[MV] KARD _ Ride on the wind

  • Published on Jul 25, 2018
  • [MV] KARD _ Ride on the wind
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    KARD, which released the second mini album ‘YOU & ME’ in 2017 with the title track ‘You In Me’ to describe unique stories, came back with the third mini album ‘RIDE ON THE WIND’. It is expected to bring a new sensation with a whole different music style.

    KARD’s third mini album ‘RIDE ON THE WIND’ is aimed to show its unique music world and mature music style with the songs describing the feelings of love. The title track ‘Ride on the wind’ expressed the excited feelings of couples who are checking each other’s mind in the heaven after flying up to the sky in the wind under the moonlight.
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    VALKEY ID Day ago

    Thumbnail = joy rv 😂

    VALKEY ID 3 days ago

    100k vs 1k

  • hyunjin tho
    hyunjin tho 3 days ago

    I love the song but i have the feeling KARD is getting less and less views on their latest MVs. Even before their debut they got around 30mil views on oh nana, don't recall, rumor and hola hola and now they barely have 5mil views on ride on the wind. :( fighting boys and girls ://

  • Yikyung Mochi
    Yikyung Mochi 3 days ago


  • diyan lga
    diyan lga 4 days ago

    I miss jiwoo queen for her rapper❤

  • ele ne
    ele ne 4 days ago


  • Chim Chim
    Chim Chim 6 days ago

    Está buena la canción!

  • strawberry
    strawberry 6 days ago


  • sibiwoltae 십이월태

    i think this is the first time i've properly heard jseph sing??? so good!

  • sibiwoltae 십이월태

    this is such a good song!! the aesthetic of the mv reminds me of mamamoo's starry night mv ahh i love it

  • Matheus Assis
    Matheus Assis 7 days ago

  • 나르Noor
    나르Noor 7 days ago

    Kard arab fan love you so much 🙆‍♀️💜💜🇮🇶✌️
    Jseph love you 💖💖

  • Silvina Diaz
    Silvina Diaz 10 days ago

    📲 #VOTE FOR #KARD 📲
    #OCTOBER #2018 #AAA

  • Yajaira Jimenez
    Yajaira Jimenez 10 days ago

    Somebody cant say sometime about his abs?!!!

  • lidette711
    lidette711 11 days ago

    This song brings me to a happy place. :)

  • linda setiawati
    linda setiawati 11 days ago

    Park jiwoo😍😍😍

  • Pemba Lama
    Pemba Lama 13 days ago

    저는 네팔 사람 인데
    카드 많이 좋아요

  • Halda Nuzlia
    Halda Nuzlia 15 days ago +1

    love this song soo baadd

    ARMY FOREVER 16 days ago +2


  • 정연우
    정연우 16 days ago

    노래 진짜 좋은데 우리나라에서 왜 안뜨는지

  • Bangtan Shookyeondan
    Bangtan Shookyeondan 17 days ago +2

    1:21 why does this look like something that would fit a Sprite commercial😂😂

  • Jin's abs killed me, I'm typing from my grave

    Wow, I was here when it first came out. It's already been 2 months??!! Jeez, time flies. THIS DESERVES MORE VIEWS

  • Brintan Samudra
    Brintan Samudra 17 days ago +1


  • Brintan Samudra
    Brintan Samudra 17 days ago

    Like it

  • Brintan Samudra
    Brintan Samudra 17 days ago


  • Joon oh
    Joon oh 18 days ago

    KARD should collab or cameo Shim Lim

    SARKENI SHERPA 19 days ago +1

    they are literally my jam like I love all their songs and I stan them very badly.

  • Larry Ziam
    Larry Ziam 19 days ago +1

    Indignada con tan pocas vistas

  • KohakuDono
    KohakuDono 20 days ago +1

    their summer vibes are beautiful as always

  • Zania Vieska Wulandari
    Zania Vieska Wulandari 21 day ago +1

    I dont know their names, I only know name of this group and their songs! I love their songs so fvkin addicted 😂 their songs that u cant find with the other ggroups or bgroups maybe because of co-ed but I think its bcause of they have trademarks "this is kard" kinda "u will enjoying our songs"

  • Lou Ávila
    Lou Ávila 22 days ago

    Whooo es muy lindo es mi grupo mixto faborito osea ek unico q he visto en el kpop

