[MV] KARD _ Ride on the wind

  • Published on Jul 25, 2018
  • [MV] KARD _ Ride on the wind
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    KARD, which released the second mini album ‘YOU & ME’ in 2017 with the title track ‘You In Me’ to describe unique stories, came back with the third mini album ‘RIDE ON THE WIND’. It is expected to bring a new sensation with a whole different music style.

    KARD’s third mini album ‘RIDE ON THE WIND’ is aimed to show its unique music world and mature music style with the songs describing the feelings of love. The title track ‘Ride on the wind’ expressed the excited feelings of couples who are checking each other’s mind in the heaven after flying up to the sky in the wind under the moonlight.
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  • ele ne
    ele ne 19 hours ago

    i love kard forever 😍😍😍 💕💖💗💓💗💖💖💗💓💗

  • Thanhnhe Vu
    Thanhnhe Vu Day ago

    ilove ride on the wind

  • Maryoskar Gotopo
    Maryoskar Gotopo 2 days ago

    esa cuerpa mi amorrr BM

  • diário da Ju e da Becca


  • Abiko Fahrizalow
    Abiko Fahrizalow 4 days ago

    Nose bleed here🖐️

  • Muhamad Kenzo
    Muhamad Kenzo 5 days ago

    Alright i cant help but to inform you but there is not much of singing of j.seph back then! Only rap and likeee he's actually sooo good!

  • Zhu Mei
    Zhu Mei 9 days ago


  • Patrice- Sensei
    Patrice- Sensei 9 days ago +1

    I’m totally addicted to their songs😍

  • orgulho de ser kpopper

    Kard eu te amo❤
    Kard eu te amo❤
    Kard eu te amo❤
    Brazil loves you

  • Jungkook's Kookie Jar
    Jungkook's Kookie Jar 15 days ago

    Wow I really love this song

  • Darlin Oh
    Darlin Oh 15 days ago

    Am in love with this song 😍

  • Adibah Rostam
    Adibah Rostam 17 days ago

    Ride on the wind~❤

  • irfa masyura im
    irfa masyura im 17 days ago

    Thanks for kard

  • Hải Triều ocean waves

    I think this is the song being played while they were walking on red carpet AAA2018? I heard the song really nice

  • Renee Chen
    Renee Chen 19 days ago

    So beautiful !

  • Chessa Chrysantha
    Chessa Chrysantha 21 day ago


  • Vinchent Gun
    Vinchent Gun 22 days ago +6


  • SirCloud
    SirCloud 26 days ago +1

    My Personal fav. of Kard... replayed this song 1000+ times...

  • _TeaserBonnie_
    _TeaserBonnie_ 27 days ago +2

    I'm a new fan here, what's the fan name? :D

    • zyx smn
      zyx smn 14 days ago

      _TeaserBonnie_ Hidden Kard

  • Kpop Trash
    Kpop Trash 27 days ago

    0:53 *dies* 🤧 why does BM do this to us ✊🏻💓

  • Ximena Cruz
    Ximena Cruz 28 days ago


  • Amer Alvarez Jensen
    Amer Alvarez Jensen 28 days ago

    I feel the summer vibe in this song

  • 彭銘勳
    彭銘勳 29 days ago


    SAJNA TM 29 days ago

    From INDIA

  • ralph olino
    ralph olino 29 days ago

    I really hate myself, i didnt appreciate this the first time i saw this, yet now... It's so fascinating!

  • Yağmur çalışkan

    Oh perfect 😍😍😍

  • Momo loves food
    Momo loves food Month ago +2

    How come this video is only 2 million views?
    People should sleep on bed not on them T^T

  • Israjab Ischak
    Israjab Ischak Month ago


  • Kah K-poppera
    Kah K-poppera Month ago

    Amorecos do meu coração!

  • 김하늘
    김하늘 Month ago

    Estou com duvidas. Este MV foi gravado realmente no Brasil?
    Sla man.
    Este senário lembra bastante solo Brasileiro e tipo... Eles estavam com roupas das cores azul e amarelo (que ficou um pouco verde) e estas cores são bastante reconhecidas pelos brasileiros.

