How to easily link your Fortnite account to Nintendo Switch - If your not on Playstation

  • Published on Jun 12, 2018
  • How to easily link your Fortnite account to Nintendo Switch | Work To Game
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    Been playing Fortnite on Xbox, PC, or mobile? Want to continue that progress on Nintendo Switch but don't know where to start? The best place to go is at epics own website:
    Here is a link that might help if you are having trouble:
    As long as you are not on PlayStation, apparently Sony won't let you play on other systems with their PSN account... Hopefully, they get this fixed sometime soon. But their war against anything cross play continues.
    PlayStation has currently hijacked players accounts and won't let them go on other platforms. Use the hashtag #crossplaynow to help spread the message that PlayStation gamers want CrossPlay.
    Update on Sony that could help them change their outlook. -

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  • Work To Game
    Work To Game  26 days ago

    What's up WorkForce! I hope you enjoyed this video :)
    Be sure to check out and sub to our new highlights channel: and let us know what you think about the format. :)
    Also, we've created an awesome playlist for our controller guides so that way you won't miss them as we keep rolling them out.
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  • Alex Delannoy
    Alex Delannoy 8 days ago +1

    Please can you help me do this I see what you are showing on screen but everything you have on my end it shows that my Xbox one is not connect and my Nintendo switch it saying the same things why

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  7 days ago

      Hum Alex, if you want you can jump into discord and ping me and we can setup a time to troubleshoot if that works, comments are difficult to measure what you're looking at.

  • Ava Tube
    Ava Tube Month ago

    What do u mean u went trough the web browser

  • Ava Tube
    Ava Tube Month ago

    I want to link my mobile to my switch but when i press link Nintendo it says ur Nintendo account has already been associated with a different epic account

  • Bat Jonny ツ
    Bat Jonny ツ 3 months ago

    When I put my email and pass it says “Almost there!” And makes me create a new acc...

  • Bat Jonny ツ
    Bat Jonny ツ 3 months ago

    It doesn’t let me sign in to my account in the website :/

  • Max Jennings
    Max Jennings 4 months ago

    Hey bro please reply I have a Xbox one and play fortntie on it with my good acc. If I bye a switch will I be able to play with that acc on bkth platforms?

  • iskxyy _
    iskxyy _ 5 months ago +1

    This is REALLY confusing

  • Daddy toe Jam
    Daddy toe Jam 5 months ago +1

    Thank you

  • Kimbo :D
    Kimbo :D 6 months ago

    Yasss this helped a lot! Thank you!

  • Sahej Singh
    Sahej Singh 6 months ago +1

    OGuys please help me please I don’t know what email and password I am using in Nintendo Switch I am scared if I log out by mistake I will lose all the money and stuff and I tried using the epic games website they did send everything so what if I want to try out if it’s that email that I have on Nintendo Switch would spic games banned my account just for trying to log in into other devices or platforms please helps

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  6 months ago

      You won't get banned for logging in on other platforms, if you can't remember you username/password that you used, log in on the epic website using your Nintendo Switch login credentials. :) Or, if you need more help, contact support :)

  • Lax&hockey8871/tornadoes Bostjancic

    This is dumb doesn’t even work 🤬

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  7 months ago

      Sorry it's not working for you Hockey, it's worked for me and a lot of others, are you getting a specific error message?

  • Michael Chriss
    Michael Chriss 7 months ago +1

    Will it connect from pc to nintendo and will it transfer vbuck? And battle pass?

    • Michael Chriss
      Michael Chriss 7 months ago

      @Work To Game ok thanks

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  7 months ago

      Yep, only it doesn't transfer it because it doesn't need to :) It will be on both, so you can pick up right where you left off on any platform. :)

  • Rosa Trigg
    Rosa Trigg 7 months ago


  • awsome dude
    awsome dude 8 months ago +1

    Does it work for mobile accounts?

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  8 months ago

      Yes, as long as not connected to PSN... I think they are still beta testing that, but I'm not aware. :)

  • 8BitFoxy #gamer
    8BitFoxy #gamer 8 months ago +1

    This didn’t help at all

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  8 months ago

      Sorry to hear that 8BigFoxy, what's the issue you're having?

  • batista6242
    batista6242 8 months ago

    Thank you 😎

  • Daveid
    Daveid 9 months ago

    I signed up to fortnite on the switch without an epic games account and I want log in with that account on my PC. How do I do it?

  • will smith gaming
    will smith gaming 10 months ago

    Thanks mate I will defiantly be copping the double heilx

  • Oticz
    Oticz 10 months ago +1

    I forgot my login for epic games but I know my Xbox account login and there linked can I just use that ?

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  10 months ago

      Yes, that should work for you. At least in theory. I logged in via my xbox live account. :)

  • Subzone
    Subzone 10 months ago +1

    everybody talking about how to link your accounts to switch bu nobody talks about how to link your switch account to pc GODAMNITT!