  • Thuy Pham
    Thuy Pham 22 days ago +1


    HIMAL GREMBA 22 days ago +1

    Love you kard

  • 훈상이
    훈상이 23 days ago +3

    팬들이니까 좋은말 투성이네.. 카드는 정체성을 다시 한번 다잡을 시간이다
    올라올라 이후 계속된 하락세는
    이유가 분명 있다고봄
    첫번째 트로피칼 하우스의 대한 의존도가 높고
    지우와 제이셉의 역할이 불분명 하다
    래퍼인지 보컬인지 댄스담당인지
    이도저도 아닌 느낌
    두번째 매번 비슷한 안무
    때문인지 노래 꺼놓고 보면 같은 춤 추는거 같다 비슷한 컨셉에 비슷한 안무 동선
    대중들도 슬슬 질리려는 타이밍인듯하다
    세번째는 개인적으로 유인미의 완성도
    하락세를 의식 한것인지
    너무 급조해서 나온 티가 팍팍
    컨셉과 멜로디는 역대급이나
    갑자기 많아진 지우의 보컬 파트와
    돈리콜이랑 다를게 없어보이는 안무와 구성
    초심을 잃은 느낌 이랄까 소민이의 보컬이 확실히 듣기 편안한듯 지우로 후렴을 채우기엔 너무 색깔이 짙어서 듣기 부담스러웠음
    홍보의 문제랄까
    아 그 신인상 받은 그룹
    노래 좋은 그룹
    알기는 아는데 더 알려야함
    이번 라인온더윈도 그렇고 홍보를 하는건지 마는건지
    뮤비 조회수만 봐도 알거같음
    좀 제대로 알리자 우리나라 역대급 혼성 그룹 만들수 있어
    초심잃지말자 오나나 루머 돈리콜 올라올라때의 카드는 최고였다 ㅠ

  • 아미김
    아미김 23 days ago

    우와 노래좋다 근데 진짜 한국엔 너무 안 알려졌네 노래가이렇게 좋은데 ㅠ

  • gaby Freire
    gaby Freire 24 days ago


  • Nona Army
    Nona Army 24 days ago +1

    J seph

  • Quinn Ta
    Quinn Ta 24 days ago

    Anyone waiting for them to have the best comeback? Because I'm ready.

  • kevin troy buenvenida
    kevin troy buenvenida 25 days ago +1


  • park gamze
    park gamze 25 days ago +1


  • Lee Hangyul
    Lee Hangyul 25 days ago +1

    no J.Seph's cool rap part :(((

    PARK CHIMMY 26 days ago +1

    The fuck? This needs more attention!

  • Hằng Nguyễn
    Hằng Nguyễn 26 days ago +1


  • 이Lanbo
    이Lanbo 26 days ago

    뭐야 이 그룹 왜 지금안거지 노래 개좋아 ...ㅁㅊ

  • Annie Maekaela Abaya
    Annie Maekaela Abaya 27 days ago +1

    Yes bitchhh!

  • Jogue Gasser
    Jogue Gasser 27 days ago +1

    I went to their concert last Saturday in Argentina! Amazing, just like last year!! KARD fightin!!! ♥

  • J-Hope BTS
    J-Hope BTS 27 days ago +2

    *Hidden streaming go go fighting!!!!!*

  • 신숙사녀
    신숙사녀 27 days ago

    역시 KARD 노래는 좋아..

  • thảo vũ
    thảo vũ 29 days ago

    Có ai thấy Somi hơi giống Hyuna k

  • estelle miambanzila
    estelle miambanzila 29 days ago +1

    why does BM have to be topless
    i cant hand BM's hottest
    please help GOD help me
    he hot
    love if date me

  • Rista Nurhalimah
    Rista Nurhalimah Month ago +2

    BM sominnnnn😘😍

  • Larry Ziam
    Larry Ziam Month ago +1


  • SimplyFabs
    SimplyFabs Month ago +1

    omfl they are talented af
    *screams in the distance because i saw back muscles*
    *dies and revives a 100.000.000 times*

