since I defected from the UK.
      I will be buying a new bike soon and plan to revel in that freedom as long as age permits.
      I also remember the freedoms we used to have and took for granted.
      The world we are sliding into is one I will not cooperate with.
      I'd sooner be brown bread than live like such a slave to authority.

    • philip rhodes
      philip rhodes 23 days ago +2

      Yeah me too buddy i enjoyed good times back in those dark ages and when i look st where we have ended up today it frightens me but not for myself its my kids and grandkids im frightened for because if this is implimented they will never know what real freedom is😢

  • The Criticiser
    The Criticiser Month ago

    I approach this from a different perspective. Forget climate change, we have to leave fossil fuel vehicles to the history books because there's a finite amount. Four petrol stations dispense the same amount of energy as a single nuclear power station. So converting all vehicles to electric would require a massive nuclear power station building program. Electric power is no good for some uses. JCB has an electric mini digger but larger plant requires a different approach. They have produced a hydrogen combustion engine, the only emission being water. That is the way for bikes, with a domestic hydrogen plant in the home, using solar or wind.

  • Lady Jane
    Lady Jane Month ago +1

    Thank you for this video. It's very important to reach all demographs of society. I count myself lucky that I was born in the 50s when all was before us. The world war was behind us and the future was bright. Now we are entering the darkest times of our lives. This was all planned many years ago and is all rolling out as planned but there is hope. Many people are slowly waking up. Many of us spotted huge overreach right at the start of the so-called pandemic. Speak up and hold the line. Every evil force in our history has eventually lost but we must all play our part. Don't leave it to others to fight back against this tyranny, for you and all future children.

  • Garry G
    Garry G Month ago

    Super video as always, have filled in the stupid questioned survey, & enrolled with MAG… I very much hope this won’t become laws in which we have to stand by. I’ve had enough of our government’s disrespect for the working classes.
    Keep up the good work. Ride safe G. 🏍

  • Ian Hoyle
    Ian Hoyle Month ago

    Ridiculous how the internal combustion engine is planned to be prematurely legislated out of existence for the average motorist.

    What about taxis, buses, trains, aircraft, agricultural machinery, tractor units, generators, lawnmowers etc etc?

    Surely the first milestone for the majority of the general public should be legislation appropriate to encourage hybrid self charging, alternative fuel vehicles or alternative methods of transport altogether be it a bicycle, car share or public transport.

    There needs to be consideration applied as to whether the vehicles use is for pleasure, commuting or business.

    Restrictions for certain modifications to vehicles I can understand.
    But not with a night and day strategy!

    I agree with most of your points and certainly in particular your final observation of the world we are currently living in.

    Best wishes

  • Martin Davies
    Martin Davies Month ago +72

    Just imagine the queues at the charging points at 30 minutes ago, if it’s busy you could be waiting hours,😱 I totally agree with everything you have say Stuart, BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU, and I hope we all sick together on this, otherwise we could be living in a police state, come on people this is serious.

    • Kevin Bartram
      Kevin Bartram 22 days ago

      @OatCake Productions That is what govern-ment means Control the mind.

    • Kevin Bartram
      Kevin Bartram 22 days ago +1

      Most of us commoners won't need to worry about the que's. We will be on foot.

    • EchoChamber
      EchoChamber 26 days ago +1

      It's all about ensuring normal people like us just stay at home - under lockdown, preferably - while the 1% get to rule the planet.

      It's simple really: get the little people to stay at home and cut "pollution" - so the rich and powerful get to do what they want... No traffic on roads, no traffic jams, and most important, no restrictions for them.

    • SadWings Raging
      SadWings Raging 28 days ago

      @Martin Davies hogwash. Add 5% more corn juice and you have e10.

    • Martin Davies
      Martin Davies Month ago +2

      @Martin Liu The Fuel companies started the Panic on purpose to get rid of old fuel stocks, and bump up the prices, because they were worried they would have too much E5 Fuel left in the Storage tanks, and demand for E10 would be greater, and it worked they coined it in, and we were all fool again.

  • john singleton
    john singleton 13 days ago

    Thank you very much for producing this video, top marks for letting us know what the Government is up to. Thank you.