    Quem souber me responder responde aí plz :')

  • jung yerin yerin
    jung yerin yerin Month ago


  • Carmemcita
    Carmemcita Month ago

    Ah mano

    BTS Y KPOP Month ago +1

    Jiwoo 💕

  • Bummy' s
    Bummy' s Month ago

    BM 🌚🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • ¡11!
    ¡11! Month ago

    Moomoo here😋, vote for Mamamoo please

  • YG Park
    YG Park Month ago

    Awsome!! new interview of 💕BM 💕

  • 조주은
    조주은 Month ago +1

    나쁜 놈을 얼마나 만났길래
    널 좋아하는 맘을 못 믿는 건데
    넌 밀어내고 난 다가가기만 해
    어떻게 하면 너의 마음에 문을
    내게 열어 줄 건데
    (워~) 나 혼자서 좀 앞서갔나 싶어
    (워~) 너무 장난스럽게 보인 걸지도
    모르겠다는 생각이 자꾸만 들어
    절대로 호기심에 널 찔러 본 게 아냐 Oh girl
    솔직히 말해줘 넌 내가 별로야?
    아쉬워 남자친구로는 아니면 부담스러워?
    한마디만 해줘 난 싫지 않다고
    기다릴게 기다려줄게 그거면 됐어 충분해
    Ride on the wind 설레는 마음은 저 높이
    Ride on the wind 콧노래가 저절로 나와
    Ride on the wind 바람을 타고 구름 위로
    (워~) 숨길 수 없어 (워~) Ride on the wind
    Ride on the wind
    Ride on the wind
    넌 아름다워
    숨길 수 없어 (워~) Ride on the wind
    Pull up if you don’t play no games
    설레는 마음 숨기기엔
    어려워 내겐 행복이란
    의미에 너도 포함되었네
    모든 게 더 달콤해 yuh
    여름밤에 시원하게 yuh
    날 반겨줘 like summer wind
    Lover and friend ill be both for u to call
    솔직히 말해줘 넌 내가 별로야?
    아쉬워 남자친구로는 아니면 부담스러워?
    한마디만 해줘 난 싫지 않다고
    기다릴게 기다려줄게 그거면 됐어 충분해
    Ride on the wind 설레는 마음은 저 높이
    Ride on the wind 콧노래가 저절로 나와
    Ride on the wind 바람을 타고 구름 위로
    (워~) 숨길 수 없어 (워~) Ride on the wind
    Ride on the wind
    Ride on the wind
    넌 아름다워
    숨길 수 없어 (워~) Ride on the wind
    Ride on the wind
    Ride on the wind
    넌 아름다워
    숨길 수 없어 (워~) Ride on the wind

  • SreyNeang Khorn
    SreyNeang Khorn Month ago

    What is the foll name of K.A.R.D?

  • zakhariah totong singson

    Kard forever Love u.muah😍😍😍😍

  • babytae Hyung
    babytae Hyung Month ago +1

    People sleeping on talent

  • Alex lol
    Alex lol Month ago

    moomoo! STREAM STREAM

  • 4WithTheSun
    4WithTheSun Month ago +1

    Moomoo here, let's support each other from now on~! Fighting!!

  • Ryann Hash
    Ryann Hash Month ago +5

    moomoo here enjoying this group such a nice sound hope your comeback is awesome

  • KB42 moomoo
    KB42 moomoo Month ago +5

    Moomoo and hidden kard here to support and also just enjoy beautiful music from my babies!

  • ximena horvilleur
    ximena horvilleur Month ago +11

    Moomoo here to support this amazing song!!

  • rita alenquer
    rita alenquer Month ago +3

    Moomoo here helping :D

  • SleepInTheCar xx
    SleepInTheCar xx Month ago +5

    moomoo here supporting KARD 😍 great song and mv 👌
    edit: this deserves more views

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    Moomoo here to help! 😊

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    Moomoo here to help!

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  • Carolina B
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    Moomoo here 😊

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    Moomoo here

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    A moomoo here to help :)

  • Byulyi Yi
    Byulyi Yi Month ago +1

    Damn the vocals, mv and the group ❤❤❤

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  • Kosui Hydrogen
    Kosui Hydrogen Month ago +8

    Alright Moomoos, if you came to help streaming this, don't forget to also stream on the official KARD channel: thexvid.com/video/6AZ3BAydZqI/video.html

  • Maria Magdalena
    Maria Magdalena Month ago +11

    im mamamoo fan..please vote for mamamoo on mama award❤ will get all my friends to stream kard mv..💪💪

  • Bebe Blue
    Bebe Blue Month ago +2

    Idk how they only have 2 million views, it's SO GOOD !!!!