  • deepu pd
    deepu pd Month ago +1

    woah BM 😲😲😳💕

  • FriendlyBlinkGidkeKardWekiMekiArmyOnceGfriend :3


  • ᄋ ᄋ
    ᄋ ᄋ Month ago

    이번 노래도 진짜 좋아요

  • كيمو كوريا


  • Min Yoona
    Min Yoona Month ago +3


  • weming dara
    weming dara Month ago +1


  • Steve Dennie
    Steve Dennie Month ago +1

    ALL kard song is good for summer


    Best music on 1thek

  • Greyfel Cordero Soto
    Greyfel Cordero Soto Month ago +1

    IM REPLAYING IT ! Ride on the winddddddd~

  • Andy hyung seok
    Andy hyung seok Month ago +1

    Very good, me too 💕

  • GabrieluchoPYC
    GabrieluchoPYC Month ago +1


  • Carmina Molina
    Carmina Molina Month ago

    Me encanta todo de ustedes. Saludos desde Chiapas, México

  • 위살전
    위살전 Month ago +1

    I came here from kim miso

  • valerie
    valerie Month ago +1

    Rly love this type of song 💓 love the vibes

  • とてもcatchy✩
    とてもcatchy✩ Month ago +1

    do u think BM can actually surf? xD

  • とてもcatchy✩
    とてもcatchy✩ Month ago +1

    fandom name should be kardashians??

  • Jong In Kim
    Jong In Kim Month ago +1

    BM's abs tho 💜

  • NctZen in your area!
    NctZen in your area! Month ago +1

    I'm so exiting to see u in your show in Brazil!!😍😍

  • Victoria Zacarias
    Victoria Zacarias Month ago


  • laura sofia martinez gutierrez

    Los amoooo.... Y mi j.seph se ve hermoso

  • G-IdleFanBoi
    G-IdleFanBoi Month ago

    Every song sound the same

  • beryvan ahmad
    beryvan ahmad Month ago

    It is so good specially jseph s voice but I thought some thing is missing and it was jseph s rap . I just used to it

  • Liv934
    Liv934 Month ago

    They're so cute I love KARD such a tuneee

  • vitoria cristina
    vitoria cristina Month ago

    essa é a nova música de 2018???

  • hyun lee
    hyun lee Month ago +1

    So underrated

  • William Hidden kard

    2m Hidden we can
    أيا هايدن وين راكم 2 مليون مشاهدة بلييز ڨو ڨو

  • Ana Teresa González
    Ana Teresa González Month ago +1

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  • Lord Xenia
    Lord Xenia Month ago

    They are so freakin underrated...

  • 이현주
    이현주 Month ago

    노래 진짜 좋다...♡

  • [무민]뭄빛%
    [무민]뭄빛% Month ago +1

    아 진짜 카드너무좋다 ㅜㅜㅜㅜ 한국에서 독보적인 노래.. 팝송같음 진짜 올라올라에 이어서 노래 청량감쩐다 ㄹㅇ 너무좋다ㅜㅜㅜ여름싫지만 맨날여름이여서 카드노래듣고 싶을 정도로 좋다♡

  • ana garcia
    ana garcia Month ago

    this song feels so refreshing
    KARD fighting!!

  • Kim Taehyung's box smile

    Im new to Kard can someone help with their names and faces, thanks!

  • Denisse Tapia uwu
    Denisse Tapia uwu Month ago +1

    Hey! Why just 1 millon? This deserves more than 1m!!

  • Clash Of clan
    Clash Of clan Month ago +1

    냉정하게 이번 노래 망했어요. 다시 하세요. 잘하는걸로

  • Marianne gaming
    Marianne gaming Month ago +1

    Why I didn't know KARD before??!!!😱😱😱😱

  • Yulissa Macas
    Yulissa Macas Month ago

    Me encanta este tema muy bonito 😘😍😍😍😍😗

  • Baek Soo
    Baek Soo Month ago

    J seph's vocals is so daebak

  • Nasrin Akter Shely
    Nasrin Akter Shely Month ago

    Hidden Kards... We need to know that many ARMYs are supporting KARD...So we need to stream BTS's IDOL too..

  • Aaple Apple
    Aaple Apple Month ago

    Its kinda similar to twice DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY
    Who else agree??

  • Doki pixel
    Doki pixel Month ago

    I discovered them from lanky box XD this is the first girl guy group in k-pop I’ve seen!

  • دموع الورد
    دموع الورد Month ago +1


    THE DOPE DUDE Month ago +1

    Anyone else a fanboy

  • BTS Army
    BTS Army Month ago +1

    i was sent here by lankybox
    well not really i though when i saw they’re video of this it look cool

  • اكسواليه كيوت


  • Mel Miyamae Franco Miyamae

    Lovveeee youuu ♡♡♡♡

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