  • Spartan Six
    Spartan Six 7 days ago

    Great video! When I lived over there in the 90s, they were talking about banning any modifications or upgrades to motorcycles. Surprised that's still something coming rather than having been put on the books 20 years ago. No motorcycle I've ever owned nor car has ever been box stock! And never shall be! LOL but hey, that's why we had a revolution about 250 years ago! LOL you lot need to have one of your own, shame you gave up your gun rights, so I don't know what that would really look like... but you need to get your freedoms back! Best of luck from free America and by that I mean Arizona LMFAO

  • Michael Armstrong
    Michael Armstrong Month ago

    A very informative video and I hope that you get the message over to the wider motorcycling community at large in that motorcyclist’s need to be more vocal to defend their Riders Rights before the government takes them away.

    Regional Rep within MAG.

  • Victor Burger
    Victor Burger Month ago +3

    One reason that EV's are very expensive is that there May be a tax payer funded inducement to buy, is expected at switch over time. There is also the falicy that there could be a zero carbon vehicle. All that will happen is that the carbon production is moved from vehicle to coal and gas burning power stations. The re will be the same carbon produced. Unfortunately the switch to electric will be chaos as there is not enough natural power production being built. We saw this effect just a month or so back, when there was not enough wind to turn the turbines.

  • Tim Hicks
    Tim Hicks Month ago +76

    I’ll just keep riding my Classic motorcycles until it becomes impossible

    • EchoChamber
      EchoChamber 26 days ago +1

      I'm upping my bi-weekly rides to 4 times a week

    • Full Potato Jacket
      Full Potato Jacket Month ago +1

      Petrol will become dirt cheap when only elites have petrol cars. Do you think politicians will tell their billionaire funders they can't drive that £3million + hyper car? No chance. That fuel will drop to 50p per gallon for them.

  • CrocodileKeyboards
    CrocodileKeyboards Month ago

    Hi Stuart,
    I am very much in agreement with you with regards to the Gov continually wanting to have more control and being able to monitor people via internet use, cameras, shopping history etc. But this is not really new.
    Some of your comments which I found difficult were the costs of EV's and the technology/range they have.

    Much of the big move towards using electric power is a direct result of Tesla developing new technologies over the past ten years while most car manufacturers looked on hoping that Tesla would fail and just go away. Every vehicle Tesla has built and sold has pushed the technology onwards and lowered the costs of manufacture and sale price. Tesla are currently working on a new vehicle priced at about £20k, already you can buy electric vehicles from the Far East for 12K-16K with a 300 mile range.

    Recharging time is more important than outright range, this has dropped to 15-20 minutes for an 80% charge on some of the new cars this year using fast chargers which are now almost everywhere.

    But, even with the new tech that we have right now, I quite agree that it is still not ready to replace ICE in motorbikes, to get any kind of range you need quite a large heavy battery which is a bike killer, but nobody is expected to go out today and buy a brand new electric bike.

    Personaly, I am very excited to see what ten years worth of further development is going to do to the modern electric motorbike. If we have gone from eight hours to 15mins charge time in the past couple of years with only Tesla developing tech, how about when every car/bike manufacturer and EV startup on the planet is working on the problem.

    If you look at transport over time, you get people using horses, steam, electricity, diesel, petrol and now back to electricity. We seem to have missed out on your nuclear powered car. Shame.

  • lowpinglag
    lowpinglag Month ago

    I'm not from the UK, but I was wondering that once there are only electric powered vehicles on the roads, how will the power infrastructure cope with the high demand, for the vehicles that needs charging.

    And how is that energy generated? Green or renewable? Or does the UK use coal power plants?

    On top of that, there have to be build a massive new infrastructure for charging stations all over the country.

    If you live in a house, you can get a charging station installed at your home, but what if you live in an apartment complex, with limited parking space for cars?

  • Mr Slowly
    Mr Slowly Month ago

    These anti tamper and self reporting measures are going to be put in place of actual policing. Why pay for surveillance or speed traps, when the vehicle do it for you at the owners expense. All I know is I won't be buying a new motor!

  • Raud Skeggar
    Raud Skeggar Month ago +6

    "You will own nothing and be happy" is their motto and goal.