    • Subzone
      Subzone 10 months ago

      @Work To Game thanks but i got it already

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  10 months ago

      I'll see what I can do. I'll need to think how to replicate it, but if I can, I'll post something for you :)

    • Subzone
      Subzone 10 months ago +1

      @Work To Game can you make a video about it? I tried everything already

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  10 months ago

      You should be able to login on the website with your switch account, as you have a fortnite account that is connected to your switch, from there, just make sure you can login to the game on your PC. If it's giving you fits, let me know and maybe I can help. But we'd need to do a zoom meeting so I can see your screen. :)

    • Subzone
      Subzone 10 months ago +1

      @Work To Game i made a fotbite account on switch and got skins on it and whatnot but i got a gaming pc and i wante ro play with my switch account on pc

  • Screemo Bear
    Screemo Bear 11 months ago


  • DsT Roug3
    DsT Roug3 11 months ago +1

    What does linking ur account even do

    • DsT Roug3
      DsT Roug3 11 months ago

      Work To Game what about skins?

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  11 months ago

      It allows you to continue playing on any platform (Playstation coming soon) so that you can play on your PC/Console/Phone with the same progression on all of them, and it will allow you if you wish, to play against them as well.

    LAKERS4LIFE 11 months ago +1

    Please help I unlinked my fortnite account from my Nintendo switch to play on my ps4 now when I try linking it back to my switch it says this account is associated with another user but I already unlinked it from psn help!

      LAKERS4LIFE 11 months ago

      Work To Game I got it to work now I can play on my switch

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  11 months ago

      Agreed, and hopefully, it will be a quick beta. :)

      LAKERS4LIFE 11 months ago +1

      Work To Game nice good to know they are fixing it thanks!

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  11 months ago

      Ok, so good news and bad news. The good news this is only going to be temporary. The bad news is, right now Sony is still easing into cross play. Pretty much they locked any account that has ever come into contact with a PS4 to just them, forever. However they recently reversed that policy. But they are still beta testing the system. So just note it’s temporary and I’m happy Sony is doing the right thing, but if they hadn’t just announced that then I’d have nothing but bad news for you.

  • Austin Acholonu
    Austin Acholonu 11 months ago +1

    can I put my PC skins on my switch

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  11 months ago

      Yes, it's not a matter of putting them, you link your accounts and all your stuff is whereever you login :)

  • xRecLes_Hxpnotic
    xRecLes_Hxpnotic 11 months ago

    Who else heard about the Nintendo switch exlusive and is here for it when it comes out

  • SwagsterGaming
    SwagsterGaming 11 months ago +1

    Need help tried to link my switch to my epic and it said the account was already linked so i checked my other account and same thing please help

  • Ninja Bryson Studios
    Ninja Bryson Studios 11 months ago +1

    So if I add my epic account right now will it get rid of the things I already have like my season 5 stuff?

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  11 months ago

      Nope :) At least it shouldn't. When you sync up your accounts it's additive. :)

  • Jundiel Negron
    Jundiel Negron 11 months ago

    Crossplay is now allowed

  • Sir chiefs a lot
    Sir chiefs a lot 11 months ago +1

    so if i log in with my account on Nintendo switch ill still have all my skins and progress if i log back in on my Xbox one right fellas?

  • The_ZeuS
    The_ZeuS Year ago +1

    Will my v-bucks dissaspear when i link my pc account to nintendo switch account? Please somebody answer.

    • The_ZeuS
      The_ZeuS 11 months ago

      @Work To Game Ok Thanks

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  Year ago

      Meaning that it will all be there provided you’ve never linked it to PSN :)

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  Year ago

      Nope :)

  • Etan
    Etan Year ago

    If I use Facebook what do I do thanks

  • Hassan El Gohary
    Hassan El Gohary Year ago +1

    So does that mean I could put my mobile account?

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  Year ago

      Yes, as long as you don't link it to PSN :)

  • Noah Steeb
    Noah Steeb Year ago +4

    I hate Sony now

    • Elite Clan
      Elite Clan 7 months ago

      Work To Game people are sating its working but that was months ago did they fix it?

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  9 months ago

      Yeah, last I heard they are making progress and that’s a good thing. I’m proud of Sony for listening to their customers :)

    • porourangi
      porourangi 9 months ago +1

      Work To Game I’m a bit late but if you don’t know they lifted the locks but any skins, vbucks, battle pass items you earn or buy are not accessible on any other console and vice versa for items earns or bought on other consoles

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  Year ago

      It's a real bummer how they are treating their customers. :(

    SELECTED SNIPES Year ago +1

    If I use a PC account and sign into switch.. Will I still be able to play on pc

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  Year ago

      Yep :) the only issue is still PlayStation

  • Kaytuh ?
    Kaytuh ? Year ago +2

    I want to log off my epic from one Nintendo account and then log that epic account onto a different account on the same switch. If you know what I mean pls help

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  Year ago

      So you have two epic accounts? Guessing here if that’s the case. Login to one that is linked and remove that link, then login to the other and reattach. Do this from the website in description provided :) good luck 🍀

  • vdxvee
    vdxvee Year ago

    What happens if u unlink my account from switch? If i do will it cause problems on my xbox?