  • prince royal
    prince royal Month ago

    노래 스타일이나 멜로디가 다 앞전 노래들 하고 비슷비슷하니 인기는 딱 여기까지 인듯 ~~ 춤하고 노래가 앞전 노래에서 벗어나질 못하는것 같음~~

  • Karen Yascaribay
    Karen Yascaribay Month ago

    J.seph my bias♥️

  • Rosa_ Flor
    Rosa_ Flor Month ago

    Podiam de juntar com os BTS ❤😍😍

  • GD
    GD Month ago +3

    Why are most people saying that this song is boring and repetetive? like where lmao
    One of the best summer songs in my opinion

    LUKAS WIFE Month ago


  • koya mama
    koya mama Month ago +2

    SOMIN 😍😍

  • L-0c0 ooo
    L-0c0 ooo Month ago +1

    why I just found this?? should've founfd this earlier

  • ちばなきら
    ちばなきら Month ago

    LOVE !!!!!

  • Cassiana Ribeiro
    Cassiana Ribeiro Month ago

    É sério que vocês vão deixar esse grupo hino flopar desse jeito?

  • Delicious Cpagethi
    Delicious Cpagethi Month ago +1

    I bet dsp will let down project "Kard" soon

  • 김그림그리미
    김그림그리미 Month ago

    각자의 개성이 좀 더 뚜렷하면서 화합하는 모습이 좋겠다.

    VALKEY ID 2 months ago

    Thumbnail = joy rv 😂

    VALKEY ID 2 months ago

    100k vs 1k

  • hyunjin tho
    hyunjin tho 2 months ago

    I love the song but i have the feeling KARD is getting less and less views on their latest MVs. Even before their debut they got around 30mil views on oh nana, don't recall, rumor and hola hola and now they barely have 5mil views on ride on the wind. :( fighting boys and girls ://

  • Nam Nam
    Nam Nam 2 months ago


  • exo saranghamnida__
    exo saranghamnida__ 2 months ago

    I miss jiwoo queen for her rapper❤

  • ele ne
    ele ne 2 months ago


  • Chim Chim
    Chim Chim 2 months ago

    Está buena la canción!

  • jeongyeon
    jeongyeon 2 months ago


  • eleanor
    eleanor 2 months ago

    i think this is the first time i've properly heard jseph sing??? so good!

  • eleanor
    eleanor 2 months ago

    this is such a good song!! the aesthetic of the mv reminds me of mamamoo's starry night mv ahh i love it

  • Matheus Assis
    Matheus Assis 2 months ago

  • 나르Noor
    나르Noor 2 months ago

    Kard arab fan love you so much 🙆‍♀️💜💜🇮🇶✌️
    Jseph love you 💖💖

  • Silvina Diaz
    Silvina Diaz 2 months ago

    📲 #VOTE FOR #KARD 📲
    #OCTOBER #2018 #AAA

  • Yajaira Jimenez
    Yajaira Jimenez 2 months ago

    Somebody cant say sometime about his abs?!!!

  • lidette711
    lidette711 2 months ago

    This song brings me to a happy place. :)

  • linda setiawati
    linda setiawati 2 months ago

    Park jiwoo😍😍😍

  • Pemba Lama
    Pemba Lama 2 months ago

    저는 네팔 사람 인데
    카드 많이 좋아요

  • Halda Nuzlia
    Halda Nuzlia 2 months ago +1

    love this song soo baadd

    ARMY FOREVER 2 months ago +7


  • 정연우
    정연우 2 months ago

    노래 진짜 좋은데 우리나라에서 왜 안뜨는지

  • Bangtan Shookyeondan
    Bangtan Shookyeondan 2 months ago +3

    1:21 why does this look like something that would fit a Sprite commercial😂😂

  • Jin's abs killed me, I'm typing from my grave

    Wow, I was here when it first came out. It's already been 2 months??!! Jeez, time flies. THIS DESERVES MORE VIEWS

  • Brintan Samudra
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  • Brintan Samudra
    Brintan Samudra 2 months ago

    Like it

  • Brintan Samudra
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  • Joon oh
    Joon oh 2 months ago

    KARD should collab or cameo Shim Lim

    SARKENI SHERPA 2 months ago +1

    they are literally my jam like I love all their songs and I stan them very badly.

  • Larry Ziam
    Larry Ziam 2 months ago +1

    Indignada con tan pocas vistas

  • KohakuDono
    KohakuDono 2 months ago +1

    their summer vibes are beautiful as always

  • Zania Vieska Wulandari
    Zania Vieska Wulandari 2 months ago +1

    I dont know their names, I only know name of this group and their songs! I love their songs so fvkin addicted 😂 their songs that u cant find with the other ggroups or bgroups maybe because of co-ed but I think its bcause of they have trademarks "this is kard" kinda "u will enjoying our songs"