  • Mixo 5000
    Mixo 5000 Year ago

    I already log out my ps4 account and it says that i can't i mean bruh epic is just telling me that a pc fortnite account and switch account are not compatible???? >:c

  • Ian B
    Ian B Year ago +1

    So I unlinked my switch account and then used another Fortnite account and then I logged out and then linked my switch back to the first account, but it still says im on my second account. Help!!

    • Ian B
      Ian B Year ago

      Work To Game So is there anyway I can fix it?

    • Ian B
      Ian B Year ago

      Work To Game Yes

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  Year ago

      So you have two switch accounts, and now can’t switch between them? Hum... are you doing this through the website?

  • Dieg2004 Gaming
    Dieg2004 Gaming Year ago

    Is it this possible with a ghost account

  • Toe Stank
    Toe Stank Year ago

    Thank u so much I’ve been saving up for a switch for a while but the release of the durr burger skin is coming soon and I don’t know if it will come back in the shop. This vid saved my life. p.s. I play on mobile that’s why I want a switch

  • MLG '-'
    MLG '-' Year ago +1

    I want to put my switch skins in the x box acount but will i lose my xbox skins

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  Year ago

      If you join your switch and Xbox account you should be good, but it sounds like you have two accounts. Ether way, check out the links provided in the description :)

  • Typical Dude
    Typical Dude Year ago +1

    It doesnt work because i was logged in with a different account can you help?

    • Typical Dude
      Typical Dude Year ago

      Work To Game i mean i made a new epic account on switch

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  Year ago

      By different account, do you mean a PSN account?

  • ElectroMoon
    ElectroMoon Year ago


  • Hedgehogs M8
    Hedgehogs M8 Year ago


  • Galactic Gaming
    Galactic Gaming Year ago +1

    I’m connected to PlayStation so I tried to make a new account and it won’t even let me do that!!!😡😡😡

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  Year ago

      Like you tried to make a new epic account? I think it makes a new account if you login on PlayStation and more.

  • Doom Hakai
    Doom Hakai Year ago +1

    I started fortnite on switch but i want to carry the account to my xbox but i dont remember making an acount for the switch. Can someone help me?

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  Year ago

      It works in reverse to this video... go to the link in the description, login with your switch account username (you select which one you want to connect and login as, just FYI) then go to your connection and connect it to your xbox account. :)

  • Lieu II
    Lieu II Year ago +1

    Zancz forz ze helpz

  • Faris Q
    Faris Q Year ago

    can u do this on mobile?

  • Geronimo Mendiola

    epic games says my account is already logged into another account. but i’m not. anyone know how to solve this?

  • Rueben Chartrand
    Rueben Chartrand Year ago

    So if I were to transfer my Xbox account to the switch, would all my Vbucks earned in Save the World transfer over to the Nintendo switch as well?

  • FGC_LegenD _
    FGC_LegenD _ Year ago


  • CallMeLucífer
    CallMeLucífer Year ago +1

    I just want my progress from my Xbox account to go onto my switch

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  Year ago

      That's easy, and it goes back and forward. I can play on Xbox and Switch and it just works and I level up... Just follow the instructions in the video, and you'll be set. :)

  • Heavy Metal666
    Heavy Metal666 Year ago +1

    So you log in to your Xbox then you link your switch?

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  Year ago

      Yes, but I do so from the website :) link In The description :) doesn’t take long at all :)

  • Maní
    Maní Year ago

    Wait what?!?! i can't even see that dropdown bar where it says playstation, epic games, etc.

  • Jorgenb05
    Jorgenb05 Year ago

    Okay so i have played fortnite for over 50 hours now on my 2nd user (the one with my email adress) and i want to log in on my main account (the account with my moms email) and it says to sign in. So my question is. After signing in.. can i the log on my epic games account? And does my progress get saved?
    Thanks if you want to help me out!

  • Lowkey DaKid
    Lowkey DaKid Year ago +1

    How do I link my xbox and switch account plzzzzzz

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  Year ago

      Just follow the steps in this video. The link is in the description of the video :)

  • Master Mind
    Master Mind Year ago +1

    I dont no how to play xbox account on switch

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  Year ago

      Just follow the steps in this video. I recommend logging into the website first with your Xbox account and then attach your switch account :)

  • Lilderek7
    Lilderek7 Year ago +1

    ok so you know when you just start the game it tells you if you have a epic account. I put no and now I have a epic account can you guys tell me how to use it.

    • Work To Game
      Work To Game  Year ago

      In this case, it created a new account for you. If you go to the website (link in the description) you can login with your switch account. From there you can link it to xbox if you so choose. :)

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee Year ago

    Anyone trying to trade? I got ps4